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  1. Many thanks Alwarren for the quick reply.
  2. My apologies, I didn't realize there was a thread for CUP terrains, but since you asked and since we're here already, if it's all right I thought I would try to explain more clearly this "texture rendering" problem with this new re-tex 'dum-mesto2' house, not so much 'texture pop-in' because that would imply the textures load in slowly which is not the case, the case is the textures of this building completely lose their detail at a distance of about 150m or more, becoming very 'low-poly' and it's very obvious when this happens especially if flying and 'very annoying'. It's a similar problem I've encountered many times before using assets from older A1 and A2 mods such as Ensk Objects 2.0 for example, certain parts of the objects in the mod will lose texture detail or even disappear at a certain distance, that's not a big issue with these editor placed objects, you simply don't use them. However, in the case of the 'dum-mesto2' house , the problem exists on probably dozens and dozens of Arma terrains with CUP Terrains Core dependency which use this house, from lets say Sahrani onwards making it a 'game-breaker'. Of course it could just be my system, but it is strange that no other CUP building seems to have this problem including the new re-tex 'dum_olezlina_open' building which appears to be identical to the 'dum-mesto2' house. I've linked two photos and hopefully they are clear enough to show you the problem. If you could look into it some time and if you discover anything like I've described, do let me know. Thanks. https://ibb.co/w4vSL4C https://ibb.co/wQt4v4v
  3. Just to mention (at least on my system), after installing the new Oct 1.17 Terrains_Core update, I'm getting very annoying 'texture rendering' problems with the new re textured 'Dum_mesto2' house. It wouldn't be a big issue at all if it wasn't such a common building, but it happens to be a 'very common' building on many Arma terrains old and new, so as this was a 'game breaker' I had to replace the the entire 'cup_terrains_ca_buildings' pbo with the previous one from version 1.16 to solve the problem. Didn't have any problems with any of the other re-textured buildings or the new added buildings in version 1.17, only the 'Dum_mesto2' house.
  4.  Whirlybirds

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    A sad and brutal day! Like Scapa Flow 1919, such a great loss of material suddenly just gone. Tens and tens of thousands of hours of work. Work put in by dedicated modders many of whom are no longer active in Arma. Excluding the workshop of course some material may still exist on moddb and scripts on github. But for the most part they're gone. Like all those great scripts created by George Floros for example, all hosted on Armaholic. All the Q&A linked to Armaholic. Searches in Google for editing info and all the user created missions and campaigns that use assets from Armaholic that are not available on the workshop and so on and so on. It would take months, years more like to salvage even some of those scripts and compile them somewhere again. Some might say much of the material on Armaholic was obsolete anyway... Brutal day in the Armaverse.
  5. I wasn't able to get the torpedo script to activate through the config edits. However, activating it through a simple script works incredibly well. Added an addaction into the heli init to activate the script torp = heli addAction ["<t color='#FFCC00' size='2' align='left'>Launch Torpedo</t>","tor.sqf", [],1,true,true,"","_this in heli"] tor.sqf _torp = createVehicle ["ttt_nl_torp_spawner ", getPosASL helip, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _torp setDir (getDir helip); torpedoprop hideobject true; heli removeAction torp; This fires the torpedo once and then in order to reload the torpedo, the pilot must return to a base, to an object which has a reload addaction placed in the init. One torpedo will take out a Uboat. The 'torpedoprop' is the 'WWII Torpedo' object in Secret Weapons, and is attached under the helicopter/aircraft just for aesthetic purposes. reloadtorpedo = reloadobj addAction ["<t color='#FFCC00' size='2' align='left'>Reload Torpedo</t>","reload.sqf", [],1,true,true,"","player distance _target < 1.6"] reload.sqf torp = heli addAction ["<t color='#FFCC00' size='2' align='left'>Launch Torpedo</t>","tor.sqf", [],1,true,true,"","player in heli"]; torpedoprop hideobject false; Due to a lack of scripting knowledge I haven't yet been able to add into the tor.sqf - ...createVehicle.... getPosASL....+ an array for [X,Y,Z} positioning so that the torpedo can be spawned precisely (safely) under the helicopter(aircraft) 'heli' itself - 'helip' is an invisible helipad which had be to attached 1-2 meters under the helicopter as a workaround, if the torpedo is spawned getPosASL heli, the torpedo will immediately detonate destroying the helicopter, killing the pilot etc. as it has spawned to close to the helicopter itself I created a mission (WIP), a Battle of the Atlantic scenario using the new updated Naval Legends, a helicopter I have ported fits very well into this theme. Destroying a Uboat wolfpack with torpedoes attacking a supply convoy of liberty ships. Ironically, one of the problems is that the 'ai' manning the Uboats will submerge and remain so and then they are unable to be attacked with torpedoes, so in order for the mission to work I had to use the config file for the sab_boat_u7 from an earlier version of Secret Weapons and now they will attack while surfaced, they have also been scripted to fire a salvo of torpedoes at the convoy at a certain range. Many thanks for the continued work and time you put into these mods
  6. I had noticed that but didn't get a chance to test that out yet. Will check this out along with trying to set up the aerial torpedoes in my next Arma project. Thanks Sabre.
  7. Many thanks for this. This is a great starting point. When I get a chance I'll reopen the configs and see what I can come up with, will require some trial and error. What TeTeT did in his test in the video is exactly what I'd hope to achieve with the torpedoes regardless of the slight drift. Just to mention again about the 'parkingbrake' script. After some trial and error, what I came up with to solve the drift problem with those helicopters and without the need for any user action was two repeatable triggers, the first which activates the parkingbrake with the conditions 'not isengineon heli && isTouchingGround heli' and the second trigger to release the parkingbrake with the condition 'isEngineOn heli' which terminates the parkingbrake after about 15-20 seconds (standard flight model), so the engines have reached enough rpm in that time to take off without the helicopter beginning to drift, works seamlessly in the background and I've played for many hours with these helicopters using the script with those trigger conditions and it hasn't failed yet. But I guess this all only applies to old helicopter mods of yesteryear ported in. Appreciate the help and thanks again.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I'll have a look at what I can do, though I suspect it will require some very complex scripting to achieve. I had ported some helicopters from Arma and Arma 2, one of the primary roles of one of these helicopters, in particular being submarine search and destroy, the torpedoes where the ideal weapons that could be used to do this. On a side note about those helicopters and some other helicopter mods ported over, they have a gamebreaking issue where upon landing they have a tendency to drift either to the side or backwards and sometimes drift until they roll over and explode, making them almost unusable in game. The only solution to prevent this was using your 'parkingbrake' script used for the DC3 in the 'civil aviation' mod. The helicopters and the use of your script are for my own personal use in single player missions only. Just wanted to say thanks too for creating that awesome 'parkingbrake' script.
  9. In the mod there are "torpedoes" under submersibles with assault divers in them. Does anyone know how are what they can be used for? I've tried placing them in the water and dropping them from the air under 20m in front of enemy ships but they don't seem to do anything in the form of attacking at all. Sometimes they float to the bottom or the divers get out of the torpedoes or they go forward and turn around avoiding the enemy ships directly in front of them, or just sit in the water. Do these torpedoes require some special scripting/code to activate the tetet script or command to use them in order to attack?
  10. I have been trying to find a way to turn off the HMD of certain helicopter mods ported in from Arma 2 or earlier. I have tried: <heli name> setUserMFDValue [3, 0]; - put into debug console or heli init - DOESN'T WORK! helmetMountedDisplay = 0; - entered into config.bin - DOESN'T WORK! VileHUD mod - DOESN'T WORK! - in turning off the HMD changing the helicopter base in the config to - Heli_Light_01_unarmed_base_F - WORKS in turning off the HMD but in doing so breaks the original mod, changing it into an MD500 basically, breaks rotorblur etc and I don't have the knowhow to go about fixing all of that If anyone knows of a simple config entry or script that may work in turning off the HMD in older heli mods, please let me know. Thanks
  11. Many thanks and appreciation for that quick fix. All is working fine again.
  12. Unfortunately, there is an error message coming up after ordering your ai squad to clear buildings (menu_1-4-5-2),, it seems if a squad member gets shot down as he enters the building the error message shows up - something about .....' ...expected destination... etc etc.. DO NOT PLAN...etc ...." ....it's not a big issue, it's just annoying, as it's a function I've used often for a long time. I had to revert to an older version without that error message.
  13.  Whirlybirds

    AI Enhanced Movement [Script]

    This is so useful, very practical. Unfortunately, it's just that keyboard no.6 action key bind which conflicts with AIO AI Command Menu. In fact it would be awesome if it could somehow be magically incorporated into that mod. But many thanks for yet another great script to use in missions both making things easier, less frustrating and expanding game play elements
  14. I've used that terrain recently, and the other terrains made by Jakerod. They work fine with CUP. Zernovo is an awesome terrain with one of the best rivers in Arma, possibly the only European themed terrain with a decent usable river besides Livonia, Weferlingen and Ruha I would say. Only one small issue with some of the bushes which don't render very well, so I put down a game logic to remove those bushes and all is fine.