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Found 15 results

  1. 1. The purpose of the buttons, in general, the game has a good overall layout of the purpose of the buttons. But the "View" button is usually associated with the map by players on the console. And by itself, pressing "View+X" to select a weapon is not convenient, as it makes you stop. I suggest moving the weapon selector menu to the "Left Bumper", and the map to the "View" button, and the walkie-talkie to the "D-Pad Right". 2. FOV by default is too large for a console gamer. The value 74 is too much when you are sitting at a distance of 1.5-2 meters from a large TV. Everything seems too small, and far away, given that this game has a measured pace, there is no need to have such a large FOV. Values around 50-60 will be optimal for a console player. Experienced players change it to their liking. 3. Smoothness, considering that the game runs on a console in 30 frames, it urgently needs "Motion blur". This will remove the discreteness of frames, make the overall gameplay smoother and more natural. It may be worth making it optional. 4. The game is in dire need of TAA, this will allow you to increase productivity without sacrificing picture quality. FSR2.0 or dynamic resolution would be a good solution for this game, and a stable frame rate of . 5. We also need minor general improvements, more work with the camera, especially when looking from the 3rd person in transport, it lacks movement and shaking, other cameras can also be improved in this direction.
  2. Is there any plans to support different controller properly? I want to use my Fanatec Wheel and pedals to drive the vehicle but the game doesn't even recognize them. I would also likely configure my pedals to movement and maybe something else. Arma 3 had good support and you could configure sensitivities etc. Those are like minimum requirements for good controller support.
  3. Hurighoast82

    New Player Here

    Im new and looking for friendly brothers in arms to play with. I mostly play single player DynRecOps to get better atm. Im also using a Xbox One Controller and can do almost everything. So you know I use a Controller, I can learn to play with commands but not willing to join a hardcore RP unit, i am only here to have fun and learn. If you need me in a squad or just to play for fun, send me a message with What u Need or infos. ;》
  4. BLUF: View in Arma 3 shakes wildly while using TrackIR 5, making the controller unusable. Despite trying many fixes, none have worked. What should I try next? Greetings, I've owned my TrackIR 5 since 2014, and happily use it to play Arma 3, and occasionally other games. Head tracking adds to the game immensely, both with awareness and immersion, and the TrackIR 5 has delivered great performance in my opinion. Unfortunately, this past month while playing Arma 3, TrackIR has become unusable. Using TrackIR 5.4, with the Pro Clip, the controller tracks and moves properly and shows no background noise in the TrackIR software. In-game with Arma 3, the viewpoint flickers between the in-game focal point I'm looking at and center (0,0). The degree of flicker increases as my focal point diverges from center, from a mild shudder when looking forward close to center, to wild, nauseating, rapid swings, if I look 90 degrees off in any direction. Warning: Don't watch the following video if flashing lights or flickering images cause you distress. I've recorded an example of the behavior I'm experiencing. You can see my settings and camera test and response at the beginning, then Arma 3, with TrackIR disabled, followed by TrackIR enabled in 3rd and 1st person. As you can see, when my view is near center the jittering is relatively small, and then progressively worse the further I turn my head. I have experimented with settings on my GPU, in the TrackIR software, and within Arma 3. I did find a video setting in Arma 3 that made tracking work, but caused other problems. Under Video Settings->General, the Sampling menu has a range from 50-300%. Set Sample to 300% If I set the value to 300% (3x my native resolution of 1920x1080), tracking works with only an occassional flicker, but frame rate plummets into the teens, motion gets laggy, and everything on-screen takes on a sort of gritty shimmer, so still not really workable. System is running an i5 10600KF with a GTX 1060 GPU. Resources are around 25-40% usage on CPU, GPU and RAM. I am running vanilla Arma 3 (I usually run too many mods, but have them off during troubleshooting), there are no other controllers attached, although I have previously had joysticks and Xbox style controllers on this PC. What I have tried so far: I've tested other games, and have only experienced this in Arma 3. I am currently in communications with TrackIR support, I have checked these forums, and elsewhere online without finding any solution yet. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, dingos8
  5. Is bohemia doing anything about the players that is dominating the games by using moded controllers and devices? top cheaters using controller mods RussAttack MedinaAttackBR Zz Ozama zZ Mit Du Chub (has several allias’s) many more Actually the cheating is pretty bad with players using modded controllers or controller mod devices you can buy. Just watch some YouTube videos on this and you will know what to look for. They use target tracking (see everyone in the map) aim assist, no recoil, headshot etc. lots of vigor cheat videos online.
  6. There seems to be a real problem with the controls on PlayStation. To run, you have to HOLD the left joystick down. This is unlike on Switch, where you just press it once to run. Holding the left joystick down is absolutely a killer on the thumb. It makes the game unplayable after a several matches because of the pain on the thumb. If there’s anyway the devs could change this in a future patch, that would significantly improve the game experience.
  7. Hello all. On Arma 3 I fly using a microsoft xbox controller, this is just my preference, however whenever I want to switch back to keyboard and mouse from the controller, the sensitivity on the mouse messes up completely doing things such as: Being very stiff and slow on a certain axis and Moving a littles bit more to the left after turning. Does anyone know of any fix? Thanks
  8. Hey all, I took a shot at mapping the keybindings of Arma 3 to an xbox one controller with an attachable keyboard if anyone is interested. This is still a work in progress, and it only works with Vanilla Arma 3 at the moment (Doesn't work with Zeus yet, also conflicts with a lot of mods). I still think it makes for a pretty good experience as-is, so I wanted to share. I've included a link to a git hub page with the xpadder/arma3 profiles along with a pdf of the controls. You can find it here: https://github.com/BC19902/Arma3ControllerMapping Some general details/notes: RB and LB serve as "modifiers" - these will need to be held to access sets 2 and 3 of controls (more details in the PDF). Try not to hit both RB and LB at the same time, this might cause you to get stuck in one of the sets. holding/pressing/double tap of the same buttons could be mapped to different actions, please refer to the guide for details. Most of the keybindings are drastically different from Arma 3 defaults/mods - for example, The F keys are not used to select units, etc. This was mostly because I needed to get the controller to work with the in-game map. Since the map keybindings can't be adjusted, my hands were tied with a lot of the xpadder keybindings. I also tried to line up keyboard keys contextually to make it easier to remember ("W" for watch, etc). I don't play online very often, or use too many mods, so I really don't know how well this will work in those cases. I mostly just play co-op scenarios that I've downloaded from steam or have made myself. I will definitely keep working on this project and will continue to share any improvements. I'm also very open to suggestions, so please let me know if you think it can be improved. I'm not technically inclined, but would love to get this to work with voice command and advanced control for AI. C2/speakeasy VA/Articulate would all be awesome, but these are probably outside my wheelhouse and time-constraints at the moment. If anyone knows how to incorporate these, or would like to give it a shot, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm happy to answer any questions about issues I ran into, or why things are mapped the way they are. The four files needed are below: Arma 3 Xbox One.xpadderprofile (This is an xpadder file - it maps the controller with keybindings) xbox 1.xpaddercontroller (This is an xpadder file - it configures the xbox 1 controller) Xpadder.Arma3Profile (This is an Arma 3 file, it will replace your existing Arma 3 file. To do so, you would paste it where your existing profile is saved and rename to match your profile name - should not need to replace the eden/var files. I would recommend backing up your current profile in case you want to revert back) Arma 3 - All Controls Combined.pdf (Guide to the controller mapping) The whole thing ran me about $50. If you aren't familiar with xpadder, it is a $10 program that let's you map keybindings to controllers. Here's a link to the site: https://xpadder.com/ I also purchased the xbox wireless adapter, and an attachable keyboard for an Xbox One S controller from amazon (lets you plug in a headset still). Anyway, hope you enjoy, apologies in advance for any unforeseen issues, and please let me know of any comments or questions. Also, huge thanks to the creator of this youtube video by the way. I ended up editing/building off this, so without it, I never would have known where to start. Thanks all, bc
  9. Hey guys, I've been using my logitech X56 for a few months now. For some reason a few weeks ago I launched arma and when trying to fly I noticed that my helicopter kept yawing from side to side. I checked my controls and sensitivity and whenever I slightly touch the twist on my joysick it maxs out to -100 or 100 instantly with no in between. I then checked the logitech software to see the sensitivity however it showed that it should be working perfectly, same goes for the microsoft configuration application. I have uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them as well as reset the stick. Here are some gifs of my twisting the rudder in the X56 Software and Arma3: https://gyazo.com/ef9111a080dba155b608c76a4a289f7b https://gyazo.com/4202329928f6331633adbc02714ddd75 Thanks...
  10. Hi! As of 2019 windows 10 supports ps4 controllers on PC. I tried it and it seems to work ok. Before this I have used a Xbox 360 controller. I can use both controllers to move with the soldier in game but my real goal is to use the controller for smooth shoots in both the splendid camera and GCam. This however seems harder.. I have tried to map the controller to the camera option using the analog sticks to move around. The strange thing is that I can only get it to work in the editor mode when flying around and placing units, and I haven’t chosen the Zeus button lay out. I would appreciate any thoughts, earlier experience or if you know the correct way to set it up! It doesn’t matter which controller i get it to work with. I get a error in splendid camera when i,m mapping the "splendid camera" keys. pic If someone understand the error it would be nice to know what to do about it! Edit 1: I can get it to work perfekt in the eden editor. There i can fly around with the camera as much as i want. Thanks!
  11. I recently bought a Warthog HOTAS and noticed an annoying issue in Arma 3. Namely, the axis inputs from my flight stick (both x and y axis) as well as from my rudder pedals are very "weak" in-game, meaning e.g. when I fly helos and push the stick all the way forward, the animated stick is only tilted about halfway in that direction when compared to pressing the "w" button on the keyboard. Same goes for the other cyclic directions as well as the pedals. I did some testing, and as far as I can tell, Arma actually recognises the inputs correctly (they range from -100 to 100) in the controller settings panel, and the devices work without issue. Curiously enough, this problem is not present in "Take on Helicopters", or any other games for that matter. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Hi everyone, Hi bought the game some days ago. After finishing the Training mode with mouse+keyboard, I decided to use my XBox One controller to play the game (better for plane, tanks..). After assignating the controls for the first time, all worked perfectly good. But one days later, as infentry, the aiming function, assignated to the right joystick suddenly stopped working. However, the aiming function is working in tanks. What I did: -Uninstall/reinstall the game -Delete/create a new profil -Restarted numerous times the complete assignation of the fonctions (even using the "Empty" one) -Contacted support -Checked my controller in other games (which is brand new) But nothing works! It's important to notice that even when using an other empty key of the keyboard (like "Y" for exemple) as "Aim Up", there is no result in game. I contacted support but they were seriously useless because they are telling me the problem is from the controller, because "Arma 3 as only a partial controller support" (But the problem is obviosly not from the controller). So I m asking you guys, have you got something to help me? I was pretty hyped about this game, but this is serioulsy killing it.. Thank you for reading me Cordially
  13. romandarkartist

    Controller Layout?

    Hi, I just got the game and was wondering if there was a list on here or anywhere that showed what buttons do what for like an xbox 360 controller?
  14. Hey, I did a quick search and came up blank so thought it best to post a thread here. I'v recently gotten a Nvidia Shield Tablet and the associated Controller, I was hoping that I might be able to utilize the controller on the PC to compensate for my absolutely atrocious flying skills. The game seems to be detecting that I have a controller connected as it displays (Y) (B) (X) symbols next to menu GUI but yet it does not appear in the controller section for the controls. Anyone know whether the controller is compatible with the game or if there is a fix to similar issues, the controller works fine in other games I have tested. Cheers for any help.
  15. This is a gamepad script i made for mysfelf. All you need is GlovePie 0.45 Free app , Google for it! After you install/extract Glovepie, Run it & run this script: Now you can play MiniDayz With Any Xinput Gamepad Left Analog or Dpad = Movement Right Analog = Mouse Cursor A = Attack / Left Mouse Click B = Use X = Weapon1 (Melee) Y = Weapon2 (Ranged) (dont ask why it just feel right this way) RightTrigger = Left Mouse Click when in inventory or attack Left Trigger = Right Mouse Click when in inventory Start = Escape Back = F11 (enter/exit fullscreen on browser) Left Shoulder = Increase browser Screen Size Right Shoulder = Decrease browser Screen Size Tips: To attack your mouse cursor must be in game area , not outside or in inventory To avoid stuttering play in fullscreen (F11 or back button) To shoot weapons Aim with Right analog and shoot with Right Trigger, while dodging incoming (enemy) bullets with left analog If you have problems with mouse cursor running all over screen, disable/unplug mouse Enjoy!!!