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  1. Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Thanks but can you confirm what this does? The script I had set all the frequencies for all the channels as well as additional channel options and stereo settings. Is it still possible to do that?
  2. Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Hi again all, Sorry to bump but still made no headway with this. If anyone can assist please PM me! I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Any ideas why mine isn't working anymore since the update? Any tweaks that you can see need doing? Only main difference that I can see is my setup changes speaker and stereo settings for each player. I'd appreciate any help to get this working again exactly as it was. This took me forever originally - scripting isn't my strong point!
  4. Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    0.9.13 - the version on playwithSIX.
  5. Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Hi all, Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this problem. This script loads up until a point but the frequency assignments don't seem to be recognised: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\task_force_radio\functions\common.sqf"; ["TF_no_auto_long_range_radio", true, true,"mission"] call CBA_settings_fnc_set; ["TF_give_microdagr_to_soldier", false, false,"mission"] call CBA_settings_fnc_set; ["TF_same_sw_frequencies_for_side", true, true,"mission"] call CBA_settings_fnc_set; ["TF_same_lr_frequencies_for_side", true, true,"mission"] call CBA_settings_fnc_set; tf_defaultWestPersonalRadio = "tf_anprc148jem"; publicVariable "tf_defaultWestPersonalRadio"; tf_defaultWestRiflemanRadio = "tf_anprc148jem"; publicVariable "tf_defaultWestRiflemanRadio"; _settingsSwWest = false call TFAR_fnc_generateSwSettings; _settingsSwWest = [0,7,["260","261","262","263","264","265","266","62"],1,"SSQN",7,2,getPlayerUID player,false,true]; tf_freq_west = _settingsSwWest; publicVariable "tf_freq_west"; _settingsLRWest = false call TFAR_fnc_generateLRSettings; _settingsLRWest = [1,6,["52","62","72","82","0","0","0","0","0"],2,"SSQN",0,2,false,true]; tf_freq_west_lr = _settingsLRWest; publicVariable "tf_freq_west_lr"; As I said the radio types are assigned but the frequencies aren't being loaded. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, Just been finalising a mission and run into a problem. I've been using LARS unitplay for some time but since the patch the other day I'm getting the following error message and the script is not terminating: Error in expression < _data select 10; (_endParams select 0) setvariable [_endParams select 1,true]; Error position: <setvariable [_endParams select 1,true]; Error Reserved variable in expression Seems to be a problem with terminating the script as seen here: //--- Terminate when the recording is finished or when the object is disabled if (_step >= _recordingCount - 2 || (!_ignoreDisabled && (!alive _object || !canmove _object)) || _object getvariable ["BIS_fnc_unitPlay_terminate",false]) exitwith { //--- Terminate _handler = _data select 11; removemissioneventhandler ["loaded",_handler]; missionnamespace setvariable [_dataVar,nil]; [ missionNamespace getVariable format [ "unitPlayOEF_%1", netId _object ], "onEachFrame" ] call BIS_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler; missionNamespace setVariable [ format [ "unitPlayOEF_%1", netId _object ], nil ]; _endParams = _data select 10; (_endParams select 0) setvariable [_endParams select 1,true]; }; If anyone could help I'd really appreciate it - even a quick fix like a manual terminate or the script or something. Thanks.
  7. Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Hello again, I'm currently playing around with TFAR_fnc_generateSwSettings and TFAR_fnc_generateLrSettings in the attempt to automatically set up all radios. I've managed to set the frequencies using this function but I was wondering if anyone's delved any deeper? According to this entry on github, there are 9 settings in total including being able to set the stereo settings. What I'm trying to do is find out the correct values for each of these settings. Thanks!
  8. Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Thanks for your feedback guys - I'll probably end up making a server side addon as mentioned earlier. While I'm at it, does anyone know an easy enough way to manually set the frequencies for a side? I've looked through the functions of the mod but it's a little too complicated for me. If anyone can help with this I'd appreciate it.
  9. Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Aside from the issues caused by the userconfig currently not being read - on our server it seems that guys are being given random personal radio types (sometimes the 152, FADAK, 148). Would this be due to the above issue as well? Any ideas?
  10. Difficulty Overhaul

    The settings still don't seem work properly. By server profile I assume you mean the .ArmAProfile? Just seen this: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/190122-third-person-view-and-veteran-difficulty/
  11. Difficulty Overhaul

    Just tried using these new server options. Great idea but doesn't seem to work properly. Turning 3rd person on seems to do nothing. Even tried removing the .Arma3Profile to make sure there's no conflicting - am I missing something?
  12. Defensive AI Patrol

    The main problem is the AIs reaction to contact. On the BIKI it states that group in combatmode "YELLOW" will keep formation. However, my AI group starts doing bounds soon after contact. I guess all I'm trying to achieve is a patrol that holds its ground when being fired on, rather than advancing, then continues the patrol post contact rather than switching to combat mode for the next 10-15 minutes while searching for enemy. The stops are an added extra I can find other ways to simulate this.
  13. Defensive AI Patrol

    Thanks. Was hoping for a less script heavy/more simple solution but I will look into FSMs.
  14. Hi, Does anyone know if there's any way to simulate a defensive AI patrol? I'd like to achieve the following: Whenever the patrol stops, everyone takes a knee On contact with the enemy the patrol holds position and draws the enemy in (rather then starting bounds and moving on the enemy) As soon as the area is clear, the patrol continues in its original state At the moment I cant seem to interfere with the behaviour when in contact. Setcombatmode doesn't seem to make any difference as the AI seems to overwrite it. Any ideas? Thanks.
  15. Shame really. I'll probably be put on trial for this but I'd actually put fog as a priority over ponds. Only so much you can do with a pond but fog, especially with the new arrays, can make a mission.