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  1. dingos8

    TrackIR Troubleshooting 2022

    Thank you both for your suggestions. I've made certain that there is no light shining into the camera from behind me. The light filter threshold is set to 253, and IR Brightness to 10 (lowest). The camera view only displays the three green dots of the pro clip. I have tried precision mode as well, with no appreciable improvement. Since my initial post I've also tested the controller with Arma 2, with the same results. In Arma 2, and 3 it almost seems as though the controller is being overridden, or interrupted; similar to the result you would get if you rapidly tapped the view keys on the numpad.
  2. BLUF: View in Arma 3 shakes wildly while using TrackIR 5, making the controller unusable. Despite trying many fixes, none have worked. What should I try next? Greetings, I've owned my TrackIR 5 since 2014, and happily use it to play Arma 3, and occasionally other games. Head tracking adds to the game immensely, both with awareness and immersion, and the TrackIR 5 has delivered great performance in my opinion. Unfortunately, this past month while playing Arma 3, TrackIR has become unusable. Using TrackIR 5.4, with the Pro Clip, the controller tracks and moves properly and shows no background noise in the TrackIR software. In-game with Arma 3, the viewpoint flickers between the in-game focal point I'm looking at and center (0,0). The degree of flicker increases as my focal point diverges from center, from a mild shudder when looking forward close to center, to wild, nauseating, rapid swings, if I look 90 degrees off in any direction. Warning: Don't watch the following video if flashing lights or flickering images cause you distress. I've recorded an example of the behavior I'm experiencing. You can see my settings and camera test and response at the beginning, then Arma 3, with TrackIR disabled, followed by TrackIR enabled in 3rd and 1st person. As you can see, when my view is near center the jittering is relatively small, and then progressively worse the further I turn my head. I have experimented with settings on my GPU, in the TrackIR software, and within Arma 3. I did find a video setting in Arma 3 that made tracking work, but caused other problems. Under Video Settings->General, the Sampling menu has a range from 50-300%. Set Sample to 300% If I set the value to 300% (3x my native resolution of 1920x1080), tracking works with only an occassional flicker, but frame rate plummets into the teens, motion gets laggy, and everything on-screen takes on a sort of gritty shimmer, so still not really workable. System is running an i5 10600KF with a GTX 1060 GPU. Resources are around 25-40% usage on CPU, GPU and RAM. I am running vanilla Arma 3 (I usually run too many mods, but have them off during troubleshooting), there are no other controllers attached, although I have previously had joysticks and Xbox style controllers on this PC. What I have tried so far: I've tested other games, and have only experienced this in Arma 3. I am currently in communications with TrackIR support, I have checked these forums, and elsewhere online without finding any solution yet. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, dingos8
  3. dingos8


    FWIW, the paraglider, paratrike and the ultralight have all been moved into the Civil Aviation mod.
  4. dingos8

    Powered Paraglider

    You are quite right! Apparently the paraglider, paratrike and the ultralight have all been moved into the Civil Aviation mod. Thank you for pointing it out!
  5. dingos8

    Powered Paraglider

    Sadly, this mod has vanished from the Steam workshop and deleted itself from my mods folder.
  6. Mr. Old Man, I've muddled my way through many script demos and missions in the process of learning to Arma, and this is without a doubt, the clearest and most direct demo mission I've ever seen! The loadout tool is pretty spiffy too! Thanks for putting this together.
  7. I'm using extdb3 linux version 1.028, in extdb3-conf.ini there are the following lines: Randomize Config File = true ;; Randomizes Config File after loading. ;; Recommend to turn on, if you have enabled filepatching on arma. This causes a seg fault when I restart because @extdb3 can't find the original .ini file. Why would this be recommended, and what are the risks of not randomizing the config file, especially if filepatching is enabled? Thanks in advance
  8. The Katya woodlands look very realistic! Nice work!
  9. dingos8

    Zee Identity Pack

    Sooo excited that this has awoken!
  10. dingos8

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Began receiving "Session Lost" error on dedicated Linux server after update to 1.90. Verified files and so on with no effect. By enabling mods one at a time I was able to isolate the problem to a signature mismatch with ACE (FYI I run ACE with optional items no uniform restriction, particles and tracers). Reverting to stock ACE didn't resolve issue. Finally we uninstalled and reinstalled ACE on clients and server which resolved the issue and are now able to connect without issue.
  11. Dedicated 64-bit Linux unable to get RCON to connect. I've set rcon port and password, firewall ports configured, Battleye Server is initialized, but no joy. I fear I'm missing something simple. Anybody else able to get it to work? Alternately are there any other options for remote administration of a Linux server?
  12. dingos8

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Does anybody have a solution for the "Too close to extraction" problem with Heli Transport? I've tried on multiple maps with as much distance between insertion and extraction points as possible, but I always get this response.
  13. dingos8

    Authority 20 player coop.

    Always worth a shot. Thanks again for sorting things out!
  14. dingos8

    Authority 20 player coop.

    As well you should! The clear the airbase task is created and assigned. Once I cleared it, the airhead was established and the next clear the town task was created and assigned. I haven't taken it farther than that, but it appears to be in order. Bravo! Great work! PS I'll post reports if you wish.
  15. dingos8

    Authority 20 player coop.

    Lol! Will do once I'm off work.