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  1. Ok I put it on -servermod="@TCL" ... And it's look Ai works the way it has to do. But I canno't launch it clientside via the launcher in any way. If I could help in any way for dedicated server compatibility I'll will be honored to help you 😃 edit : I'm on verification=2 to avoid noisy mods so different key or mods are strictly kicked by Battleye.
  2. I tried already, and it show me the same error message for TCL_Sound.pbo and TCL_System.pbo. And my dedicated server denied me, canno't login, ejected cause no signature allowed : / I do put the key files on the Key folder. Am I doing something wrong ?
  3. @snkman Hi, go an issue with the 1.0.31. I upload last @tcl on the ArmA3 folder of my dedicated server, and put the .bikey on the Key folder. Add it to my command line -mod=@tcl;.... Add it to my library on the ArmA3 launcher. And this is what I got with all the .pbo on my addon clientside folder. I aslo try to put in on -servermod=@TCL and not launching it on clientside, and it seems working but I canno't verify if it does.
  4. I'm volunter to be beta tester ! This mod is exactly what I needed.