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  1. unhappytroll

    [WIP] Embraer A-29 Super Tucano

    Ty, it is indeed Blastcore. But I found another issue - Zoom key does not work if rockets installed and selected. Missiles, guns and bombs are not affected.
  2. unhappytroll

    [WIP] Embraer A-29 Super Tucano

    I beieve, there is no other Super Tucano mods. so I bring it here. I think that hot exhaust effect is more than a little excessive, picture jumps constantly. I don't really believe it is a issue of real aircraft, especially in flight.
  3. Can anyone say anything about timeline to fix CCIP on planes at least?
  4. Original link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19139 Note 1: it works properly only if there is no more vehicles in the trigger. Problem is, that even a simple helipad portable light "PortableHelipadLight_01_red_F" IS a vehicle. Which means that if it was placed in the trigger, it will be listed in "thislist" variable, and [thislist select 0] in the activation script will do zilch, because your vehicle would not be in first position - hence script will not work for you. So be sure that there is nothing else in the trigger that had been placed by you. Note 2: code _type = typeOf _object; _object vehicleChat format ["Servicing %1... Please stand by...", _type]; will give you name of the vehicle in the form of class name, which is like "B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F" and not very informative. But you can do better. Just make it look like: _type = typeOf _object; _type_name = getText(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _type >> "displayName"); _object vehicleChat format ["Servicing %1... Please stand by...", _type_name]; and you will have nice "AH-9 Pawnee" name instead. Note 3: you can safely remove code while {(fuel _object) < 0.99} do { _object setFuel ((fuel _object + 0.1) min 1); sleep 0.01; }; And leave just _object setFuel 1; All that it is doing just the slowing the movement of a fuel indicator to it's 100% position. Leave it only if you want it for "immersion" sake, and then tweak sleep and step parameters as you like.
  5. No, it is pretty much dead. Not in the sense that you can't use it, but development had ceased almost three years ago - if you check the github.
  6. It is definitely not, but whatever. I will not die without this mod. It is just my opinion that you did something wrong and trying to blame me for it. Well, most laughable thing of it, that I'm not using it while playing Arma (why I need it in my system - is another matter). Definitely, it is more than one network adapter (virtual or physical) in the system, and even my "hosts" file is clean, lol. so, literally nothing can prevent any program to connect through loopback address (and any WAMP package I tried had zero problems to do so). It is looking like authors of this mod for some inconceivable reason used "localhost" definition instead of just simple loopback. Why is that - I cannot imagine.
  7. can we have ADR-97 in handgun slot at least? this is where it should be in a first place.
  8. /me wonders, why then my localhost XAMPP installation works without the issues... also like literally nothing such is on the Redis site in docs. wonder, if someone had a wrong keys when compiled that server from the sources... also, this is from config file comments: # By default Redis listens for connections from all the network interfaces # available on the server. It is possible to listen to just one or multiple # interfaces using the "bind" configuration directive, followed by one or # more IP addresses. wonder, if someone literally can't write the code right... also, this is right next to the "bind" option in v4.0 config file: # Protected mode is a layer of security protection, in order to avoid that # Redis instances left open on the internet are accessed and exploited. # # When protected mode is on and if: # # 1) The server is not binding explicitly to a set of addresses using the # "bind" directive. # 2) No password is configured. # # The server only accepts connections from clients connecting from the # IPv4 and IPv6 loopback addresses and ::1, and from Unix domain # sockets. # # By default protected mode is enabled. You should disable it only if # you are sure you want clients from other hosts to connect to Redis # even if no authentication is configured, nor a specific set of interfaces # are explicitly listed using the "bind" directive. protected-mode yes but it is not in the config file for your server. wonder, what version did you compiled then...
  9. ok, so be warned - by the word of the author of... this, Redis server is unable to lock on to localhost interface. so if you have more than one network interface (VPN, virtualization programs) - this mod will not work.
  10. also it would be nice to have code like this (which is from Lowlands warrior PiP mod): will be integrated into the game. Just because.
  11. How can I check if Redis server able to receive data from mod? How can I check if Redis server starts properly and loads right config file? How can I check if application able to receive data from Redis server? Because I do think that is the reason. Also, that BE errors... This is some .NET libraries, which Unity probably uses.
  12. Reinstalled. Same issue up to BE errors. You mean this window? I'm not sure that Redis Addon ever works.
  13. Can we have CCRP mode in the planes?