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  1. Also constantly crashing - it appears as though it might be linked to proximity to certain items: moving away from certain areas can reduce the frequency, get too close and the game crashes immediately upon spawn (have to turn/back off during spawn). Playing Epoch 3.0.3 fwiw.
  2. Ha, well you know I'll be in touch. I'm just in the process of acquiring actual plans for the vehicle :D (legitimately!)
  3. OK, well I've decided to crack on with it. First job is to get the model up to scratch, to be honest, it's crap at the moment.
  4. Happy to mate, just bear in mind that I have a bit of a learning curve coming up :D
  5. Yeah I just did a quick install of the BI Tools, need to configure them yet. I'm also considering moving the modelling into Blender, really don't want to manually bake all the res lods in O2. Will be in touch shortly. All done by named selections in the configs... Got a link to this, I've been away from the scene for a couple of years. I do remember seeing the Malvinas FV101 and although it was a good attempt it was highly inaccurate.
  6. OK, so this is a massive resurrection of an old model, but I've recently become interested in ARMA again (yeah thanks to DayZ :D ) Anyhow, I've had this model sat on my HDD for many years now, it's an FV107 scimitar that I was working on as part of Project UK Forces many moons ago. The original model has about 12 variants, including an FV101 scorpion, LES updates, FR variants, UOR, etc... It needs a lot of work, some remodelling, unwrap, res lod creations, reskin, and config tweaking. Anyhow - I can imagine it's a relatively low demand item, so I want to gauge whether anyone would actually use it before committing to doing any work on it. By interest I mean groups, or potentially anyone wanting to include it in a larger mod.
  7. BennyBoy

    Pukf - WIP

    moved post to new thread
  8. BennyBoy

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    "No DLL's were found in the waterfall procedure" - Any ideas, I installed the Face API. Win 7 x64
  9. BennyBoy

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Squaddie english tends to be somewhat more colourful :)
  10. BennyBoy

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    There's a model of this still sat on my HDD - unfortunately I never learned how to unwrap for Arma/Arma2/OA series, I reckon it would be pretty straightforward to get this textured up post unwrap (the model itself is fully engine capable and works in A2/OA). Maybe me or one of the other PUKF guys will get time to do the unwrap at some point - work got in the way for me learning, other models for the rest of the now (small) team. Oh And FWIW I'll be buying the DLC, BIS look to have made a really good core set of addons here - accuracy issues aside, the units look mint.
  11. BennyBoy

    P:UKF Challenger 2.

    will look at it when I get chance.
  12. BennyBoy

    P:UKF Challenger 2.

    @Steve, cheers I'll take a look in the next couple of weeks and if it's driving enough people nuts put out an interim fix. (Although the tracks used to be very hard to damage... perhaps it's related to the 1.05 changes?)
  13. BennyBoy

    P:UKF Challenger 2.

    There quite probably is something that _could_ be done, but as stated above it's not something we'll be looking at in the near future - we're quite busy putting the finishing touches to some other vehicles at present so keep an eye on the forums for some imminent releases ;)
  14. BennyBoy

    OBE for CM boss.

    Harry & Wills must have exercised some pester power.
  15. BennyBoy

    Break/Tail Lights show as black

    OK, managed to sort this out - I extracted the rvmat and placed it in the correct path in P: - it looks like binpbo actually needs to read the rvmat in to make the lights work correctly. I had just figured that it would read it in when the engine started and that it wasnt required when binarising.