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Found 22 results

  1. If you are looking for a good feeling server, please don't hesitate to configure mods and join the [TCF] wasteland server on A3. Underrated gameplay with no limits and full tactics and combat freedom with missions, loot crates, a lot of vehicles and gear. Good starting server for a new players to learn and feel full potential of ArmA3 gameplay. Server made by FANS for FANS! Steam Group https://steamcommunity.com/groups/tcfwasteland Discord https://discord.gg/G6f3UHcb2F Required Mods https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2572205181 Supported Mods https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2572210741
  2. Old school Chernarus wasteland! We have reached the final stage of development. Now we need your help to stress test, find errors and most importnantly - make suggestions on the server. We re-launched last year aswell and the server population got up to 80 players in the evenings! This time we have made a lot of improvements so excpect us to last longer this time. 📷 The open beta test starts TONIGHT, September 19 at 5 PM CET or 18:00 MSK. The server itself launches later this month. More info on our Discord : https://discord.gg/xb5ejV2R Also check out our Steam group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/tcfwasteland
  3. Hello dear people, this is my first forum topic and please dont kill me if I do everything wrong! I am a beginner server administrator and trying to get some things to work. I rented a A3Wasteland server and got it running with https://github.com/MayhemServers/MAYHEM_A3Wasteland.Altis mission. Now theres an addons folder and I try to get some of them working but nothing I tried was a success. For example the buryDeadBody addon can someone explain how to get it running? Im thankful for any help and tipps 😃 Also theres an AI_Spawner folder but I dont get it running too. We hoped to have a nice Wasteland server with occasionally spawning AI troops to support or attack. Im trying my best but its hard. Thank you guys in advance. Nils
  4. Hi everyone, I have been on a mission for the last few weeks to get BIS wiki VectorDirandUp into the hands of as many mods as possible. This is because VECTOR BUILDING is being used as a cash grab, yet their work is based off of the hard work of others. BIS Wiki, its contributors and the entire community is being ripped off when they purchase this work. This vector building is based off of EXAMPLE 1 here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setVectorDirAndUp I originally wrote this KeyDown EH for my anarchy build, then fully ported it into Exile for my eXpoch addon for exile, it then was made for Altis Life as an eXpanded Housing system for building furnishings / security from EMPTY cfgVehicles. Then last week Operation BlockHead needed a building system for its awesome bricks and plates! And last night I decided to create a lite version for Exile itself so that it can be used by the majority of the servers with ease and without spending half a days pay. This release was a test of Exile Mod's take on the whole money aspect and selling of scripts, now we know It seems that Exilemod.com is actually in favor of the money making going on within the arma community and will not allow the FREE vector building to be released on their site It was removed within 1 hour of its posting. It was Titled "FREE VECTOR BUILDING for ALL courtesy of eXpoch Devs". So I take this FREE script and I bring it here to BIS forums for everyone to see and use and learn from Here are all the links to the various Vector Building that I have released so far to the public FREE Vector Building for Exile: http://epochmod.site.nfoservers.com/donkeypunch/index.php?topic=696.0 Altis-Life eXpanded Housing with Vector Building https://www.altisliferpg.com/topic/1820-altis-life-expanded-housing-system-with-vector-building/ Operation BlockHead eXpanded with Vector Building http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=862243337 eXpoch Addon for Exile with Vector Building, Snap 2 Any Objects, Vehicle Attachements and more https://discord.me/eXpoch ArmA 3 Wasteland R3F Vector Building https://github.com/ravmustang/ArmA3_Wasteland_VectorBldg.Altis GAME ON!!! -sTanG http://DonkeyPunch.INFO https://discord.me/eXpoch
  5. Firewall-BR

    [BR] Server WOD

    Founded in 2011, a Brazilian Clan that has a Server to promote friendship over Arma 3! :)
  6. Classic Chernarus Wasteland Hi, everyone. I've been hearing for a while now that there is interest in a wasteland server on Chernarus. Due to that, I'm starting up a brand new wasteland server designed to reflect the old Arma 2 wasteland servers that we all know and love. To do this, I've ported the A3Wasteland mission to Chernarus using the CUP Terrains mod. Alongside the server, I'm starting a new gaming community, Armageddon Gaming. The server will be under this name. The server runs what is essentially the default A3Wasteland mission, but with some slight modifications and additions, as well as obviously being on the Arma 2 Map. Building and saving is also enabled, and will persist over every restart, so that players can build bases or store weapon caches around the map. Vehicles also persist over restart. Connecting To join, the only required mods are CUP Terrains - Core and CUP Terrains - Maps. The easiest way to connect is to install the mods using A3Launcher and then search for the server name found below. Alternatively, I've created a Steam Workshop collection with both mods included, which you can subscribe to here, and then connect directly through the in-game server browser. Information NAME: Armageddon Gaming | Classic Chernarus Wasteland | CUP Terrains IP: PORT: 2302 Status: arma3-servers.net Community Armageddon Gaming has a public Discord chat and encourage anyone who plays on the server to join. Feel free to stop by! Join
  7. when i playing in wasteland servers mostly playing in independ team. so they are free from others. so when we use something with radar other independ vehicles are green on radar. they sees them friendly targets but they are not. and R key dont select them i must use T key on them with real vision. i mean manuel targeting. is there a way select friendly targets on radar ? like selecting enemies.
  8. Hey, We have recently created a wasteland server and are looking for as many members to join. Our server features building your own bases, day/night cycle, good admin support, capturing custom-built bases, and much more! We will do our best in making the server better and hope you can join us in the process! Our Website: https://closequartersgaming.mistforums.com/ Our Discord: https://discord.gg/DUAgV Best, Arctic Fear
  9. There is no server like this Here is the latest list of options and rewards on our ARMA 3 server • Reputation System • Redesigned UI • Hide UI option with #8 key • Redesigned Apoc Airdrop system • Rotating Vendors at restart • Store discount system with reputation gain • Instant AI killing cash • Parking system • UI Redesign Private Message system • Redesign stats bar • Restart notified UI • Customizable on screen compass • Rank system base off Reputation • Loadout slot saving system base off reputation • Unique Server info menu system • Unique Air bus transit system • Added Towns and Vehicle vendor on islands • Unique starting equipment • Uniform Painting • Vehicle Painting • Bank limits set by Reputation • Reputation rewards with Territory owned • Reputation rewards with ALL Kills • Reputation Deduction with teamkills • Hide Body option Website http://PlayingWithFriends.com Server Name: 10k-Start -PWF- Wasteland | Savable Loadouts | AirDrops
  10. Hello everyone, I participated in setting up a new Wasteland server, entitled ScotishSpecialForces (SSF) Wasteland. The server has everything one can wish for, including extended basebuilding and the admin is very open to suggestions. Now we're a group of 4 and were looking for a skilled set of enemy players to challenge us in the gameplay. Strategic thinking, patience and skill are very welcome. Please post here if you feel up to it.
  11. Hey I'm hosting this again on dedicated hardware. If there is interest I will leave it up and updated. The gear has been switched to the ARMA3 arsenal. Among other things you can equip your leveled AI with customized loadouts. Here is a video
  12. JUNGLE WARFARE!! Situation: Inteqam (Revenge) in the Wildlands is a persistent sandbox SP Wasteland mission based on the lush Bystrica with logistics, free-roaming and base building/survival elements where you, a covert OPFOR operative, were handed over to the ruthless FIA rebels towards the end of Al Inteqam (The prequel mission also available on steam workshop/drive). The AAF, however, has surprisingly come to aid you in this time of trouble and sent in their teams spread sporadically all over the map. Seeing a chopper sent in by NATO to provide additional monitoring, AAF too have injected one of their own to balance the equation. You have just managed to take out the guards and are without any equipment. Bruised and battered from the melee ordeal... General Tips: - A Base Building Factory, an empty heli and and empty tank will spawn on a random location (On destruction, all 3 of these will respawn elsewhere after a delay). - You can recruit guerrilla units at the flagpole installed at Rebel Camp. - There are a total of 6 teleport poles spread throughout the map which will help you and your group members to teleport to any other pole location. Respawn-able vehicles are present near each pole. - At regular intervals, the AAF will send in a cache which will be marked on the map and supported by a smoke grenade. It will have 3 each of random weapons, items and magazines. Final Words of Advice: - The teleporting flagpoles are relocatable via logistics. - To make the most of your inventory, empty weapon crates can be spawned at the base building factory so that you can save some stuff in them and carry them wherever you may like. Mark useful crates locations on map for easier navigation. But be careful, if the vehicle carrying the crate/flagpole is destroyed, so will the crate. - Respawn-able empty Striders are placed on undisclosed spots on the map. - Every dead enemy group will respawn somewhere on the map after a set timer. - All the empty vehicles are set on a “respawn to original spot†timer once they are either destroyed, or deserted for more than 500m. - And last but not the least, you have an addaction where you can repair all nearby vehicles within a range of 50m. But it has a screen fade effect so beware of using it near enemies. - Allied group will be deleted once the player is killed - Instead of loading the cache drop in the truck and going all the way back to the base, spawn a crate with the base building factory and take it along. Stuff it with all you think you will need and then equip your self somewhere safe. - You can tow vehicles and take them wherever you want. Just place the vehicle you want towed behind the vehicle which will tow and you will see an addaction - Helis can lift vehicles and crates. Just hover the heli over the target object or vehicle and an addaction will appear. The ideal height should not be about 5-10m I guess. Summary: 1. Wasteland in SP 2. SP Respawn 3. Base Building 4. Logistics 5. Combined Arms (in a way) 6. Cutscenes and cool music ;) 7. And lots ...and I mean Lots & Lots OF UNADULTERATED FUN.. Needs: CUP Terrains Complete *Hope you all enjoy this as much as I have loved making it* :D Download: Google Drive Steam workshop Update 3: 1. FIXED: The mission got broke due to updates. Fixed with the help of the amazing community member Rydygier. Update 2: 1. Added "towing" and "lifting" logistics ability to the vehicles. 2. Included unit caching to increase FPS considerably 3. Added a new rebel camp for recruiting Update 1: 1. Assigned NVGs to allied and enemy guerilla units 2. Optimized enemy spawn area to make encounters more possible 3. Allied team mates will have infinite magazines as it is assumed they will re-arm like humans. Its a good compromise I guess. Special Thanks to: - Amazing people like RYDYGIER (wouldnt have been possible without your spawn codes brother), JShock (like always), Greenfist, Shuko, R3vo, Larrow (the wizard), Haleks, R3F Logistics team and the entire bis community that have supported my work till now through their scripts, snippets etc.. :)
  13. G4-Gamers.com Server Name: [G4] WASTELAND [64 bit]10k Start|XP Ranks|Faction Bases IP: Discord.g4-gamers.com List of things Gun Runners Stores Random Halo Jump Halo Jump Store Small respawn shop Faction Bases Jet and of vehicles limited till certain player counts on the server XP Ranks (HoverGuy) Ai kills Money Player kill XP Rank base Spawn Money Rank base Discounts (Coming Soon) XP Rewards Parking system Unique AirDrop System (Apoc) Vector Building Private Player Messages Custom Player Menu Added Map Features and Structures Blufor and Opfor Oil Rig Separate Indy spawn points Player Storage Thermals restricted to missions Custom Hud 5 mil bank limit + Ai missions No Mods required Will be ported to our Tanoa server soon Share and enjoy!
  14. Hello Bohemia Community; I recently ran into a really confusing and frustrating issue with Arma 3 servers, and I'm hoping for some potential insight. What's happening is that, when I connect to certain servers, the game loads into a place devoid of objects, terrain details, and even my own 1st/3rd person character model; the only things that I can see are the grass and the terrain color/texture itself (I've attached some image links). I'm absolutely certain that these images are not in debug areas too. I've connected to a good variety of servers with the same sort of outcome. Here is a small list of servers I experienced this issue: Trailerpark Wasteland on Tanoa (A3 Wasteland Version 1.3B) BIB Wasteland (A3 Wasteland Version 1.3C) BFC Exile Esseker US #2 EXP Exile Chernarus EXP Exile Napf However, to make it more confusing, these results are rather inconsistent. For instance, I can load into an A3Armory (runs A3 Wasteland Version 1.3C) hosted server, and everything would load in fine: I see buildings, terrain details like rocks and underbrush, trees, etc., vehicles, weapons, and my character model. As potential fixes to this problem, I've tried: Reverifying my game cache of Arma 3 on Steam A clean reinstall of the game itself A clean reinstall of my game mods Isolating mods reported to have issues (a Steam forum page noted that the "CUP Terrain - Maps" mod specifically had this rendering issue - the forum suggested the "Auto Detect" button in the Arma 3 video settings, but that didn't work). I'm unsure of what else I could possibly do, and so now I turn to a community that knows much more than me, at least. I hope to hear back from those of you who could possibly help. BFC Exile Essker US #2: Trailerpark Wasteland on Tanoa:
  15. You are playing Arma 3, Arma 2 or DayZ and looking for group/community to play with? Great, then join our growing community and be a part of it. Who we are? We are a (mostly) german speaking community who likes to play games like Arma, Squad, DayZ and so on. The age in our community differs from 16 to 40 and the most important part of our community is FUN. Although we want to play organized and tactical, at the end of the day we want to have fun after work, school, etc… What do we offer? We offer a teamspeak server with 500 Slots (if you are a member, you can have your own channel) We offer you three different Arma3 Servers (Exile, Antistasi and Wasteland)? A Friendly Community full of active and mature members A own homepage with forum for disscussions. A mature community full of active and friendly members and a few other things Contact: Website: http://www.zoo-gaming.com Teamspeak: ts.zoo-gaming.com Discord: discord.zoo-gaming.com Community rules: There are no specific rules in our community. Have fun, be nice to the other members and help them if you can. If you are unable to be online everyday, it`s okay and you also won`t be kicked out of the community because you were a week absent or so… So let`s have fun together ?
  16. Hi guys!! I'll buy a GPU to play Wasteland Altis on full servers (around 75~100 player) with the maximum range of vision possible (graphic settings can be reduced). I want to get the R7 370 ... but I'm in doubt if I get the 2gb or 4gb version. Can someone help me? My specs: CPU FX6300 Corsair 8GB 1333mhz RAM PSU CX600 V2 Corsair Hyper 212 Cooler Tower dual fan CoolerMaster Sorry for my english. I need to use google translate Tu guys!!!
  17. Hey there! I've recently formed a new group, AB-12, designed for semi-casual Arma 3 players looking for a group to play with in Wasteland. I'm hoping to create a group dedicated to intense teamplay, and playing Blufor how it's meant to be played, working towards objectives as one. I'm looking for english speaking players who are team-focused, any ages and any experience levels - whether you've clocked 300+ hours or just cracked the game open, it doesn't matter, you're welcome. If you're interested, please search AB-12 on the Arma Units tab, or follow this link directly - https://units.arma3.com/unit/ab-12. Thanks for reading, Elliott AB-12
  18. Hello I've made custom load outs in virtual arsenal and there's nothing I wasn't more then to be able to use one of these load outs in a wasteland server or at least my outfit ! Is there anyway I can do this ? Use a personal load out to a official waste land server ? Also do you know any specific servers I can do this ? Or how do I tell if I can on a certain server ?
  19. Hi everyone, I'm developping a website for a arma 3 server based on the wasteland mod and I'm looking for people who could be interested in the project. Here is the incoming features of the website: - Players stats - Compare players - Link an user account to a player ( based on the UID ) - Create a team - Manage a team - Team stats - Compare teams - weekly goals with rewards ( money / vehicules / weapons ) - Experience/Level - Ranks - and even more crazy ideas ! A good webdesigner would be especially appreciate ! The website is built with nodejs, mongodb and AngularJs ( angular-fullstack ) Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions !
  20. Server Name #1: CLS #1 Wasteland Stratis | $10K START | gaming.clsesports.com.br IP: Server Name #2: CLS #2 Wasteland Altis | $1500 START | gaming.clsesports.com.br IP: Website: arma.clsesports.com.br Forum: forums.clsesports.com.br Teamspeak for questions: gaming.clsesports.com.br Accepting Suggestions =D Server Powered by: NITRADO.NET
  21. I am working on porting ACE3 A3Wasteland to Lingor A3 which just released the beta on the 3rd of September 2015. I am in need of some assistance on some of the parts like adapting and converting missions to work on the map, Selecting the types of players to spawn, placing stores and other objects, and balancing the object spawns. The mission currently has ACE3 and RHS on it so one of the things will be to tweak the prices and mission rewards as well as the weapon crate contents. Most of the RHS action keybinds would need to be disabled in preference to ACE3 keybinds. I wanted to add an AI mod like GroupLink 5 to it but could not find enough documentation on how to implement it. I have the ALiVE mod on the back burner as an ambient AI option for when server pop is low. But am open to options like UPSMON too. I someone experienced with setting up ACRE2 or TFAR would like to help that would be appreciated. All credit is given where credit is due. I have a dedicated, Dual Xeon server with 32GB of RAM available for the mission. If a radio mod can be setup properly, I will run a Digital Ocean Teamspeak server for it. I already have most of the map markers placed and most of the ACE3 modules placed as well. Many thanks to AgentRev of A3wasteland for releasing an ACE3 port of A3Wasteland. I currently have an ACE3 A3Wasteland server running on that server and it has been up without a restart for over 170 hours now. Still going strong. Here is the Github link to my Lingor Project
  22. WASTELAND SURVIVAL ZOMBIES & DEMONS 24 Players v.01 Needs Ryan zombies & demons. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28958 Its on workshop too as Zombies & Demons Think of a wasteland + Dinamic zombie sandbox but without lag. A survival mission without any objetive, only survive. Avaible too on workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=505011505 TEAMS: -OPFOR 12 players -BLUEFOR 12 players -ZOMBIES (AI) no limit -Features -Awsome zombie & demons mod by Ryan -Jumping zombies. -Scary noises. -Spider zombies. -Super strong demons. (only 20 can spawn at same time, usually they protect ammoboxes, not recommended to solo them.) -Some zombies can throw vehicles at you, be carefull. -ZOMBIES spawn along the island and are attracted to noises and lights (spanw & despawn depending if players are near the area.). -Respawn on base 10 secs -LOOT systems that spawns weapons/ammo and items inside the buildings. -Vehicles spawn alon the island. -Visible night (Full moon) -Autocleaning of bodies -ONE OBJETIVE, SURVIVE. -TEAM SPAWN BASES for planning from where you can teleported to action. -PLAYZONE IT'S NOW ALL STRATIS. Fight on Stratis to the dead, ally with the opposite team to survive or kill anyone on sight the zombies don't mind, they want you and will get you. Try to survive). Future plans: -Fix bug reported if any. -Move to altis. -Maybe add in future building system like in wasteland missions. Known issues: -Little lag when the zombies are spawned. (only at first) -Zombies may hit you from down the bridges and maybe from 1st floor to second (mod bug, waiting ryan to fix it) -Zombies, specially the fast ones usually act like retard :) when ssee someone on stairs or seconds floors in some houses. -Sometimes zombies get stuck on roofs when jumping. -nothing more. need feedback. DOWNLOAD steam workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=505011505 Wasteland Survival TvT-24 (@) IF YOU WANT A SMALL AREA SURVIVAL TRY MY OTHER MISSION : SURVIVAL ZOMBIES & DEMONS 20 Players http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=504554016 OR Survival Zombies & Demons TvT-20 (@) v0.4f Changelog: 0.1: Release 0.1fix: FIXED Bluefor Respawn Fixed zombies that dont throw vehicles.