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  1. Impressive work here ! IA really push and hunt you down, Much more aggressive than TCL ! Wait to see more ! Is it already server-side ready to test it on a dedicated server ?
  2. I don't think so, I just ran some DRO,TRGM2 or any mission already made. So I presume I have to modify the .pbo of mission I want to run without TCL in the player groupe, isn't it? But in the case I made my own mission, and I am in a group with player, and we need to add AI into that group, if I disabled TCL inits, AI behavior should not work as intended by the mod, am I right ? Because except for command spam, the AI in infantery combat behaves really well, and I'm afraid that disabling TCL on my group will lose its charm. As a result, only the enemy or independent AI groups in the group would be subject to the mod.
  3. Hi, me again. I managed to make TCL work on my dedicated server by enabling on the server side (-severMod =). I was able to notice a significant change in AI's behavior, so I conclude that the mod works. I also noticed another problem: As a group leader (don't know others slots), my character does not stop giving orders either to groups npc or to the rest of my group and this automatically and continuously. This pollutes the audio channel and writes by spamming orders of movement, changing formation etc. If you need someone with dedicated server to test and feedback your mod (that I actually do after all^^), I'll be glad helping you. Just ask me. EDIT AFTER MORE TESTING : Here are my results by launching TCL locally or serverMod = on my remote server: As a group leader AI or Player : - TCL gives orders to the soldiers of my group automatically according to the situation. And with each change of formation, rule of engagement or any other order, a written and audible report spam the group leader as well as his team, being also discovered by the enemy because mouth all along ^^. The worst is for movement orders ... like 40 per minute. As member of a group of AI : Same order spam coming from the group leader, especially for movement orders (go grid 012-153, go grid 013-155, etc ...)
  4. Ok I put it on -servermod="@TCL" ... And it's look Ai works the way it has to do. But I canno't launch it clientside via the launcher in any way. If I could help in any way for dedicated server compatibility I'll will be honored to help you 😃 edit : I'm on verification=2 to avoid noisy mods so different key or mods are strictly kicked by Battleye.
  5. I tried already, and it show me the same error message for TCL_Sound.pbo and TCL_System.pbo. And my dedicated server denied me, canno't login, ejected cause no signature allowed : / I do put the key files on the Key folder. Am I doing something wrong ?
  6. @snkman Hi, go an issue with the 1.0.31. I upload last @tcl on the ArmA3 folder of my dedicated server, and put the .bikey on the Key folder. Add it to my command line -mod=@tcl;.... Add it to my library on the ArmA3 launcher. And this is what I got with all the .pbo on my addon clientside folder. I aslo try to put in on -servermod=@TCL and not launching it on clientside, and it seems working but I canno't verify if it does.
  7. I'm volunter to be beta tester ! This mod is exactly what I needed.