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  1. NIArms Release Thread

    Right, so . Hotfix is here. I said it on twitter but I'll say it again here as well- To all the hands who helped with the bugfix, thankyou. SW has been updated, fixes are available as follows - NIArms Core V1.33 NIArms All-in-One V9.3
  2. NIArms Release Thread

    As far as I can actually reproduce it, it seems sporadic, so I've not been able to concretely pinpoint. My first instinct is it's a binarising issue, and since rebuilding core it's seems to have gone(because that's where the muzzleflashes are), but if anyone else says otherwise, by all means stick an issue on the github tracker (OR if you have an idea what's going on, please shed some light.) EDIT: Okay yeah, seems to be tied to attaching the MAG58 Brake. So to answer the actual question: No, sadly. As a temp fix, just avoid the mag58 brake attachment.
  3. NIArms Release Thread

    Already done. NOW, panic hotfixing over, it's official word-of-bird update/release post time. Before the dump, it's not mentioned in the changelogs anywhere due to brainfart, but upcoming in (I believe) the next CBA release, CBA is is including it's own implementation of the Weapons Eventhandler Framework. In anticipation of this, all the NIArms weapons that make use of WEF(AWMs,M1903s, etc) are now switched over to CBA's handling. What this means right now is that currently you'll find they won't do the animation thing or sound thing, but as soon as its out, it's business as usual. Complete/All-in-one v9.3 (Now also oficially available through Steam Workshop ) Separate packs Core V1.33 (Important) AK Pack V2.3 ACR Pack V1.2 AUG Pack V1.85 AWM Pack V1.5 FAL Pack V1.98 G3 Pack V2.15 G36 Pack V1.3 M14 Pack V1.95 M60 Pack V13 MG3/42 Pack V1.2 MP5 Pack V1.65 P226 Pack V1.1 SAW Pack V1.41 SG510 Pack V1.3 M1903 Pack V1.4 Next, NEW thing- FN3011 More images available here FN3011 pack V1.0 Available on Steam Workshop
  4. NIArms Release Thread

    not the bin file itself, no. That's all been run through a binariser as part of the PBO creation progcess. Grab the AWC Sources off Github - https://github.com/toadie2k/NIArms
  5. NIArms Release Thread

    You are most certainly welcome. To be part of something that has some sentimental value like this, as well as covering a frankly WELL underrated gem, it's been a real experience.
  6. NIArms Release Thread

    Seen and Heard. Not wanting to waste a post on 3 words, media and status reports for those not on twitter- Sg550s- 60-80% High-poly complete. Bakes within the fortnight. Then go back and do the Swiss Arms GL to go with. HK416s- couple more extra widgets to make and we're onto UV mapping C96- same as above TBH. replace widgets with the 712 specific features Next recursive update : coming within the next.. 2-ish weeks? fixes OTOH include: case-sensitivity in the magswitch script (mags disappearing), RHs AK103 compat issue, universal gunshot tail volumes, and a few visual effect tweaks that I think will please all. Oh and the public release for the FN3011(aka the "FN Sniper","the Untangling Machine") which, I think I've said several times is about the most fun I've have with a boltgun in Arma ( Someone ping Irving_mainway for some images here). Not most LETHAL, most FUN. WIP Images
  7. NIArms Release Thread

    Yep that. It was a revision that was made to the Export models around 2006-07 in response to feedback they were getting on the XM8. As far as I can gather, that and ditching the integrated optic are largely what brought about the switch from the E to the V.
  8. NIArms Release Thread

    Well, he's still right. I guess I've been around long enough that longtime readers kinda of have a feel for my stances on things. Ayhow- If I can't do a reasonable/feasibly close-enough pass at representing something, I don't do it. I don't have a STANAG adapter mesh around, I don't REALLY have time right now to correct that AND to add to that, doing STANAG mags means tying it into the Magazine switch script AND the Barrel Change script. So for number's sakes, that's 3(barrel lengths, plus 2 to include the current A3s)x3(stock colours)x2(different physical magazines, soon to be 3) x2(A1s and A2, 3 if you also throw in the SRs) actual weapon classes that need to be created to achieve this, and maintained, AND be bug checked. So 60-ish. Granted- some of the actual grunt work is lessened with things like hiddenselections, there's STILL a substantial gobbing amount of work there to work around one of the platform's long-standing trade-offs.
  9. NIArms Release Thread

    This essentially.I did create altered ones, but the way Arma handles sidearm animations is .... Awkward... to say the least. Same reason why the second mag doesn't quite hit the mark in the reload,etc,etc,etc(speaking of which, don't ask for any more reloads done this way, please. Holy shit am I never doing that again ever). The bifurcation of animation systems in the engine can be a real fucking nightmare sometimes. I plan on redoing it at some point, yes.
  10. NIArms Release Thread

    for the .556 mags? no. They share the common 5.56 NATO STANAG mags which use the standard GI mag model. Without creating a bunch of duplicate magazines, which is IMO kind of extraneous, there's no real way to do PMAGS there. As for the 6.8 SPC ones, that can be done for low effort, so look for it in the next patch (in a few months, probably) It did roll out. The fix was, centered around occulsion and volume issues(Midrange gunshots not being loud enough), which are now rolled out. I'm sorry if you feel the guns sound Underpowered, but they're probably not going to revert. Honestly, Navaro, IMO has been doing a fantastic job, bringing all the audio into one consistent, effectively HQ standard. Before that, I was literally just piecing together stuff from youtube and running them through DSPs and pitch/EQ passes.. which can sound fine in isolation, but they're a mess when mixed in with other, audio (listen to the AUGs as they are now and you'll see what I mean). Probably never. Not a HARD rule on that, might change my mind later, but the X91 mags do the same service, and IRL are more durable. Second part- no promises but I've written myself a post-it note to put those in the next update.
  11. NIArms Release Thread

    Forum this is Tango Two Kilo- AllinOne V8 Rounds Complete, Out.
  12. NIArms Release Thread

    Flash update- So there were two critical typos in AK and AR15 Packs that I missed, and they're not the innocent kind, so I've pushed out new versions of both. If you downloaded the previous versions, I recommend the switch AK pack V2.22 AR15 Pack V1.96 Critically fixes the RPK12 muzzleflash/animation issue, and a specific 300 Blackout issues. No longer needed. Also, still uploading it. Patience. Yep thats a thing. I missed, but it's a compat, so it's low priority.
  13. NIArms Release Thread

    Minor, There's two typo corrections and the DLC icon was baked in. Otherwise it's 1:1
  14. NIArms Release Thread

    Yes, Steam within the next few hours, All in One sometime tomorrow.. Armaholic when I ring up foxhound about it
  15. NIArms Release Thread

    Is this the latest NIArms core? Hand animations and the Pistol sight textures are in Core.