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  1. OK I need to check the music issue, was this single-player? At the moment there is no way to have custom music.
  2. Great to hear that! About the arresting issue I think it's just because AI pathfinding, it could help to have some sort of script to reposition him in these kind of cases. One time I got him to get stuck inside a tent and I rammed the tent down an carefully pushed him until he started obeying move orders. About the music bug, are you using some mods other than required by the mission?
  3. Missions updated: 1.05.03 - ADDED: Eastern European faction - KrAZ-255B1 - ADDED: Caucasian faction - KrAZ-255B1 - ADDED: Chernarus 2020 - new cities added to city pool - CHANGED: When returning to mission plan dialog after pressing esc or exiting full screen map, the active center window is reopened - CHANGED: Map automatically opening after pressing esc when selecting insertion point is disabled after first auto-open - CHANGED: The transition from mission plan dialogs to large map and back to dialog when selecting insertion points - FIXED: Mission failed to end when all Alpha group members were all dead, leaving players stuck in spectator mode - FIXED: Possible fix for kill sometimes not registering in operative kill statistics - FIXED: Chernarus 2020 - showcase units spawned mid-air - FIXED: Chernarus 2020 - Adjusted bad sector locations - FIXED: Marine Raiders faction - M1A1 removed from ground escort vehicles due to unreliability
  4. OK, finally got back to take a look at the mission after a year to see how it currently works. I'm going through some reports I've got and add some small updates and then release a new version, not going to be a big update, more like a maintenance one. This is now fixed. Looks like I broke this after merging two separate scripts to have both functions in one. I checked this now and looks like you were using it wrong, you need to drop the bag on the ground after which you can assemble the Raven.
  5. Glad you like it! About the raven issue, could be that the mission is outdated. Maybe a classname has been changed or something, could add something new from the updated mods if there is something of use as well. A small update wouldn't hurt. I could have a look at it in the near future.
  6. Another update with some fixes: Version 1.05.02 - CHANGED: The general skill of the enemy units tuned down slightly, aiming skill remains the same - FIXED: Boat insertion with Separate insertion points with Bravo squad. Bugged animations and driver slots empty, leaving AI squad immobile - FIXED: Support vessel position not updated when both Alpha and Bravo insertion points not yet defined, and both has boat insertion selected - FIXED: Support vessel position not updated if changed from Joint insertion to separate and vice versa - FIXED: In rare occasions Insertion boats start from too close to each other or on top of each other - FIXED: Assumed fix for ground insertion starting with too few cargo slots in vehicles in multiplayer - FIXED: Bravo squad reroute point was left visible if switched to joint insertion - FIXED: Max active operatives was incorrectly stated 6 if bravo squad was manually left out, leading to no bonus progress points - FIXED: Sometimes available artillery shell amounts were fraction numbers - FIXED: Applying skills to NULL-object for client players (rpt log) - FIXED: Added few more debug logs I have a guess why this happens and I think it could be fixed now in this patch. Let me know if it still happens. There are already two main mission types in urban areas which partly covers this. I'm not sure how this is different other than the rescue mission, which there are in other mission types. This I have thought of, like a mix of urban assault and ambush. This mission is lacking a proper defend mission type and this is something I have thought of. This involves more scripting which relies on AI and AI doing what it is scripted to do and I'm reluctant on adding anything involving that. Otherwise it could be a nice addition, another mission featuring friendly forces. This is a mission type I have thought of but I have scrapped it as it - again - relies on AI, especially heavily on AI vehicle pathfinding which is pretty bad in Arma. And since the mission is dynamic the road paths (starting point/destination) is randomly chosen the probability of AI convoy getting stuck somewhere far away would be way too high. Otherwise definitely a fun mission type and something that I would have probably already implemented. There is already a downed pilot rescue mission type but in that mission the pilot is already taken hostage. But a dedicated rescue/escort a person of interest (downed pilot/VIP etc.) hiding somewhere in a forest, building etc. would be nice. Thanks for the ideas, although I already have a huge list of ideas waiting for implementing, definitely more than I will ever implement. At the moment I'm probably taking another break from the mission, at least a break from anything as big as 1.05.00. Porting the mission to new terrains would be something I could do in the neat future if I have the time and motivation.
  7. A small update fixing few bugs found so far. Version 1.05.01 - FIXED: Mission starting loading screen stuck if boat insertion selected and Alpha group had max five squad members and Bravo had six - FIXED: AAF Faction - unmanned technicals in base - FIXED: City variables defined based on position instead of name to prevent posible localization issues - FIXED: NT/AL version: missing misplanchair error when platoon commander changes during mission plan phase - FIXED: missing "\A3\ui_f\data\sound\new1.wss" spam in .rpt - FIXED: missing NATOHead_01 error in .rpt - FIXED: Urban Building Raid mission type: Task updated referred to enemy officer instead of target person - FIXED: AtEase script related getvariable error - FIXED: Added few debug logs What kind of mission concept are you thinking of? Adding new mission types mean quite a lot of work and then it needs testing and optimization and knowledge of how the missions are generated. This is not as easy as adding more loadouts, adding vehicles etc.
  8. I checked the rpt and there was nothing I could find other than you're running other additional mods that are not required. First try running only the required and see if it stops crashing. You could also try the mod free version without any mods loaded. There have been no crashes in my end so far. You could also try checking Arma file integrity and updating drivers and that sort of stuff as well.
  9. There's a folder called "library" in the mission, that contains all the used classnames. To port the mission into a new terrain some objects may need to be placed and the terrain specific parameters are specified in WolrdLibrary.sqf.
  10. No plans to use new mods myself, maybe some other Islands later.
  11. Hmm ok, this is something more specific request, i'll see if I'll do something about this I don't understand, at which point does this occur? What happens prior to this and what are the conditions? I can't find this in the rpt, don't know what to look for. Thank you, I found this and I see that your group needed only one boat because there was only tree of you and due to a mistyped variable only one boat was spawned also for Jackal and the sixth group member didn't fit, that's why the mission was stuck. It is fixed now and to avoid this have only max 5 people for Jackal if you have max 5 in your group. Thanks for the report. When the insertion point is close enough to the starting point / base no teleportation is done and no skip point is defined. You can see from the map if the skip point is marked. When did this happen exactly, when boarding or randomly during the transportation or how? Sound weird indeed. Throwing a smoke for marking the spot was originally something I thought would be nice but this takes more things into consideration like it requires smokes to bee carried and what if the smoke accidentally lands too close to an obstacle or if you throw it in a too dense forest where it is impossible to land. The current method ensures that a valid landing spot is found. In the current version the helicopter does loiter around the landing zone until you give the word. Glad you enjoy it the way I ideally thought it would work best, playing with few close friends! Originally in Arma 2 it was SP only but added the MP functionality afterwards for this very reason. 🙂
  12. Thanks for the feedback! When i'm only with IA, if I click on the map it give ordre to move. Not sure it's happening with mix AI and Human. I'm not sure what this means. Order to move for whom? The platoon leader can order move commands for Bravo squad via the 0-0-5 menu by clicking on the map. During a mission I don't know why yet, the Coyote icon disappear and no 0-0-5 command anymore (the windows didn't show up). Sounds like for some reason Coyote leader became "null" or not alive. Is this in multiplayer or single player? Could the AIO Command interfere with the group leader status? We did encouter a bug when both team Coyote and Jackal have to make a boat insertion, and the mission never begin cause "InsertionBoat - B JACKAL:6 not in B JACKAL:1 - Reboard" spaming in my RPT For some reason some units can't board the insertion boats. Could you paste the whole RPT somewhere so I could see what is going on? Haven't had this myself before.
  13. Glad you like the new stuff. I remember I was sometimes getting worse FPS in the old Chernarus as well for some reason. I think it's for the map optimization, can't think of anything that would cause the lag in the mission itself. The "Library" folder inside the pbo contains pretty much everything you need for customization.
  14. As the next step towards my vision of this mission concept and as sort of a 10 year anniversary from the original release of the Forgotten Few for Arma 2 I'm releasing a huge update for this mission, by far the biggest update so far. I've more or less overhauled the whole mission and rewritten many scripts and optimized others so I consider this update more like a re-launch. I've revised the campaign mode to utilize a progress point system with a variable goal amount of points. Now you can choose the length of the campaign. Each mission outcome is now evaluated and scored for objective success, casualties taken and attrition inflicted to enemy forces. Once you accumulate the goal point amount the campaign is finished. As another example feature, for the first time since releasing the original version of the mission I'm introducing a whole new mission type: an enemy base/depot. This features fortified enemy facility spawned in a more open field areas as opposed the hideout mission type. The mission varies from base raids to asset sabotage, assassination, intel hunt and prisoner rescue. Also artillery spotting is a new possible objective for the first time. To improve the accessibility of the mission to those that don't like using mods I've also released a vanilla version using only stock Arma 3 assets. It features NATO CTRG forces against enemy AAF revolutionists as the available factions at the moment. For those that play the Chernarus versions, please notice that those versions are ported over to the new Chernarus 2020 so you need the CUP maps 2.0 from now on. Please check the required mods in the workshop for each version. For the full change log see below. I hope you enjoy the new update and please let me know if you encounter any problems! Version 1.05.00 - ADDED: Progress Point system - Campaign is now scalable in length and progress is measured in Progress Points. Successful missions and inflicted attrition to enemy yields progress points, penalty points are received from losses and failed missions etc. - ADDED: Mission difficulty variation. In campaign mode you can select from easy, normal or hard missions. This affects the enemy strength ratio and earnable difficulty progress points bonus. - ADDED: Boat insertion/extraction. Spawns a support vessel in the ocean where you start from in assault boats. Can then also be used for extraction. Available in all missions, separate or joint with Bravo. - ADDED: Abort mission -option. You can now abort mission and extract without completing the main objectives. You also get punished with some penalty progress points and failed objectives. - ADDED: Mission Instructions, can be accessed from mission plan dialog and map notes log - ADDED: Platoon member and air support replacement system. Lost platoon members and air support vehicles are replaced with new recruits and vehicles at the beginning of each month. - ADDED: Veterancy and fatigue system to affect AI operative skills - ADDED: Platoon members are spawned with random name. - ADDED: More operation codename components to the pool, now totalling ~600 operation name components - ADDED: Task icons for extraction tasks according to extraction mode - ADDED: Platoon commander menu though radio command 0-0-5 that works as a hub for all platoon commander abilities, inluding new commands. - ADDED: New animated debriefing scoring summarizing accumulated progress points - ADDED: New animated campaign debriefing scoring summarizing all accumulated scores - ADDED: Randomly generated faction specific names for enemy targets of interest, for more immersion - ADDED: Ending credits to Campaign mode after campaign debriefing - ADDED: Contact DLC Music to mission insertion and extraction playlists - ADDED: Enemy has ability to send infantry and vehicle groups to engage known player positions at distance - ADDED: Ambient enemy garrisoned camps, bases and depots in enemy territory - ADDED: Hotspot warning markers inside enemy territories to warn about spotted enemy camps, fortifications, garrisons and patrols, simulating reconnaissance and helping navigating and planning missions - ADDED: Enemy Roadblock / Checkpoint compositions utilized by revised and improved enemy outpost spawning script - ADDED: New main mission type: Depot/Base, featuring small or large scale open field fortified positions of varying themes - ADDED: Depot/Base mission variation: Sabotage Supplies - ADDED: Depot/Base mission variation: Base Raid - ADDED: Depot/Base mission variation: Sabotage Vehicles - ADDED: Depot/Base mission variation: Assassination - ADDED: Depot/Base mission variation: Artillery Spotting - ADDED: Depot/Base mission variation: Radar Station - ADDED: Depot/Base mission variation: Gather Intel - ADDED: Depot/Base mission variation: Prisoner Rescue - ADDED: Building Raid mission type: Hit and Run mode for some variations - ADDED: Building Raid mission type: New gather intel variation - ADDED: Building Raid mission type: Officer assassination variation now requires examining the officer corpse for accomplishing the mission - ADDED: Building Raid mission type: Arrest Enemy Collaborator, with 7 different story variations, this mission subtype replaces the old arrest officer mission - ADDED: Building Raid mission type: Eliminate Enemy Collaborator, with 5 different story variations - ADDED: Urban Raid mission type: Assassinate enemy general - ADDED: VDV Faction: PP-19 Vityaz SMG - ADDED: VDV Faction: Collimator OKP-7 for various weapons - ADDED: Numerous other minor additions - CHANGED: Chernarus versions - Terrain switched to Chernarus 2020 version. Cup Maps 2.0 is needed for Chernarus versions now - CHANGED: Building Raid mission type: Officer assassination variation has now the assassination as the main objective, no need to clear the area from enemies for more variation - CHANGED: Interaction with collecting intel, arresting officers and rescuing prisoners is done by holding down key for better control - CHANGED: Improved the mission intel report to allow more detailed information - CHANGED: Russian and Eastern European factions have voices/radio protocols replaced with the new official BIS russian voices included since Contact DLC - CHANGED: Rephrased a lot of mission descriptions - CHANGED: Script for spawning enemy outposts around mission targets revised. Now outposts are more common and varies is type - CHANGED: Hideout mission type is now named "Camp Raid" in-game as Hideout was more like an original work name - CHANGED: Strongpoint mission type is now named "Building Raid" in-game as Strongpoint was more like an original work name - CHANGED: Improved the loadout generator for enemy infantry to allow more detailed gear variations and different weapon/attachments/ammunition/sidearm combinations for all enemy factions - CHANGED: Balkan faction - Revised the loadout selections for all infantry classes, e.g. VHS-D2 added and removed most western weapons that are not unique to Balkan faction to make the faction more unique - CHANGED: Eastern European faction - Revised the loadout selections for all infantry classes, e.g. richer selection of AK-variants and sight attachments - CHANGED: Eastern European faction - Voices changed to the new official BI russian voices included since Contact DLC - CHANGED: Western PMC - Revised the loadout selections for all infantry classes, e.g. SCAR-H and L1A1 added - CHANGED: Middle Eastern Insurgents faction - Revised the loadout selections for all infantry classes - CHANGED: Caucasian faction - Revised the loadout selections for all infantry classes - CHANGED: All enemy factions - Removed most of CUP weapons for more unified RHS weapons and ammunition - CHANGED: USMC Faction - 105mm M119A2 artillery replaced by the new RHS HIMARS with powerful DPICM Missile Barrage for more artillery variance - CHANGED: Required to reach the AO to accomplish missions with clearing out enemies - CHAMGED: Updated and tweaked the infantry clothing and gear of some of the enemy factions - CHANGED: GRU faction - Changed the uniforms and vests of the operatives - CHANGED: Bravo group communications dialog doesn't get disabled after calling for extraction anymore in case of unexpected extraction problems and Bravo needs to be commanded to extract on foot - CHANGED: Player character death does not affect the AI dead/alive status the he/she replaces joining game, now compensated with extra penalty points instead - CHANGED: Stamina system is disabled for player squads - CHANGED: Tweaks for enemy patrolling around mission target in combat situations - CHANGED: AI squad members' running speed now depends on the endurance skill - CHANGED: RPK-74M uses now RHS collimators, attachments and ammunition for all factions using it - CHANGED: VDV and GRU Factions: Satchel charge replaced with 400g TNT charge - CHANGED: GRU Faction: Mi-8MT replaced with Mi-8T - CHANGED: Numerous other minor tweaks and changes - FIXED: Chernarus sector offset to match the updated sector alignment - FIXED: Missing map control dialog value widthRailWay after 1.90 patch - FIXED: Exploding parked unmanned vehicles colliding with world objects and other vehicles when spawning - FIXED: Ambient civilians wouldn't not despawn when out of spawn radius during mission, causing u nnecessary performance impact - FIXED: American M249 and Mk11 ammunition inconsistencies - FIXED: AI couldn't fire M136, M72A7 or RPG-26 but player could, added a dummy launcher mag to fix this - FIXED: Ambush mission type: Enemy spawn point pathfind check sped up - FIXED: Platoon members sometimes starting mission far from starting point - FIXED: US/CH version had Altis set of civilians instead of Chernarus - FIXED: Improved Land transport multi-vehicle convoy, vehicles get stuck a lot less - FIXED: Eastern European faction had arid camo version in Chernarus in the American version, changed back to Woodland camo - FIXED: Ambient vehicle patrol alive status was not registered, only stationary manned vehicles - FIXED: Enemy infantry reinforcements too easily abandoned their transport vehicle and started walking from far away - FIXED: Operatives KIA made corresponding portraits not show correctly in mission plan gear window - FIXED: Enemy vehicle crew sometimes getting out of vehicle during combat at a waypoint - FIXED: AI artillery gunner not able to fire for exact reasons unknown for some artillery types. Spawn positions more finicky about the ground gradient for a fix. - FIXED: Actual intended spawned enemy infantry amount at the mission target wasn't always accurate - FIXED: Sometimes the enemy got alerted for a false reason at the beginning of the mission - FIXED: Transport vehicle spometimes had a cargo slot locked in multiplayer and everyone couldn't get in - FIXED: Weather forecast was not true after loading mission save state - FIXED: Mission did not end after all players got killed in Alpha squad - FIXES: Numerous other minor optimizations and fixes
  15. Great to hear that, thanks for reporting, that is something that I have been getting feedback on. Spawning enemies in houses is something that I planned but haven't implemented it as it wouldn't be ideal to have enemies garrisoned in random houses and then go hunting for them house by house in missions where you are to clear a town from enemies. If you like enemies utilising houses, I suggest using an AI mod such as ASR AI, works great with this mission, I use it myself. Define "excessively complex", it takes some time to define all city areas and radiuses and few dozen other smaller terrain specific variables but yes, it is possible to custom port this to some other terrain, the file you are looking for is WorldLibrary.sqf, it holds these terrain related variables