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  1. So I play Arma 3 on my Mac and love flying Helis, so I am interested in getting head tracking to work for me, even though options are sadly very limited on Mac. While OpenTrack is kind of available for Mac, I could not get it to build myself and prebuilt applications do not seem to work for Mac. (Available outputs are only FlightGear, UDP over Network, Virtual Joystick (Does not work) and X-Plane). I am not able to get any of those to interact with Arma 3 in any way. Because of this my only real option seems to be making my own custom solution. While I can get the actual head tracking figured out, my main issue is the interaction in Arma. I see three main approaches, however I still have questions on all of them: 1. Try to make some kind of existing head-tracking protocol work with my own custom solution and make it work on Mac. This seems basically impossible, firstly because I cannot find any information on how headtracking-applications actually communicate with Arma and secondly because these solutions are most likely Windows specific. Does anyone here have any pointers as to where I could find more information about head tracking protocols? 2. Make a Arma 3 Mod for a custom head tracking interface. While I do have experience making Missions and Scripting for that purpose, I have no experience in making mods. Are there any resources on or easyish ways to manipulate the payer view? How does interaction to the outside work? 3. Simulate Joysticks. This seems like the easiest solution, the actual Joystick part should be fairly easy. The main question with this is whether it is possible to make joysticks independently control the view of a player, ideally both rotation and translation? I would be very happy if I could get any answers or tips on any single one of my questions. Please also feel free to reply even if your answer might be windows specific. Any help would be welcome.