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  1. Hello, small feedback (hosted on my pc, multi) During a city capture mission (with ground support etc.) Impossible to place the "Jackal standby point", it flash, look for a trajectory and disapear. and/so? impossible to launch the mission (greyed button not available). no particular error message. Happened to me in campain mod and I did try to launch the same type of mision in singlemission mode = same result. Hope it helps.
  2. Oh my, glad I've checked 'just for my interest' this topic and wow what an upgrade ! Going back in game right now. One question tho... why use CPU and RHS at the same time ? lot of BIG mods (I know people usually get all of them already). Really appreciate and I admire your work. Thank you.
  3. Hi ! Look's like impressive but "The transfer you requested has been deleted."
  4. Totem974

    Gauging interest level for GR missions...

    sorry to ask, but what is GR?
  5. Totem974

    VCOM AI Driving Mod

    @sarogahtyp So no independant mod anymore I guess ?
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    VCOM AI Driving Mod

    Hello, the mod has just disappeared from the Workshop !! And the dropbox link is dead. Does someone have a back up somewhere or an alternative solution? This mod was really gold 😞 it's sad to lose it.
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    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    Hi, thank your for feedback and enjoying this mod. You are right, at the moment, the rafale (and lot of vehicules and stuff) are not fully fonctionnal or checking our ambition. Further update may change those things drasticaly.
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    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    FYI, soon will be release an update with "units factions" and more 😉
  9. Hello, I try to create the French SCALP missile which should behave (at Arma scale) like the Cruise missile of the VLS except for a few details: The missile must fall (more or less flat) from its pylon then slowly descend by activating its engines at an altitude of 30/50 meters to move towards its target while following the terrain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZY-Qwh1RZU I managed to accomplish the last details but as shown in the video the missile once dropped suddenly falls before readjusting. I tried to pair the two flight models (by creating my own model from class Direct) "Cruise" and "LoalAltitude" but apparently are incompatible and the missile falls like a GBU. Someone would have any idea ? Below is an extract from my config.Cpp
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    Pylons weapon sample?

    Hello everyone, sorry to necro this post but I have exactly this problem ! Step by step and in large part thanks to your help (forum/discord) the plane on which I work begins to take shape. I come back to you when faced with a problem with missiles: when firing, the proxy missile in my proxy pylon does not "hide". I understand that I should add a "hide" animation somewhere but ... where and how? I manage to make Dynamic Loadout work well so I guess my proxies are great. The missiles are well launched but those on the pylons are not hidden when firing. No sample on Arma3's sample Anyone have an example to share with me?
  11. 404 no more file, link of DICE on dropbox is dead
  12. Thank you very much for your attention and your listening as always. I'll keep feedback bugs for you.
  13. Feedback : (NT/AL) When on dedicated server : Coyote = 1 players + 5 AI & JACKAL = 2 players + 1 AI > Ground insertion = only one vehicule Marshal with only 8 places (RPT client/server send by MP) I'm a French Foreign Legion "Young" Veteran, 5 years duty, and now PMC since 2015, so I've got a lot of scenario in my mind (on that squad level) Missions concepts : - URBAN ACTION : Intel reveal that in that town there is "target/intel/HVT/Depot"high value to "take down/rescue" (give more opportunity to do CQC combats, it didn't propose me many, near none) - URBAN QRF : Same thing as the convoy mission already in (need to contact) & protect but as above, in town. Time is crucial for help friends. - COMBINED ARMS : Coyote (& Jackal) is deploy to support friendly action, cover a road or a direction, due to lack of soldier HQ decide to send Coyote (&Jackal) help conventionnal troups in their mission "take a city/protect" - CONVOY AMBUSH : On the other side ! Coyote (& Jackal) is deploy to make an ambush on an enemi convoy to "destroy it/recover precious intel on it/kill hvt/free prisonier, spy or whatever". Time and timing is crucial - FALLEN ANGEL : Rescue pilote of "Jet/Heli" fall behind/near enemy lines, enemies are coming and timing is crucial. ... more if needed I can't even imagine the workload, so if that is possible it would be great, or explain the procedure to me so that I try to do them on my side and return them to you once finalized. Ideas : - Add option for fastrop insertion (script ? ace ? Advanced Rappeling?) for Blackhawk etc... - Option to place the armored protecter of convoy after deployment (like the stand by CAS placement) - Make the armored protecter BACK with the vehicule for extraction (they did come together but after that just the transport came take us) - Limited arsenal icon next to list of weapon selection (like in DRO) for a better understanding of what is what etc. With Corona I've got a lot of time to kill so tell me if I'm bothering you, that is not my goal. I also propose to be able to do the French translation of the mod if you are interested.
  14. a bit = an hour ? a day ? a month xD ??!!
  15. Hi simple question : with all dynamic mission generator framework out there, is there a way adding more mission template ? Am I able to do it by myself ?
  16. @Leopard20@KingN you guys are awesome ! Tell me if you need me for anything (testing for most^^)
  17. Great ! As I said, we play actually The Forgotten Few 2, and we had a bug sometimes. And I wounder if it because of that mod : / It is so a great mission even for solo players and maybe you know how to fix this issue. We do play in on dedicated server too maybe the multiplayer side is ideal for using AIO ?
  18. Sorry for my bad english, I'm doing my best., I will try to formulate better. When I am group leader in an AI group in boats and I click on the map it gives the order to the group to move where clicked. I read another topics talking about that and for me, it's really anoying cause player like me using AIOcd or C2. It's happen to me right now again ... i'll send you my RPT Is there a command for "wining" the mission and pass it in this case ? I'll send you this one too. // We played 1hour ago and 2 strange things happened : 1- We did choice the ground insertion and the convoy did not teleport to the AO, instead he started to drive all the way. 2- one of our player have been kick out a vehicule during insertion, so we had to stop it via the PMC and do the travel on foot. May I suggest you to change something ? (Inspire by the ALiVE Support Module) When Helicopter extraction : instead of returning to the platoon menu, I suggest the pilote loitering around the designated place of extration waiting for a smoke (day) or a IR grenade/Glowstick (night) and ask for confirmation/or not in this case reask for new signal (via the PCM) and so the helicopter could land near the object. More than the immersive side, we should like this be able to manage the landing zone more precisely and above all that between the time the helicopter was called and when it arrives the situation on the spot may have changed and the area may no longer be precisely the same. Others are perfect. It is SUCH a good mission, a perfect one for my little group and I really am into it. I hope later be able to modify faction myself with french mods soon released. So if I can help however I will.
  19. Sorry, french inside, I'm doing my best., I will try to formulate better. In some missions, (I did reproduce the scene on the editor and this is what happens when the IA of my group is conductive and I group leader), when I am group leader in an AI group in a vehicle and I click on the map it gives the order to the group to move where clicked. This also happens when I am in "WayPoints" mode. So that even if I do not select any units and that by mistake I click somewhere with the left click of the mouse and well I give the order to the unit to move there. It is very disturbing. I understand it was sometimes integrated into missions, but I'm not sure. (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/onMapSingleClick) = Is there a way to deactivate this when the mod is activated or is it on the mission side or else ? (currently we play on The Forgotten Few 2, and it happens when you appear on boats) edit : I think this is my problem
  20. Thank you for your answer. It's need pratice but loitering & crusing is good now 😃 May I ask again : when I spawn in a vehicule with AI, I go to the Waypointsetting map of your mod, and whenever I click somewhere it give order to move on my click. (like a vanilla "yellow" crew order to move)
  21. Hi, again thank you providing us such a good stuff ! French inside, excuse my mistakes. Some feedback here : TFF-2 NT/AL When i'm only with IA, if I click on the map it give ordre to move. Not sure it's happening with mix AI and Human. During a mission I don't know why yet, the Coyote icon disappear and no 0-0-5 command anymore (the windows didn't show up). With TFAR : We did not set a pattern but some players didn't spawn close enough to speak with eachother but only by the radio. We did encouter a bug when both team Coyote and Jackal have to make a boat insertion, and the mission never begin cause "InsertionBoat - B JACKAL:6 not in B JACKAL:1 - Reboard" spaming in my RPT Addon used : CBA - TFAR - AIO Command (Menu Deluxe) hope it will be helpfull
  22. Hey ! Felt in love with your mod, it's a great alternative for C2 without to much keyshorcut template and staying with vanilla vibe. But I must ask for something : how to use Crusing & Loiter mode? Is it better to use only AIO stuff (cause I actualy use vanilla menu too, and I couldn't say if sometimes it may broke some ordres. Sometimes when I'm on a vehicule with Ai driving and I click somewhere on the map (on the waypoint menu you've done) it give ordre to move simply. Canno't wait see Super AI & the surprise one
  23. Impressive work here ! IA really push and hunt you down, Much more aggressive than TCL ! Wait to see more ! Is it already server-side ready to test it on a dedicated server ?
  24. I don't think so, I just ran some DRO,TRGM2 or any mission already made. So I presume I have to modify the .pbo of mission I want to run without TCL in the player groupe, isn't it? But in the case I made my own mission, and I am in a group with player, and we need to add AI into that group, if I disabled TCL inits, AI behavior should not work as intended by the mod, am I right ? Because except for command spam, the AI in infantery combat behaves really well, and I'm afraid that disabling TCL on my group will lose its charm. As a result, only the enemy or independent AI groups in the group would be subject to the mod.
  25. Hi, me again. I managed to make TCL work on my dedicated server by enabling on the server side (-severMod =). I was able to notice a significant change in AI's behavior, so I conclude that the mod works. I also noticed another problem: As a group leader (don't know others slots), my character does not stop giving orders either to groups npc or to the rest of my group and this automatically and continuously. This pollutes the audio channel and writes by spamming orders of movement, changing formation etc. If you need someone with dedicated server to test and feedback your mod (that I actually do after all^^), I'll be glad helping you. Just ask me. EDIT AFTER MORE TESTING : Here are my results by launching TCL locally or serverMod = on my remote server: As a group leader AI or Player : - TCL gives orders to the soldiers of my group automatically according to the situation. And with each change of formation, rule of engagement or any other order, a written and audible report spam the group leader as well as his team, being also discovered by the enemy because mouth all along ^^. The worst is for movement orders ... like 40 per minute. As member of a group of AI : Same order spam coming from the group leader, especially for movement orders (go grid 012-153, go grid 013-155, etc ...)