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  1. derl30n

    Autonomous Render Manager

    Automatic View distance is something that is WIP by @KiloSwiss You can do so but it is not necessary and I even did not think about doing so.
  2. derl30n

    Autonomous Render Manager

    Thanks mate! I have implemented your suggestion and also did some improvements on the fsm file where I have reworked all warning from the compiler. So far, I will update as soon as all changes has been tested.
  3. derl30n

    Autonomous Render Manager

    UPDATE With the newest update, I have added the option to change target FPS on your own. The current range is from 1 to 200. For more powerful pcs I highly recommend do not set FPS to low because this can cause some issues!
  4. derl30n

    Autonomous Render Manager

    Thank you very much for the feedback! I am glad to hear that the Arma Community is open minded for stuff like this!
  5. derl30n

    Autonomous Render Manager

    You can choose higher settings! Object Render distance will be overwritten anyway... The Object Render distance slider has been used by me as an activation for the max performance mode :) You can set the View Distance as high as you like, the may be less effective when doing so.
  6. derl30n

    Autonomous Render Manager

    At the moment the script has no settings that allow a change of target fps from 60 to something else. This is why you only have 500m view distance... if you really want the script to do it´s best you really should turn off VSync as long as it would sync to 60 fps (60hz). Thanks for the welcomes! Well, this script gives you not an extra fps, but this script tries to improve your performance when it is to bad and gives you some nice view then your system allows. Let me explain something... The more objects are going to be loaded the worse your performance gets and this is exactly what I wanted to solve or improve. So let's imagine you are driving in a car on Altis from somewhere in the mountains or countryside to a "large" city like Kavala. While you are somewhere in the mountains or countryside you might have some really good fps (without VSync about 100fps) and are driving through the country. You are passing some cities and notice a low fps drop while driving through them. Now my idea comes in and while passing the city the render distance is lowered so the fps are staying high. This is what I say is somehow dynamic. When you are leaving the city your fps would have been going up again without my script and with my script, your view/render distance goes up again. Now you are driving uphill but normally your fps would go down which means my script would decrease render distance right? No, this is wrong because you are driving uphill and this means your altitude above sea level is increasing and therefore some extra render distance is being added, so you theoretical could enjoy a nice view! You step on a helicopter, the same happens, the higher you go the more you will see. Because this happens without any needed input, I call it "Autonomous". I have made the script learn to follow some given parameters as explained and let the thing do its job. At this stage of development, I can say I never had the feeling that I would have/need to see more than I actually was able to see. I am an infantry guy and cannot now the needs of other playing styles, therefore I ask you for your opinions.
  7. derl30n

    Autonomous Render Manager

    I really want to understand why you have permanently 500m view distance... What are your fps while playing in this situation? or in general? if you have no option to display fps while playing, run this code: 0 spawn { while { true; } do { hint format ["FPS: %1\nVD: %2",diag_fps,viewDistance]; uiSleep 0.1; }; }; Are you using VSync? I recommend turning it off. When I use VSync I only get 500 to 600m. I turn it off I get more than 7000...
  8. derl30n

    Autonomous Render Manager

    How do you mean, there is no dynamic view distance for you? I assume you did not change your graphics render settings, right? When your distance is set at a very high level then this mod is probably is not very useful because it can not improve your performance as good as you are choosing lower distance settings. The most time I am using the Max Performance Mode I get 1500m to 4000m view distance on foot. When in a very difficult situation like having hundreds of ai units around me, I get about 600 to 700m. I am sure your settings are wrong.
  9. I do like to introduce a mod created by me to improve the performance or to use unused resources. This has been combined with the render/view distance. The Ideo behind this is: What about having constantly 60 FPS and a good render/view distance? Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1516607781 Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14SoIsXYNSXmUt0ABsgh3-9FAUFt7NCuc Well, let's say this mod is what you are looking for because of... 1st great view distance in air, 2nd high fps in cities like Kavala, 3rd greater view distance on hills or mountains, 4th balanced object render distance, 5th easy transitions from ground to air, like get on a helicopter without changing view distance manually This mod is all about performance and efficiency !ATTENTION! Using Vsync may cause a lower render distance Server Key is included! If you like this mod pay tribute by leaving a comment and vote/rate! I would be very grateful for feedback to keep improvement high! How to use the "Normal Mode" and change settings: 1. Start Arma 3 with this mod loaded. 2. Open the Video Settings Main Menu. 3. Set View Distance as your minimum render distance. 4. Set your prefered fps into the shadow distance field (only active when in Max Performance Mode) Your render distance is: On foot = inserted value In Ground Vehicle = inserted value * 1.5 In Air = inserted value * 2 In addition to this, your altitude above sea level is taken into account. To enter Max Performance Mode: Set the Object Render Distance to 500 If your View Distance is set to 500, set View Distance to 501. Check that Object Render Distance is still at 500! What is the "Max Performance Mode"? It allows you to define a minimum view distance for phases, on Foot, in Vehicle or in Air. This mode removes the factors 1.5 for Ground vehicles and 2.0 for Air. To enter it look at "To enter Max Performance Mode". Here is a video that shows mission test with the mod running in Max Performance Mode. Note for the mission: This is a heavily ai based mission, that holds up to 64 human player slots. In this mission are 200 friendly additional units facing thousands of rebels (Opfor and Independent). In a range of 700 meters, each (1400 km in total) are 300 to 400 Units minimum. Change Log: Update 27.09.2018 13:35 CET + Added FPS Settings for Max Performance Mode (Instructions at "How to use" section in the description!) Update 19.09.2018 20:10 CET * Improved rendering + Added a Max Performance Mode + Added adjustment via Arma 3 Render Settings Menu