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  1. The fast travel point is always in safe area with some distance to enemy territory. The point is never inside enemy territory, otherwise it would be cheating. There are some missions that are deliberately spawned deeper inside enemy territory when the task is for example escorting some VIP. They are meant to be travelled on foot and maybe do some "side mission" by doint things like raiding enemy positions that might be holding enemy intel or destroying enemy supplies (both yield additional progress points), or just try to avoid contact. However, there are some improvements I've made for the next update as I've noticed there are sometimes instances where the mission is unintentionally spawned too far away with only ground vehicles as valid transportation.
  2. Thanks for the humbling words! Are you sure you're running 1.06.04? For the NATO versions, SP Artillery was the one that was fixed and I just tested and it fired without a problem. And like I stated above, there is an occasional and very random problem with single artillery pieces that won't fire but unfortunately I haven't yet found why that is nor a solution to fix that.
  3. I just took the time to take a better look at the artillery problems reported. It seems there IS an issue with artillery types that weren't using the standard ammunition. For some reason the AI wasn't able to select it even though it had some. I made some changes and now it works. It's wierd, the special rounds worked earlier but I guess at some point I went and fiddled with it. Be aware that this doesn't fix the random rarer issues I stated above though, which is another story. Missions updated: Version 1.06.04 - FIXED: Artillery types using special ammunition not firing
  4. The AI controlled artillery has sometimes problems firing at the target using the CommandArtilleryFire command even though the artillery piece is intact, manned, within range and it has ammo. The reason is beyond my understanding and it's very random so it's hard to track what exactly leads to the problem. The problem apparently lies in the AI code and/or the unit class configs of the artillery piece so not much I can do about it. The artillery unit being removed from the available artillery is a feature to prevent reassigning fire missions again to the same unit that failed to fire previously. If it was the only/last artillery piece then the artillery type becomes unavailable.
  5. The darker the circle the more it has sustained damage to the infrastructure. Since 1.06.00 the cities have a chance of sustaining damage each time it changes ownership. And if the city has sustained damage recently you have a chance of seeing some pillars of smoke emanating from the ruins. Just an effect for immersion at the moment.
  6. Mission update 1.06.03. Another small hotfix update. - CHANGED: Enemy camp mission type: lowered chance of prisnoners being executed - FIXED: Prisoners not moving after rescue - FIXED: Bravo squad on boats didn't stop when ordered to stop via radio 0-0-1 if the bravo squad was in a single boat instead of two boats in a formation
  7. That's a nasty bug actually, just checked and I think this got broken when I fixed some line markers in the last patch without enough testing. Thanks for reporting. I made a quick update to fix that, seems to work now, tested in SP and MP and dedicated. Mission update 1.06.02 - CHANGED: No OperativesArray logging - FIXED: Not able to set Bravo stand-by waypoint in multiplayer since 1.06.01 - FIXED: Selecting random single scenario mission gets the mission stuck in the loading screen that follows
  8. Mission update 1.06.01, with few bug fixes and also additions that came with Prairie Fire 1.2 - ADDED: Cam Lao Nam: New music to music pools - ADDED: PAVN and VC factions: PT-76 variants - ADDED: PAVN and VC factions: M1 Garand - ADDED: PAVN and VC factions: M1918A2 - ADDED: PAVN and VC factions: Vz.54 - ADDED: MACV-SOG faction: F-100D strikes added to fixed wing support - ADDED: MACV-SOG faction: M113A1 variants - ADDED: MACV-SOG faction: M14A1 LMG - ADDED: MACV-SOG faction: Mk18 Static GL - CHANGED: Emplacement mission type: Find radius takes terrain specific search radius coefficient into account - CHANGED: Cam Lao Nam: Slightly reduce change of enemy calling in nearby patrols for reinforcements - CHANGED: PAVN and VC factions: Target officers use new Prairie Fire v1.2 field caps - CHANGED: PAVN and VC factions: Lowered change of enemy having a shotgun - CHANGED: MACV-SOG faction: Insertion boat vehicle changed to STAB Boat - FIXED: Ambient enemies didn't stay spawned correctly around helicopters and planes - FIXED: Bravo standby position marker sometimes pointed at enemy hidden position instead of mission area center - FIXED: Bravo waypoint lines wasn't visible in Sustained Operation - FIXED: All planes start their strafing run 200m earlier to help avoid crash landing in laggy situations - FIXED: MACV-SOG faction: F-4B didn't fire it's weapons since Prairie Fire v1.2 release - FIXED: CSAT Renegades faction: One invalid uniform classname in uniforms pool - FIXED: NATO player factions: Ghillie suits didn't come with standard First Aid Kits
  9. That's right. The revive system is between players only, AI is not affeced.
  10. When I started working on this version for Arma 3 I wanted to have it like in my original mission for Arma 2, and CUP and RHS combined came close to what I wanted when it comes to assets. Both mods have come a long way since but I still like them both. Using only one mod would do nowadays though, that's true. I do have given more attention to the vanilla versions, featuring Tanoa and Malden and more gear options etc, if using mods is too much hassle. I enjoy a lot playing the vanilla way myself now too. Thanks for the kind words.
  11. After almost a year of development and testing I'm happy to present probably the biggest update so far. In addition to new scripts and features, I have basically rewritten a big part of the old scripts and essential functions with heavy optimizations and streamlining in the code and added functionality. Overall, I have taken another big step towards my vision of this mission concept. New features, more friendly support and presence, new mission types, the environment has more depth and the enemy territory is deadlier than ever. Now that I have made the code more streamlined and optimized and I'm satisfied with the state of the mission for now, I finally felt comfortable porting the mission onto new terrains and adding new factions. One of the new versions features Prairy Fire CDLC in Cam Lao Nam terrain which is a ton of fun and a new take on the mission concept. To squeeze the update into few key improvements: - Optimizations and rewritten essential scripts and functions - Enhanced Ambient enemy functionality and behaviour, including added reinforcement calling capabilities, making ambient enemies play a stronger and deadlier role in any mission. - Multiple new types of friendly forces and friendly support - Multiple new mission types, now making a total of 10 main mission types, divided into a total of 45 mission type variations - Sustained operation allowing operatives to stay behind enemy lines after mission - Revive mechanism in multiplayer, can be switched off - New versions of the mission, new terrains and new factions Regardless of whether you have played the earlier versions of this missions or not I strongly recommend trying this one out. Please let me know if you run into any issues with any of the versions and I'll have a look. Please see the first post for the full list of versions with download links. Patch notes below: Version 1.06.00 - ADDED: New Mission version: Vietnam setting in Cam Lao Nam terrain VN/CLN (Prairie Fire CDLC dependency) - ADDED: New Player faction: MACV-SOG in green or tiger camo, for VN/CLN - ADDED: New Enemy faction: People's Army of Vietnam, for VN/CLN - ADDED: New Enemy faction: National Liberation Front, for VN/CLN - ADDED: New Mission version: Tanoa terrain with vanilla assets NT/TN (APEX DLC dependency) - ADDED: New Player faction: CTRG 15 (Pacific), for NT/TN - ADDED: New Enemy faction: CSAT Renegades (Pacific), for NT/TN - ADDED: New Enemy faction: CSAT Renegades, for NT/AL - ADDED: New Mission version: Malden 2035 terrain with vanilla assets NT/MD - ADDED: New Mission version: Takistan terrain with CUP/RHS assets US/TK - ADDED: New Mission version: Takistan terrain with CUP/RHS assets RU/TK - ADDED: New Mission version: Virolahti terrain with CUP/RHS assets US/TK - ADDED: New Mission version: Virolahti terrain with CUP/RHS assets RU/TK - ADDED: New Mission version: Lythium terrain with CUP/RHS assets US/TK - ADDED: New Mission version: Lythium terrain with CUP/RHS assets RU/TK - ADDED: Option for Player Revive in Multiplayer, using vanilla arma revive fuction, on by default, can be disabled in multiplayer lobby parameters, using revive gives player deaths more penalty points - ADDED: Fixed-Wing Fire support: In some missions you have the opportunity to call in planes that can do strafing runs, drop bombs etc. - ADDED: Ground Support: In some missions AI lead ground troops stationed nearby can be called in to help securing areas - ADDED: Drone support: When available, you have a remotely operated UAV or UGV at your disposal for the mission - ADDED: Sustained Operation: After a mission, instead of extraction back to friendly territory, you may have an option to stay behind enemy lines and pick a new mission from the surrounding area by extracting to a predefined position - ADDED: New main mission type: Emplacement, featuring static weapons scattered around an area as mission objective - ADDED: Emplacement mission variation: AA-Gun positions, either known or unknown positions - ADDED: Emplacement mission variation: Artillery position, either known or unknown position - ADDED: New main mission type: Escort, featuring VIP(s) to escort from map position to base or vice versa - ADDED: Escort mission variation: VIP(s) need escorting from enemy terriotory to safety - ADDED: Escort mission variation: VIP(s) need escorting from base to a position in enemy territory - ADDED: New main mission type: Defend, featuring friendly city locations that are being assaulted by enemy forces - ADDED: Defend mission variation: Defend location, don't let friendly garrison forces die - ADDED: Defend mission variation: Defend location, defend location together with garrison forces until relief forces arrive - ADDED: Ambient enemy depot types, variations of very minor installations - ADDED: Ambient enemy ammo caches - ADDED: Ambient enemy manned houses - ADDED: Ambient enemy AA positions - ADDED: Ambient enemy patrol boats - ADDED: Ambient enemy patrolling infantry groups in troop transports - ADDED: Ambient enemy patrolling supply and maintenance vehicles - ADDED: Ambient enemy groups have capability of calling in reinforcements - ADDED: Ambient enemy groups have capability of serving as reinforcements for surrounding ambient enemy units, utilizing transport vehicles for travelling longer distances - ADDED: Ambient enemy groups have capability of engaging/flanking targets nearby, either known by them or reported by surrounding units - ADDED: Ambient intel suitcases that may spawn in enemy bases, camps and manned houses, yielding progress points that are summarized at the mission debriefing - ADDED: Ambient civilian boat traffic - ADDED: Ambient civilian parked boats on shore - ADDED: Searching through intel suitcases, both ambient and main objective ones, yield progress points - ADDED: Damage states for cities for simulating battles that have took place over the course of the campaign, indicated with a dark auras on map. Destruction accumulates throughout the campaign. - ADDED: Potential smoke effects for recently damaged cities - ADDED: Ability to force move escort targets for a remedy in situations where they are stuck in terrain and won't move - ADDED: Hand animation for speaking into radio - ADDED: Potential enemy guardposts in Urban assault missions - ADDED: Guardpost variations with a stationary guard instead of always a manned MG - ADDED: Territoy animations, chance of special offensive for both sides: Uprising for the enemy factions (random city changes side), and Beachhead for the player faction (random shore sectors) - ADDED: Some hot spot markers on map have textual information for simulated, more realistic intel about enemy positions, making better planning ahead possible - ADDED: Default radio mutter for roles/voice lines without voice overs - ADDED: Mission Plan GUI has information on seat capacity and armament level of the helicopter support - ADDED: Fire support GUI has information on armament level of the helicopter support - ADDED: Ability to cancel helicopter extraction via fire support menu under the helicopters tab in the same way as cancelling CAS - ADDED: Ability to reuse the same helicopter for extracting both Alpha and Bravo squads, one group at a time - ADDED: Ability to give callsigns to AI operatives - ADDED: Bravo group tells if in contact with enemy when giving situation report - ADDED: Enemy may fire flares in Ambush mission types during night - ADDED: Rifle fired flare light the surrounding area instead of working merely as signal flares - ADDED: CTRG Faction: DLC Weapon selections with variations and attachments (SPAR series,LIM-85,SPMG,MK-I,Mk-14,MAR-10 and MAAWS) - ADDED: CTRG Faction: Marksman and sniper rifles have both day time/night vision scopes for operatives, other scope is stored in the backpack - ADDED: CTRG Faction: Ghillie suit speciality gear option - ADDED: GRU Faction: Some new weapons and scopes - ADDED: Some new assets introduced in the updates from CUP and RHS to both enemy and player factions - ADDED: Operatives have the ability to repair vehicles and defuse mines using a toolkit - ADDED: Chance of civilian and enemy vehicles containing toolkits and firstaidkits - ADDED: One toolkit added to insertion vehicle invetory - ADDED: Enemies may carry speciality items suchs as explosives in their backpack - ADDED: Any enemy has a certain possibility of carrying a sidearm depending on faction and role - ADDED: More civilian vehicles to the civilian vehicles pool, mostly DLC ones - ADDED: More civilian models in civilians pool, mostly DLC ones - ADDED: More civilian headgear and facewear to their pools - ADDED: Chernarus 2020: Included new cities added in the updates - ADDED: Markers for uncrewed landing boats to indicate their position - ADDED: Numerous other minor additions - CHANGED: Conventional saving in single-player is disabled as it doesn't work reliably, replaced by save-state system use only in multiplayer earlier - CHANGED: Revised all in-mission GUIs replacing the old Arma 2 era ones - CHANGED: Replacements arrive every 5th mission instead of beginning of each month - CHANGED: Ambient enemy vehicle patrols revised, reacts to enemy contact and patrol destinations are mostly other ambient enemy locations - CHANGED: Ambient enemies have more unmanned transports spawned nearby - CHANGED: Ambient enemy spawn density values compensated to have new enemy types without having enemy density increased - CHANGED: The way operatives are being created/managed/spawned under the hood. All operative attributes saved in a single array, serving as a databank and operatives spawned physically only when needed. - CHANGED: Loadout selections are tied to operatives instead of squad roles - CHANGED: AI Operatives' endurance skill affects also the received damage, 100% skill recieves only one third of the damage - CHANGED: AI Operatives' marksmanship skill effect is less dramatic, minimum accuracy value increased and maximum lowered - CHANGED: Loadout window has assign for mission -switch replaced by role information - CHANGED: Combat medic has restricted loadout selections to prevent not having medikit or having weapons that don't have enough magazines as medikit takes too much space in backpack - CHANGED: Multiplayer starting parameters replaced by an in-mission dialog in the same way as SP, but without the showcase units view - CHANGED: Custom spectator script replaced by End Game spectator mode BIS_fnc_EGSpectator for better control - CHANGED: Mission may be aborted as soon as the mission has started - CHANGED: Extraction: Ground transportation may consist of two vehicles instead of a lone one in the same way as insertion - CHANGED: Extraction: transportation can be called in again if failed - CHANGED: Extraction: transportation only for Alpha or Bravo is possible - CHANGED: Extraction: Separate land escort for Alpha and Bravo is possible - CHANGED: Sector highlight animation changed from a blinking dot to a blinking border highlighting the sector - CHANGED: VillageRaid mission type: Assassination objective may be any enemy city, not just near border - CHANGED: Enemy territories take a bigger initial portion of the map both in Altis and Chernarus - CHANGED: Enemy infantry kills progress point yield decreased from 2 to 1.5 - CHANGED: All enemy units' aiming accuracy values increased slightly - CHANGED: Enemies marksmen have all increased accuracy, regardless of group composition - CHANGED: For difficulty balance, mission enemy strenghts lowered and better adjusted to compensate the ambient enemy presence. - CHANGED: Hot spot markers chance of spawning increased for all ambient enemy position types - CHANGED: TitleCut effects replaced by CutText with structured texts for better visual look - CHANGED: Operatives have always NV goggles issued for possible Sustained Operations - CHANGED: Boat insertions and Land insertions with fast-travel activates a fast-forward modifier, causing effects on time critical missions such as ambush and defense mission types - CHANGED: Lowered civilian vehicle spawn and despawn radius a bit - CHANGED: Altis Terrain: Chance to spawn ambient depots per sector increased a bit - CHANGED: Chernarus Terrain: Chance to spawn ambient camps per sector increased a bit - CHANGED: Intel briefcase disappears once it's searched through for intel - CHANGED: Ambient civilians can go inside buildings - CHANGED: Notification for searched intel briefcase tells the name who found the intel - CHANGED: Friendly sectors in contact with shore are not considered pocketed (yellow) anymore - CHANGED: Building raid mission type: Units in building belong to the same group - CHANGED: Standard map markers, triggers and objects and created by a script and removed from mission.sqm, for easier mission porting - CHANGED: Ambient friendly sentry and patrol positions are indicated with a civilian models instead of markers in mission.sqm, for easier mission porting - CHANGED: Ambush mission type: enemy may assign targets and engage player units from afar if detected - CHANGED: Enemy territory map coverage is randomized for single scenario game mode - CHANGED: Instead of going for the target location to defend, enemy reinforcements may get a task to flank the player units first instead - CHANGED: Altis terrain: Fog type changed from fading to homogenous to prevent extreme fog to appear at base when mission target is very elevated - CHANGED: Improvements in enemy getting tasks to engage/hunt operative groups - CHANGED: Average support amount in most mission types is toned down - CAHNGED: Helicopter will perform CAS by over flights or loitering depending on helicopter type and armament type for optimal effect - CHANGED: Helicopters have their lights off in enemy territory - CHANGED: Adjustments and additions to operation naming array pools - CHANGED: Enemy and friendly units, chance of possessing medical items, medics have medikits - CHANGED: All operative loadout selections: Toned down the amount of assault weapon magazines in inventory - CHANGED: MARSOC faction: Second AH-1Z replaced by CH-53E - CHANGED: CUP RPK-74M replaced by RHS ones - CHANGED: Adjustments to GRU faction apparel - CHANGED: Separate class array for enemies using civilian vehicles for transportation and faction specific coefficient for probability of using them instead - CHANGED: Numerous script file names changed to a more logical one and in a unified manner - CHANGED: Mission plan background radio chatter sound sample selections and volume adjusted - CHANGED: Fog values increseased on all terrains, had too little effect on visibility - CHANGED: Transport reroute positions cannot be placed if the destination isn't yet set - CHANGED: Multiplayer view distance, default distance from 2500m to 2000m - CHANGED: Multiplayer view distance, has now option for 1000m - CHANGED: Numerous other minor tweaks, changes and improvements - FIXED: Large amount of essential position finding functions reworked or completely rewritten for optimization reasons - FIXED: Large amount of AI behavioural scripts reworked or completely rewritten for optimization/reliability/improvement reasons - FIXED: Campaign debriefing and credits not showing when campaign has been finished - FIXED: Save States unintentionally saving progress that happened after the save, ie. Operatives dying - FIXED: Chernarus: positioning of the showcase units after map update - FIXED: USMC Faction: Mk11 with suppressor didn't always recieve suppressor - FIXED: NATO vanilla version had some RHS mod classnames in classname library - FIXED: Middle Easter Insurgents: Missing SentryGunS class array - FIXED: Map sectors seizing animations optimized, processing takes a lot less time - FIXED: Potential Fix for music cutting with another starting every few seconds in some cases - FIXED: Time of day (day/dawn/dusk/night) calculation more accurate - FIXED: Another fix for unintentionally exploding ambient vehicles - FIXED: Enemy units had selections of gears, apparels and models each randomized independently instead from a the same selection array - FIXED: Inconsistencies in defining helicopter support amount according to alive helis - FIXED: Error from feeding position parameter in wrong format for DynamicPosFinder script in one case - FIXED: VillageRaid mission type: Aborting mission didn't set main task failed if there was more than one main task - FIXED: Depot mission type: No extraction task success notification if mission aborted - FIXED: Ambush mission type: One or more enemy groups sometimes not attacking the convoy at all - FIXED: Ambush mission type: Enemy reinforcements position finding incorrectly failing and not included when it is in fact possible - FIXED: Error messages in rarer situation when less than 3 mission options could only be generated - FIXED: Friendly troop loadout script adjustments and fixes - FIXED: Potential AtEase script related error messages - FIXED: Fixes made for enemy reinforcements getting stuck and being unable to reach the target - FIXED: Civilian manned cars may spawn too near players - FIXED: Artillery request radio speech line mentions wrong artillery type - FIXED: Enemy patrol may have waypoints beyond the patrol area boundaries - FIXED: Enemy vehicles getting easily stuck in terrain objects, added unstuck mechanics for an AI travelling task script - FIXED: Insertion method cannot be changed while insertion point is being searched anymore - FIXED: Possible problems with spawning ground transportation with enough seats for operative groups in some cases - FIXED: Ground transport emergency stop was disabled before the second vehicle reaching destination - FIXED: Enemy reinforcements call-in is triggered more reliably - FIXED: MARSOC faction: UH-1Y with side gunners had 8 seats available when there was room only for 7 - FIXED: Loading screens had time in hours shown inaccurately - FIXED: Weather types weren't selected from terrain specific WorldLibrary variable - FIXED: mapGridPosition used for transforming position to coordinates for accurate value - FIXED: Armed Prowler had too much empty seats defined, leading to whole operative group not able to board - FIXED: Mission plan checkbox fade level wasn't always correct - FIXED: Enemies now using correct NVgoggles model and correct probability for having one - FIXED: Air extration order to land status not fully synced in multiplayer - FIXED: Bravo extraction reroute line from base wasn't correctly placed - FIXED: Chernarus 2020: Map center and size for suitable new map borders - FIXED: Numerous other minor fixes and optimizations
  12. OK I need to check the music issue, was this single-player? At the moment there is no way to have custom music.
  13. Great to hear that! About the arresting issue I think it's just because AI pathfinding, it could help to have some sort of script to reposition him in these kind of cases. One time I got him to get stuck inside a tent and I rammed the tent down an carefully pushed him until he started obeying move orders. About the music bug, are you using some mods other than required by the mission?
  14. Missions updated: 1.05.03 - ADDED: Eastern European faction - KrAZ-255B1 - ADDED: Caucasian faction - KrAZ-255B1 - ADDED: Chernarus 2020 - new cities added to city pool - CHANGED: When returning to mission plan dialog after pressing esc or exiting full screen map, the active center window is reopened - CHANGED: Map automatically opening after pressing esc when selecting insertion point is disabled after first auto-open - CHANGED: The transition from mission plan dialogs to large map and back to dialog when selecting insertion points - FIXED: Mission failed to end when all Alpha group members were all dead, leaving players stuck in spectator mode - FIXED: Possible fix for kill sometimes not registering in operative kill statistics - FIXED: Chernarus 2020 - showcase units spawned mid-air - FIXED: Chernarus 2020 - Adjusted bad sector locations - FIXED: Marine Raiders faction - M1A1 removed from ground escort vehicles due to unreliability
  15. OK, finally got back to take a look at the mission after a year to see how it currently works. I'm going through some reports I've got and add some small updates and then release a new version, not going to be a big update, more like a maintenance one. This is now fixed. Looks like I broke this after merging two separate scripts to have both functions in one. I checked this now and looks like you were using it wrong, you need to drop the bag on the ground after which you can assemble the Raven.