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Found 9 results

  1. Arma 3 Assets Navigating through 1000+ game objects can be a mess. To help you with finding a soldier, vehicle, object, item, weapon or magazine you want, we're going to maintain an official library of Arma 3 Assets on the Community Wiki. Entries are cross-linked, so you can easily access soldier's equipment, weapon accessories or addons they all belong to. Preview images are attached to every object and item with model, so you can check them without even starting the game. Have fun with modding ;) Objects By addons By side BLUFOR OPFOR Independent Civilian Empty Items By addons By type Weapons Vehicle Weapons Items Magazines
  2. MAGAZINES REPACK Hi all, Here is a simple script for repacking magazines by double-clicking on them in inventory. Just add it in init.sqf or better, in initPlayerLocal.sqf parameters: NONE MODIFIED 01/11/19 Have fun!
  3. Good day, community, I do need some help. I'm using RHS for my survival scenario. After quite a break, I returned to Arma and found out that they've added integrated large number of different ammunition types to the weapon configs - great job, actually, love the depth of it. But since you couldn't merge different types of ammo in one magazine (using Outlaw MagRepack), constantly scavenging and swapping weapons, after just an hour of gameplay, I ended up with like 20 different full and half-empty AK mags, which also clogged scroll menu. Basically, I would like to revert it back to single type of magazine (say "rhs_30Rnd_545x39_AK") while keeping whole range of weapons . So, first idea was to make a script that constantly roams through player's inventory and replaces "wrong" types of mags with the one I need. waitUntil {!isNull player}; private ["_magazinesAmmo","_needReplace","_ammoCount"]; while {true} do { sleep 1; _magazinesAmmo = magazinesAmmo player; { sleep 1; _needReplace = "rhs_30Rnd_545x39_7N10_AK" in _x; _ammoCount = _x select 1; if (_needReplace) then { player removeMagazine "rhs_30Rnd_545x39_7N10_AK"; player addMagazine ["rhs_30Rnd_545x39_AK",_ammoCount]; }; hint format ["%1\n%2\n%3",_x,_needReplace,_ammoCount]; } forEach _magazinesAmmo; }; With that I managed to replace one type of mag with another. But then I kinda get lost in arrays and their nesting. Also I couldn't find the way to remove specific mag (with selected number of ammo), so problem might be with removing/adding magazine with wrong number of ammo. What I need is to get it working with arrays of pairs like: [ [["wrong_mag_calA_01","wrong_mag_calA_02"],"right_mag_calA"], [["wrong_mag_calB_01","wrong_mag_calB_02"],"right_mag_calB"] ]; Maybe, there's another way, like changing CfgMagazines somehow, so all the RHS weapons simply spawn with one type of magazine each, but I've currently have no idea how to make that. Any help or advice appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Dear developers, some mods like 'NIArms' by toadie2K feature diffrent magazine models for one weapon dependant on which magazine is actually loaded. That reminds me a lot of the proxy magazine models of the dynamic loadout feature for aircraft which has been implemented with the Jets DLC. Since this seems to be technically possible would you be able to introduce this feature to the existing ArmA 3 weapons? I don't know however what toadie2k did to get this working. I imagine something like having a memory point at the center of the first bullet in the mag and a direction the bullet is facing and another direction the bullets are feeded from. That way it should be possible to load every mag into every weapon and get reasonably good results. It would probably even allow to put a 30 Round mag sideways into a beltfeeded machinegun. There would probably be some clipping issues when putting magazines into weapons that were not supposed to feature them before but I'm fine with that. I think this would be an awesome addition to the game and I really hope this can be done. Especially weapons that feature multiple sizes of magazines within its series would benefit from it like the Spar, Car-95 and MX series of weapons. Thanks a lot Venator
  5. REPACK and AUTO REPACK scripts Hi all, Here are two scripts (addon is scheduled) for those you want to repack their magazines. First one is a simple auto-repack. No action needed. Based on a simple EH, the code runs when the player fires, so the auto-repack needs has a "one round latency" to work. Not a real problem. Second one is more "realistic". Player must open the inventory and double click on each kind of mags to be repacked. Parameters: NONE AUTO-REPACK to be placed in initPlayerLocal.sqf or in init.sqf when player is defined. player addEventHandler ["fired",{ if (player == _this select 0 && vehicle player == player) then { _mags = magazinesAmmo player; _inv = _mags select {(_x select 0) in getArray (configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> currentWeapon player >> "magazines")}; if (count _inv > 1) then { _sort = [_inv,[],{_x select 1},"ASCEND"] call BIS_fnc_sortBy; _lowest_mag = _sort select 0 select 0; _lowest_cnt = _sort select 0 select 1; _mags_space = _sort select [1, count _sort - 1]; _full_tot = 0; _remain_tot = 0; {_full_tot = _full_tot + getnumber (configFile >> "cfgmagazines" >> _x select 0 >> "count")} forEach _mags_space; {_remain_tot = _remain_tot + (_x select 1)} forEach _mags_space; _full_space = _full_tot - _remain_tot; if (_lowest_cnt <= _full_space) then { for "_i" from 0 to count _mags_space - 1 do { if (_lowest_cnt > 0) then { _current_mag = _mags_space select _i select 0; _current_ammo = _mags_space select _i select 1; _current_space = getnumber (configFile >> "cfgmagazines" >> _current_mag >> "count") - _current_ammo; if (_current_space > 0) then { _mags_space set [_i,[_current_mag,_current_ammo + _lowest_cnt]]; _lowest_cnt = _lowest_cnt - _current_space; }; }; }; {player removeMagazineGlobal (_x select 0)} forEach (magazinesAmmo player select {(_x select 0) in getArray (configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> currentWeapon player >> "magazines")}); {player addMagazine _x} forEach _mags_space; }; }}; }]; MAGAZINE REPACK to be placed in initPlayerLocal.sqf or in init.sqf when player is defined. MGI_fnc_repack = { _idc = ctrlIDC (_this select 0); _selectedIndex = _this select 1; player setVariable ["MGImags", +((magazinesAmmoFull player) select {(lbdata [_idc,_selectedIndex]) in _x})]; player setVariable ["MGIselect", true]; false }; 0 = [] spawn { while {true} do { waitUntil {!(isnull (finddisplay 602)) && isnil {player getVariable "MGIselect"}}; ((findDisplay 602) displayCtrl 619) ctrlSetEventHandler ["LBDblClick", "_this call MGI_fnc_repack"]; ((findDisplay 602) displayCtrl 633) ctrlSetEventHandler ["LBDblClick", "_this call MGI_fnc_repack"]; ((findDisplay 602) displayCtrl 638) ctrlSetEventHandler ["LBDblClick", "_this call MGI_fnc_repack"]; waitUntil {!isnil {player getVariable "MGIselect"} or isNull (findDisplay 602)}; if (!isnil {player getVariable "MGIselect"}) then { private ["_mag","_wpnType","_wpn"]; if (player getVariable ["MGImags",[]] isEqualTo []) then { _mag = ""; _wpn = "" } else { _cnts = 0; _mag = (player getVariable "MGImags") select 0 select 0; _fullcnt = getnumber (configFile >> "cfgmagazines" >>_mag >> "count"); if (_fullcnt > 0) then { { _wpnType = _x select 3; switch (_wpnType) do { case 1: {_wpn = primaryWeapon player}; case 2: {_wpn = handGunWeapon player}; case 4: {_wpn = secondaryWeapon player}; default {_wpn =""}; }; _cnts = _cnts + (_x select 1); player setammo [_wpn,0]; } count (player getVariable ["MGImags",[]]); _remainingShots = _cnts mod _fullcnt; {player removeMagazineGlobal _mag} count (player getVariable ["MGImags",[]]); player addMagazines [_mag, floor (_cnts/_fullcnt)]; if (_remainingShots >0) then { player addMagazine [_mag,_remainingShots]; }; reload player; }; }; player setVariable ["MGIselect", nil]; }; }; }; Double click on any magazine in your inventory.
  6. I read in a dev branch update that += can be used to add an entry to a CFG field without knowing it's contents. I have been trying to add a custom magazine to SPAR variants, and figured that it made most sense to modify the SPAR base class, rather than each SPAR variant individually. Thus far I have successfully created a new ammo type, and magazine containing this ammo. Currently I have the following in CfgWeapons.hpp class CfgWeapons { class GrenadeLauncher; class Rifle_Base_F; class Rifle_Long_Base_F; class Launcher_Base_F; class arifle_SPAR_01_base_F: Rifle_Base_F { magazines[] += {"law_30rnd_556x45_mss"}; }; }; However, when I examine the magazines field for arifle_SPAR_01_base_F with the mod loaded, it comes up with the default magazines but not the new magazine. This might suggest that the =+ operator does not work, however, I also attempted the following: class CfgWeapons { class GrenadeLauncher; class Rifle_Base_F; class Rifle_Long_Base_F; class Launcher_Base_F; class arifle_SPAR_01_base_F: Rifle_Base_F { magazines[] += {"law_30rnd_556x45_mss"}; }; class arifle_SPAR_01_blk_F: arifle_SPAR_01_base_F { magazines[] += {"law_30rnd_556x45_mss"}; }; }; In the above example; arifle_SPAR_01_base_F retains it's original array of vanilla magazines, with no modded mag. arifle_SPAR_01_blk_F contains no vanilla magazines, but TWO entries of law_30rnd_556x45_mss I'm not really understanding why the change is not being applied to the base class, but is being applied to it's child, or why the magazine appears twice in the child. Clearly I've not quite understood everything about CFG editing yet, and need some help figuring this (because my head hurts and I'm frustrated now). Cheers, Law
  7. Hello All, Could you let me know if you're working on or can make a mod for dropping magazines on the floor? Someone did make a bullet casing mod, but i want this to go with dropping magazines on the floor when its empty? As far as I'm aware Arma 3 uses PHYSX, so i really want to see my empty magazine fall to the floor along with the bullets? Can anyone do this ?? I've been waiting for something like this since operation Flashpoint, but it seems nobody can do it - is this an engine limitation or something?
  8. Good day, I have been searching this forum for a solution but either I can't find it or it is not yet here. I belong to a small group of modders and we have done our own smoke grenade and dinamite models and added them succesfuly into an also custom cratebox. We can then lay down the cratebox in the editor and access these items from there, or by putting them directly into a custom faction soldier's inventory. However, we cannot see them in the virtual arsenal, and would really appreciate it if someone could point us in the right direction. Here are the configs: (DINAMITE): class CfgPatches { class go9_dinamita { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1.0.0; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Weapons_F","A3_Modules_F_Misc"}; }; }; class cfgAmmo { class SatchelCharge_Remote_Ammo; class Dinamita: SatchelCharge_Remote_Ammo { author = "RealityTeamMod"; scope = 2; displayName="Carga de Dinamita"; picture = "\go9_dinamita\data\ico\dinamita.paa"; hit=8000; indirectHit=8000; indirectHitRange=15; deflecting = 25; model = "\go9_dinamita\go9_dinamita.p3d"; mineModelDisabled = "\go9_dinamita\go9_dinamita.p3d"; soundHit[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\explosives\mines\Explosive_Charge_01",3.1622777,1,1500}; defaultMagazine = "DinamitaM"; ExplosionEffects = "MineNondirectionalExplosion"; CraterEffects = "MineNondirectionalCrater"; whistleDist = 32; mineInconspicuousness = 5; mineTrigger = "RemoteTrigger"; triggerWhenDestroyed = 0; }; class Dinamita_Scripted: SatchelCharge_Remote_Ammo { triggerWhenDestroyed = 1; }; }; class cfgMagazines { class SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag; class DinamitaM: SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag { author = "Reality Team Mod"; scope = 2; mass = 12; displayName="Carga de dinamita"; picture = "\go9_dinamita\data\ico\dinamita.paa"; model = "\go9_dinamita\go9_dinamita.p3d"; ammo = "Dinamita"; descriptionShort = "¡Cuidado con los dedos!"; class Library { libTextDesc = "Carga de dinamita"; }; }; }; (SMOKE GRENADE): class CfgPatches { class go9_granada_s_v { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {"granada_humo_throw"}; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_weapons_F"}; }; }; class cfgAmmo { class Default; // External class reference class Grenade : Default {}; class GrenadeHand : Grenade {}; class SmokeShell: GrenadeHand {}; class go9_granada_Sammo_b: SmokeShell { model = "\go9_granada_s_v\go9_granada_s_v.p3d"; timeToLive = 80; smokeColor[] = {1,1,1,1}; effectsSmoke = "SmokeShellWhiteEffect"; }; class go9_granada_Sammo_v: SmokeShell { model = "\go9_granada_s_v\go9_granada_s_v.p3d"; timeToLive = 80; smokeColor[] = {0.2125,0.6258,0.48909998,1}; effectsSmoke = "SmokeShellGreenEffect"; }; class go9_granada_Sammo_r: SmokeShell { model = "\go9_granada_s_v\go9_granada_s_v.p3d"; timeToLive = 80; smokeColor[] = {0.8438,0.1383,0.1353,1}; effectsSmoke = "SmokeShellRedEffect"; }; }; class cfgMagazines { class Default; // External class reference class CA_Magazine : Default {}; class HandGrenade : CA_Magazine {}; class SmokeShell : HandGrenade {}; class go9_granada_Sshell_b: SmokeShell { author = "RealityTeamMod"; scope = 2; displayName = "Granada S Blanco"; displayNameShort = "Humo Blanco"; picture = "\go9_granada_s_v\data\ico\go9_granada_s_blanco.paa"; model = "\go9_granada_s_v\go9_granada_s_v.p3d"; ammo = "go9_granada_Sammo_b"; descriptionShort = "Granada S de humo blanco RTM"; }; class go9_granada_Sshell_r: SmokeShell { author = "RealityTeamMod"; scope = 2; displayName = "Granada S Rojo"; displayNameShort = "Humo Rojo"; picture = "\go9_granada_s_v\data\ico\go9_granada_s_rojo.paa"; model = "\go9_granada_s_v\go9_granada_s_v.p3d"; ammo = "go9_granada_Sammo_r"; descriptionShort = "Granada S de humo rojo RTM"; }; class go9_granada_Sshell_v: SmokeShell { author = "RealityTeamMod"; scope = 2; displayName = "Granada S Verde"; displayNameShort = "Humo Verde"; picture = "\go9_granada_s_v\data\ico\go9_granada_s_verde.paa"; model = "\go9_granada_s_v\go9_granada_s_v.p3d"; ammo = "go9_granada_Sammo_v"; descriptionShort = "Granada S de humo verde RTM"; }; }; class cfgWeapons { class Default; class GrenadeLauncher : Default {}; class Throw : GrenadeLauncher {}; class go9_granada_Sthrow : Throw { displayname = "Throw"; baseWeapon = "go9_granada_Sthrow" scope = 2; scopeCurator = 2; scopeArsenal = 2; muzzles[] = {"go9_granada_S_Muzzle"}; class ThrowMuzzle: GrenadeLauncher { aidispersioncoefx = 6; aidispersioncoefy = 6; autoreload = 1; cursor = "EmptyCursor"; cursoraim = "throw"; enableattack = 0; keepininventory = 1; magazinereloadtime = 0; maxrange = 60; maxrangeprobab = 0.03; midrange = 45; midrangeprobab = 0.9; minrange = 10; minrangeprobab = 0.2; modeloptics = ""; reloadsound[] = {"", 0.000316228, 1}; reloadtime = 0; showempty = 0; sound[] = {"", 0.000316228, 1}; }; class go9_granada_S_Muzzle: ThrowMuzzle { magazines[] = {"go9_granada_Sshell_b","go9_granada_Sshell_r","go9_granada_Sshell_v"}; }; }; }; Thank you for your time in advance! Peace out B)
  9. we need a tool or commands to adjust rgb values in configs in realtime ingame! i dont know how much work it would take to make it but until there might be official tools, if someone is able to create an notepad++ (or similar editor) plugin hat has 1. a direct preview function for rgb values and 2. can convert decimal to 255/255 rgb values automaticlly. just my humble and desperate request but i think this would also be a very handy tool for every mapmaker to easily addapt the island lighting to the specific geographical characteristics of the custom terrain. maybe this would be helpfull as well http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=10776