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  1. Glad to hear that, do you mind posting what was causing the issue and how you fixed it in case anyone else experiences something similar in the future?
  2. What tools are you using to pack the PBO, because I can see a couple of potential issues that might throw some errors which makes me think its not packing correctly...
  3. What exactly doesn't work? Could you maybe give us the error message so we have a start point to try and help rather than going line by line...
  4. Sounds like the memory points for the turret (i.e. the bullet source and bullet direction memory points - Osaveze And OsaHlavne) aren't part of the moving turret named-selection (OtocHlaven)
  5. Jackal326

    ARMA 3 Mikero PboProject Error

    You should probably write a config for your map before you try to pack it...or address issues with your folder structure.
  6. They'll probably ban you from here for mentioning it tbh...
  7. No worries. I honestly don't know why this functionality was changed - it started out as only working in mod.cpp format, then you could do either cfgMod or mod.cpp and now only the mod.cpp method works (unless I'm doing something wrong 🤷‍♂️).
  8. Does the same happen if you have the helmet equipped and then drop it on the floor?
  9. For some unknown reason they took out the feature from configs and moved it to a mod.cpp file that needs to be in the root of the mod folder and looks something like this: name = "SJB Weapons"; picture = "\SJB_A3_WeaponsCore\SJB_ca.paa"; actionName = "Website"; action = "https://sjb-addons.co.uk/"; logo = "\SJB_A3_WeaponsCore\SJB_ca.paa"; logoOver = "\SJB_A3_WeaponsCore\SJB_red_ca.paa"; logoSmall = "\SJB_A3_WeaponsCore\SJB_ca.paa"; dlcColor[] = {0.35,0.35,0.1,1}; tooltip = "SJB"; tooltipOwned = "SJB Owned"; overview = "A collection of weapons and attachments made available by Jackal326 and Eddie Price for Arma3."; author = "Jackal326/Eddie Price"; overviewPicture = "\SJB_A3_WeaponsCore\SJB_ca.paa";
  10. Sorry about the late reply, I thought I'd posted one but apparently hadn't hit "post" Anyway, the alphas for lens textures is determined by the alpha channel in the texture itself. The RVMAT has little/no bearing on the alpha and is only used to simulate reflectiveness and/or slight curvature of the lenses with normal maps and smdi textures.
  11. Jackal326

    Shadows from Rotor Blur Proxies

    After doing so ensure any/all faces are part of the correct named selections for animating etc.
  12. "Yeah, hi game developers, would you mind adding the paid DLC that was created by a third party and licensed by yourselves to the main game so people don't have to pay for it?" That sure is a good way to go about business
  13. Jackal326

    Shadows from Rotor Blur Proxies

    That doesn't look like proxy triangles to me, that looks like a broken shadow lod with unclosed, unsharpened and non-triangulated faces...
  14. Jackal326

    Merging sections in models

    I'm not going to pretend to be an expert, but most modern systems should be able to contend with 2k resolution, so long as your model isn't using lots of them.
  15. Jackal326

    Merging sections in models

    I am of the belief that rendering in-game and overall performance is impacted more by the number of sections the model has, so one 2k texture is better than multiple smaller ones. Something to do with draw-calls or some-such...