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  1. That's great it's still there. Still so many of the new features yet to test and experiment with. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. Just got around to trying this out and it does provide some really useful new features, as mentioned it will take a some getting used to, I'm going to spend some time with this. For me personally single player without the WWAI menu, Advanced AI Command and Enhanced Movement of course, single player just would never have worked the same. One thing I noticed which was missing ( this may have already been mentioned) is the 'Clear Building' command under 'infantry commands'. Although it was kind of buggy, especially for custom buildings, but it seemed to work fairly well for vanilla A3 buildings, with small squads like in 'Rainbow Six Raven Shield'. Just curious as to why that was removed or is there a plan to rework that feature in the future?
  3. Thank you for this amazing script.
  4.  Whirlybirds


    Very carefully constructed map. Sensible use of assets and no wrecks, especially no vanilla wrecks. Roads are perfect for this terrain. The waterways are amazing, stretching right across the whole map, beautiful like Far Cry 2, especially around sunset. Waterways that are disappointingly missing in the Tanoa map. Thank you for yet another great terrain.
  5.  Whirlybirds

    JBOY Bean Bag Shotgun

    Thanks. Simple, clean restraining would be a welcome thing. There are a lot of excellent non-lethal weapons in Arma and especially if you're playing as SWAT or police, it feels kind of self-defeating that after using these non-lethal weapons you end up having to kill the enemies anyway. SWAT 5 'Ready or Not', I recall reading about that a while back, the creator of the Elite Force mod was hired to work on it, a positive thing. Obviously the developers do want to retain the origins of SWAT. Looking at the trailer it does appear to be a modernized SWAT 4 and hopefully that's what it will be. Strange that it's been nearly 15 years since the release of SWAT 4 and even with all the technological advances in gaming since then, nothing close to it has been made since. With the exception of simulating some of that gameplay in Arma, the only other such game would be an even older Raven Shield.
  6.  Whirlybirds

    JBOY Bean Bag Shotgun

    Thank you for this, works really well. SWAT 4, like ARMA is one of only a few games that never leave my hard drive and hasn't done for as long as I can remember. Just recently I was trying and testing for quite some time to find a quick and simple way in single player using 'addaction' without any need for an sqf script or using variables to manually restrain(handcuff) all 'suspects' in a SWAT 4 fashion just after 'deploying' non-lethal weapons such as flashbangs, stun grenades, tear gas, CS, taser (from different scripts/mods- Phronk, KA and RHS) the idea is to "OPEN,BANG & CLEAR" and while the suspects are 'stunned' and in that animation they can be restrained. Obviously not the AI doing this, this would be done by the player of course. These are the two scripts placed in each 'suspects' init - I didn't write these originally, I can't write scripts but I've modified them as best I could, crude and messy but they are the only way I can get this to work (for the most part) this addAction [ "restrain", { (_this select 0) removeAction (_this select 2); (_this select 0) SwitchMove ""; (_this select 0) disableAI "ANIM"; (_this select 0) playaction "surrender" ;[(_this select 0)] joinSilent (group (_this select 0));(_this select 0) setCaptive true }, nil, 6, true, true, "", "_this distance _target < 3" ]; this addAction [ "cuff", { (_this select 0) removeAction (_this select 2); (_this select 0) playMove "Acts_AidlPsitMstpSsurWnonDnon_loop" ;[(_this select 0)] joinSilent (group (_this select 0)); }, nil, 6, true, true, "", "_this distance _target < 3" ]; This is nothing specifically to do with the 'JBOY Bean Bag Shotgun' which works splendidly and fun to use, just the use of available non-lethal weapons in general. The problem and the need for two addactions is because after the 'suspects' have been 'stunned' by a flashbang, stun grenade, tear gas or CS and they switch to the stunned animation, it's during that short period they need to be restrained before they regain their senses and start shooting, when the first addaction "restrain" is executed they switch to the "surrender" animation but moments later they snap out of that and they switch to a combat pose, frozen with their gun pointed, although they are no longer a threat, it just looks and feels terrible, there seems no way within the addaction parameters to remove weapons either, hence the need for the second addaction "cuff" after that is executed they will then permanently remain in the "cuffed" state. The first addaction is unable to permanently restrain the 'suspects' in whatever animation regardless of using 'playaction', 'switchmove' or 'playmove', almost seems like they're not aggressive enough to cancel out completely the 'stunned' animation. I apologize if this should have been posted in the main forum but I thought it appropriate just to mention it here being on the subject of SWAT and less-lethal weapons. Perhaps there is not much more that can be done with these addactions, but if there is some minor adjustment or addition to these addactions that may help tidy it up or cancel out the need for the second addaction, please let me know. Thanks.
  7. It won't be necessary to list those buildings in the editor. I just discovered a quick and easy way to spawn objects directly into the editor using a code with 'create3DENEntity' put into the debug console. Thanks anyways.
  8. Just a question about some of the building models that are within the CWA terrains (Nogova) but are not accessible in the eden editor. I uploaded links to screenshots of the buildings. https://imgur.com/t0Lbcsk https://imgur.com/YyEG9Os The classnames are: "Land_cwa_dum_patrovy02", "Land_cwa_dum_patrovy03", "Land_cwa_dum_patrovy04", "Land_cwa_dum_patrovy05", "Land_cwa_dum_patrovy06", "Land_cwa_olezlina" I used these models a lot in the editor in ARMA 2 and I personally think they are some of the best models I have come across in ARMA that resemble UK houses, there aren't so many UK styled buildings in ARMA. I'd just like to know if it were possible to make these accessible in the eden editor along with the other CWA buildings, obviously if it were a time consuming, complicated task with the potential risk of creating errors like it often is with these things, especially in a very large mod, then 'no', but if it happened to be something quick, easy and without risk of errors, then it would be great to access these buildings in eden. It is quite simple to spawn theses buildings via script onto a flat area of ground on a map using a game logic or any object. Unfortunately, from my experience if I'm trying to spawn a building onto a specific plot which previously had a building I wish to replace, then it becomes a very time consuming and frustrating task as they won't spawn where I need them to. The other way, which is much easier I've found to access these buildings in the editor is to install the needed pbos from the ARMA2 CWR2 mod, which works but returns error messages and creates a dependency on this mod which is certainly not wanted, and it's a shame to do this because the buildings are already there in CWA. Thanks for any consideration.
  9.  Whirlybirds

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.19.0829

    Thank you for these amazing new sounds and the continuing work on this mod. Makes the overall feel of the game very different in a very good way.
  10.  Whirlybirds

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Greatly appreciate the time and work put in to do the Land Rover. Having the right vehicles certainly does make a huge difference, especially for something so specific like this. Best of luck with the mod guys. https://imgur.com/AAfnS8e https://imgur.com/BlNWkRH https://imgur.com/If3ZMuA
  11.  Whirlybirds

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Tip of the hat! That's awesome work. That's the vehicle all right. So much looking forward to having this vehicle in missions like many mission makers will. With this and the army Snatch , it now creates the opportunity to make good missions with much more immersion, very specific to the NI conflict. Again, many thanks to you guys for this and for this great mod. Much appreciated.
  12.  Whirlybirds

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Thanks a lot da12thMonkey for that valuable input. Yeah, from reading and searching images on the net, there seem to be so many variations over different time periods, some with notably more top armor than others, extra grilles etc but the one seen in the photo evrik put up would be ideal, and if it can be used as a reference, then that certainly would be the best choice. Many thanks again for considering this.
  13.  Whirlybirds

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    The picture evrik has uploaded seems to be the best actual picture reference to the Defender 110 model I could find too, with the text on the sides just visible. The picture below doesn't have any text on the sides and it's not clear which model it is. Do you think evrik's picture is adequate to reference from? or should I try to continue searching? It would be awesome if it were possible to do this.
  14.  Whirlybirds

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Thanks for the reply and possibly considering this. Although the first two pictures are an earlier Land Rover series, the body is still basically the same as the later Defender 110 models which came in during the early 80s I believe. The battleship/medium grey color seems to be the standard color for the RUC police Land Rovers all during the conflict.
  15.  Whirlybirds

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    After the addition of the new hard top Land Rovers and in particular the Snatch Land Rover(NI), it's possible to now actually create more immersive missions set during The Troubles conflict in N I. The new 'Jaslo' terrain makes for great urban missions. Just a suggestion, if it were possible to consider a variant of the existing police Land Rover in unmarked plain 'battleship grey' skins, this would have been the vehicle the police used during the conflict, along with the Snatch (NI) these would have been the two most common vehicles used. I think it would make an excellent addition to the mod.