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  1. it works better with assignascargo and ordergetin, but after like 10 or 15 seconds they disembark again ...
  2. I have and it worked, sometimes. My problem is not mainly that I cannot get them inside the vehicle, my problem is that they dont stay inside.
  3. Hello, I am dying inside ... why is it so difficult to make a quick reaction force in ArmA 3! What I want to do: Trigger activates units to get/teleport) into their vehicle and then move to certain location, disembark and sweep area in a coordinated(specific) way. I also wish to use Devas vehicle and patrol script... what I have tried so far: -make convoy without additional troops and move it somewhere: works. (uaz, uaz/HMG, BTR, ural, uaz/HMG) -make convoy with additional troops and move it somewhere: does not work, troops disembark when starting or vehicle starts without waiting on troops being loaded. - setvehiclelock before and after units have been "moveincargo": does not work, troops still disembark after they have been moved. use DEVAS convoy script: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31925 -make w/o and move: works -make with and move: does not work, troops disembark. - setvehiclelock before and after units have been "moveincargo": does not work, troops still disembark right after they have been moved. can anyone point me into the right direction? OFP/ArmA developers: shame on you! Thank you in advance kOepi
  4. Looking for a milsim oriented group, I am 30 years old. What am I not looking for? A group that cannot play -without radios -without shactac -without a compass -PvP . If everyone in your squad has a radio, you use shactac to overcome situational awareness, without a compass you lack vocabulary to call out contacts and your tactics, techniques and procedures only work on AI ... then I am not interested. Basically what that means if your group is from ww2, vietnam up to the 90's conventional armies, I am interested. I would prefer a three fireteam Rifle Squad. greetz kOepi
  5. Toadie, knowing you are busy, just a hint from myself pointing at your PM inbox. greetz
  6. I think I solved the same problem for myself. It looks like you just have to uncheck that one AI, that you selected as a "player" and then it should work fine.
  7. US Military Mod

    This mod enables proper gameplay from the ground. Very awesome Work you did there, especially like the Field Packs and bandoleer, ammo belts. Critique: Vests that dont have armor, have armor values and are pretty light. Awesome work though !
  8. Good Work ! marvin, accept me on steam or answer the PM, please.
  9. Land Navigation mod

    great mod ! issue that I found : 1. when you either set "init hint =0" or "add hotkey hint = 0", then the hand ange dissappears and ( randomly ) the other options, that have been turned on or off are not on or off. 2. hotkeys dont work in multiplayer ! very nice idea though !
  10. Fluid Door/Hatch Opening

    lordprimate, take the link from the dropbox, that one is not corrupted. Btw. I couldnt get it to work with ACE...
  11. Switching weapons on the move

    hey, great idea! works with ACE, but it does not take the binding changes immedeately, so you will need to restart the game.
  12. it is fairly simple to record it from videos like this:
  13. swapped with which one? another one of the same type that isnt broken or another of the opposing type that will not fit, because it is made from a different country for a different rifle? Besides: after swapping a scope, normally and for sure back in those days you will have to zero it again. @ Topic Starter great work, sent a PM to show some support !
  14. hey, I am looking for a group that is trying hard to be professional, -preferably doesnt use a ranking structure - uses ACRE or TFAR - uses ACE3 - is TvT focused ( thats where you really need to apply tactics ) - offers a mature environment ( I am 30 myself and play this type of game for like 10 years ) - has a good attitude and feeling for common sense - uses a great deal of seriousness without micromanaging from the very top to the individual I am not interested in playing with/on -shactac HUD -3rd person server -a "sergant" that shouldnt even be a "private" -my talkative, immature, swearing 13 year old brother -lasers and IR strobes on while running through the night -using the radio like it is some kind of conference meeting ( on squad level I dont like radios, normally ) -people that cannot play this game without a compass or without a radio ( basics are key ) If a group has all this, I will take any role and do any training that is asked from me. Anyone looking for these people? greetz kOepi
  15. nice one, thank you. A hint for you: "The Wrecking crew" has in their standard managed to "disconnect" the players from their teams after joining the game. Couldnt see how it was implemented though.