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  1. I am an idiot. Works fine. I shouldn't stay up so late.
  2. Just got around to testing it. Issue: Seems only one marker updates. In the mission I have currently, I have anywhere between 1 and 7 such "capturable" flags. Reproduce: Copy and paste the flag and marker in the 3d editor. Start the mission and capture both flags. Context: The flag (and everything else) is part of a larger mission. I was using attempting to use capturable flags to change the color of a marker, then using the markercolor to act as a switch of sorts. Each flag (will) belong to a composition that spawns in via LARs. The composition is a simple "base" with 3 cargo houses (two military and one medical) and a numbered tower. The idea is that the flag can be captured by any side at any time, and recaptured by another side, ad infinitum, until the match ends. Each cargo house has an object. In the military houses, that object is a supply crate. In the medical it is also a supply crate. The supply crate will restore the players last arsenal loadout, presumably with a timed hold object counter like the flag capture has. The (object that I haven't decided) in the medical house would restore a player's health via addaction, presumably with a hold object counter like the flag capture has. Why a marker? A, to visually ID who owns a given post on the player map and gps, and B, to retrieve who owns the flag --> so that the addactions/hold actions can be restricted to only work with the side that currently "owns" the flag/marker. The post will also contain a respawn point, llso only available to the side holding the flag, which on mission start would ideally be empty (so no spawn at towerpost), instead of a white flag (I couldn't figure out out to default an empty flagpole in my original init). Both the medical and rearm features will have a 5 minute timeout for that player, to prevent pumping and dumping. In addition, there are 3 triggers, each with a veh repair script. Those will be side restricted as well. I've gotten as far as getting my original solution to work with loadouts, but there is no timer yet. Mission File
  3. I'll work on switching to this over the next couple days. This is good stuff. Thanks @Larrow
  4. In that case, what would be a better, more efficient approach?
  5. Not sure what you mean. For context, I am creating a small Outpost that will be capturable in a larger MP mission with 3 teams fighting over a single sector. The idea is that a player captures an outpost by capturing a flag (with code from here). Doing so changes the color of a named marker specific to that base, to not only show who controls it, but to act as a switch of sorts for a couple of things in the outpost.This particular one is a supply crate. The addaction by itself works splendidly, filtering it seems to be quite the chore. Beyond that there will be a healing create, three vehicle repair areas and a respawn location -- all which are only meant to work for the team matching the marker color.
  6. I have tried if (_mrkrcolor == _color) then { player addAction ["Rearm", { _mrkrcolor = getMarkerColor _mrkr; and if (_canRearm) then { player addAction ["Rearm", { private _customLoadout = player getVariable "enh_savedloadout"; if (isNil "_customLoadout") exitWith { player setUnitLoadout (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf player); systemChat "Could not find custom loadout"; systemChat "Restored default unit loadout"; }; player setUnitLoadout _customLoadout; systemChat "Rearmed and Reloaded"; }, [], 0, true, true, "", "_canRearm"]; }; Neither throw errors, nor appears to have any effect.
  7. Trying to enable an addaction based on the player side and color marker matching. This is in the init of a supply box on mission start. Anyone know how I would go about updating it whenever a marker color changes? _mrkr = "TowerPost1"; _mrkrcolor = getMarkerColor _mrkr; _color = switch (side player) do { case west: { "ColorBlufor" }; case east: { "ColorOpfor" }; case independent: { "ColorIndependent" }; default { "ColorGrey" }; }; _canRearm = (_color == _mrkrcolor); if (_canRearm) then { player addAction ["Rearm", { private _customLoadout = player getVariable "enh_savedloadout"; if (isNil "_customLoadout") exitWith { player setUnitLoadout (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf player); systemChat "Could not find custom loadout"; systemChat "Restored default unit loadout"; }; player setUnitLoadout _customLoadout; systemChat "Rearmed and Reloaded"; }]; };
  8. Context: I have mission that contains multiple flagpoles. Each is named (Flag_1, Flag_2) Player captures a flagpole, it should change the marker color of TowerPost%1. Marker will stay the same until another team captures the flagpole. I've tried this, and ultimately, I am unsure of what to use to determine if a flag has been captured, and returning it's name for a split string. Edit: I just modified the aftercommand to get the flagside the same way the existing code did, then use that to set the markercolor. I wasn't able to figure out how to get the name of flag1, split the string, and format towerpost%1 based on that, but this really isn't that much more work. _flag = this; params ["_winSide"]; _afterCommand = {**_get = _flag getVariable ["TER_flagSide",civilian];** _marker1 = "TowerPost1"; _mkrcolor = switch (_get) do { case west: { _marker1 setmarkerColor "ColorBLUFOR"; }; case east: { _marker1 setmarkerColor "ColorOPFOR"; }; case independent: { _marker1 setmarkerColor "ColorIndependent"; }; default { _marker1 setmarkerColor "ColorGrey"; }; }; }; _fncOwnFlag = { params ["_winSide"]; _flagPath = "\a3\data_f\flags\%1.paa"; _fileFlag = switch _winSide do { case west: {"flag_nato_co"}; case east: {"flag_csat_co"}; case independent: {"flag_aaf_co"}; default {"flag_white_co"} }; format [_flagPath,_fileFlag]; }; _actionParams = ["_flag", "_caller", "_actionId", "_arguments"]; _flag setflagAnimationPhase 1; _flag setFlagTexture (civilian call _fncOwnFlag); _flag setVariable ["TER_flagSide",civilian]; _icon = "\a3\ui_f\data\igui\cfg\holdactions\holdaction_takeoff2_ca.paa"; _duration = 10; _addID = [_flag, "Capture Post", _icon, _icon, "_target getVariable [""TER_flagSide"",civilian] != side _this", "true", { }, { params ["_flag", "_caller", "_actionId", "_arguments","_progress","_maxProgress"]; _arguments params ["_actionParams","_fncOwnFlag","_afterCommand"]; _relProgress = _progress/_maxProgress; if (_relProgress < 0.5) then { _flag setFlagAnimationPhase (1-(2*_relProgress)); } else { if (_relProgress == 0.5) then {_flag setFlagTexture (side _caller call _fncOwnFlag)}; _flag setFlagAnimationPhase ((2*_relProgress)-1); }; }, { params ["_flag", "_caller", "_actionId", "_arguments"]; _arguments params ["_actionParams","_fncOwnFlag","_afterCommand"]; _flag setVariable ["TER_flagSide",side _caller]; [] call _afterCommand; }, { params ["_flag", "_caller", "_actionId", "_arguments"]; _arguments params ["_actionParams","_fncOwnFlag","_afterCommand"]; _flag setFlagAnimationPhase 1; _side = _flag getVariable ["TER_flagSide",civilian]; _flag setFlagTexture (_side call _fncOwnFlag); }, [_actionParams,_fncOwnFlag,_afterCommand], _duration, 1.5, false] call BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd; _addID
  9. Northup


    I managed to get this to work in one instance but not work in another. It's confounding! In some_1.sqf the following works: private _displays = uiNameSpace getVariable ["igui_displays", []]; { private _ctrl = _x displayCtrl 101; if (!isNull _ctrl && ctrlType _ctrl == 101) then { _ctrl ctrlAddEventHandler ["Draw", { _this#0 drawIcon [getMissionPath "\images\attack.paa", [1,1,1,1], (getMarkerPos "BZMarker"), 30, 30, 0, "", 1, 0.03, "TahomaB", "right"]; }]; }; } forEach _displays; In some_2.sqf: //This works and displays an icon on the player map findDisplay 12 displayCtrl 51 ctrlAddEventHandler ["Draw", { _ALP_towers = ALP_mainZone getVariable "ALP_triggerTowers"; { _this select 0 drawIcon [getMissionPath format ["\images\tower%1_ca.paa", (_forEachIndex + 1)], [1,1,1,1], (getPos (_x select 0)), 24, 24, 0, "", 1, 0.03, "TahomaB", "right"]; } forEach _ALP_towers; }]; //This does NOT work, but doesn't throw any errors! private _displays = uiNameSpace getVariable ["igui_displays", []]; { private _ctrl = _x displayCtrl 101; _ALP_towers = ALP_mainZone getVariable "ALP_triggerTowers"; if (!isNull _ctrl && ctrlType _ctrl == 101) then { { _ctrl ctrlAddEventHandler ["Draw", { _this#0 drawIcon [getMissionPath format ["\images\tower%1_ca.paa", (_forEachIndex + 1)], [1,1,1,1], (getPos (_x select 0)), 24, 24, 0, "", 1, 0.03, "TahomaB", "right"]; }]; } forEach _ALP_towers; }; } forEach _displays;
  10. Trying to pass a variable through to the custom function that spawns comps. The function works in other tests just fine. However, I am trying to call it on initServer. _ZoneComp = missionNamespace getVariable ["ALP_mainZone", ""]; diag_log format ["_ZoneComp value:%1", _ZoneComp]; _compReference = [_ZoneComp, [], [0,0,0], 0, true, true, false] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp; And just to verify here is my compositions.cfg: //LARs_spawnComp_debug = 1; //1 = RPT output, 2 = RPT output and ingame visual positioning info class CfgCompositions { class ALP_Area_01 { //Name that the composition is spawned by #include "ALP_Area_01.sqe" //Renamed composition.sqe }; }; Upon mission start, I get the Error >>: Type Object, expected string. In the RPT, this pops out: 11:17:13 "_ZoneComp value:ALP_Area_01" 11:17:13 Error in expression < missionConfigFile >> "CfgCompositions" >> _compName; Any ideas ? Edit: Fixed Thanks. Great Script!
  11. Solved. Still leaning syntax. My apologies. @Larrow thanks for the script. Works like a charm once I figured it out.
  12. @Larrow, I gave it another shot and was able to get into my mission, but I am unsure of how to spawn my comp via trigger? I tried _compReference = [ SAB ] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp; no luck. My composition is called SAB. Any suggestions?
  13. Thanks Larrow. I tried yours first, but I'm inexperienced enough that with yours I couldn't add the lines to description.ext, since the mission I have is somewhat complex and has a ton of other functions and was throwing me errors. Not comfortable enough to perform that kind of surgery on existing scripts and functions. I also couldn't figure out how to just straight up spawn in something on mission start without using addactions. Just trying to come of with a small, simple script that will do what I need.