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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys, Im playing Arma3 for some timw now and i cant figure out why nothing i try works. The Problem is i cant see anything but fog further than 300m, i watched a lot YT videos and nothing helped. I play with a lot of mods like ACE on a Multiplayer server i have 16GB of RAM and my pc is using all of it, my GPU and CPU is activatet and working. My settings are on Very High, except clouds on Standard and PIP deactivatet. My Visibility is 2700/1600/50/1000, HDR and Water Reflection is on Standard. Im Playing with Fullscreen Windowed and VSYNC disabled my AA&PP settings are on default. I have a 1070TI GPU and a i7-8700 3.20GHz, 6 cores, 12 Theards. My FPS is in Men├╝ at 120fps but ingame its 40fps this maybe because of the mods and i dont care about it that much but i do care about me not seeing anything in a range of over 300m, like i said its all fog and just doesnt render at all i dont see buildings, enemys or whehicles. I tryed it in Singleplayer and Multiplayer both the same. I would really appreciate your help in any form. Thanks in advance
  2. BLUF: View in Arma 3 shakes wildly while using TrackIR 5, making the controller unusable. Despite trying many fixes, none have worked. What should I try next? Greetings, I've owned my TrackIR 5 since 2014, and happily use it to play Arma 3, and occasionally other games. Head tracking adds to the game immensely, both with awareness and immersion, and the TrackIR 5 has delivered great performance in my opinion. Unfortunately, this past month while playing Arma 3, TrackIR has become unusable. Using TrackIR 5.4, with the Pro Clip, the controller tracks and moves properly and shows no background noise in the TrackIR software. In-game with Arma 3, the viewpoint flickers between the in-game focal point I'm looking at and center (0,0). The degree of flicker increases as my focal point diverges from center, from a mild shudder when looking forward close to center, to wild, nauseating, rapid swings, if I look 90 degrees off in any direction. Warning: Don't watch the following video if flashing lights or flickering images cause you distress. I've recorded an example of the behavior I'm experiencing. You can see my settings and camera test and response at the beginning, then Arma 3, with TrackIR disabled, followed by TrackIR enabled in 3rd and 1st person. As you can see, when my view is near center the jittering is relatively small, and then progressively worse the further I turn my head. I have experimented with settings on my GPU, in the TrackIR software, and within Arma 3. I did find a video setting in Arma 3 that made tracking work, but caused other problems. Under Video Settings->General, the Sampling menu has a range from 50-300%. Set Sample to 300% If I set the value to 300% (3x my native resolution of 1920x1080), tracking works with only an occassional flicker, but frame rate plummets into the teens, motion gets laggy, and everything on-screen takes on a sort of gritty shimmer, so still not really workable. System is running an i5 10600KF with a GTX 1060 GPU. Resources are around 25-40% usage on CPU, GPU and RAM. I am running vanilla Arma 3 (I usually run too many mods, but have them off during troubleshooting), there are no other controllers attached, although I have previously had joysticks and Xbox style controllers on this PC. What I have tried so far: I've tested other games, and have only experienced this in Arma 3. I am currently in communications with TrackIR support, I have checked these forums, and elsewhere online without finding any solution yet. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, dingos8
  3. The Dismount mod allows the player to exit the vehicle at the point closest to where they are looking. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1841553455 https://github.com/ampersand38/dismount-where-you-look/releases/latest
  4. Gents, Looking for some assistance. I've tried just about everything I can think of. When using the Eden editor, normally I would hold the right mouse button to move the view around. However, this results in what I can only describe as a view aneurysm. The camera jumps all over the place making it unusable. Moving the camera with the numpad is fine. Also, when using other editor functions, the mouse behaves normally. When playing the game or testing maps, the mouse also behaves normally. Anyone else experience this? Solutions? I have tried: Adjusting mouse sensitivity in options, turning mouse acceleration on/off, updating mouse drivers, using a known good control profile from another machine. Halp!
  5. I do like to introduce a mod created by me to improve the performance or to use unused resources. This has been combined with the render/view distance. The Ideo behind this is: What about having constantly 60 FPS and a good render/view distance? Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1516607781 Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14SoIsXYNSXmUt0ABsgh3-9FAUFt7NCuc Well, let's say this mod is what you are looking for because of... 1st great view distance in air, 2nd high fps in cities like Kavala, 3rd greater view distance on hills or mountains, 4th balanced object render distance, 5th easy transitions from ground to air, like get on a helicopter without changing view distance manually This mod is all about performance and efficiency !ATTENTION! Using Vsync may cause a lower render distance Server Key is included! If you like this mod pay tribute by leaving a comment and vote/rate! I would be very grateful for feedback to keep improvement high! How to use the "Normal Mode" and change settings: 1. Start Arma 3 with this mod loaded. 2. Open the Video Settings Main Menu. 3. Set View Distance as your minimum render distance. 4. Set your prefered fps into the shadow distance field (only active when in Max Performance Mode) Your render distance is: On foot = inserted value In Ground Vehicle = inserted value * 1.5 In Air = inserted value * 2 In addition to this, your altitude above sea level is taken into account. To enter Max Performance Mode: Set the Object Render Distance to 500 If your View Distance is set to 500, set View Distance to 501. Check that Object Render Distance is still at 500! What is the "Max Performance Mode"? It allows you to define a minimum view distance for phases, on Foot, in Vehicle or in Air. This mode removes the factors 1.5 for Ground vehicles and 2.0 for Air. To enter it look at "To enter Max Performance Mode". Here is a video that shows mission test with the mod running in Max Performance Mode. Note for the mission: This is a heavily ai based mission, that holds up to 64 human player slots. In this mission are 200 friendly additional units facing thousands of rebels (Opfor and Independent). In a range of 700 meters, each (1400 km in total) are 300 to 400 Units minimum. Change Log: Update 27.09.2018 13:35 CET + Added FPS Settings for Max Performance Mode (Instructions at "How to use" section in the description!) Update 19.09.2018 20:10 CET * Improved rendering + Added a Max Performance Mode + Added adjustment via Arma 3 Render Settings Menu
  6. Hi, i got the following drawIcon3D script that shows the players names above their heads: onEachFrame { _units = nearestObjects[(visiblePosition player),["Man"], 17]; _units = _units; { _color = switch (playerSide) do { case (EAST): {[1,0,0,1]}; case (WEST): {[0,0,1,1]}; case (independent): {[0,1,0,1]}; case default {[2.55,0.55,0,10]}; }; if (side _x isEqualto playerSide) then { if (!(lineIntersects [getPos player, getPos _x, player, _x]) && alive _x) then { drawIcon3D [ "", _color, [visiblePosition _x select 0,visiblePosition _x select 1, (visiblePosition _x select 2) +((_x ModelToWorld (_x selectionPosition "player")) select 2)+ 1.83], 45, -2, -1, name _x, 2, 0.035, "Puristamedium", "center" ]; }; }; }forEach _units; }; the problem: this shows also the names thought objects where i cant see the player normaly... how can i fix this? also it would be nice if my enime is in a car i would see his name above the car (not works now). Thx for your answer's ­čśä
  7. Hi devs! All with the fifth anniversary of Arma3! I wanted to talk about the free look ability of player inside the vehicles, after Tanks DLC it looks contradictory. In the - GAME OPTIONS/GENERAL/VEHICLE FREELOOK there is a setup (enabled/disabled) however, now after appearence of armor Interriors this setting does not will affect heavy armor vehicles. The activated FREELOOK will have influence only on planes, helicopters, cars, MRAPS - all vehicles in Arma3, but except only tanks and APC. This fact makes the setting of FREELOOK not stable for any vehicle in game. So player get different rules for free rotating the head inside vehicles. When FREELOOK activated, then in planes, helicopters, civilian cars, light armored vehicles the player can rotate his head only by means Mouse, while inside the tanks and APC the player must use "Alt + Mouse" - this makes the player control not identical to all vehicles in Arma3, because after update 1.82 in the Tank and APC, the "Mouse rotation" is only the turret/optics rotation. All this moments makes some confusion for player relatively game settings. As seems to me, inside tanks and APC it would be better to invert this control. The freelook must be - only via mouse, while the turret/optic rotation must be via Alt + Mouse. If this will be done, then the "VEHICLE FREELOOK" could have the same effect on any vehicle in the Arma3, It would be logical. Among other things, simple rotation of the head for a human looks more simple and natural action than the rotation of the turret or the optics of the tank inside. For this reason, this action should be easier to manage for the player control - only the mouse is the rotation of the head, while the Mouse + Alt (or any other button) - this is the more adequate rotation of weapons or optics inside the any vehicle. Devs if you still are not going to invert it, then please, in the game settings give to the player any way to inverting this control or customized as desired. It still does not exist. Any way to turret or optics rotation via "Alt (or any button) + Mouse" would be very desirable, while the FREELOOK would work just like in all other vehicles by means only mouse rotation. This is a main advantage of this feature - it would make the FREELOOK game setting the same for any vehicle in Arma3 Thanks...
  8. ARMA 3 Whenever I use my weapon and press the 2nd mouse button to bring up the scope, I CAN NOT SEE THE SIGHTS OR SEE THROUGH SCOPES !- only shows slightly zoomed in view and floating crosshairs Any idea what is wrong? Anyway to fix this???
  9. Since the most recent patch, whenever I zoom in as a pilot, it de-centers the crosshair does an off-centered zoom with the crosshair 3/4 up the screen instead of centered.
  10. mortalkombat323

    Disable Zoom Huron

    I noticed that the view in 1st person changes when flying at speeds above approx. 20 km/h. While staying below 20 km/h there is a slight zoom so that you can see almost nothing of the cockpit interior whereas when flying it is zoomed out so you can see about a fourth of the cockpit interior. I only noticed this change of view in the huron, it doesnt occur in the pawnee for example. I want to either invert this so I am zoomed out when landing (flying below 20 km/h) for better situational awereness or deactivate it. Is there an option to do so?
  11. Hi guys!! I'll buy a GPU to play Wasteland Altis on full servers (around 75~100 player) with the maximum range of vision possible (graphic settings can be reduced). I want to get the R7 370 ... but I'm in doubt if I get the 2gb or 4gb version. Can someone help me? My specs: CPU FX6300 Corsair 8GB 1333mhz RAM PSU CX600 V2 Corsair Hyper 212 Cooler Tower dual fan CoolerMaster Sorry for my english. I need to use google translate Tu guys!!!
  12. I've been trying to change the view distance on my server. I'm using a clean mpmission i created with one player unit. I've tried setting viewDistance=10000 in the Arma3Profile and basic.cfg files, but it refuses to change the view distance in my test mission or any other. Arma3Profile: class Difficulties { class recruit { class Flags { Armor=1; FriendlyTag=0; EnemyTag=0; MineTag=1; HUD=1; HUDPerm=1; HUDWp=1; HUDWpPerm=1; HUDGroupInfo=1; AutoSpot=1; Map=1; WeaponCursor=1; AutoGuideAT=1; ClockIndicator=1; 3rdPersonView=1; UltraAI=0; CameraShake=0; UnlimitedSaves=1; DeathMessages=1; NetStats=1; VonID=1; ExtendedInfoType=1; }; skillFriendly=0.60000002; skillEnemy=0.60000002; precisionFriendly=0.28; precisionEnemy=0.28; }; class regular { class Flags { Armor=1; FriendlyTag=1; EnemyTag=0; MineTag=1; HUD=1; HUDPerm=1; HUDWp=1; HUDWpPerm=1; HUDGroupInfo=1; AutoSpot=1; Map=1; WeaponCursor=1; AutoGuideAT=1; ClockIndicator=1; 3rdPersonView=1; UltraAI=0; CameraShake=1; UnlimitedSaves=1; DeathMessages=1; NetStats=1; VonID=1; ExtendedInfoType=1; }; skillFriendly=0.60000002; skillEnemy=0.60000002; precisionFriendly=0.28; precisionEnemy=0.28; }; class veteran { class Flags { Armor=0; FriendlyTag=0; EnemyTag=0; MineTag=1; HUD=1; HUDWp=1; HUDWpPerm=1; HUDGroupInfo=1; AutoSpot=0; WeaponCursor=0; ClockIndicator=1; 3rdPersonView=0; UltraAI=0; CameraShake=0; DeathMessages=0; NetStats=1; VonID=1; ExtendedInfoType=0; }; skillFriendly=0.60000002; skillEnemy=0.60000002; precisionFriendly=0.28; precisionEnemy=0.28; }; class mercenary { class Flags { HUD=1; AutoSpot=0; WeaponCursor=0; DeathMessages=0; NetStats=1; VonID=1; }; skillFriendly=0.60000002; skillEnemy=0.60000002; precisionFriendly=0.28; precisionEnemy=0.28; }; }; singleVoice=0; soundEnableEAX=1; soundEnableHW=0; volumeCD=5; volumeFX=5; volumeSpeech=5; viewDistance=10000; Basic.cfg: language="English"; viewDistance=10000; Startup line: SCREEN -LAmdS arma3 /home/games/arma3/arma3server -config=server.cfg -name=server -ip=xxx -port=2302 -cfg=basic.cfg -mod="@JS_JC_FA18;@JS_JC_SU35;@FA18X_Black_Wasp"