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Found 15 results

  1. So I play Arma 3 on my Mac and love flying Helis, so I am interested in getting head tracking to work for me, even though options are sadly very limited on Mac. While OpenTrack is kind of available for Mac, I could not get it to build myself and prebuilt applications do not seem to work for Mac. (Available outputs are only FlightGear, UDP over Network, Virtual Joystick (Does not work) and X-Plane). I am not able to get any of those to interact with Arma 3 in any way. Because of this my only real option seems to be making my own custom solution. While I can get the actual head tracking figured out, my main issue is the interaction in Arma. I see three main approaches, however I still have questions on all of them: 1. Try to make some kind of existing head-tracking protocol work with my own custom solution and make it work on Mac. This seems basically impossible, firstly because I cannot find any information on how headtracking-applications actually communicate with Arma and secondly because these solutions are most likely Windows specific. Does anyone here have any pointers as to where I could find more information about head tracking protocols? 2. Make a Arma 3 Mod for a custom head tracking interface. While I do have experience making Missions and Scripting for that purpose, I have no experience in making mods. Are there any resources on or easyish ways to manipulate the payer view? How does interaction to the outside work? 3. Simulate Joysticks. This seems like the easiest solution, the actual Joystick part should be fairly easy. The main question with this is whether it is possible to make joysticks independently control the view of a player, ideally both rotation and translation? I would be very happy if I could get any answers or tips on any single one of my questions. Please also feel free to reply even if your answer might be windows specific. Any help would be welcome.
  2. Will players be able to use HOTAS systems to fly aircraft when they are added to base game? This would be very easy to implement considering there are systems made specifically for Xbox that work with PC as well so both would be included. I figure you wouldn't even need to make a preset setting in the menu, but just allow for them to be binded to in game controls once base game helis are added.
  3. Is there any plans to support different controller properly? I want to use my Fanatec Wheel and pedals to drive the vehicle but the game doesn't even recognize them. I would also likely configure my pedals to movement and maybe something else. Arma 3 had good support and you could configure sensitivities etc. Those are like minimum requirements for good controller support.
  4. There seems to be a real problem with the controls on PlayStation. To run, you have to HOLD the left joystick down. This is unlike on Switch, where you just press it once to run. Holding the left joystick down is absolutely a killer on the thumb. It makes the game unplayable after a several matches because of the pain on the thumb. If there’s anyway the devs could change this in a future patch, that would significantly improve the game experience.
  5. officialepicpatrickyolo

    Aircraft Banking Randomly

    I recently got into ArmA, and tried out my joystick (T.Flight HOTAS 4) to fly aircraft in this game. While flying the Yak-130, I noticed that my aircraft would randomly bank to the right without any input from me. I noticed the same with helicopters, but it stopped doing it after a couple hours. How do I prevent this from happening? It makes landing and bomb runs extremely difficult for me, and it frustrates me.
  6. I know there are a lot of posts about this, but I am getting really, really frustrated. So I am posting here hoping someone has found a fix and it just isn't mentioned anywhere else. I just bought a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, and I was looking forward to flying some helis and jets in Arma 3. But when i started it up and went to configure the joystick it was nowhere to be found. It shows up in windows just fine (Windows 10), and I have used it in other games as well. I started searching around about the problem and found that many others had a problem where the joystick disappears from the menu after playing and going back to the menu, but I only found one other who had the same problem as me where it can't be configured or used at all, and there was no fix to be found. I feel like I have searched through the whole damn internet now, and I just can't find any solution anywhere. So, did anyone find any fix for this? It has been a problem for years, surely it must have been worked on? It just isn't acceptable that a game like ARMA3 with so many vehicles and semi-realism don't have fully working controller support... Thanks for any help offered.
  7. I know that this issue isn't uncommon for games that you are running through Steam such as Arma 3 & Elite Dangerous but any solution I find isn't working such as disabling the Generic Gamepad Configuration Support in Steam, which wasn't enabled in the first place for me. I've tried a lot of different things to attempt to get Arma 3 to detect my joystick and just am having no luck so I am hoping that someone will be able to help me. The odd thing is that Arma 3 is detecting my Throttle but not my joystick when just six months ago it was detecting both and working just fine. I've also just updated all of my drivers and even reinstalled the new device manager from Logitech that you're supposed to use. Please help! Thanks yall.
  8. I'm having an issue with my X-56 joystick, and I noticed it as I was in hover mode in a helicopter. When I strafe with the stick all the way to any direction, pressing the button for the same direction shows there's plenty of lacking input. I've googled this issue and the solution that worked for most people did not work for me. The Xbox controller was never mapped to begin with, and I've since unmapped, disabled, and unplugged it. I've several times wiped the input-list and tried remapping, but there seems to be something that still makes it half of what it's supposed to be. I've no idea what to do....
  9. Hi all, I have been running into a strange issue recently. I use a Logitech Force 3D Pro to pilot planes and helicopters in the game, I had no issue for a year and now I experienced something pretty anoying. I accidentally disconnected my joystick while being in game and Arma 3 does not recognize it anymore... I have tried reinstalling the drivers, the game and changing USB port (3.1, 3.0 and 2.0). But nothing changes, when I try to refresh the controller section in the game's settings nothing appears. I have checked the Controller Settings of Windows and it appears to be working. So if anyone could help me getting it to work it would be very kind, because as for now I am a bit stuck... Alexandre SARWA PS : I apologize for all the langage errors, English is not my natal langage
  10. I recently bought a Warthog HOTAS and noticed an annoying issue in Arma 3. Namely, the axis inputs from my flight stick (both x and y axis) as well as from my rudder pedals are very "weak" in-game, meaning e.g. when I fly helos and push the stick all the way forward, the animated stick is only tilted about halfway in that direction when compared to pressing the "w" button on the keyboard. Same goes for the other cyclic directions as well as the pedals. I did some testing, and as far as I can tell, Arma actually recognises the inputs correctly (they range from -100 to 100) in the controller settings panel, and the devices work without issue. Curiously enough, this problem is not present in "Take on Helicopters", or any other games for that matter. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Does anyone else wish the control sensitivity and dead zone settings could be applied per vehicle type (plane/helo/vtol/land/sea etc) and per flight model (strandard/advanced for helos). I just find that when I have the settings good for one vehicle type, then are often awful for another - particularly throttle control during hover between helos and vtols. While on subject of controls, I wish the vector control was independent of flaps on VTOLs rather then having a vector control on/off toggle. I'm using a Saitek X52 pro HOTAS that I modded to remove the throttle bumps. (Just in case anyone thinks that makes a difference).
  12. Hello BI Forums, I've done some experimenting and I've come to the conclusion that BIS has done *something* wrong in terms of identifying the position of the throttle and converting that into the analogue thrust percentage. The reason that this is so baffling is that in single player it works flawlessly, on a local hosted mission it works without issue, however as soon as I join a multiplayer dedicated server the whole system goes kaput. Best case scenario is that it only accepts half of my possible travel potential on my throttle (All the way back would be -1, centered would be 0 and all the way forwards would be 1, ArmA appears to only accept 0-1 or -1 to 0 depending on if you bind the + or - axis.) Worst case scenario is that as soon as I move my throttle it automatically jumps to 100% throttle and only goes back to 0% exactly if I put my throttle in a very specific spot. This is strange behaviour. Was wondering if anyone could help me out and provide a bit of assistance, will post the same thing on the ArmA reddit too. Edit: Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/armadev/comments/6br5hm/arma_issues_with_thrustmaster_throttle/
  13. Hello all I come here because I have trouble with my hotas (Thrustmaster Warthog) I install the new dev branch with the jet DLC and fiddle with the key bind. I discover that you can now open the speed brake even with full throttle, which is really good. So I decide to remove the analogic brake keybind (my full throttle down) and map instead the speed brake to one of my switch. I tried the change and everything is working perfectly on the ground the speedbrake open correctly and I can cut the thrust without actively braking. I decide to fly the plane to test this in flight, so I taxi to the runway, set the flaps and go full throttle... except that right now I can't go above 50% of the throttle even when I had my throttle control all the way up! So no way to take off in this condition. I try to use the keyboard instead and I'm able to push the throttle to 100%. But as soon as I touch my throttle control, it go bck to 50% max. I decide to give it a try in a chopper and I have the same problem now. I can't pushare the cyclic up enough to actually climb (or I climb really slowly, like 1m every 5s), but with the keyboard everything work perfectly. How can I solve this?
  14. So, I have this bug since I bought Arma 3 in 2016. It's a very strange bug. It makes my Joysticks axis only have half of impact. In the menu it shows that I have the joystick for example 100 on X-axis. But when I try to move the helo it dosen't react as if it had a 100 input, more like 30%. If someone has an idea to solve the problem or wants more info you can write me a PM. Rly hope to get this fixed. P.s This only happens to all my joysticks(Saitek yoke system, Logitech Attack 3 and Flightsick 3) my PS3 Controller works perfectly.
  15. Hi, I have some malfunction with my joystick : T-Flight hotas X by Thrustmaster (just for arma 3, not in DCS or FSX), when i press escape, open map or back office, etc... , the throttle value change to 0% but my physical throttle joystick is up to 100%. I have this problem with planes and helicopter with and without mods. I test with differents sensitivity and dead zone.