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  1. There is no server like this Here is the latest list of options and rewards on our ARMA 3 server • Reputation System • Redesigned UI • Hide UI option with #8 key • Redesigned Apoc Airdrop system • Rotating Vendors at restart • Store discount system with reputation gain • Instant AI killing cash • Parking system • UI Redesign Private Message system • Redesign stats bar • Restart notified UI • Customizable on screen compass • Rank system base off Reputation • Loadout slot saving system base off reputation • Unique Server info menu system • Unique Air bus transit system • Added Towns and Vehicle vendor on islands • Unique starting equipment • Uniform Painting • Vehicle Painting • Bank limits set by Reputation • Reputation rewards with Territory owned • Reputation rewards with ALL Kills • Reputation Deduction with teamkills • Hide Body option Website http://PlayingWithFriends.com Server Name: 10k-Start -PWF- Wasteland | Savable Loadouts | AirDrops
  2. s0l0knight

    [1.1] voyagerCompass HUD and UI

    @Unknown_GTX Do you know when the script will be released, I put the original one in my mod and looking for the updated version so all clients can use without the fps drop that happens with all the markers that currently show up with the old one.
  3. s0l0knight

    [1.1] voyagerCompass HUD and UI

    love this addon, but can your restrict markers on and off in the config or make it only player markers that show up. I'm testing it on a mission and I have 200 markers showing up (spawn and other markers)
  4. G4-Gamers.com Server Name: [G4] WASTELAND [64 bit]10k Start|XP Ranks|Faction Bases IP: Discord.g4-gamers.com List of things Gun Runners Stores Random Halo Jump Halo Jump Store Small respawn shop Faction Bases Jet and of vehicles limited till certain player counts on the server XP Ranks (HoverGuy) Ai kills Money Player kill XP Rank base Spawn Money Rank base Discounts (Coming Soon) XP Rewards Parking system Unique AirDrop System (Apoc) Vector Building Private Player Messages Custom Player Menu Added Map Features and Structures Blufor and Opfor Oil Rig Separate Indy spawn points Player Storage Thermals restricted to missions Custom Hud 5 mil bank limit + Ai missions No Mods required Will be ported to our Tanoa server soon Share and enjoy!
  5. s0l0knight

    seelenlos Zeus

    I'll try to get you logs, but this is the code I'm using right now, want it more or less on server https://github.com/A3Wasteland/ArmA3_Wasteland.Altis/pull/376/files discord.g4-gamers.com
  6. s0l0knight

    seelenlos Zeus

    I been looking at this addon to replace the one we use, just a few questions, I'm wanting to use this one on our wasteland server, we are using is client side ver, but I want to go fully server side which this one does. It works but mission (current) object, players and Ai aren't recognized by zeus. Also if you died you lose Zeus and must relog. Thanks for your addon, I'm hoping that we can get this to work
  7. Chance well get an update for the new map?
  8. I keep getting this error after patch http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=485036120 is there a fix for this?
  9. I been trying to figure this error out for a few days now and have reached the breaking point lol The error "[extDB2] Sleep [4]: 71.021" "DEBUG 9824: [1,[]]" Error in expression < then { return = return select 0; }; _return;> Error position: <_return;> Error Undefined variable in expression: _return File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Stratis\persistence\server\setup\extDB\async_database.sqf, line 69 "[extDB2] Sleep [4]: 71.121" "DEBUG 9823: [1,[]]" "WASTELAND SERVER - Bounty Disconnect Result '[]' Player - '76561197976304014'" "WASTELAND SERVER - Bounty Reconnected '76561197976304014'" "Player connected: Soloknight (76561197976304014)" "updateConnectingClients [Player: R Alpha 1-2:1 (Soloknight) REMOTE] [JIP: true]" "TERRITORY SYSTEM: _realLoopTime was 10.014" "[extDB2] Sleep [4]: 73.904" "DEBUG 9825: [1,[[4]]]" "[extDB2] Sleep [4]: 74.023" "DEBUG 9826: [1,[[10]]]" the script // @file Name: fn_onPlayerConnected.sqf // @file Author: AgentRev private ["_id", "_uid", "_name", "_bountydisconnect","_result"]; _id = _this select 0; _uid = _this select 1; _name = _this select 2; if(_name != "__SERVER__") then { // { // if(_uid == getPlayerUID _x) then // { // _x addMPEventHandler ["mprespawn", {[_x] call fn_onPlayerRespawn;}]; // diag_log format ["Adding Respawn Event Handler: %1 (%2)", _name, _uid]; // }; // // }foreach playableUnits; _bountydisconnect = 0; if(!isNil "_uid") then { _result = [format ["checkPlayerBountyDisconnect:%1:%2:%3", 1 , 1, _uid],2, true] call extDB_Database_async; diag_log format["WASTELAND SERVER - Bounty Disconnect Result '%1' Player - '%2'", _result, _uid]; _bountydisconnect = _result select 0; }; if(_bountydisconnect > 0) then { pvar_BountySystemReconnects = pvar_BountySystemReconnects + [_uid]; diag_log format["WASTELAND SERVER - Bounty Reconnected '%1'", _uid]; }; }; diag_log format ["Player connected: %1 (%2)", _name, _uid]; It's because I can't get a value here '[ ]' "WASTELAND SERVER - Bounty Disconnect Result '[]' Player - '76561197976304014'" Also very new to coding
  10. I have work through most of the static with _obj setVariable but win the mission loads It seems to duplicate some but not all of the objects on the map (Using the latest github) Update: I seem to have fixed it ;-)
  11. Sorry new to this, but I'm working on a wasteland map and all of the base objects are movable since there is base building in the mission. My question is, is there a way to add a init setting in the sqf _obj set?? because when I use the sqm, all the base part follow the terrain and they are all over the place and not level. Also I want to place a flag and change the flag texture, which I know how to in the mission editor, but the sqf files are set up different Thanks and great work!!