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  1. chaddlesg

    ArmA3 performance survey

    The hardware survey is now closed, but please continue to submit responses to the MP survey.
  2. chaddlesg

    ArmA3 performance survey

    MP specific survey is now available
  3. chaddlesg

    ArmA3 performance survey

    Hello, I've made a small survey to satisfy my curiosity and to help me make informed decisions. SURVEY LINK NOW CLOSED Once I collect a little bit of data, I'll publish some results and analysis. The idea is to try and find some sort of correlation between hardware + settings and performance satisfaction. Live results Due to demand and the much appreciated input of our community, I'll leave this survey to gather data on how your hardware impacts your performance and enjoyment of the platform. I'll put another one up ASAP focused on multiplayer questions. If you can take a couple more minutes to fill this new one out, you'll be greatly contributing to furthering the communities knowledge and ability to enjoy this game. MP Survey Link OPEN
  4. http://usecforce.com/news.asp?id=314
  5. chaddlesg

    COOP 12 Operation Bump in the Night

    A couple of good points, thanks for the feedback. The current spawn point is a place holder until I can get a decent HALO insertion working. The island is also a safe place to kit up premission but I'll make it an optional objective to recover and ammo drop. Also squad respawns are coming. How far did you get in the missions? I agree that the agent can be hard to find because other than the chat you get no other clues, I think if I add notes to the journal when you get an objective update that will help players know what's going on. Expect v1.1 soon! EDIT:v1.1 Released
  6. chaddlesg

    COOP 12 Operation Bump in the Night

    There shouldn't be any passwords in the mission, I think it must be the server.
  7. More images: PIC PIC Take on the role of the ghouls, Unity Security Force's special ops team as they disrupt OPFOR activities throughout Stratis. Meet up with an SIS agent to get a sitrep on the island, then conduct hit and run raids to destroy enemy assets all over the island before exfiltrating by helicopter. Do all this, before the timer hits zero! Features: Night time combat with stealth aspects Enemy foot, mounted and airborne patrols furious pacing as you only have an hour to complete your objectives. Armaholic mirror: - [ALPHA] Operation Bump in the Night Co-12 Changelog: v1.2 Bug fixes v1.1 Changed spawn, clarified OBJ's, beach respawn, New ammo OBJ. v1.0 First release so please report any bugs and leave some feedback! This is my first public mission. Special thanks to: Rocket TAW_Tonic usecforce for testing Tophe
  8. Name: Chad Age: 19 Location: Australia, can play EU and US times. Microphone & teamspeak: Yes Languages: English Game name: Chaddles Roles preferred: Infantry or aviation Experience: Been playing since OFP, was with a reputable group for 3 years, 2 years as the CO of the infantry company. I've assisted developing RATEL and arma infantry SOP's. ArmA 2 & OA: Yes Willing to download mods: Yes Looking for: A group that uses SOP's developed for platform and play COOP regularly on at least platoon scale. I've had enough leading and I'm content with just being a rifleman Not looking for: Run&Gun or 24/7 Domination(occasionally is fine)
  9. USEC is now recruiting members for its land forces. We are looking for Riflemen, Special Forces operators and pilots. We are international, drawing from countries like: New Zealand, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, United States, Brazil and Singapore! The major strength at USEC is its website, with it offering a persistent world in which flights and combined arms operations happen. Individual aircraft, assets, and supplies are logged in the system. Pilots must book out aircraft, ground units track their assets. Regularly we go on deployments, and these supplies and vehicles must be delivered to the location by our Flight Sim pilots. We offer an environment that no other gaming group is currently offering. What we offer: • Mods of Unsurpassed quality made by real world game developers! • Very active mission schedule; 3 training sessions a week and a regular mission night once per month. (every 4th Saturday) • Persistent world server. Hours and stats logged straight from the ArmA 2 dedicated server to our website, with awards being given accordingly! • Entire virtual military career, with badges and ribbons to earn. • Rank system based on the real world, but in a relaxed environment. (chain of command without having to call anyone sir!) • Flight simulator logistics integration. Logistics used in the ArmA server have to be flown in by our FSX pilots. (ACARS & logistics website integration) • Realistic tactics and procedures without the bull shit. • We even have our own studio-recorded theme song. What we want from you: • TS3 and a microphone. • Able to join us for a mission once a month. • Be able to work as a team. • Able to play seriously and have a sense of humor! We own: A website designed from the ground up for our needs, a forum, 2x 32 player ArmA2 CO dedicated servers, a High capacity TS3 server and a minecraft server ;) Mission night is the 4th Saturday of every month! (warning, realism!)We’ve had over 2500 applicants and have been doing this for 10 years, there’s no competition, there’s no compromise. We are recruiting now! www.usecforce.com
  10. I'm not sure where Rocket get's his sources from, but I was just suggesting don't think too much about it, just enjoying it when it gets released :)
  11. Think of it as a gift from Rocket and USEC to the community.
  12. Squad name - Unity Security Force (USEC) Timezone/location - All time Zones( Europe,US,AUS/NZ) international Squad gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp) - COOP Contact email - info@usecforce.com Website address - www.usecforce.com