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  1. Jackal326

    [HELP] RVMAT not working please help.

    Try posting the rvmat itself maybe? But please post it in the code (<>) tags...
  2. Jackal326

    Object Not found, sample helicopter

    Everyone has to start somewhere. Keep practising.
  3. Jackal326

    Making prisoners???

    Put this setcaptive true in their init fields.
  4. Jackal326

    The Fictional MX Rifle series, why?

    Two words - "Funding cuts" 🤑. If the cut-backs the UK military branches are seeing in recent years are anything to go by, by the time 2035 rolls around we'll be using sticks and rocks...
  5. Jackal326

    Sound Completely Muted in Arma

    Random follow-up question. Once you've loaded to the main menu have you tried alt-tabbing to desktop and then back into game? Probably wont solve it but I've known a couple of people with sound issues that that has helped.
  6. Jackal326

    Add-on repack questions

    This. 100% this. Also, when you say "repacking" do you mean you're bundling up some PBOs into a .zip/.rar./whatever and uploading for distribution? Or are we talking more PBO "repacking" after you've made modifications to someone else's work? If its the latter you'll find fewer people will be willing to grant you permission...
  7. Jackal326

    Sound Completely Muted in Arma

    Are you using headphones, desktop-speakers or some sort of surround sound? How is your sound output connected? USB? HDMI? Optical? We need a bit more information to make educated guesses.
  8. Jackal326

    Object Not found, sample helicopter

    Check. Also, make sure that is the correct path. Hopefully you're not just PBO'ing 'samples_f'...
  9. Jackal326

    Weird green on a retexture.

    That is a pixilation artefact coming from image compression. You've taken a PAA, converted it to a TGA (or whatever image format you've used in your software), then edited the image, then re-saved it as TGA (or whatever), then re-converted it back to PAA. Pretty much each step in that process will degrade the overall image quality. As such you'll end up with artefacts like that. That green hue makes me think you saved it as a JPG though, which would be a big no-no. Try .TGA/.PNG instead. It wont solve your issue, but will compress the image less and as such will generate less artefacts.
  10. Your texture paths in Object Builder are all wrong. They should reference the PBO name as well: e.g. In your P drive have a folder called 'BMSN_Intel' In that folder have a folder called 'textures' In THAT folder have your textures... so your full path would look like: 'BMSN_Intel\textures\usb_texture.paa' The fact they are working in Object Builder and not in game is an issue with your project setup in OB's backend. I've never used this feature so I can't really help out with its rectification I can only show you how to fix it "the old way". As a side note I would also look at correct texture naming conventions so that when you convert the textures from .TGA/.whatever TexView knows what method to use to convert it and as a result your texture should end up looking a little sharper.
  11. Jackal326

    Dumping wheels of stoped object

    Conflicting land contact points on a broken geometry/roadway LOD of the carrier....if you look closely the ATV is also floating slightly...
  12. Jackal326

    Unit config vest items

    Items in vests are defined in the magazines[] = {}; and respawnmagazines[] = {}; arrays at config level.
  13. Jackal326

    Mag proxies on handguns

    Do keep in mind though that the fix is defined as part of the vest config and as such your current setup may still not work as intended on all vests as presumably some vests will still have 'showHandgunMagProxy' set with a 0 value.
  14. Ahh yes, that was going to be my next suggestion 🧐
  15. I think it has to do with whether your character is classed as a medic in their config (can't remember the config parameter... maybe attendant=true; or some such). If you're a "medic" you see the more detailed example i.e. 51/54 per your example, and if you're not you just see "normal" or "high" or whatever...