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  1. This is a very accurate statement.
  2. I'm not a scripting person, but from what I can gleam from the BI WIKI page for the synchronizedObjects command its ONLY intended use is for synchronising units with vehicles, and not unit to unit... But I could be wrong and if I am I'm sure someone will point that out 🙂
  3. OK, so then why are you inheriting from cfgWeapons uniform classes in cfgVehicles? class CfgVehicles { class B_Soldier_F; // a SOLDIER CLASS (this one is correct for the cfgClass) class U_I_ParadeUniform_01_AAF_decorated_F; // a uniform class class U_B_ParadeUniform_01_US_F; // a uniform class class Uniform_Argentinian_Parade_1: U_I_ParadeUniform_01_AAF_decorated_F // these are both uniform classes { [...] The annotated classes would need to be the relevant cfgVehicles unit entries instead of the uniform classes... Also, with the line... model = "\A3\characters_f_beta\INDEP\ia_soldier_01.p3d"; ...all of your uniforms will look like the default independent uniforms, but given the class names I'm assuming you're trying to retexture the Dress Uniforms added from the Art of War DLC? And not to nit-pick, but not using the correct texture-naming conventions in conjunction with the correct texture type (in this case I imagine '_co' would suffice) makes me sad. When converting your texture make sure its named as 'Uniform_Argentinian_Parade_co.format' (where '.format is presumably .TGA or .PNG, if you say JPG I'll be even more sad). This will ensure when Image2PAA does its conversion business you get the correct filtering and (hopefully) don't lose any/much detailing etc.
  4. Jackal326

    BattlEye blocks loading Steam files

    I'm glad you got your game back up and running and would like to thank you for posting your solution. I'm sure it'll come in handy for others that search for an answer to the same issue.
  5. That is because you're defining a uniform in cfgVehicles. The uniform should be in cfgWeapons with a corresponding unit class in cfgVehicles...
  6. Jackal326


    Oh oh! I love that game! Animal, mineral or vegetable?
  7. You could try using the memoryPointCameraTarget = zamerny; config parameter, not sure if that'll work as you'd need to know another named memory point in the model (which I'm assuming you don't have access to otherwise you'd just move the 'zamerny' memory point...
  8. Jackal326

    i can't disable addon

    It sounds to me like you're deleting core game files and you're going to cause yourself a World of hurt doing that. Follow @stanhope's suggestions if you want to deactivate DLC/expansions...
  9. Have you tried going through and checking every other key-bind menu to see if some of the numpad keys are bound to other controls and could be conflicting? It seems that with some options working and some not that there is still a conflict somewhere...My numpad keys for example are bound to quick-look directions (NUMPAD4 is 90degrees left, NUMPAD6 is 90degrees right etc).
  10. Could you maybe edit your original post and put the cfg element into a <> C++ Code bubble so as not to give everyone trying to read it eye-AIDs?
  11. Good luck with that. The game is 8 years old, good luck getting anything added to it now...
  12. Click on ArmA 3 in Steam, then check the right window where it says "Manage my 'X' DLC" (where 'X' is the number of DLC you own) In the new pop-up window make sure all your DLC have their boxes checked/ticked. If they don't show up there, you definitely have an issue...
  13. Jackal326

    Weird Crash issue

    I had similar issues a few months ago, but only when playing 'Hell Let Loose'. I found that removing my graphics card and re-seating it seemed to fix the issue. Not saying that will work for you, but it seemed to for me.
  14. They should still be available, though they are no-longer available to purchase in the 3-part bundle you've linked to. However, as long as they're assigned to your STEAM account any previous purchases of that bundle (such as the one I myself made directly through Steam though) will still show the DLC as purchased. Also, check this link.
  15. Jackal326

    Unit keeps dropping smoke - CSLA

    Something such as that, which would be quite noticeable to almost every user, isn't an issue with CSLA. Its a mod conflict. Turn one mod off at a time until the issue goes away and you've found the culprit...