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  1. We answered your question already; no you cannot use VPN while utilising this modification. We use an earlier variant of Redis, and not 4.0; we did not create Redis, nor its documentation. That said, if you still wish to use our modification follow the advice we have provided, however we cannot help you further with the advice we gave as you stated you use a VPN; and we don't support it. Sorry but we won't alter our software for your specific case, as it is extremely niche.. Apologies. That said, the above documentation does *not* relate to the Redis used in our own version. No errors were made, it is simply because you're choosing to utilise some type of VPN is all. Hope that helps. Edit: Our development team have re-affirmed they will not include the edits you suggested as it breaks our own intention to keep this software as anti-abuse as possible. Please don't continue to suggest this edit, we have provided a solution that is best for using the mod.
  2. That's not accurate. To be precise: The Redis Server listens on by default, otherwise known as LocalHost. If a user edits this or changes their LocalHost using VPNs they are likely to confuse the program as it doesn't realise the user is changing the LocalHost setting. This is how any WinOS local IP works. So to clarify; do not use VPNs, they will confuse your IPConfig settings and cause false positives like UnhappyTroll did. This has nothing to do with locking on, TCP/IP protocols do not work by simply 'locking on' to frequencies or bandwidths; they are configured via the WinOS IPConfig when using Windows. If you use a VPN, disable it for this modification. UnhappyTroll please in the future do not answer official statements on the behalf of the development team; your circumstance was unique to yourself; and provided you gave all the information requested as we had asked, we could have immediately notified you that your VPN blocked it. Hope that helps with anyone else having VPN based issues with WINGS. For the rest of you, happy flying!
  3. You will know if it connects because there will be data shown in the console. ArmARedisClient is automated, so there is no config per se and to answer your query about the BE error: it is ArmaRedisClient's extension. Unity does not interact directly with ArmA 3, only via redis. Hope that helps.
  4. Hm, unfortunately we cannot see any reason for why this wouldn't work. Your Unity settings are correct, as are your login options, so at this point I'm left to concur with my colleagues that this is likely due to not following the installation steps as necessary. If you will require further assistance, message me directly and I can aid you. As it stands, 99.99% of our focus group and QA have stated no set issues or problems in the course of releasing this. So, we will need to take your case up with care, as it sounds like a personal PC issue. Hope that helps clarify some things for you. :)
  5. It works, we would know. That said, please hit play and take a picture of the app running. Send me the details via PM.
  6. The BE errors are odd, I would suggest you uninstall and reinstall WINGS from the steam workshop; I suspect it has something to do with that but cannot be certain until a full redownload of the mod is conducted. Send a screenshot of your WINGS application too, please. It could be a problem with your use of it..
  7. That looks amazing! Makes me wonder if an A10 version should be built. Hmm... Guys, congratulations we made it onto the sitrep! https://dev.arma3.com/post/sitrep-00222 I love this community, such a great place to work and create !!! Thanks all!
  8. Steam Workshop updated with latest revision. Any questions, hit us up. Would anyone be interested in creating video content for this? Credits will be available for the best submission. Let us know if you're up to it. New trailer up.
  9. This was my preferred method as well, currently the team wish to test out an RPM scale that may work in that manner. Right now there is no maxRPM for ArmA, and without that value being publicly accessible, we cannot create the necessary affect; only emulate it. Since we wanted a value, we went with the system you're looking at now. If you're interested, we can try to solve this too. If you only see 1 clock, then you have not set it up properly. Yes I can confirm you have a misconfigured system. Read the manual carefully; it outlines all the steps necessary to connect and operate. You *must* have ArmARedisClient in your mod load order for this to work. Please send a screenshot of your mod launcher here, please.
  10. You should see 2 clocks, send a screenshot and I will confirm if it has worked for you. Currently I suspect you've got a misconfigured system, almost everyone else I have spoken to and tested with hasn't encountered this issue so this is niche. Let's take a look, please. I strongly suggest you select 'windowed mode' for that type of monitor, and use it as 1280x720. if you wish a custom resolution contact me privately with specifications for your monitor, and much more!
  11. The documentation will state that it only supports 1920x1080 resolutions, there are plans for 4:3 and other scaled resolutions but at present those are made requested by the user, and commissioned I will add (as this is difficult work). Which monitor is it displayed on? Is it the 1440x900 or the 1280x1024 (or rather, 1024x1280) screen? And the text is not an error, it is something Creedcoder placed into the game .pbo so we know it connected. There is discussion about removing it, as it causes users who don't know any better, to think it is an error. Provided the gauges work, then it works. You will see *zero* activity if you did not connect successfully. Be aware of that, too.
  12. Last spammy update (sorry about that guys, was in a very rush; issues at the office) R85 is up, if you check the *google drive* link, you can acquire an early non-steam version of the /app/ folder and replace your steam versions before Creed gets home and updates it. This update fixes the spinning RPM issue with a scaled RPM / Tachometer for all Helicopters. MANUAL UPDATE: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Vu0mHMmhL2FpnPQrgGKZJFcz3gE_Ux9z I would kindly ask you all who fly with WINGS to dump your compatibility issues in posts here.
  13. Quite right, now detecting altitude type change is a bit of a contentious issue; as we would have to run an actively updated script that consistently checks if the vehicle is above or below a specific height value. One method would be to implement an offset knob that allowed you to change the barometric pressure to alleviate the issue, but again we'll look into it. Glad to see you found the experience smooth! We're keen on making custom panels for anyone who wants a custom cockpit; and since that software is not ArmA related, but rather the Unity applet; you will have to discuss how complex/customised you want this thing to be.
  14. Expect an update tonight regarding the RPM fix. Our team battled tremendously over which type of RPM they want to put up; but Creedcoders method of clamped RPM probably is for the best.
  15. To be certain; 01) Launched ArmA Redis Client *bat file* (not the exe) 02) Launched ArmA 3 with @ArmARedisClient, @WINGS 03) Launched the Applet WINGS.exe 04) Launched an A3 WINGS template Double check Step 01, as some people get confused and launch the server .exe, whereas the .bat file has configuration data that sets the .exe to launch properly. Get back to me via PM, I will walk you through the complete launch up procedure. Thanks for getting in touch with this!