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  1. OniKiy

    Very Unprofessional Assassins

    I'm sorry to be a bit of a wet blanket. But trying to understand why they did it or how well they did it is a bit like trying to build a large puzzle with 90% of the pieces missing. With the remaining 10% they have very little detail of the overall puzzle. You're probably going to guess about the end result and have no actual revelance to the full thing because you lack the whole picture.
  2. OniKiy

    Helicopter CONTROL? please help

    I prefer the flight mechanics in ArmA as they're more realistic than most games. The realistic method when fighting in a helo as mentioned in another post and in the tutorials is to take it slow and low. Use cover to help you get near and pick out targets and then only pop out from cover to put holes in things (preferably not your helo ofc ). However you could mess around in the Editor and push them to their limits and find an alternative way to fly them.