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Found 6 results

  1. R3F Enhanced Logistics (ALiVE Compatible) R3F Enhanced Logistics is the continuation of the R3F Advanced Logistics / R3F Logistics mods. The reason I am reuploading this mod was to fix the ALiVE Persistence. The R3F Team and Crowe deserve the credit for creating this mod. I am just picking up the torch to keep the fire burning. I really wanted the ALiVE Persistence to work with the R3F Advanced Logistics mod so I got some help and found the fix. Both R3F Logistics and R3F Advanced Logistics have been left untouched for many years now. This mod moves most of the interaction context from the Scroll Menu to the ACE Interact system. This means ACE3 is a required dependency for this mod to work. What is R3F Enhanced Logistics? Here is a video created by S. Crowe, the creator of R3F Advanced Logistics, talking about the changes he made and what is included. He did a great job in this video and I don't feel the need to create a new video just because I fixed the ALiVE Persistence. How To Add the Creation Factory To An Object To add the creation factory to an object all you need to do is add this in the init of the object: [this] call AdvLog_fnc_factoryInit; If you want the factory to have a limit on build credits, in this case 1000, you can do this by changing the init to this: [this, 1000] call AdvLog_fnc_factoryInit; Customization You can configure several global variables in your mission init.sqf. They are below: R3F_LOG_CFG_can_tow; R3F_LOG_CFG_cannot_etow; R3F_LOG_CFG_can_be_towed; R3F_LOG_CFG_can_transport_cargo; R3F_LOG_CFG_can_be_transported_cargo; R3F_LOG_CFG_can_be_moved_by_player; R3F_LOG_CFG_build_costs; You can also configure which objects can be built in the creation factory and their cost by overriding the global variable: R3F_LOG_CFG_build_costs Example: R3F_LOG_CFG_build_costs = R3F_LOG_CFG_build_costs + [ ["land_bagbunker_tower_f", 60], ]; You can override this on per Creation Factory level by setting the variable "R3F_CF_local_factory". So you need to simply do something like this in the init of the object: _array = [ ["land_bagbunker_tower_f", 60], ]; this setVariable ["R3F_CF_local_factory", _array, true]; ALiVE Persistence ALiVE Persistence is handled when you release an object. Essentially, when you carry an object and click "Release" on the scroll menu, the object will save during the next "ALiVE Server Save & Exit". Be sure you wait a few minutes after placing objects before you save your mission as it might not save their position correctly if you do it too soon. Advanced Towing Advanced Towing by Duda was integrated. To use the advanced towing, go to a ground vehicle and ACE interact on it. You will get the option to deploy tow ropes if another vehicle is close enough behind it. Legality Stuff R3F Enhanced Logistics (ALiVE Compatible) was not reuploaded in an attempt to claim fame or steal ideas from any previous mod authors including the R3F Team, S. Crowe, or Duda. I am trying to follow all the licenses of the original R3F Logistics, R3F Advanced Logistics, and Advance Towing. The code used from these mods outlined falls under GNU General Public License V3 or The MIT License respectively. As far as I am concerned, you may do as you wish with my fork of this mod and update/change to your heart's desire. R3F Advanced Logistics Advance Towing Original Source Code R3F Logistics Original Post Download Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2412164804
  2. CoseDola


    [W] GreenMag aims to improve ammunition handling in Arma 3. Steam Workshop What does it do? With GreenMag, your empty magazines stay in your inventory after reloading instead of dissapearing into the void. These Magazines (and any othr Mag with missing ammo) can be refilled with the new bullet items if it's a magazine and belts if it's a magazine for machineguns. These bullets are available in packages ranging from 10 to 60 bullets wich can be unpacked through ace or in the inventory to get the actual bullets. Magazines can be refilled and unloaded through the ace selfinteraction menu. Ace magazinerepack does get deactivated by GreenMag, so repacking magazines has to be done through unloading a mag and refilling another with the ammunition you aquired through unloading the first one. Magazines that require belts can be refilled with the belt items. Those are available from the range of one bullet to 200. If the needed ammunition is less then the size of the used belt, the remaining lenght of the belt will remain in your inventory and can be attached to another belt to regain a larger belt item. Features - Load / Unload magazines - Ammunition, Ammunition packages and belt items - bullets can be taken out of belts to fill magazines with them - configurable through CBA settings CBA Settings GreenMag provides multiple ways to customize your experience. From completely disabeling the mod to customizing how many magazines you want to be shown in the ace interactions. For mission creaters can also choose if they want a basic system or a advanced system for ammunition handling. While the basic system differs just by caliber, the advanced system also differs by type, e.g. tracer and non tracer. Compat patches Collection Patches are available for: - RHS USAF (more to come) Do other mod items work? Most of the time they do, but limited. Mods that do not have a compat patch will most of the time work with the basic system, because the caliber can usually be read from the magazine classname. This can only be impaired if the magazine does inherit wrong GreenMag values from another magazine. To register a non-supported magazine as one that needs belts to work, use this: [["Magazin_A", "Magazin_B"]] call greenmag_main_fnc_addBelt; If they requiered caliber does not exist, it won't work obviously. Known Issues - Removing an empty magazine from the weapons magazine slot through drag & drop will make the magazine vanish into the void. Licensing GreenMag is licenced under APL-ND. See https://www.bohemia.net/community/licenses/arma-public-license-nd for more information
  3. Hi guys, i´m struggeling to make an object loadable in ACE3 Logistics, put a foodbox into cargo space of a Fennek. I´ve found this code on ACE website https://ace3mod.com/wiki/framework/cargo-framework.html#1-config-values class staticBananaLauncher { class yourVehicleBaseClass { ace_cargo_size = 4; // Cargo space the object takes ace_cargo_canLoad = 1; // Enables the object to be loaded (1-yes, 0-no) }; }; can somebody help me out where i have to paste this code? i assume class staticBananaLauncher { is class plp_ct_BoxFoodSmallD { and class yourVehicleBaseClass { is class CUP_B_FENNEK_GER_Wdl { Thanks for your help Steve
  4. 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade As a combined arms unit the 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade possess four distinct elements that undertake different actions against the enemy. 10th ACB gameplay is developed thoughtfully, so — Infantry, Armour, Artillery, Air, Logistics must work in concert to achieve the Commander's Intent of each mission. Our unit main weekly event takes place on Saturdays between 9:15pm EST – 11:30pm EST, with almost daily more stuff going on throughout the week aswell. We welcome all experience levels into our unit and place an emphasis on continued training, learning, and leadership development. We require that members of our unit are active at operations and weekly training events as much as they can. If you are interested in learning more about us, but are not quite ready to apply as a recruit, we recommend you come to our teamspeak server **(ts3.10thacb.com)** and talk with one of our members. To apply simply go to our website **(http://www.10thacb.com)**. **Basic requirements for joining our group:** * Must be 21 years old (18+ is also accepted) * Must be willing to attend a 3-hour basic training class within 30 days of joining. * Must be willing to commit to playing regularly. We don’t expect or require you to attend every event we hold, but we do expect you to be as active as you can and to stay in touch with your unit so we can plan. * Must be a team player and check your ego at the door. **Our current needs:** * 11B Infantry man [highly needed] * 68W Medical personal [needed] * 19B Armour crew [highly needed] * Rotary Pilots [needed] * Fixed Wing Pilots [Not needed] * 13B Artillery personnel [needed] **Other Links** * Mod pack - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1206976808 * Arma 3 Units Page - https://units.arma3.com/unit/10thacb If you have any more questions feel free to message me! SSG Brook J-1 Recruitment Chief 10th ACB
  5. JUNGLE WARFARE!! Situation: Inteqam (Revenge) in the Wildlands is a persistent sandbox SP Wasteland mission based on the lush Bystrica with logistics, free-roaming and base building/survival elements where you, a covert OPFOR operative, were handed over to the ruthless FIA rebels towards the end of Al Inteqam (The prequel mission also available on steam workshop/drive). The AAF, however, has surprisingly come to aid you in this time of trouble and sent in their teams spread sporadically all over the map. Seeing a chopper sent in by NATO to provide additional monitoring, AAF too have injected one of their own to balance the equation. You have just managed to take out the guards and are without any equipment. Bruised and battered from the melee ordeal... General Tips: - A Base Building Factory, an empty heli and and empty tank will spawn on a random location (On destruction, all 3 of these will respawn elsewhere after a delay). - You can recruit guerrilla units at the flagpole installed at Rebel Camp. - There are a total of 6 teleport poles spread throughout the map which will help you and your group members to teleport to any other pole location. Respawn-able vehicles are present near each pole. - At regular intervals, the AAF will send in a cache which will be marked on the map and supported by a smoke grenade. It will have 3 each of random weapons, items and magazines. Final Words of Advice: - The teleporting flagpoles are relocatable via logistics. - To make the most of your inventory, empty weapon crates can be spawned at the base building factory so that you can save some stuff in them and carry them wherever you may like. Mark useful crates locations on map for easier navigation. But be careful, if the vehicle carrying the crate/flagpole is destroyed, so will the crate. - Respawn-able empty Striders are placed on undisclosed spots on the map. - Every dead enemy group will respawn somewhere on the map after a set timer. - All the empty vehicles are set on a “respawn to original spot†timer once they are either destroyed, or deserted for more than 500m. - And last but not the least, you have an addaction where you can repair all nearby vehicles within a range of 50m. But it has a screen fade effect so beware of using it near enemies. - Allied group will be deleted once the player is killed - Instead of loading the cache drop in the truck and going all the way back to the base, spawn a crate with the base building factory and take it along. Stuff it with all you think you will need and then equip your self somewhere safe. - You can tow vehicles and take them wherever you want. Just place the vehicle you want towed behind the vehicle which will tow and you will see an addaction - Helis can lift vehicles and crates. Just hover the heli over the target object or vehicle and an addaction will appear. The ideal height should not be about 5-10m I guess. Summary: 1. Wasteland in SP 2. SP Respawn 3. Base Building 4. Logistics 5. Combined Arms (in a way) 6. Cutscenes and cool music ;) 7. And lots ...and I mean Lots & Lots OF UNADULTERATED FUN.. Needs: CUP Terrains Complete *Hope you all enjoy this as much as I have loved making it* :D Download: Google Drive Steam workshop Update 3: 1. FIXED: The mission got broke due to updates. Fixed with the help of the amazing community member Rydygier. Update 2: 1. Added "towing" and "lifting" logistics ability to the vehicles. 2. Included unit caching to increase FPS considerably 3. Added a new rebel camp for recruiting Update 1: 1. Assigned NVGs to allied and enemy guerilla units 2. Optimized enemy spawn area to make encounters more possible 3. Allied team mates will have infinite magazines as it is assumed they will re-arm like humans. Its a good compromise I guess. Special Thanks to: - Amazing people like RYDYGIER (wouldnt have been possible without your spawn codes brother), JShock (like always), Greenfist, Shuko, R3vo, Larrow (the wizard), Haleks, R3F Logistics team and the entire bis community that have supported my work till now through their scripts, snippets etc.. :)
  6. Greetings, I'm looking for some one to script me up a logistic script that does the following things. General description: 2 Ammo trucks spawn at timed intervals with certain kit in them. They then make there way to a destination on the map, and once they reach the point. They despawn and their supplies gets orginized and distrubted to nearby crates in the base.Followed by a notification that the base has been resupplied. If the convoy takes damage or casulties a new task comes up that request assistance and gives the last location of the convoy. If the players locate the convoy they may repair, recover, or call in a total loss. Regardless after 30mins the convoy despawns and the cycle continues. Features should include the following. Convoy AI interaction Convoy should have custom kit, and be on "careless" for most of the trip. If the vehicles are disabled, or tires pop. Units dismount and the task is fired off. If players repair the vehicles, the units re-mount and continue on If vehicles are destroyed or crew is killed the task fires off. Upon arrival of site and despawn, kit is distributed to the proper crates on the base. Convoy can be adjusted for auto-despawn to assure that glitches and other things are preventing it from being completed. Player Interaction Players can radio in three options based on condition of convoy if convoy is disabled but no casualties. Players can opt to repair vehicles. If convoy AI are dead but vehicles are intact, players can opt to recover supplies by driving trucks themselves. If convoy is destroyed, players automatically declare total loss. No matter what decision Convoy will reset after a certain time. If convoy trucks are player driven, they despawn the trucks. Other conditions/optional Supplies is kept track of, if maxed out convoys don't happen. linked to Alive reinforcements, adding to the overall groups supplies. Helicopter variant for sling loading vehicles for supplies. edit: I'm willing to pay for this work.