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  1. G'day to the Community, Can anybody tell me if it is possible to save the key binds from one arma3 setup and transfer them to another computer? Thank you
  2. G'day @jarrad96, I was wondering if and when you have time, could you take as look at your active camouflage script for your Ghost Recon Mod? When you activate the camouflage, the script continues to generate activation cues in the action menu. Would you be able to review this and possibly repair it? Thank you.
  3. wansec_6

    UnderSiege Gear & Uniforms

    G'day @Siege-A, That's great news. I love the idea so far. Looking forward to setting up my own loadouts. ARMA3 Dress-up just got so much better!!!😁
  4. wansec_6

    UnderSiege Gear & Uniforms

    G'day @Siege-A, Are you guys still planning on allowing different pouch configurations on the vests/plate carriers through the use of hidden selections and configs?
  5. wansec_6

    Ghost Recon CROSSCOM

    G'day @jarrad96 Was playing around with Crosscom and active camouflage last night and found an interesting issue. Every time the active camo time runs out, the script adds an extra activation action to the action menu. At one point I had 4 "cloak" actions in my action menu. Could you please have a look at the script and f figure out what might be wrong?
  6. wansec_6

    US 75th Rangers

    G'day @Siege-A and the rest of the dev team. Way to go guys. Great to hear everything has been resolved regarding IP protection. Looking forward to the release. Keep up the good work.
  7. wansec_6


    G'day @Meatball0311 Welcome Back. Looking forward to seeing what you produce.
  8. wansec_6

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    G'day @Delta Hawk Loving what you're delivering to the community. Do you have any plans for variants of your Boonie hats (e.g. rolled or folded brims)?
  9. wansec_6

    EricJ Release thread

    G'day @EricJ and @Szepy_CZ Thanks for the info. Will have a look at the setPylonLoadout command when I get a chance.
  10. wansec_6

    NIArms Release Thread

    G'day @toadie2k Release the updates when you're ready. It's your mod and your timetable. Looking forward to the update and any new releases that come our way.
  11. wansec_6

    EricJ Release thread

    G'day @EricJ I have been experimenting with configuring the MH-92 DAPS with different loadouts. Could you possibly explain how I could add weapons from other mods (e.g. CUP or RHS) to the list of available pylon weapons?
  12. G'day @ZackTactical34 What is the Smart AI mix you mentioned above?
  13. G'day All, I am trying to write a config for helicopters for my faction and don't know how to set them up so they spawn pre-fitted with a specific weapons loadout. Below is a sample of the setup for one of the choppers taken from the mission file. Can anybody point me in the right direction on how to have the helicopter spawn with the weapons? Thanks Wansec_6
  14. wansec_6

    ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    G'day @mikephoenix, Congrats on the arrrival of the little one.
  15. wansec_6

    UnderSiege Gear & Uniforms

    G'day @Siege-A A couple of quick questions if I may. Will your vests be using hidden selections to place the pouches, thereby allowing others to re-configure them through external configs, or are the pouches and attachments part of the model? What is your release strategy for the mod? ie Will you be releasing everything that you have ready in one big pack, or will it be in staggered releases? For example by camoflage pattern, or by individual equipment categories (eg Vest, Uniforms, Headgear etc.)