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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everyone, this is my issue. Im trying to force the game to display a specific asset on respawn . This is the export code from the virtual garage : _veh = createVehicle ["amf_pvp_01_mag_DA_f",position player,[],0,"NONE"]; [ _veh, ["DA",1], ["showeod",1,"turretshieldhide",1,"showCamonetHull",1] ] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; So basically, i call my vehicle p1 and write this on the init of the vanilla respawn module : this setVehicleVarName "p1"; [p1,["showeod",1,"turretshieldhide",1,"showCamonetHull",1]]call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; BUT ... did nothing, the vehicle respawn with basic camo texture, no error message on preview during the script exec. BTW there is a mod than a user sent me but it dont work. If you saw an error on my script pls explain to me because i dont understand ..
  2. Hi, I want to know, what's the classname for each factions of the new DLC S.O.G Preairie for edits missions? In the game base I know the main factions BLU_F, OPF_F, CIV_F, but don't for this DLC somebody can help me with this?
  3. Who are we: S&C Supply is a provider of Arma 3 modding assets. Our team is comprised of passionate gamers and experienced developers who understand the needs of the modding community. We have worked on the finest arma 3 gear out there, and our assets have been used by many players in the community. What do we offer: We offer a wide range of assets, including weapons, gear, uniforms, and more. All of our assets are carefully designed and tested to ensure that they meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy. We use real-world data and expert knowledge to create assets that are not only visually stunning but also functionally realistic. In addition to library of pre-made assets, we also offer custom asset creation services. Our team of designers and developers can work with you to create unique assets that perfectly fit your mod's theme and style. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your custom assets are optimized for performance and seamlessly integrate with the Arma 3 engine. Our Commitment: At S&C Supply, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. We offer fast completion competitive pricing, and unparalleled customer support. Our team is always available to answer your questions and provide technical assistance. A list of What we can do: - Uniforms - Vests - Backpacks/Panels - Helmets - Eyepro & Facewear - NVG's - Weapons - Weapon hand animations - Optics - IR/Flash Combos - Grips - Mags - Suppressors - Custom Patches - Texturing - Porting new models So, whether you're starting a new unit or have an existing one, S&C Supply has everything you need to take your Arma 3 Unit to the next level. Visit our discord now to learn more about our products and services, and join the satisfied customers who trust S&C Supply for their Arma 3 modding needs. https://discord.gg/rtsW52BVEP
  4. Arma 3 Assets Navigating through 1000+ game objects can be a mess. To help you with finding a soldier, vehicle, object, item, weapon or magazine you want, we're going to maintain an official library of Arma 3 Assets on the Community Wiki. Entries are cross-linked, so you can easily access soldier's equipment, weapon accessories or addons they all belong to. Preview images are attached to every object and item with model, so you can check them without even starting the game. Have fun with modding ;) Objects By addons By side BLUFOR OPFOR Independent Civilian Empty Items By addons By type Weapons Vehicle Weapons Items Magazines
  5. Inspired by Ravage and Friths Ruin... ...a selection of retextured backpacks, vests, facewear and headgear to enhance your post-apocalyptic survival experience. Includes a Civilian Expansion: 22 unique civilians created using a mixture of Ravaged and Frithified gear plus vanilla assets. They can be found in Eden under the Civilian tab > EO Civilian Expansion. Basic hand held Flashlight. Flashlight usage: Equip from the sidearm slot, press L for light Weathered Dome Tents. The tents are configured to act as an inventory object capable of storing a realistic chunk of loot, or they can be used as a simple object via the special states attributes. Each tent is configured to spawn with a couple of useful inventory items. They can be found in Eden under Things>Camping. Tattered and torn flags. Flags can be placed straight from the Editor: Props>Signs>Flags Flags can also be attached to the majority of vanilla A3 and community made vehicles/units by adding the one of the following codes to the vehicles/units init field: More information about forceFlagTexture can be found here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/forceFlagTexture Supply Box that contains all Ravaged and Frithified Gear. Retextured CBRN Suits. (optional pbo) (Requires Contact DLC) Zodiac Backpack. (Assemble/Dissemble the Zodiac boat from the backpack) Tent Backpacks. (Assemble/Dissemble a tent with an Inventory from the backpack) Screenshots, more screenshots...even more screenshots. Classnames Download: Steam Credits: Haleks for creating Ravage, and also being an inspiration for all my ARMA 3 content. Lordfrith for creating the work of art that is Frith's Ruin. This work is licensed under: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/
  6. Welcome to No Cure A Single player Arma 3, Open world action RPG.. In 2017 the asteroid named Mortifera 71 began its collision course with earth. As Mortifera 71 drew closer to earth Governments around the world decided to nuke it in an attempt to destroy it or reduce its size. This resulted in a cataclysmic disaster breaking Mortifera 71 into thousands of smaller meteorites that showered the earth causing utter destruction to most major cities and our planet’s surface. In the wake of the disaster the climate effects where detrimental Earth was shrouded in a dust layer plunging the planet into complete darkness. Communications across the planet failed and governments lost control as humanity fell into panic mass killings /starvation /and a breakdown of medical systems left behind a broken world. Several years on as the dust began to lift a dark and daunting horror began to manifest. The asteroid contained water within its core, the water was host to a bacteria unlike anything we have ever seen. When Mortifera 71 was split by the nukes the bacteria thriving water was spread into the earth’s ozone and all across the planet’s surface. The effects are devastating, mutating most living things only the stronger immune systems manage to scrape through. 2047 The shattered world now consists of factions and colts banded together from survivors of all kinds desperately trying to cling on to existence at whatever cost…. And on top of everything…. Something dark and sinister is rising from the old world…Pure evil is coming. Let chaos take its place. Features Large progressive quest system Full survival system Loot system Building system camps and barricading, full blown settlement building. Ui overhaul / interaction dialog / new inventory Crafting and farming system Hunting system Ulak a fictional 40K terrain set just north of Alaska Melee combat system New weapons / clothing and vehicles multiple new factions An abundance of new inventory items / Terrain assets Lighting overhaul and ambient weather effects Explore the ruined past of the former world. No Cure has its own web site Interaction System: Inventory system overhaul TERRAIN DEVELOPMENT: You can follow the development of No Cure here and No Cure website Facebook Twitter Discord ModDB Armaholic
  7. I’m building a small mission, only placed a few units, vehicles & arsenal.. as soon as I jump into one of the vehicles, EVERYTHING disappears.. if I get close to it, they will pop in, but the assets I placed & buildings on the map disappear from view.. I know u will prob need more info, so just let me know what would help me to give u a better idea.. idk if it’s a mod or what.. thanks in advance.. EDIT: Sorry guys, I fixed it.. Please disregard.. I’m not sure how to erase this post so I put this notice here until I do..
  8. Please let us know your thoughts on the Laws of War DLC assets (vehicles, weapons, character gear, props, etc.). Find out more about the asset production process in our OPREP on this topic. If you discover concrete issues, the most effective reporting method for us is Feedback Tracker. How do I access the assets? Main Menu: Shift + P In the DLC Content Browser, select Laws of War and explore its contents. Some assets have a TRY button that will open the asset in ... Main Menu: TUTORIALS > VIRTUAL ARSENAL (For vehicles, switch to the Garage mode at the top of the screen) Each asset category shows the appropriate DLC / mod icons behind each asset for easy identification. Use Sort by mod to make it even easier to find them. Note: in this mode you should be able to preview the assets without DLC ownership. Main Menu: EDITOR In the Asset Browser on the right, all assets are marked by the DLC / mod icon. Use Filter by mods option and select Arma 3 Laws of War. And you'll of course encounter the assets during gameplay! What assets are available?
  9. I am editing and improving an old copy of AW Invade and Annex and converting everything to RHS assets. Everything is working except the restrictions.sqf. Apparently, it does not work very well with modern versions of Arma 3. Is there a modern low-impact way to white-list sniper and UAV assets? I just want the rhs UAV operator to have access to the UAV terminal, and to white-list sniper weapons to the RHS sniper slots. But I am looking for a method that has low impact on performance. I tried this script and it will not work at all. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/186196-restrict-weapons-and-gear-to-certain-units/ Thanks.
  10. Hello there! I've been looking into trying to tinker around and learn how to make snow maps for ArmA. Although the satellite image and other settings are very simple to do, I was wondering - but what about the trees, the clutter, and the houses? They'd all look as if they were normal, green trees, green grass/bushes, instead of white or houses sort of covered in Snow. So here I ask, does anyone know anywhere we can get assets (Mods or alike) for a winter map? Or reskins of current in-game things to make them fit in a snowy environment? Also, it'd be really nice if it comes from an accessible author or if they're allowed to be publicly used! Thanks you!!! Kindest regards
  11. Situation:Eden-F1-Assets-Things-Lights-Camping Lantern. There is two kinds - lantern and lantern (off). In Zeus lantern spawns without light by day and with light by night, and properly change status with time transition. In Eden - without light ever. Even in night. And did not work with transition. Is that correctable by scripting f.e.? Lanterns should be placed with "Enabled simulation". But then they can fall through that table. :(
  12. Kenney just released a public domain voice pack. It consists of 46 voice snippets, both male and female, in ogg format. It includes the following: war_watch_my_back war_target_engaged war_target_destroyed war_suppressing_fire war_sniper war_rpg war_reloading war_medic war_look_out war_go_go_go war_get_down war_fire_in_the_hole war_cover_me war_call_for_backup More info and download links: http://www.kenney.nl/assets/voiceover-pack -- And the voices pbofied for OFP/CWA: Kenney Voices for OFP/CWA v1.0: https://www.mediafire.com/download/34t6ekgzudc2y39/%40kenneyvoices_v1.zip And the unpacked pbo: https://www.mediafire.com/download/daxd0un8czhfeho/kenneyvoices_unpboed_v1.zip Just drag and drop the @kenneyvoices folder to your OFP or CWA folder and add @kenneyvoices to a new or existing shortcut. Included there's a text file with all the classes of the new voices. I've set their volume to the one the default OFP voices use. They are also avaliable in the Voices and Anonymous lists of trigger sounds, with the prefix: Kenney/Male/ and Kenney/Female/ Feel free to check it out and report anything wrong you find there. Forgot to mention that I'm also releasing this as Public Domain. So feel free to do whatever you want with all this.
  13. we need a tool or commands to adjust rgb values in configs in realtime ingame! i dont know how much work it would take to make it but until there might be official tools, if someone is able to create an notepad++ (or similar editor) plugin hat has 1. a direct preview function for rgb values and 2. can convert decimal to 255/255 rgb values automaticlly. just my humble and desperate request but i think this would also be a very handy tool for every mapmaker to easily addapt the island lighting to the specific geographical characteristics of the custom terrain. maybe this would be helpfull as well http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=10776