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  1. my question is why hasnt this been fixed yet? i mean 1.0.4 is out for a long time now... and no one ever felt the need of kicking out this buggy stuff?
  2. this problem is caused by the helicopter itself which is included in exile mod files if you put this helicopter into the editor it will show the same behaviour... also some of the old Arma2 ported vehicles have wrong seat positions for the drivers etc im sitting under the vehicle in most of them...
  3. @pierremgi thnx man... that worked...
  4. hey there.... a short question about "how to fuck around with triggers" for our exile server i wanted to split chernarus in half for pvp zone and pve zone... and want to get the players a message when they enter the red zone or leave it.... now when one player enters... all players get the message... not only the one who enters _ZoneTrigger = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", [3500,295.67999,8200], false]; _ZoneTrigger setTriggerActivation ["ANYPLAYER", "PRESENT", true]; _ZoneTrigger setTriggerArea [3500, 8200, 0, true, 500]; _ZoneTrigger setTriggerStatements [ "this", "['ErrorTitleAndText', ['PVP-Zone', 'Du bist nun in der PVP-Zone! Feuer Frei!!']] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast;", "['SuccessTitleAndText', ['PVE-Zone', 'Du bist nun in der PVE-Zone! Pass auf worauf du schiesst!!']] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast;" ]; ideas? also i set the trigger to LOCAL with the false in the first line... where true would be global... at least thats what your wiki says...
  5. one question... do the owners of the supporter edition have to buy this dlc too? on the other dlcs steam told me i have it in my library already even before it was released... not with this one... so i wonder where the ALL DLC INCLUDED part of the supporter edition may end... alright i found the answer already on my own
  6. gagi2

    Max Melee Weapons

    hmmm... for a shovel the animation wouldnt fit i guess... but for a hammer maybe...
  7. gagi2

    Max Melee Weapons

    mostly way better animations than other melee mods i have seen can you add a pickaxe maybe
  8. dont mix up the BE port with be RCON port which is a different thing be port is the port where your server communicates with the be masterserver
  9. you shouldnt run 2 servers in a portrange that close... because ports 2303 2304 and 2305 are already reserved when you use 2302 as gameport + now 2306 too so you better run them with 10 empty ports between 2302 2312 2322 etc so you have enough spare ports between and nothing collides
  10. gagi2

    Wolf like in dayz ? :)

    they havent even put the cows in from arma2 yet... so what do you expect? other stuff missing we had in a2 already: busses, bicycles, woman characters
  11. gagi2

    Forums Upgrade

    have you guys fiddled around with the forums again... its now only reachable per https when it was a with http too a few days ago... i already thought the forums are down now... who the fuck thinks about using https instead and it might work... just make a redirection for this please...
  12. well... imho brilliant is something else... you can still use this command do3DENAction "ToggleMapIDs"; to show the ids in the editor... and then there is the new stuff ModuleEditTerrainObject_F ModuleHideTerrainObjects_F you can use these modules to hide/edit objects on the map BUT.... and this is where the problems start again... if something explodes near one of the hidden objects the destroyed model will show up again... with the old method - hiding them by id - we could set allowdamage false to make them indestructable and problem was solved but how should we do this with these new modules when we have no id where we can set the allowdamage on it so.... dear bohemia devs... please give us an option to make the hidden objects indestructable so they dont show up when something explodes next to them or zeus hits the spot where they used to be
  13. fact is direct channel is much lower in volume than vehicle channel for example +1 for louder direct channel
  14. so... since your page and the trello board are gone at the moment... let me ask.... is this project dead now?
  15. [sarcasm]well... thats one way to solve the bugs... just remove the map from armaholic too please[/sarcasm]