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  1. Jackal326

    You've played to much Arma when:

    You know you've played too much Arma when...you can accurately predict the moderator's actions before they've taken them 😄 On a side note, I'm glad you used the term "vets" rather than "old-timers" 😄
  2. Jackal326

    [HELP] PBO locking system

    Welcome to the internet...🤷‍♂️
  3. Jackal326

    missing file VCOMP120.DLL

    You could try google. Its the first result that came up when I googled "VCOMP123.dll"
  4. Jackal326

    [HELP] PBO locking system

    See my reply immediately above yours 🙄
  5. Having found a cache of old weapon models on an old HDD I've been tinkering with them to try and bring them up to Arma standards more for nostalgia's sake really. They use several smaller textures and in a bid to save memory I've been attempting to merge these smaller textures into one larger texture. I'm also trying to save myself time so I don't have to manually re-UV-map each texture. I've found some old .PTM files on the same HDD that I've used to merge textures like this in the past - However, when I edit and attempt to use the PTM file I simply get an error in Object Builder saying "Error reading PTM file" I was wondering if this function is still supported in Object Builder (as I haven't used it since the OFP/Arma days back when it was 'Oxygen') and if anyone had a functioning PTM file to use as a base as the old formatting seems to throw errors.
  6. Jackal326

    Ballistics_x64.dll not found error

    Either you require the ACE mod to play on the server, or you're running ACE and it isn't installed correctly.
  7. Jackal326

    [HELP] PBO locking system

    Not technically true - Mikero's paid tool set offers the ability to encrypt/obfuscate the PBOs preventing them from being unpacked (at least afaik). Packing a normal PBO and Binarizing the files (P3Ds, config, rvmats etc) prevent the P3Ds from being opened.
  8. Jackal326

    [Help] How is splint made?

    What file format are you exporting as? I tend to find .OBJ and/or .FBX work the best as .3DS can be rather touchy.
  9. Jackal326

    [Help] How is splint made?

    You can do a lot of the work in 3DS Max, but you can't do everything. You'll still need to do a fair amount of work in Object Builder...
  10. Jackal326

    How do i animate a headgear?

    In hind sight I'm not even sure you can animate helmets. I can't find the thread on here now but I'm sure its been discussed before...
  11. Jackal326

    [Help] How is splint made?

    Have a look at the sample models examples for vests/equipment and compare them to your model. STALKERGB's weighting tutorial may also help.
  12. Jackal326

    [Help] How is splint made?

    I think something is getting lost in translation. You need to open your in Object Builder and define the correct named selections (Spine etc).
  13. Jackal326

    [Help] How is splint made?

    You need to apply the correct named selections to the model and have a correctly setup model.cfg... Have a look here.
  14. Jackal326

    How do i animate a headgear?

    You have the named selections named but do you actually have them defined in the model? The only reasons the model would be between the character's legs are: You haven't defined the named selections correctly in the model. The model.cfg isn't in the same directory as the model when you Binarize/Pack it. You aren't Binarizing the model and as such the model.cfg isn't being applied. It might help to know what the warnings were that you got when packing.
  15. The truth is, both are correct. The long way around and more old-fashioned way of doing things would be to type up the entire inheritance tree. However, this is no longer required since...well a long time ago when the engine was updated. Your method is perfectly functional and is simply a short-hand way of doing things now that was introduced in ArmA3 (I think).