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  1. this is interesting! It's also something I noticed myself when I started working on my terrain too. I thought having palm trees was certainly pivotal for a lot of middle eastern vibes, and I rarely see much of that in a lot of middle east terrains. I'm glad there's other people who are interested and care about this too. I exclusively really liked the Malden palm trees, and they were part of the inspiration/reasons why I picked up my latest terrain project. Hopefully you'll approve of my usage of these palm trees! Haha.
  2. Also! Are you, or do you know any designers who'd like to have a part of themselves in this project for fun? I am hosting a little 'contest' for fun to feature fictional adverts and artwork on billboards around the terrain. You can find all the info and rules here:
  3. Hi all! I'd like to announce that if everything goes to plan, I am hoping to release Bastek sometime December this year. Excited? Me too. Here's some promo shots. Also, want a bit of nostalgia? Check out these tracks made by BI for Arma 2's soundtrack. This really sets the setting and vibe for me, I've been listening to them here and there while I work. If you haven't played Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, or Arma 2's Operation Black Gauntlet from Arma 2's Private Military Company DLC, I suggest you do so! And if you're brave, play Operation Royal Flush from Arma 1, maybe you'll catch a sneaky refference! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kduwdc4amXU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GyHtOyIRNM Have a good one!
  4. Hi! I am the developer behind this project. I am looking for any graphic designers or artwork creators interested in volunteering their artistic abilities for creating a billboard to be featured in my terrain. I am hoping to release the terrain sometime December this year. The advertisements can be about anything whether based on in-game franchises, corporations, or conglomerates and items - to made-up fictional things. You will be credited for your work and are allowed to sign your own creation visually in a way that is convincing for the advert. See: https://armedassault.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Companies The requirements are as follow: -All images must be of YOUR OWN intellectual work, and they must be made ad hoc for this purpose. -You can make and design screenshots, or solely design. -Images are to be done ONLY in 2048x1024px resolution. -NO fourth wall breaking. -It is recommended to use the Aceh Darusalam font, but exceptions can be made! If you have questions, or wanna make sure your design is OK with me before starting work, feel free to message me. You can contact me here, or on Discord as Vectif#6895 or on STEAM. Thank you and have a good one! Vectif
  5. some more object placement updates and progress! enjoy ^^
  6. I use L3DT to process most of my terrain, so I could add a few more height variations to some areas. I do not know of generating "random noise" per se but I could likely go manually about it. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try it and see how it goes. Thank you very much! ^^
  7. Also... a little livefire scenario test! Here's some screenies I snapped.
  8. Hey all, here's some new progress pictures of the terrain! Few new areas here and there, and some revisited areas too. Working on the overall picture, enjoy!
  9. Absolutely! Thank you. I did notice a lot of middle east terrains only use huts or make very barren places (and sometimes are way too much like Zargabad or Takistan), I've always thought having an actual modern or first world-like middle east terrain would shake things up. I have always adored the way Battlefield 3 did it, so Tehran has definitely been an influence. I do not have as many overpasses or bridges as I'd like to, but I'd love to find a way to implement such. I'm also surprised no one else had this idea before, but it seems that having taken my time to curate the Arma 3 objects that fit the theme and vibe has been paying off. I hope to bring something new to the community with this terrain. I totally wanted Bastek to have contrast, so there's definitely slums around, there's war torn and regular towns, and there's also super modern rich cities. That's what makes the Bastek 'background'/'story' canon work in my mind, and that's what I wanted to visualize with the terrain on it's different regions. I would admire this to be reflected on the ways people play the terrain, and make things be much more interesting and deep than just combat alone. On a side note... sometimes I like to play pretend this is Take on Helicopters... and that's a spoiler for my next terrain project after Bastek 😉
  10. I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait to be in a firefight in this area! My mind is already racing just imagining the ideas or how creative people could get with these areas. I'm still fixated on the Bastek' story canon, and this area is the epitome of the unjustness and unfairness that inequally spreads across Bastek and divides it's people. This is the modern success-story city area that overshadows all other issues in Bastek, and as such, it is a target for all parties involved in the conflict. Whether it's hearts and minds, money switching hands, insurgencies or terror... it all stems from here. I couldn't leave y'all without some pictures along my random ramble. In reality, this area is still very barebones in terms of the development and scope I'd like it to have at this time, despite the fact that I've been extensively working on it as of lately. Here's a view of the city from afar so you can sort of get an idea. There will still be suburbs and the modernity of it will slowly decay as you further yourself away from the town centre. A lot is still left to be placed, a lot more buildings and roads! Stay tuned and thanks for checking this out!
  11. hey all. throwing some more new Bastek WIPs. Still not any less busy than before, but still trying to work whenever I get time, hope all is fine for everyone! I'm really excited and can't wait to further polish this terrain, but here's some more of where it's at now! Most notably I've started to work on the most "modern"/"first world"-like city of the map, this is the one that's located just underneath the artificial islands, and one of the few that overshadow the other things going on in the less fortunate places in Bastek. I've also started to add some other miscellaneous site to the map such as port areas, bays, factories, and extending some of the slums aswell. There is still a lot of work left to be done, and that's for object placement - not to mention the satellite imagery and surfaces still have plenty to go! Cheers and thanks for your interest!
  12. your work is admirable! Thanks for taking the time to do these. Looking forward to your project!
  13. slowly but surely, I've extended the northern section of a previous town I was working on and also decided to add a bridge to make it connect to the mainland from two different access points as opposed to just one. Added a lot of marketplaces and urban combat areas too.
  14. Hi! Thanks for bringing it up to my attention. I have been testing this during and throughout development of the terrain and so far it has been mostly OK. I've ran a few scenarios putting AI against each other to engage and fight both in urban and mechanized combat and it has worked fine on most occassions. I've had to make a few tweaks and fixes here and there, but it is something that I'm indeed trying to keep in mind while working on the terrain. The only 'recurring' issue I've run into is tight turns (e.g. that military airfield's entrance 90º degree turn) for big vehicles, but I am trying to keep close attention to that. I've been trying to keep track of such things and run livefire scenarios with AI to see how they perform and so far it's been going fine. Thanks for the concern! Have a good one. Vectif.
  15. I've been super busy with college and life lately but I've been trying to get a few bites in. Here's some more pics of another city area I'm working on! The ground surfaces and all is still very WIP for these areas and still doing more object detail placement. I also JUST realised I never posted ANYTHING of the military base I had been working on in the map aswell, so here it is! Cheers and thanks all!