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  1. Prydain

    European Politics Thread.

    All this anti-EU talk makes me so very sad. The EU as an idea is good, in practice we need to reform the commission, empower the parliament and start voting for it to be efficient and useful. The idea that there will be an EUSSR is a reactionary point of view. Its like a British person in 1800 saying that they don't want a parliament because it is rule by the tyranny of a landowner's club - yes it is, until you reform it.
  2. Prydain

    Fertilizer Plant explodes in Texas, many injured!

    Why is a fertiliser plant in such a populated area? I wonder what a Libertarian would say about this, stronger regulations could have protected people here.
  3. Prydain

    Margaret Thatcher dies

    Thatcher did understand man made climate change. She was a chemist after all. I suppose facts aren't relevent because "nobody reads my Any Rand comic" or whatever pseudo intellectual shit that is clogging your brain. I suppose you are a tea party nut case so I won't indulge your madness any further. Good day.
  4. Prydain

    Margaret Thatcher dies

    This is why I didn't want to respond to you before, you didn't seem to have noticed that the people you are talking to have been reading your views and gave you a healthy response. We had all taken the time to read your post and gave your opinions and yourself some respect. If you had read anybodies posts before; you wouldn't have been able to say this because it contradicts the very points that you, supposedly, responded with. And will you please think about what you are saying when it comes to the Nazis. A lot of people died fighting against and being victims of Nazism and it is a disgrace to try and put your bias distortions on the history. Calling socialists Trojan horse's or a fifth columnists for right-wing fascist and Nazi ideals is flat out in contradiction with the truth. British, French, German and other European socialists were the first people to fight the fascists and Nazis (in Spain) long before the European right-wing stopped courting Hitler and reluctantly acted. All the while the communists were literally deleting their left wing dissenters and ordering exiled politicians to have ice picks rammed through their skulls. Everyone knows this, it isn't even a debated subject any more. Read Zweites Buch or Mien Kampf and see what Hitler says about natural alliances with the European right wing (including the Tories), read The Revolution Betrayed and Fascism: What It Is and How to Fight It by Leon Trotsky and then read Isaac Deutscher's books on Trotsky and see how even the supposed 'left' in the Russian revolution would have continued the right-wing barbarous regime that Stailn enforced and would only support the communists in Spain, like how Stalin did, leading to the republican cause becoming divided as the communists fought socialists leading to the fist armed struggle against your favourite ideology resulting in a loss for democracy and liberty. Orwell's Homage to Catalonia attests to the same truth. In fact, after reviewing what you are trying to negate, I find it hard to believe your proclivities aren't to blame here. Do you wear jack boots while typing this all out?
  5. Prydain

    Margaret Thatcher dies

    Indeed. But we have the liberty and rights to hear even the most offensive and deluded nonsense for a reason, hearing it explicitly helps defend against it. I also agree with you Gamma, the "greed is good" and ill-advised overly simplified economic policy line that people like Reagan and Thatcher had did corrupt the discourse about regulations too. As much as they talk about giving people the ability to pursue their aspirations, the lack of regulation can have bad effects on small and start-up businesses in favour of the large and that now the pro-business line is claimed by Labour in the UK and the Democrats in the US. Hypocrisy like this are the inherent problems in this type of conservatism.
  6. Prydain

    Margaret Thatcher dies

    I stopped reading here, when you read this thread over, you will understand why. You have offered nothing but reflexive twaddle, I understand why now.
  7. Prydain

    Margaret Thatcher dies

    The poll tax was the most famous reversal in terms of policy but her underfunding was the most important to be reversed to a more balanced style of economic policy. Both the Gulag and the Berlin Wall are right-wing achievements, Stalinist Communism isn't exactly pluralist is it? As for 'force to labour', I wouldn't call the workhouse the result of liberty and slavery was only ever defended by the religious right.Complaining about the liberty and self improvement of education is a bit odd though. All this authoritarianism makes you sound slightly fascistic.
  8. Prydain

    Margaret Thatcher dies

    It is also stupid because the entirety of Fleet Street is owned by old friends of Thatcher and every single British newspaper supported the Tories in the last election and most take it as a matter of course to do so. But, you know, facts have a left-wing bias and all that.
  9. Prydain

    Margaret Thatcher dies

    Minuetman, you really are sounding like Walker in your posts, full of conspiracy and sensation. I like it, it is quite nice to see other peoples opinions but when the two of you cross it is like two chemical fallouts rather than one. Talking about Bilderberg and mass controlled media is a bit desperate. I don't like the way you talk about socialists, the way you speak about them is very detailed (mentioning hair) and yet very generalising and inaccurate. It seems to be a prejudice in your mind rather than an actual objective understanding. Besides, Attlee was a socialist, his pre-war criticism of the Tory party is still good to read today. Since the Tories were the best friends of Hitler and worked the British lower classes into desperation and indignity, I'd call them traitors. I'd recommend you reading the very interesting polemic Guilty Men, published in 1940 or going to an archive and reading the newspapers during the 30's and the British old order's attachment to the Nazi party. So if we start this comparison you'll have to explain why socialists have been the defenders of Britain in the face of the upper class and why socialist constructs like the glorious NHS and the social safety net that are both more efficient and cost virtually nothing in comparison to laissez-faire remedies and yet were opposed by the right wing because they would liberate the needy from the de facto slavery that capitalism cannot, yet, fix. The left's achievements in the world, not just Britain, are far more inspiring, progressive and outweigh the all right wing actions. This connects to Thatcher too, she is hated because she neglected her own people after taking the necessary action of taking a bulldozer to the post-war consensus. One action was good, the inaction after was criminal.
  10. Prydain

    Margaret Thatcher dies

    She was one of the worst Prime Ministers in terms of policy that this country has ever suffered, but a necessary one. Britain in the 70's was a crumbling society, the post war consensus had grown stale, the state institutions were tired and inefficient in operation and the collaborative style of government (with the unions, mild monarchical interference, corporate bodies and the institutionalised use of grand committees all combined to corrupting it's policies and ability) was a destructive relic. Thatcher, no doubt destroyed a lot of the British economy then, and state companies and resources for the future, but her revolution had taken a bulldozer to this old order and that is the only thing anyone could ever praise her for. The country today still has scars of her reign, some are impossible to be rid of. Her police-state tactics still effect British policing, her destruction of the north, Midlands, Wales and Scotland contributed a lot to the advance of devolution of the home nations and her pulling of the rug from beneath the great national institutions like the NHS and the Welfare system are even part of the reason why the Tory party is unelectable today. Even if Labour do things like ignore 2 million people protesting on a work week, they only have the party of failure and decline as opponents and that is no proper state for British politics. As for her ranking amongst all Prime Ministers of the 20th century, she ranks 4th on my list as the most essential and yet I would rate her very far down as a positive impact. Attlee is, obviously, the best peacetime PM of the 20th century but he was quiet and a man rated for his accomplishments rather than emotional support. Thatcher is a strange comparison, her will and leadership skills were amazing and yet her accomplishments are almost entirely negative.
  11. So the traditional Lilt can is going to make an appearance! It is looking awesome Messiah, well done.
  12. Prydain

    The Witcher 3

    You are, of course, right. I just know that I'll be thinking of 2077 every time anyone mentions CDP, thats all :D
  13. Prydain

    Intervention in Iraq. 10th Anniversary

    My auntie's husband is a Kurd, a left leaning socialist Kurd, just like me politically and I'd not have him as a family member without him obtaining the freedom to travel. I defer a lot of moralizations to the Iraqi people themselves. I do think that the UN had an appointment with Saddam and his insane crime family that was not being discharged and so US intervention could be justified but I also think that 2 million people on the streets of London during a working week being blanked has had, and will continue to have, a very bad effect on the way we protest in this country and the blanking was a sickening thing in itself. I am always surprised how boring and unmoving American conversation are on the matter of the war. It always deteriorates to talking about oil or Cheney or Halliburton, pretty soon someone needs to realise that the fat cats always get rich off of other peoples suffering whether there is a war or not. I think the humiliation the US inflicts on itself for suppressing the right to healthcare for its own people, making up lies about it costing too much in the process, while having no such financial prudence when it comes to a war is a very serious thing and yet this imbalance can't be talked about while stupid shit like "no war for oil" can be. The debate is all wrong.
  14. Prydain

    The Witcher 3

    I like the series but the Witcher 3 is ruined by the fact it is keeping CD Projekt RED from working on Cyberpunk 2077, a game I'd much rather see.
  15. Prydain

    Bioshock Infinite

    Now that I have gotten a bit further I am really bored of Columbia already and the endless back tracking just to pad gametime is really obvious and clunky. As for Dishonoured, this is basically a mirror and the writers (if there are any) shouldn't be getting paid for the story -- that would be like someone getting paid to copy and paste Snow White but instead of the dwarfs being miners, they are beauticians. It isn't all bad, the combat is extremely simple and repetitive but it works, the characters are doing what they need to do (the lead character is a typical Hollywood white guy with a typically murder filled and traumatic background which shows that the game is only going for convention), the plot drags a bit but not so much that the game is unplayable and the setting is typically bathed in Topaz Simplify filtered textures to let the developers get away with not putting any effort in. The one thing that they must get right in this type of game is the characters, the one thing that has made me ALT-F4 so far is hearing Elizabeth doing the old 'distressed innocent white girl' act, that is typical of a character like her, that involved tugging at the heartstrings over a young girl developing as a character and it being utterly fucking stupid because the voice actor sounds nearer to 30 than 15. That, along side Mr Gravel trying to comfort her was enough to just ruin the only thing the game had left. I have no care for voice actors who, intermittently, just fuck their performance up.