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    Former developer from FFAA Mod. Also taken part on the first stages of A3L (When all was legal...). Developed few Life mods in Spanish.
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  1. Hi, I'm trying to finish and old model I started modelling on O2. For the AO application, I want to export it from O2 to a external application, Blender or 3DS Max for example. The problem i'm not able to export it neither on .3ds or .fbx keeping the selection names nor the texture assignments. I lost everything and have to start from scratch on 3DS Max. Is there any workaround to keep those selections and texture mapping out to another application?
  2. Awesome idea! Been thinking of ways to reinvent the RPG for Arma a long time and never come into this idea. That's looking amazing!! Will you make horses rideable and the classic stagecoachs?
  3. Tisor

    Bohemia Interactive Mníšek Studio

    Nice work! Maybe a retexture of that fence for a better fit will be awesome. Now we will be able to storm in the studios when we want to ask for anything... muahahaha
  4. Hi everyone, Sorry for rebumping this but I'm back on this vehicle and still have the same problem. As a Summary, all this things have been checked: All parts have mass/weight assigned Geometry is Convex and closed (is made up of boxes) All components are correctly Named (Both ComponentXX and Animated part names) Roadway Lod has been added, and I can walk on the ladder. Geometry PhysX LOD is created also. Geometry, even when extended, does not go further than 20 meters (because of that Arma size limit) What's happening is that looks like the Geometry LOD is not being animated, because when I extend the supports (the ones that lifts the truck up), I can run trough them with the player, but in another hand the truck is getting lifted. Also, when turning the ladder retracted, it collides with object. When I extend the ladder, it is not colliding anymore. Is like it only accept 1 animation, not more. If I rotate it on height and on "heading", only heading affects. The translation animation for extension is not recognized. Is so weird. Has anyone got any problem like this one? Can anyone give some point here? Thanks.
  5. Thanks, will let you know if that works for me... having hard times on work again... but will get back on this. Waiting for that new version of SC Mod!! If I have some time will share some feedback on your post ;)
  6. But then, you pack a new data_f.pbo or what? Can I change the rope size to make it like you did with the hose of the helicopter? PD: Awesome job on SC Mod, enjoying a lot playing with it!
  7. Sorry for rebumping this. After hard months IRL I'm back to this. Can you elaborate a little more on this please?
  8. I mean both. In that example is the floor of the bucket but the problem is with all the ladder itself.
  9. I have added more weight to every part. They were at 25 and now at 100. No success. Same problem.
  10. Of course everypart has weight set... Is there any minimal weight for collision?
  11. This is another example of what's going on. The ladder is colliding with the concrete block, but when I came closer with the player, I don't collide at all. I may add that when the ladder is not rotated, I mean on its start position, I do collide with it with the player. The problem is when it is moved.
  12. Hi everyone, I've been struggeling for two days now with this and I cannot find what's going on. I'm modelling a fire ladder. Everything is animated in the Geometry LOD and all animations are working on the Bulldozer: When I go ingame, this animations does not seem to work... well, not at all. I explain: When I collide the ladder with a building, the ladder crash, so yes, It has geometry. When I lower down the supports, the ladder is risen in the air, as it should be. So again, geometry is animating. But when I collide with any of them with the player, I can go through them... like the animation collision has not moved for the geometry... but, why is it colliding with the other objects? Of course, geometrys are all convex, closed, has correct selection names, etc etc etc. Am I missing something? Thanks in advanced.
  13. Yeah, It's a truck crane. Actually is working with an animated vertex making a black cilinder longer... but is not as real as I wanna achieve.
  14. No, as far as I know. That's why I need to redefine the model.
  15. Hi everyone, I'm trying to change the Rope (ropeCreate) default model so it looks different. I'm trying to model a crane and want it to look like a steal black cable. This is the config replacement I'm trying to do: class CfgPatches { class tisor_crane { units[]={}; weapons[]={}; magazines[] = {}; requiredVersion=0.1; requiredAddons[]={}; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class All; class Rope : All { model = "\tisor_crane\tisor_ropesegment.p3d"; }; }; But I can't get it to work. In Project Life they have been success on changing the model to a Hose one so it can be done... but how? Can anyone give me a hand please. Thanks in advance