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  1. J. Schmidt

    [WIP] Los Santos map

    @ninja970y this map is looking great, I'll be more than happy to contribute my work to your map.
  2. @phronk great job with this, I've been able to incorporate it with the "TPW" addon. I'll have to play around with the code a little more to get it working perfectly with "TPW", the civilians don't play one of the three animations before taking off, they just take off and run.
  3. Yes it is, just slow development right now, I've been in contact with the Lead Developer and he's working on a delivery module amongst other things. Here is a link to his Trello board, he's more active on that then on the forums here. https://trello.com/b/eqwxQ4hr
  4. @Tebbbs, Understood, I was just clarify what I'm working on, but I really do like where you and your team/community are taking this. I think I'm going to go test your mod now, just have to find a mission that I can add this to. Can't wait, it sounds like you guys are working on the new PersistentDB like the one firefly2442, Jman, Tupolov created in ArmA 2 CO and MSO. If you like I can help you guys with embedding and/or creating the static page for the front-end resupply request, but you guys probably have started work on this already, lol.
  5. @Spackenbremse, Yes it is intended to track and log player's statistics, just like battlelog and ArmA Aftermath, using a mission framework. I stumbled across Kevinp058's recreation of AltisWebmin by Jarrrk, and really liked the modern look and feel that Kevinp058 was/is aiming for, so I thought it would be cool if I went a bit further. By this I mean creating a whole website from scratch while learning website design along the way. I have a few books I'm going through to learn website design, and SQL/MySQL databases, while working on this. So in essence I'm creating something similar to battlelog, while incorporating a modern looking/feeling website with an admin panel that not only allows an admin to manage the website, but also manage players that have signed up to track their stats from ArmA 3 if they or their community uses the mission framework.
  6. Looks very interesting, I'm kind of working on something similar, but it's still very far from finished, just working on the website portion of it now. http://innovationstudios101.net/armalog/
  7. J. Schmidt

    Aftermath Rush Gamemode [BETA]

    Is this project dead, and if not what's going on with the website, I can't access it for some reason. The only things that are coming to my mind is that either the website is blocked in the US, or you guys might have ended up in some trouble with EA/DICE using their sounds and etc. But these are just wild things that are going on in my head, lol, it'll be great to get some info on the status of the project.
  8. I've been playing around with some coding for a mp mission(s) but haven't sat down for a while to work on it some more, but I'll be happy to share a GitHub repository of it for you. Feel free to take a look at some of the coding I've been working on. HTTPS: https://github.com/InnovationStudios101/LSO.git
  9. J. Schmidt

    [WIP] Mafia Life

    Just added the exterior windows and doors, now I need to create the interior doors and walls as well as the bottom floor, then I can start texturing. http://i.imgur.com/EaAaBNg.jpg?1​ http://i.imgur.com/HVtCMUY.jpg?1
  10. J. Schmidt

    [WIP] Mafia Life

    Here's an update on what the first building looks like now: http://i.imgur.com/TZcSS1O.jpg?1 http://i.imgur.com/Qzhm1lR.jpg?1 http://i.imgur.com/rkmSRek.jpg?1 http://i.imgur.com/hRfieMK.jpg?1
  11. J. Schmidt

    [WIP] Mafia Life

    Here's two pictures of the first building I'm working for Mafia Life: http://i.imgur.com/90WqjG2.jpg?1 http://i.imgur.com/FI7OMUT.jpg?1
  12. Great Job! Can't wait to test it out in-game.
  13. @Monk I just created the server key and bisigns, which will be in the next update.
  14. J. Schmidt

    Marksmen DLC Weapon Feedback

    You can count me in, just updating my game to the DEV Branch now, then I'll be right in.
  15. I'll be working on the whole ambient lighting for the NVGs soon, so people can see a very faint radiant green glow even without having to be next to a light source. (BTW if anyone is wondering J. Schmidt is also me, and I'll be asking the Moderators to change my forum name to that soon.)