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  1. Jackal326

    Retexture of Helicopter Rotor Blades

    For the 'setObjectTextureGlobal' command to work, the part you want to assign textures to must have hiddenselections assigned to them (via a combination of model and config work). As we don't have access to the models, due to them being Binarized, I doubt you'll have much luck in this endeavour. You could, theoretically at least, hex-edit the model(s) to use your new textures but that is a very grey-area around these parts...
  2. Jackal326

    Arma Reforger/Arma4 VR Support

    Other than the direction of the game not fitting with VR inclusion. By your definition 'Stray' should have VR. I don't hate VR, I just don't feel it "fits" with Arma given how it feels like a gimmick when you look how VR games are designed for it. Games such as 'Half-Life: Alyx', 'Boneworks', 'Hard Bullet', 'Blood Trail' etc have it as such an integral part of the game functionality itself. I don't want to lie on the floor of my room to go prone in a video game, whilst that might appeal to many people you again limit those who have VR but play games using it in confined spaces. Whilst many games offer this an option, given the many mechanics at play in Arma I just can't see its full-implementation the way a few here seem to see it. Whilst there are games that support VR and have non-VR (and more main-stream) versions (Skyrim, Fallout 4 etc) they require seperate versions to play using VR. The "main/regular" games don't support VR and you can't play the VR versions like the regular versions without VR equipment. Ergo, for "proper" and "from the ground up" support for VR you'd require 2 albeit similar games developed in tandem, requiring the division of the development team to necessitate the dual-development. Otherwise, you end up with a disparity of versions where the VR version lags behind with fixes and updates where-by you would lose the "dreamed of" cross-compatibility everyone would cry out for. I wouldn't mind seeing a smaller-scale Arma title developed solely for VR, I just don't see it being practical for inclusion in the "mainstream" version...
  3. This. You only need to define an external (or otherwise already defined classname) once, and you don't need to re-reference it later. I haven't tested this code and knocked it together quick so don't overwrite your existing config for fear I've missed something or broken it: class CfgPatches { class Spielwiese_Cayuse { author = "SirBassi | Arma Spielwiese"; name = "Cayuse mit GPS"; url = "https://discord.gg/...."; units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"loadorder_f_vietnam"}; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class vn_air_oh6a_cargo_base; // not sure if this is defined in another config, if it is you'll need to add its cfgPatches name in to requiredAddons field above (unless its defined in "loadorder_f_vietnam" in which case you are good to go. If its not an external reference it'll throw an 'undefined base class error' class vn_b_air_oh6a_01_asw: vn_air_oh6a_cargo_base { enableGPS = 1; }; class vn_air_oh6a_base; class vn_b_air_oh6a_03_asw: vn_air_oh6a_base { enableGPS = 1; }; class vn_b_air_oh6a_04; class vn_b_air_oh6a_05_asw: vn_b_air_oh6a_04 { enableGPS = 1; }; class vn_b_air_oh6a_06_asw: vn_b_air_oh6a_04 { enableGPS = 1; }; class vn_b_air_oh6a_07_asw: vn_b_air_oh6a_04 { enableGPS = 1; }; class vn_b_air_oh6a_02; class vn_b_air_oh6a_04_asw: vn_b_air_oh6a_02 { enableGPS = 1; }; class vn_b_air_oh6a_base; class vn_b_air_oh6a_02_asw: vn_b_air_oh6a_base { enableGPS = 1; }; }; Take note of the commented // parts
  4. Jackal326

    I Need some help with config

    Your cfgPatches section is b0rked and isn't closed properly - its missing a ; after one of the } class CfgPatches { class 427 { author = "427th Dev Team"; name = "427th Aux Mod"; units[] = {}; weapons[] = { }; requiredAddons[] = { "A3_Characters_F", }; }; // added in the missing ; for you }; If you press CTRL+G in Notepad you can type in what line you have the issue on from the error message, in this case line 22, and it will take you right to the line, though you'll need to actually look to see what is causing the error...
  5. Jackal326

    Arma Reforger/Arma4 VR Support

    A long list of reasons why VR will (most likely) never be a fully supported feature in an Arma game.
  6. Jackal326

    Launcher goes straight to Multiplayer game

    Well it didn't get there by itself. You said yourself the last time you played was 8 months ago. I can't remember every little thing I did 8 hours ago, let alone 8 months ago so either you have the greatest memory in the World and the game launcher modified its own launch parameters or you put it in the command line and simply forgot about it...
  7. Jackal326

    Launcher goes straight to Multiplayer game

    ...because you put it there...
  8. Jackal326

    Issues with VON

    Didn't they turn VON off on official servers for some reason? I remember reading a post somewhere about it but can't seem to find it now...oh wait, here it is. As there is no mention of them having turned it back on, I assume that is your issue.... Disregard, I missed the part where you said you can hear others talking...
  9. I'm no scripting genius but wont that execution method only work if you ARE PLAYING AS the whiteboard?
  10. Whatever tool you're using to unpack the PBO isn't worth the bytes of information that form its whole. Download Mikero's tools suite and it will automatically convert the config.bin to a config.cpp when you unpack PBOs. Config.cpp can easily be read in Notepad (or similar).
  11. Instead of: model = "A3\@CUP Units\cup_creatures_people_military_usmc\data\CUP_USMC_LWH_1.p3d"; Try: model = "\cup_creatures_people_military_usmc\data\CUP_USMC_LWH_1.p3d"; Also, make sure to add the correct entry in cfgPatches for whatever the corresponding CUP PBO is (i.e. open up the config.cpp in 'CUP_Creatures_Poeple_Military_USMC.pbo' and see what the name of the cfgPatches entry is (in your case yours is 'LARHELM') and add that after 'A3_Characters_F' in 'requiredAddons')
  12. Maybe post your config in spoiler and/or code (< >) tags here (using the C++ code type) so we can actually read your config as your second link doesn't even work...
  13. Isn't the "setdamage 1" part of this the cause or am I misunderstanding soemthing?
  14. Jackal326

    AI and JTAC

    This is how you ask helpful questions that allow people to help you - by being specific. Not a vague seven-word question that gives absolutely no details about what you want to do...