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  1. Mickyleitor

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Stunning work dudes!
  2. Oh yes, It's already in development by our artist hellboy here are some screenshots: Additionally, we created a new discord server so you can stay tunned in about our lastest news. Greetings.
  3. You can add the gunners manually in 3DEN editor. We are slowly developing all vehicles that is supposed to be on the L-61 but I'm afraid there is no news about its development.
  4. We don't support 3rd party integrations anymore. Also, removing the safeWeapon from that parameter will effectively remove the "SAFE" switch, don't know the effects of removing it aside from remove that function.ç
  5. Our official mirror has been steam workshop for the last 5 years. However (and specially given this situation) users should take care downloading our mod from a non-official mirror as they could be outdated/non available at all. We encourage players using our mod to subscribe to our Steam Workshop article. By the way we are currently making a public test of our custom towing system which hopefully will be integrated into our bv206s, you can drive a specially modified santana anibal car with a trailer. There are two version, a trailer with Vehicle-In-Vehicle function (specially for boats) and a cargo version. The system needs to be tested specially under MP/dedicated server with heavy load on it. Help us trying to find issues! Here is the download link Thanks!
  6. Hello, The FFAA MOD team is proud to present you the new update V6.1.4. This version brings with it content very present nowadays in the Spanish Armed Forces, like the VAMTAC ST5 or M109 in the Spanish Army. The VAMTAC ST5 versions have been lovingly crafted and faithfully represented by our modeler @Lobo in its 4 available versions, with a mount for an MG3, M2, LAG40 or a Spike launcher as well as an interior cockpit that give the player the feeling of being in front of a real VAMTAC ST5. As for the M109 A5E, modeled and integrated by @Abash and @Lobo, it is a heavy vehicle that allows the possibility of artillery fire and its displacement to strategic positions. Our colleague @Hellboy has also completely developed the visual aspect of the C90 and C100 launchers as well as @Spyke, the ballistic and penetration characteristics and the addition of ammunition variants for C90, C100 and Spike launchers. I leave you a table with the main changes. This is the full changelog: Download link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=820994401 Follow us on our new Discord. Greetings.
  7. Mickyleitor

    Forward Scan Sonar for ships

    Damm what a such addon. I was figuring out how I could add this feature like the mini-map mine radar but for a ground penetration radar for a Husky 2G (video) but I simply skipped it, It was a lot for me. Good job.
  8. Hi guys! It's been a long time without any update even with WIP ones so here is the explanation. Since the last year our team have been involved in a new course called "3D Modelation in Blender 2.8 for Videogames" given to all who wanted in the Spanish Community free of charge by the hand of our talented friend Raven (@JCL_3D). That was a time consuming but worth task as in the end, all of us learned some precious lessons and those who want, can now help to the FFAA MOD Team core or apply the "Know how" to other game platform. In total, there were 24 sessions with an average of 30 minutes of duration that you can check in his channel (sorry it's only available in Spanish) On the other hand, the modification of the Spanish Armed Forces for ArmA saga has been developed for over 15 years by a group of enthusiasts with the idea of introducing a variety of content of the Spanish Forces, including both personal weaponry, land, air and sea units reaching a high fidelity never seen before in the context of the Spanish community. The development team is made up of a very small team that dedicates its free time and selflessly to work continuously to offer new content, learning more and more tools and adapting to better techniques by doing the best it can on our side. There are many hours that we have invested for the enjoyment of the community without any economic compensation and our goal is that it is always so. However, although our content is free, we have to cover some basic expenses to maintain the computer resources such as; domain and web hosting, data storage costs where we can host all the source code of the project as well as reference material such as photos, videos, plans, etc... and especially the cost of software licenses for the tools used by some of our artists for many of the add-ons. Until now, we have been able to cover these economic expenses without interruption but the situation for many of us has changed in recent years and we are obliged to ask for help from you, the real beneficiaries of the project. And if you can't collaborate financially, don't worry, you have all the content that, as usual, we offer for free through the usual distribution channels. Do you feel identified with the artistic and technical skills of video? We also need help in development, do not hesitate to contact us through social networks or email! We, for our part, are committed to continue working, listening to your proposals, fostering an environment of development for the community and preparing for the new challenges that are yet to come on this and other platform ;).
  9. Mickyleitor

    OFrP : Operation FrenchPoint

    In the name of the FFAA MOD team we want to thank you for all the contribution you did along all this time. It's highly appreciated how you empowered the community since OFP times, releasing content for free. And even if you don't return in the future, as above says, your work will be remembered by all the veterans users. Thanks.
  10. The website was taken down due to inactivity. We are sharing the news in our twitter instead. Regards.
  11. We only did the buildings and as Lythium isn't managed by FFAA MOD Team anymore, further issues/suggestions about Lythium map may go directly to the map author via steam or BI forum if a report can't be done at the Lythium issue Tracker. Thank you.
  12. Looks like this is what is causing my helo the clipping effect... if the user having the locality send an incorrect height (because a desync in the damper_land animation) to the user getting the locality then it will do a fast repositioning where the helo can't be, sending the helo to the stars 😑 I think the landContact points can't have animations attached. https://gitlab.com/FFAAMOD-Team/FFAAMOD/-/issues/308 Video here
  13. Could you report it in our FFAA MOD Issue Tracker? The issue is more complex than I though and I miss information on how can I reproduce, what the error really is about... Thanks!
  14. Hi all, It's been a long time since our last report so I think it's time to let you know some things the team has been working on in the background. We are getting used to Substance Painter and some of the team are doing a really good artwork: Centauro B1: Piranha IIIC Husky 2G EC-135 (CEFAMET and UME Skins) EF18M Hornet (Alas 12 and Ala 15 Special skins in the images) I'm personally really impresed on what the team did during the last year, congrats! Hope you enjoyed the images as I did! On the other hand, the feedback tracker was down during a lot of time due technical issues. Unfortunately, we lost all data stored in Mantis Bug Tracker but the team adopted a new system manteined by GitLab. This new feedback tracker allow some logging options (like google or twitter) to facilite users report its own issues. The following links point to FFAA MOD and Lythium repositories: FFAA MOD Issue Tracker Lythium Issue Tracker We appreciate all issues which was reported between the last year until now to be reported again in the new issue tracker. Greetings, Mickyleitor.