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  1. Could you report it in our FFAA MOD Issue Tracker? The issue is more complex than I though and I miss information on how can I reproduce, what the error really is about... Thanks!
  2. Hi all, It's been a long time since our last report so I think it's time to let you know some things the team has been working on in the background. We are getting used to Substance Painter and some of the team are doing a really good artwork: Centauro B1: Piranha IIIC Husky 2G EC-135 (CEFAMET and UME Skins) EF18M Hornet (Alas 12 and Ala 15 Special skins in the images) I'm personally really impresed on what the team did during the last year, congrats! Hope you enjoyed the images as I did! On the other hand, the feedback tracker was down during a lot of time due technical issues. Unfortunately, we lost all data stored in Mantis Bug Tracker but the team adopted a new system manteined by GitLab. This new feedback tracker allow some logging options (like google or twitter) to facilite users report its own issues. The following links point to FFAA MOD and Lythium repositories: FFAA MOD Issue Tracker Lythium Issue Tracker We appreciate all issues which was reported between the last year until now to be reported again in the new issue tracker. Greetings, Mickyleitor.
  3. Hi guys, I'm nearly 2 weeks trying to figure out how get a proxy missile to spawn (maverick simulation) in its station. It always spawn from the "memoryPointMissile[]", but I don't want it, I want use proxy maverick simulation. The issue is that I'm using a BIS weapon (Missile_AA_04_F) so no extra config regarding to CfgNonAivehicles is needed! Here is the config because I'm tired on searching and testing what It could be and honestly I need your help: CfgVehicles: CfgWeapons: CfgMagazines: CfgAmmo: This is how I have in O2:
  4. Yes, In fact I edited a little bit the source addon therefore I can upload it here helping anyone who are doing something like this. Source files
  5. Unless you reach the engine limitations, which is the case. But hey, hopefully...
  6. Just saw this. In fact, we are testing a driveable version of it in Arma 3 available at SW. Unfourtunately under our point of view there is no solution to this: We researched a lot and we finally assumed there isn't a fix (in MP sessions) but a workaround, which is autmatically attach the vehicle when it "touch" the Landing Deck. To detach the vehicle the ship should be in "static" mode, avoiding PhysX collision issues. https://i.gyazo.com/43627ca115b5aff1580d5fcab305b7c1.mp4
  7. Mickyleitor

    WMO - Walkable Moving Objects

    It works impresively well on the BAM from the FFAA MOD, congrulations. I should edit the scripts in order to support this in case users active this addon with the FFAA MOD.. https://i.gyazo.com/0a7d8abb6e71169ef422dd8c8a9c30ca.mp4
  8. Hi guys, I'm trying get to work a custom grenade but I've to change the code base of the Arma 3 and I'm not very convinced to do that as It would cause compatiblity issues. I've add another muzzle parameter under "Throw" class to get it work for all units on Arma 3. But I don't want to redefine the whole muzzle parameter, I want ADD another muzzle paramater. So i'm wondering if Arma 3 accept the "+=" operation as C++ language do. My custom cfgweapons config file would be like this: class Throw: GrenadeLauncher { muzzles[] += {"CUSTOM_GRENADE"}; class ThrowMuzzle; class CUSTOM_GRENADE: ThrowMuzzle { magazines[] = {"CUSTOM_GRENADE_MAGAZINE"}; }; }; I've tested with this code but It doesn't work (It throw no errors during binarize process) and I'm wondering if the problem came in "CUSTOM_GRENADE_MAGAZINE" config or in the "+=" operation.
  9. Hi, We bring you the first update of this year, with a very wanted content since a long time ago. Let this video by @Greenberet40 show you the new content. The new content are the following: - IVECO LMV "Lince": * M2 mounted version * MG3 mounted version * LAG-40 mounted version * Ambulance version - NH90 Helicopter: * TTH version for troops transport purpose * TTH version with a double mounted M2 for gunners * TTH version with Vehicle-In-Vehicle capability * NFH version with electronic capabilities enhaced - BRIPAC units (Arid and woodland with Marte 04 BRIPAC helmets). - FGNE (Fuerza de Guerra Naval Especial) units (Arid and Woodland) See ffaa mod documentation for full changelog Those new contents will be inmediately added in the in-progress Spanish Championship of Simulation V, where the Spanish community are taking part. This year, the tournament have started with 15 groups, breaking the number of entries presented in the IV edition. The winner won a guided visit at CENAD ("San Gregorio" Training Center") and we meet each other of the community with a great time spending at some training simulator like the ones used for the RG31, LMV Lince and Leopard and also some serious games like Steel Beast and VBS in the Spanish Army. Winner team were also awarded with physical trophies in a ceremony that had taken in CENAD facilities, granted by the organisation. Groups and entities at Spanish Championship of Simulation V Remembing the tournament, they will fight according to pre-defined briefing so they will plan, coordinate and execute its own way to comply with the mission objectives. The score system is according to the tactics executed, number of allied KIA and the success of the task mission. Each 2 weeks, on Thursday at 22:30 (first mission started at 8 Feb), teams will receive another (unknow) mission and briefing will be published a week before to let teams train the specific tactics for the upcoming mission. In total, there will be 6 missions along all the ChampionShip. Now, talking about the Spanish Army Modification itself, we reach a point were we can consider this project as "mature" product, with a development time of 5 years, we can now consider this a "completed" addon, (though some addons which were first was planned haven't released yet, they will released somewhere in the future). For this reason, we will close this thread and continue its way in the release thread, nothing will change except the fact we will not duplicate information every time we publish an update. Without anything else, have a great time! Goodbye and greetings.
  10. Mickyleitor

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Hi, this is a great addition. It's only applicable to "Tank" simulation or it's extensible to others, like "airplane", "helicopters" etc...? Greetings.
  11. _chooper animateSource ["HideExtras",1]; or if working with configs: class yourChopper : ffaa_chopper_baseclass { class AnimationSources : AnimationSources { class HideExtras : HideExtras { initPhase = 1; }; }; };
  12. I'm wondering if it's possible to generate a new line character because there are some platenumbers where a simple line isn't feasible. I mean something like this vehicle: If I set a "\n" character it results in no effect:
  13. Mickyleitor

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    What a very well done work, I would love having this new tweaks for the ffaa tiger Just kidding, I know this is a hard work, keep it going!
  14. Hi! New call to arms anyone with technical knowledge in ACE. We are changing (internally) how FFAA MOD works, like the use of a new GIT system. Nowadays, there is a few developers (rather myself) working into 3rd party addons, unfortunately, some resources is wasted in the way and we want use those efforts to a full time dedicated on FFAA MOD. That is why we want to take advantage of the GIT system designed for an efficient and distributed management, we have published the ACE compatibility addon, as is currently happening with translations of the FFAAMOD, so that the community can contribute very easily to the proper integration with ACE, which is currently lacking some features due to the lack of deep understanding in the technical field of ACE. The repository is available on GitHub and contains the guide to make pull requests. OFFICIAL REPOSITORY COMPATIBILITY FFAA MOD & ACE ADDON Summarizing, if you really understand the programming, the scripts and how ACE work internally, help us so FFAA MOD could have more functionalities though ACE, we look forward to your contribution!
  15. I was doing an example test to show you the configuration and although you solved it, I've attached here an example of the Test_Plane_01 from the Samples with bay configuration (I supposed fictional bay into the InnerLeft/Right bays... Just for further modders looking for examples https://www.dropbox.com/s/ta8qw1cem4bpumq/BayAnimationExample.rar?dl=0 Changed files are:
  16. Hi, I'm trying to implement all our content to Jet DLC standard too. According to the wiki, you just use the animation source given in the wiki. bay.1, bay.2,...bay.X - animation state of bay pylonReadyPos.X - animation state of pylon, missile is released when anim. state of bay and pylon is 1 pylonIsEmpty.X - return 1 when no magazine is attached on pylon pylonReload.X - reload state of weapon on given pylon pylonRevolving.X - revolving state of weapon on given pylon bay.1, bay.X... is the bay corresponding the bays class sorted by the sequence of appearance, for example, if you have: bay.1 animation source will be BayCenter, bay.2 BayRight and bay.3 BayLeft. The use of those animation sources is like you used to do.. for example: Hope it helps you.
  17. Hi, I'm updating my custom SAM (NASAMS) Launcher to the new sensor update from Jet DLC. I've a working SAM Launcher, sensors are doing its job except for a litlle issue. Which is the Right Display Manager Component isn't heading to the real direction of the turret azimut (but it's attached to, via "animDirection"), instead, it's heading to the opposite the turret is heading... Also, the poiting vector (the arrow inside the display) is pointing to the backward of the vehicle. Here is a short video: https://gyazo.com/dc8d800d44b355af29b7a0d85cd0211f All stuff is working right, like the spawn point, direction of the missile. I was wondering if it's something related to the config or the model itself. Here is the config: Any clue? Greetings.
  18. Hi, Just a little improvement here (to make this more realistic, technically speaking). Your jammer strengh effect is lineal depending on the distance of the jammer, an electronic jammer emit a wave which sature a range of the bandwidth (not simulated in this script) avoiding comms to be properly demodulated and decrypted, this is an eletronic wave and according to the laws his effect is exponential depending on the distance.. In short, you could change the line 50 of the TFARjamRadios.sqf to this: // Interferencia exponencial decreciente con lambda = 2 _interference = _strength * exp ( - _distPercent * 2 ) ; // Interferencia lineal // _interference = _strength - (_distPercent * _strength) + 1; Greetings! :)
  19. Hi, read our politics regarding that point. Greetings.
  20. Time to drop some WIP news about our current pipeline: EC 135 Cockpit IVECO LMV "Lince" And last, first in-game images testing the NH-90
  21. Checked @john1, Last sensor update broke the NASAMS Launcher locking/fire system. Reported in our feedback tracker. Thus due to this, all already deployed NASAMS are practically useless until a fix is released :/ It's not planned, it's already in work in progress ;)
  22. Not at this moment.
  23. Once you are inside a NASAMS Launcher yes, T/R (default keys to lock) should work. To be honest since the new sensor overhaul Idk if this is working aswell, I will check when possible.
  24. NASAMS is provided as a complex/group of systems which operate autonomously according to threats. Additionally, you (player) can manually control one of those turrets (NASAMS Launcher) from the FCS (NASAMS Station). So, AI should be able to use the NASAMS System since it's used by AI by default. Could you be more explicit? It should respawn in top of deck if you put it over the deck.. but there is a script which is usefull for this: FFAA_fnc_bam_montar