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  1. Jackal326

    itsDonJon´s Golan Map

    ...and you almost had the right forum area where this thread is pinned too!
  2. Jackal326

    Banned by Game Developer

    Are you actually delusional? Implying I (and/or others whom have replied) have been bribed by Bohemia/BattlEye (or their "cohorts") in some sort of smear campaign to try and discourage you...and you accuse me of ad hominen and strawman attacks 🙄 You still don't see my side of what I have said numerous times in previous replies. YOUR ban (or again, your account's ban) may very well have been justified. Bringing YOUR "case" to a courtroom re: BattlEye probably wont last 5 minutes. I appreciate your account was compromised, and again, the how's, when's and why's are very much up in the air. If the account breached whatever part of BattlEye's programming initiated the ban, then the ban is legitimate. Regardless of who was in control of the account at the time. Its the exact same as if you let a friend sit at your PC and they happened to cheat and get banned, albeit with the Atlantic Ocean between you and your German "friend" rather than your office/living room/whatever. The real nuts and bolts of this is that you're angry you can no longer play the game in multiplayer. I understand that, I would feel the exact same way you do. However, I feel you're directing your anger in the wrong direction and blaming BattlEye, Bohemia, ArmA and even me for something that is ultimately not any of our (collectively and individual) faults. The fault, and ultimately the blame, lies with whomever took over your account and the method with which they achieved that - be it through a breach of Steam, keylogger or whatever. I also openly agree with you that BattlEye has its issues, some of which you mentioned earlier in the thread. No-one can deny those issues, especially when BattlEye is openly tweeting about them. No system is perfect, at least none that I've ever seen. Then again, I have never done a day in my life in IT administration let alone work in a network environment so maybe every system is perfect and I'm just missing out 🤷‍♂️ I honestly do not care one way or another whether you go ahead with your lawsuit. As I said before, I'm not special and neither are you. There is no "grand conspiracy" whether you feel there is or not, keep doing what you're doing. I'll go about my life and you can freely go about yours and carry on standing up for the little guy, its quite honourable in a way, if a little misdirected given the situation that brought the issue to your attention.
  3. Jackal326

    Banned by Game Developer

    Where's your evidence for that one? Hopefully it'll have an edit button so you don't double post within 15 minutes of each other... Again, I fully understand your reasonings behind your post and your intent to take the matter further, however, your argument becomes one built upon sand when you call the ban unjust. The ban as far as your account may or may not be unjust as I mentioned earlier, no-one really knows what your account was doing after it was breached (and the who's, why's and what's of that I'm not discussing anymore). The ban on you is unjust or at the very least unfair - no-one is disputing that. However the ban on your account for all we know is legitimate, and I'm not sure how someone could prove otherwise. I spend enough time on my computer in my "free" time without doing it for work. However that might give me some time for some light reading...perhaps a thesaurus, work on my vocabulary...
  4. If memory serves Utes is/was a map in ArmA 1 or 2, so perhaps you're missing an addon that includes said map (CUP or similar).
  5. Jackal326

    Banned by Game Developer

    My hoops were a long list of exchanged emails with proof of purchase and the affected CD Key spanning almost 2 months being bounced around from one department to another, not a class action lawsuit and complaining on forums. I was merely trying to show understanding and empathy of your position, but if you want to throw a thesaurus at me then go right ahead. I'm not special, neither are you so get down off of your moral high-horse. You're still preaching the "false ban", because you did nothing wrong. The ban isn't on you, it is on your account that you weren't in control of at the time - that is not BattlEye's fault, its either yours or Steams. I'm leaning towards the former for allowing the breach in the first place... When I saw @Tankbuster and @sarogahtyp had put you on their ignore lists I thought that it was perhaps an overreaction on their parts, however I now see that was my second mistake - the first mistake was replying to this thread in the first place, which by the way, is erroneously titled as you (sorry, your account) weren't banned by the game developer (Bohemia Interactive), your account was banned by an anti-cheat software...
  6. Jackal326

    Banned by Game Developer

    Its not a matter of determining ownership like owning a CD key from the 90's (the hoops I had to jump through when my legitimately purchased disc copy of 'Aliens VS Predator 2' had "already been used" when trying to play MP would make your head spin). Proving whether you purchased the game or not isn't a factor as you presumably can't 100% prove without a shadow of a doubt that it wasn't YOU using it at the time the ban was made. The fact of the matter is your account got banned - whether it was you, your mother or Gerhard von Strucker (random German name, sue me!) who was using it at the time is irrelevant. How the account was compromised is also irrelevant. Its a brown and sticky end of the stick that you've been left with and that brown stuff isn't chocolate, but I don't think a class action lawsuit will get you anywhere. If you want to go that route I very much doubt my words (or anyone else's here) will stop you, I just don't feel standing on a pedestal and shouting about it is the way to go. Also, from one of the links you posted re: Steam Guard
  7. Jackal326

    Banned by Game Developer

    I understand where you're coming from, but whilst you are a victim of ban and you yourself are innocent, your account is (possibly) not. You have no idea what your account was up to in the time it was in the hands of the (possibly) German hacker. So whilst you are innocent, your account potentially isn't and in BattlEye's eyes (pardon the pun), the ban (may be) justified.
  8. Jackal326

    Constant unplayable FPS

    I used to get similar problems with the earlier games in the ArmA series going back as far as the original OFP if I hadn';t updated my GFX Card drivers for a while. One day out of the blue I'd get random graphical artefacts and weird triangular stretching across my screen as well as a massive hit to FPS (and back then OFP wasn't exactly the most demanding of games). These issues would resolve themselves upon updating my drivers. I couldn't see that as a method you had tried so maybe that is worth a shot. If they're up to date then maybe try rolling them back to a version that worked (i.e. before the issue started).
  9. Jackal326

    Banned by Game Developer

    I don't think you can really lay the blame at the feet of the entire gaming industry. I'd lay the blame with your email provider/ISP security for allowing the email to be compromised (and/or your own personal password strength) that allowed the account to be compromised. I've been in a similar situation in the past where my XBOX Live account was stolen with my name and location changed as you described. I had similar hoops to jump through to get it back but once I did it damn well taught me a lesson about security and password strength. I'm not saying you're to blame, but the ban your account has suffered is one you now have to live with unfortunately. In a way you're quite fortunate as you only had a few games on Steam and although its a pain in the arse to have to do so, its only a matter of creating a new email (with a strong password) and a new Steam account (with a $tr0ng_p@ssw0rd) and re-purchasing the game(s).
  10. Why don't you make your "intro" as your main mission itself (i.e. have no intro) and end the 'mission' at the end of the cutscene? Or, seeing as you have 2 cutscenes playing one after another, have one as the intro and the other as the 'mission'?
  11. Jackal326

    Ping sound when flying aircraft

    Does it sound like a 'Windows' sound or actually part of the game?
  12. The following is from Weapons_F.pbo's config.cpp's cfgAmmo section: class Gatling_30mm_HE_Plane_CAS_01_F: BulletBase { model="\A3\Weapons_f\Data\bullettracer\tracer_red.p3d"; cost=20; hit=180; indirectHit=4; indirectHitRange=3; caliber=5; explosive=0.40000001; warheadName="AP"; airlock=1; deflecting=5; airFriction=-0.00036000001; typicalSpeed=960; visibleFire=32; audibleFire=250; visibleFireTime=3; fuseDistance=10; dangerRadiusBulletClose=20; dangerRadiusHit=60; suppressionRadiusBulletClose=12; suppressionRadiusHit=24; tracerScale=2.5; tracerStartTime=0.1; tracerEndTime=4.6999998; soundFly[]= { "", 1, 1, 50 }; explosionSoundEffect="DefaultExplosion"; explosionEffects="ExploAmmoExplosionPlaneCAS"; craterEffects="ExploAmmoCrater"; soundSetSonicCrack[]= { "BulletSonicCrack_Gatling_SoundSet" }; soundHit1[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\explosives\Grenades\Explosion_gng_grenades_01", 3.1622777, 1, 1300 }; soundHit2[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\explosives\Grenades\Explosion_gng_grenades_02", 3.1622777, 1, 1300 }; soundHit3[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\explosives\Grenades\Explosion_gng_grenades_03", 3.1622777, 1, 1300 }; soundHit4[]= { "A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\explosives\Grenades\Explosion_gng_grenades_04", 3.1622777, 1, 1300 }; multiSoundHit[]= { "soundHit1", 0.25, "soundHit2", 0.25, "soundHit3", 0.25, "soundHit4", 0.25 }; class CamShakeExplode { power=6; duration=1; frequency=20; distance=67.817802; }; class CamShakeHit { power=30; duration=0.40000001; frequency=20; distance=1; }; class CamShakeFire { power=2.2360699; duration=1; frequency=20; distance=40; }; class CamShakePlayerFire { power=0.0099999998; duration=0.1; frequency=20; distance=1; }; class HitEffects { Hit_Foliage_green="ImpactLeavesGreen"; Hit_Foliage_Dead="ImpactLeavesDead"; Hit_Foliage_Green_big="ImpactLeavesGreenBig"; Hit_Foliage_Palm="ImpactLeavesPalm"; Hit_Foliage_Pine="ImpactLeavesPine"; hitFoliage="ImpactLeaves"; hitGlass=""; hitGlassArmored=""; hitWood="ImpactWood"; hitHay="ImpactHay"; hitMetal=""; hitMetalPlate=""; hitBuilding=""; hitPlastic=""; hitRubber=""; hitConcrete=""; hitMan=""; hitGroundSoft=""; hitGroundHard=""; hitWater="ImpactEffectsWater"; hitVirtual=""; }; }; More specifically, look at the soundHit1/2/3/4 paths. You'll need to make a new config that patches these, though beware this will affect all aircraft/vehicles using the 30mm cannon, not just the 'A10' The only way to make it only change the sounds for just the 'A10' are to make a new ammo class and a new weapon that uses it, then 'patch' the game to have the 'A10' use the new weapon instead of the current 30mm. AFAIK anyway, I'm not a vehicles guy...
  13. Jackal326

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    That is not a bad wish at all. However, the way you're going about trying to realise that dream is... RHS has always been very open about their intentions with regards to addon/mod compatibility with other 3rd party content. The simple fact is; if you want mods X, Y and Purple to work with RHS content, YOU are the one that needs to do the leg work and make a compatibility patch yourself. Its all right there on the RHS FAQ...
  14. Jackal326

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Then why don't you make a compatibility patch like so many other 3rd party addon makers do?
  15. Jackal326

    Object Builder | Walls vanishing from Object

    The faces disappearing and re-appearing is probably down to Buldozer being a bit wonky when it comes to zooming in. Rather than zooming in and out on your model with the + and - keys try using WSAD to move the camera around instead. Zooming with + and - often leads to a fish-eye effect with a bit of distortion, at least that is my experience when working on weapon models. Walking through the walls is caused by you not giving your model a Geometry LOD. Check out this link and this link for a bit more information on that.