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  1. http://ffaamod.es/classnames/
  2. Iban656

    [WIP] Kandahar Map

    Good job! Thx for working for all! I like that enviroment.
  3. Thanks @MistyRonin and all comunity for your support like always, @fons... no comment...
  4. In the first realease no dont have that option, in next updates maybe.
  5. Yesterday we do some test with some content, here little pics of RG-31, big work from all the team, viewing last steps to be ready for first release.
  6. Yes all is WIP, we are testing and reporting development ---------- Post added at 23:47 ---------- Previous post was at 22:46 ---------- Yes MistyRonin, we have so much work and we have to prioritize work in groups, do not know when but before or after everything of the previous version come out in addition to what we are creating new. Best regards
  7. Yes in FFAA 5.1 for Arma 2, if im not wrong it was txt file with this info, with Arma 3 it will be same i think
  8. Yes, i think we can say exterior too Tisor, we want rework a lot of old FFAA models, it is a long work and we dont know when can we do that, but we want do that. Maybe in first realease, in the second, in future updates... we dont know
  9. Yes all is [WIP] and can have changes, we're still setting up the vehicles and testing all because every car has a different answers, i dont know a lot about this, our programers are working hard.
  10. New report, LCM-1E and Supercat [WIP] http://www.comunidadffaa.es/images/imagenes_noticias/ffaa_6.0/91e05791b76814a79cef609144606d1f.jpg (350 kB) http://www.comunidadffaa.es/images/imagenes_noticias/ffaa_6.0/973d5dcb2c84615cbd952f4ec0eff9e7.jpg (285 kB) http://www.comunidadffaa.es/images/imagenes_noticias/ffaa_6.0/a6d4678a756f268fd7b2ce4adba24db8.jpg (322 kB) http://www.comunidadffaa.es/images/imagenes_noticias/ffaa_6.0/5e08781c0a3a7d5fad0801964705f2d0.jpg (146 kB)
  11. New work report from Micky in the Eurocopter Tigre, nice work!
  12. Thx for clarification ProGamer! I can go sleep happy xd
  13. Thx all! Bis tools coming for this week?¿? sitrep #00035 say that?? lol http://dev.arma3.com/sitrep-00035 We can work like animals! :bounce3: My english is very poor but i understand that, is that true?