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  1. BASTEK Hi all. I'm Vectif, I've worked on a few terrains previously (namely Djalka, and Straya), and I'd just like to come here to announce the next project I've begun working on; Bastek. A proof-of-concept terrain of attempting to create middle-eastern themed terrain for Arma 3 using Arma 3 assets. The idea of avoiding the usage of the Arma 2 assets nearly every middle east terrain uses will hopefully make Bastek have it's own style, and a unique one at it. The Arma 2 assets are great and lovely, but too many middle-east terrains look just like Takistan and Zargabad. So this is welcome, and feel free to join me on my journey of creating this terrain; I'm very excited for this project, and middle-east is one of my favourite themes in maps and videogames. I've been taking the time to research real life imagery and also playing multiple games set in middle-east to try and get as close as I possibly can to something believable and immersive. Not to mention something light in size and also very versatile. This project is fictional, and it's fully made from scratch. I drew the heightmap in greyscale and curated vanilla A3 objects that would fit the theme, alongside researching real-life images and playing games set in the theme. CLICK FOR ZOOM OR OPEN SEPARATELY FOR MORE DETAIL. Story & Context Bastek is a fictional terrain, however, a lot of refferences and influences are taken from diverse areas of the world, such as; Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, and Istanbul. So you may see a lot of variety in this regard as you go from area to area. Bastek is also canonically set in a time of economic and political turmoil. There is a vast difference between the richer and poorer areas, which has caused many riots and fights in the region. There's a lot of ideals in conflict that range from religion to politics and how the wealth should be divided in such regions, however, all this is often overshadowed by the success and beauty of the more popular and developed parts of the region. A once succesful country, now heading towards war. Insurgencies arise, countries begin to show support... and interest... meanwhile private military companies are starting to exploit the grey areas of their contracts. Technical details 8km size 2m cell size Expected filesize: under 200MB (this is very subject to change!) Current object count: 21000 handplaced Goals First and foremost, I'd like to finish the terrain and get it out there, I hope this will provide the Arma community with a good and brand new middle eastern terrain, not to mention an unique one. I am putting my all into the design of the layouts and object placement of this terrain to try and make it the best I can both in terms of looks and gameplay. Everywhere I can I will try to place gaps, tactical vantage positions, ladders, stairs, connectors and much more to try and allow the players to be creative when traversing the terrain. I am also interested in adding a custom-lighting setup for Overcast, to tint the skies and overall mood of the terrain in a yellow-ish light, like this. Hopeful Dreams Among other things, I would love to release this terrain with things way beyond my current time schedule at the moment. I would love to release this terrain alongside a few missions or even a campaign, but I'm not an excellent writer, however, it's something I'd like to do to make this more special. On top of this, I am a musician, I would maybe like to write and compose an OST for said missions or the terrain if I manage to study the style of arabian / middle-eastern-ish music, and of course, 2000s alternative rock. All in all, I can not promise these things, but they are things I'd like to do. Arma is my favourite videogame and I love the work of both BI and modders, that thanks to their passion, I've had endless and countless hours of fun, enjoyment, and even making friends while playing the things they made, what inspired me into starting to make my own content for Arma 3 was this same notion, I felt it was time to give back to both the game and the community, I hope this passion will show in the end result. Looking for contributors! Would you like to help Bastek go the extra mile? These are openings available for that! Feel free to ask me if you'd like to help with something that isn't listed here. -3D Modellers: I could really use modellers who could help make a building or two for the terrain to help with variety and gameplay opportunities, as such, I'd most likely ask for mosque-like buildings, minarets, unfinished apartment complexes and such. I may even ask you to do a silly easter egg or two! I'd love to have winks and refferences to other things and people that have inspired, not to mention give people a smile here and there. -Designers: Bastek needs a flag after all! A logo or insignia could do too! -Writers/Mission makers: Are you interested in building up a possible campaign or mission set that could release with this terrain? I'm all ears! Support the creator If you like my work, please consider donating! My computer is very budget and electronics are very expensive where I live, I don't have all the means nor the money to afford better hardware, I would appreciate having a more powerful computer for making more complex terrains in the future, not to mention work in a plethora of other projects I'm passionate about, all the things I make are passion projects of mine that I work on during my free time. Any amount is greatly appreciated and helpful, even just a single dollar is a lot for me. If you like what I do, this would help me a lot. Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/vectif If you have any ideas, suggestions, refferences, or would like to offer help or support me with anything in specific let me know! Thanks! -Vectif. Below in my thread replies you will see the progress of this terrain, from day one to current time as you progress in the timeline.
  2. Absolutely! Thank you. I did notice a lot of middle east terrains only use huts or make very barren places (and sometimes are way too much like Zargabad or Takistan), I've always thought having an actual modern or first world-like middle east terrain would shake things up. I have always adored the way Battlefield 3 did it, so Tehran has definitely been an influence. I do not have as many overpasses or bridges as I'd like to, but I'd love to find a way to implement such. I'm also surprised no one else had this idea before, but it seems that having taken my time to curate the Arma 3 objects that fit the theme and vibe has been paying off. I hope to bring something new to the community with this terrain. I totally wanted Bastek to have contrast, so there's definitely slums around, there's war torn and regular towns, and there's also super modern rich cities. That's what makes the Bastek 'background'/'story' canon work in my mind, and that's what I wanted to visualize with the terrain on it's different regions. I would admire this to be reflected on the ways people play the terrain, and make things be much more interesting and deep than just combat alone. On a side note... sometimes I like to play pretend this is Take on Helicopters... and that's a spoiler for my next terrain project after Bastek 😉
  3. I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait to be in a firefight in this area! My mind is already racing just imagining the ideas or how creative people could get with these areas. I'm still fixated on the Bastek' story canon, and this area is the epitome of the unjustness and unfairness that inequally spreads across Bastek and divides it's people. This is the modern success-story city area that overshadows all other issues in Bastek, and as such, it is a target for all parties involved in the conflict. Whether it's hearts and minds, money switching hands, insurgencies or terror... it all stems from here. I couldn't leave y'all without some pictures along my random ramble. In reality, this area is still very barebones in terms of the development and scope I'd like it to have at this time, despite the fact that I've been extensively working on it as of lately. Here's a view of the city from afar so you can sort of get an idea. There will still be suburbs and the modernity of it will slowly decay as you further yourself away from the town centre. A lot is still left to be placed, a lot more buildings and roads! Stay tuned and thanks for checking this out!
  4. hey all. throwing some more new Bastek WIPs. Still not any less busy than before, but still trying to work whenever I get time, hope all is fine for everyone! I'm really excited and can't wait to further polish this terrain, but here's some more of where it's at now! Most notably I've started to work on the most "modern"/"first world"-like city of the map, this is the one that's located just underneath the artificial islands, and one of the few that overshadow the other things going on in the less fortunate places in Bastek. I've also started to add some other miscellaneous site to the map such as port areas, bays, factories, and extending some of the slums aswell. There is still a lot of work left to be done, and that's for object placement - not to mention the satellite imagery and surfaces still have plenty to go! Cheers and thanks for your interest!
  5. your work is admirable! Thanks for taking the time to do these. Looking forward to your project!
  6. slowly but surely, I've extended the northern section of a previous town I was working on and also decided to add a bridge to make it connect to the mainland from two different access points as opposed to just one. Added a lot of marketplaces and urban combat areas too.
  7. Hi! Thanks for bringing it up to my attention. I have been testing this during and throughout development of the terrain and so far it has been mostly OK. I've ran a few scenarios putting AI against each other to engage and fight both in urban and mechanized combat and it has worked fine on most occassions. I've had to make a few tweaks and fixes here and there, but it is something that I'm indeed trying to keep in mind while working on the terrain. The only 'recurring' issue I've run into is tight turns (e.g. that military airfield's entrance 90º degree turn) for big vehicles, but I am trying to keep close attention to that. I've been trying to keep track of such things and run livefire scenarios with AI to see how they perform and so far it's been going fine. Thanks for the concern! Have a good one. Vectif.
  8. I've been super busy with college and life lately but I've been trying to get a few bites in. Here's some more pics of another city area I'm working on! The ground surfaces and all is still very WIP for these areas and still doing more object detail placement. I also JUST realised I never posted ANYTHING of the military base I had been working on in the map aswell, so here it is! Cheers and thanks all!
  9. Very nice! This is super interesting. We definitely need more JTAC-oriented things in Arma. I'd love to get more use out of such things, JTAC has to be one of the funnest and most intriguing roles there are. Cheers and thank you!
  10. I've updated the main post to contain more up-to-date information and images of the terrain in it's current state, alongside my goals, dreams, and expectations. Cheers and thanks everyone who checks up on this and shows interest! 🙂
  11. Have an interesting sight! Old dig-up site Archeology and stuff! Yay! And some other details on the city I've been working on! I've been schooling myself on this theme and vibe for the terrain 😛
  12. started making and adding the first iterations and variations of surfaces/ground detail textures and clutter. I've been running around a bunch of games looking at how they handle the ground clutter to try and make something that works well. I can probably do some things to make it better, but I'm very happy with the results so far! AND ANOTHER JOYRIDE! I really enjoy the landscape and layout I've created for this city!
  13. Some more pictures of the extensions I've been doing to the city I've been working on. I guess you could say I went on a very secure joyride aswell! 😛
  14. Thank you! Haha, it's a very time consuming and tedious thing having to place them all one by one, but it's a habit I sort of picked up over time, I've just found ways to try and keep it entertaining, or I'll usually do it on autopilot mode as I watch a college class or between matches in another game before it's my turn to play hahah. There's definitely not a lot of terrains that actually use them! Lots of work but hopefully worth it in the end 🙂
  15. Hello everyone, back here once again with another update after stacks of college work! So far I've been dealing with a lot of object placement in both of the artificial palm tree islands and also in yet another city I've been working on. I've decided a few more things about the context in which Bastek is being designed; my headcanon of the situation in Bastek is that of utmost turmoil, between segregation, richness, and poverty. I aim to make some regions of Bastek be very well structured, urbanized, and developed, while other areas to be shanty towns, villages, ruins, and overall more empoverished areas. So Bastek wouldn't at all be a land of perfection but instead that of major conflict that is often disguised and overshadowed by it's more succesful regions. This would give motivation to possible conflicts, and also a concept layout for the map to be worked on, I hope these differences will be easily noticeable further down the line. With this said, here's some pictures of said areas. A medium city, and the rich sector of the palm tree islands. Among other plans, I still need to work A LOT on the Satellite Imagery and the ground textures. I'm planning on adding some more disturbed/city-like/non-dunes sand for the more transited areas, along with some rubble GDTs. In other news, I've also been playing games set in the middle-eastern region and theme. I've picked up both Conflict Desert Storm and Serious Sam 3: BFE, along playing some Battlefield 3 and Spec Ops: The Line, to gather some refferences, concepts, solutions and ideas for making the terrain. If you have any suggestions for games that fit in this category, regardless of the story or it's seriousness, please do recommend! I am mostly interested in looking around the terrains and maps to have a clearer refference and feel for this sort of setting. All in the name of research! As always, thanks for your interest!
  16. This is interesting! I had thought of exploring the idea of making a very clustered favela-like map in Arma before, but given how much work it'd take for all the object placement, I thought It'd maybe work best to be something in the style of Proving Grounds, as in, a really small map. There's a lot of slum-like buildings so it wouldn't be too farfetched of an idea, specially if you looked into making such a pack in the future. As always, amazing work! These buildings look very professional and I'm very excited to see them in action once your projects are finished! Cheers!!!
  17. Hi, thanks for reaching out. It does not work for me and hasn't for a while, infact my BI profile name displays correctly but it doesn't update on the forum. I've made forum posts here and asked on the Discord to no avail. Would really appreciate it, who can I get in contact with about it?
  18. Straya is a fictional modern terrain based loosely on the Australian Outback setting. About: Straya is a terrain inspired mainly by the Australian Outback regions, part of the inspiration also originally emerged from the Rainbow Six Siege "Outback" map. This map is by no means an exact representation of Australia, but I tried to replicate the vibes as closely as I could with what's available in the game and to the best of my efforts. I tried to keep an emphasis in both extremes of the spectrum, having very dense green forest areas, with very urban city areas, while also having some wilderness, deserts, and spacious towns. The outback was a theme that immediately captured me as it's a pretty unique sight, and to my knowledge, it has not been very explored in Arma terrains, so as I usually do, I wanted to make something unique and different. As always, it's another project I learned from to make and do better in the future. I hope you will enjoy! IMAGES Features: Dense urban CQB city areas mixed in with spacious towns. Vast outback deserts with a savannah-like setting. Cities, towns, farms, military bases and factories among other landmarks (and easter eggs too!). Custom billboards, signs, and cranes! Miscellaneous areas going from forests, to outback, to a mixture of the two. Support the creator If you like my work, please consider donating! My computer is very budget / entry level (GFX: Radeon RX560, and it was very expensive here!) and electronics are very expensive where I live, I don't have all the means nor the money to afford better hardware, I would appreciate having a more powerful computer for making more complex terrains in the future, not to mention work in a plethora of other projects I'm passionate about, all the things I make are passion projects of mine that I work on during my free time. Any amount is greatly appreciated and helpful. If you like what I do, this would help me a lot. Stats: 10km size 2.5m cell size License: APL-SA: https://www.bohemia.net/community/licenses/arma-public-license-share-alike Credits: The Majestic Seagull for making some awesome australian-themed road signs for the terrain! Rachid Hinton for making and designing plus object placement of the town of Allison & the farm settlement south of it. Bohemia Interactive for the Arma 2 Samples I retextured for the cranes and billboards. Special thanks: Jakerod, HorribleGoat, Ice, Adanteh, Arma 3's #terrain_makers Discord Channel, Bohemia Interactive DOWNLOAD STEAM Workshop
  19. Vectif


    UPDATE: -Flattened terrain area: city of Austin and town of Ozzy. -Minor clutter changes.
  20. Hello, I've been having this issue for several months, if not years, and I've intermittently tried to get support on it or some forum moderator or staff to have a look over it. I've tried to update my username to the name I've been using for my work online and in the community for the past few years, but nothing has worked. I've searched the forums, I've asked in the Discord a few times, and all to no avail. I've already tried to go on my accounts.bistudio page / BI profile page and changing my name there, and nothing would change. I've logged out and logged back in into the website and that didn't change it either. Is there any chance I could get my name manually changed? The system doesn't seem to work for me, if possible if someone could check my accounts.bistudio page you'd see my nickname is changed there but not here. I'd also need my name changed in the BI feedback/bugtracker, unless they both change simulatenously. I'd really appreciate it. EDIT: It has been resolved, I contacted a community manager who helped me with it.
  21. I'm not really a screenshot/scene person... but I think this helps set a bit of the vibe I'm going for! Just having some fun testing the vibe of the terrain so far. The areas in the screenshots are very WIP and not final! Not that you can see much in these anyways 😛
  22. Some more pictures! So far I have not done any surface painting so all of the ground looks the same, but there'll be concrete and grass patches in a lot of these areas. I've also tried to keep in mind having vantage points, lots of ladders and stairs to get up to buildings you normally wouldn't be able to, and trying to also be creative with object placement in general.
  23. I've also ran into this interesting video while researching some refference material for my own billboards and for the people interested in participating, so I thought it'd share! I found this very cool and interesting. It's also the same billboards from Chernarus. I've also delayed the submission deadline to June 1st for my terrain, since I plan to release it a bit later than I originally announced. So if you're still interested, it's your time!
  24. Hello! I'm Vectif, and I'm the developer of an upcoming unreleased Arma 3 Terrain called 'Straya', based loosely on the australian outback vibe. You can find some WIP pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/aA5AWyd I am looking for any graphic designers that would interested in a project solely for fun. I am soon to release an Arma 3 terrain and I'm looking for designers interested in making textures (fictional ads!) for billboards. You do not have to do anything other than the image, I will handle the .p3ds/models myself. You will be fully credited for your work, and are allowed to sign your own creations visually. Images must be of your own intellectual work, and shall not contain anything other than in-game screenshots (unmodded unless you made the mods or contributed with explicit permission!) and/or any art/design you might do upon it or standalone. Images are to be done in 2048x1024px. If you are interested please contact me over at Discord: Vectif#6895. Consider this the same idea that BI had for the Malden billboard contest some years ago! You can also find some inspirations and refference on their winners post or just look at some billboards in real life or throughout the Arma series! Cheers and looking forward to any designers interested!
  25. In the US, Prairie Fire and Cold War Germany cost about the same price (without discounts, 22.99 USD). but in Argentina, Prairie Fire costs TRIPLE the amount that Cold War Germany costs, without including any discounts. I could buy Cold War Germany three times at full price for the price of Prairie Fire. Does the cDLC team or BI get to choose the regional pricing? Is this intentional? Can or will this be fixed?