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  1. I would love to see a mission that is on the same scale of Operation Talismen Saber ( any Aussie would know what i an talking about) with a playable map of Australia so i could recreate Op Talismen Saber as i already have the units required, i now need the batlle feild to go with it.
  2. JAG201509

    Explosions for ammo and fuel trucks

    its just a lack of detail. i would love to see the Ammo crates and fuel trucks explode the way they would in real life
  3. JAG201509

    Please remove trees around airfields

    i find it good that there are trees in the way, because in a combat zone its not going to be easy to land because of obstructions, but if you have a problem with trees just jump in a tank and knock the trees down
  4. JAG201509

    F/A 18 will be added ? maybe Su 37 too ?

    there is a few F/A-18 mods out, try the FDF mod
  5. JAG201509

    How about a new AI Please

    if you have a problem with the AI been to good for you because your a noob why dont you turn their skill level down.
  6. JAG201509

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    HELL YEAH!!! now to get A2 working
  7. JAG201509

    Speed up the planes a bit

    its not turbo.. if my A2 game still worked and if i had a game recording system i would record it and show it to you
  8. JAG201509

    fix the parachuting

    well dont jump from so high then
  9. JAG201509

    Speed up the planes a bit

    i would if A2 haddent stoped working so i had to unistall the game and reinstall it and now it is laggy as hell and i have all the right requirements :S
  10. JAG201509

    Speed up the planes a bit

    yeah its a bug that i like quite alot :P.. it helps with bombing the crap out of the enemy and then not been hit by AA
  11. JAG201509

    Speed up the planes a bit

    the speed problem is because you are probaly not useing the thruster.. in my case i hold down Q or use the thruster on my joystick. and i can get to speed near mach 1 in most of the jets that came with A2, and the jets that are mods i can get to around mach 3 or 4 in most.. and with my F-14 i found a funny bug that allows me to get to mach 22 in less than 1 second
  12. JAG201509

    New vehicles for the next patch

    i would love to see the hornet in the game and some controlable warships not just RHIBS
  13. JAG201509

    Team managing in single player.

    when i press space bar i get their numbers above them. if thats what you are looking for
  14. JAG201509

    fix the parachuting

    haha no problem :P
  15. JAG201509

    SecuROM update

    the diagnostics tool worked and my arma game now works just a bit laggy but i will fix that later.. now to install the 20GB of mods :|