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    I served 3 years in the United States Army as a Information Systems Operator/Analyst (25B). I served 2 years before getting injured in a training accident. I was PDRL'd after 1 year's TDRL when there was a mixup in the paperwork preventing me from receiving the option orders to return to active duty. I am currently, PDRL status with a RE code of 4 for Medical reasons. I wish I could return to duty but can not at this time. I use this time to further my career options and play Mil-Sim games to attempt to relive the experience.
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  1. you "removed ACE due to many requests"
  2. now to make it so that when you run power lines to a town or base, the lights come on.
  3. How long before the Radio Mast works with Radios? The OE-303 object that could be placed that was a radio antenna. It was supposed to be able to be used as a Rebroadcast station. Supposed to be able to put 2 radios on it.
  4. I am looking for ACE3 compatible mods. S I am trying to replace CUP without going to RHS. Not a all-in-one mod solution. But instead a mix of mods that fill the void while still being compatible with ACE3. For example, CUP spams the RPT too much.
  5. It is too bad Omnibus Edition went the way of the Dodo. Especially since the likelihood of getting Discord support is slim.
  6. linuxmaster9

    Script alternative to ALiVE?

    hahaha ah the jokes. gotta love the jokes.
  7. linuxmaster9

    Script alternative to ALiVE?

    Perhaps. But then there would need to be a counter script that when you take Exile damage, it affects ACE and vice versa. I had had an idea of using the Atropine for the Zombie Virus.
  8. linuxmaster9

    Script alternative to ALiVE?

    most of the people who have hopped on the server as of late have initially been pissed that earplugs were replaced with Ear Plugs from ACE until they tried it out. Most of the things ACE does they were initially not liking until they actually tried it. Like replacing individual tires for example.
  9. linuxmaster9

    Script alternative to ALiVE?

    that doesnt seem to work. The biggest conflict right now as I can see it is that when you take damage from ACE damage, it doesnt affect the Exile damage so when you die ACE style, you can DC and reconnect and Exile respawns you as you were before you died with full health.
  10. linuxmaster9

    L.E.A.P -- HALO / ParaJump Operations

    How would I go about adding one? I added the marker and such on the map but I couldnt find where the spawns are located in the script files.
  11. linuxmaster9

    Script alternative to ALiVE?

    Are you implying that my Autism is making me an idiot? I also run servers for a long time since I am constantly on the road for work and dont usually have the time to keep restarting them. I also dont have access to many things like the server desktop. I have to do everything through FireDaemon and FTP. the FireDaemon instance is locked down so all I can do is stop and start. Which is something I believe I mentioned in the discussion.
  12. linuxmaster9

    Script alternative to ALiVE?

    I also already have that mod in the mission so yeah. The only thing I have "paid" for was the current mission I am working on because I am continuing the work of another group and thought it was considerate to give them a donation for the months of effort they had put into it. I never attempted to shove ALiVE down anyone's throat. I merely defended it.
  13. linuxmaster9

    Script alternative to ALiVE?

    When did I offer to pay you to fix things? I have offered people before to assist me in editing missions sure. But pay you to integrate ACE3 and ALiVE in Exile? I dont have the reason to bother with that. I can do it myself with guidance. that is what I hopped in there for to begin with and everything was fine till you jumped on how ALiVE was crap. And I am well aware that some mods interfere with Exile. Most mods interfere with many things. It just takes time and effort to sort it out.
  14. linuxmaster9

    Script alternative to ALiVE?

    I wasnt being toxic. I was disagreeing with your assumptions that ALiVE was crap, unoptimized, broken and only for people who cant script. As is clearly listed in the images above. Your words. not mine. And since when was the Discord discussion section "Private"? You did not PM me. Hence it was not Private. After all, PM stands for Private Message.