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  1. Hey, just tried Cam Lao Nam version in SP with just Prairie Fire loaded to see if it progresses to the next mission and it went fine, although I just used "abort mission". It's always best to try without any unrequired mods first to rule that possibility out, there could have been some mod update etc, so I recommend that first. This is SP right, not MP? The last log on your rpt is weird because there's no error message and there's nothing too special going on before the next logs that should happen.
  2. Small update Version 1.07.03 - ADDED: VN mission versions: Incorporated some Prairie Fire v1.3 vehicles, weapons and music - FIXED: Map placed LZs sometimes not cleared of terrain objects properly - FIXED: Enemy vehicle and ammo box custom cargo items related error - CHANGED: Heli flyby script has max heli count tied to each heli type independently
  3. Tiny hotfix Version 1.07.02 - FIXED: AI teammates dying without falling unconscious with ACE medical loaded
  4. Thanks, but I don't understand. The CUP mods have always been mandatory. I only removed the RHS mods as mandatory mods by making alternate class libraries for CUP only, otherwise it's CUP+RHS if you have RHS mods loaded. Also, CUP is only required in the US and RU versions. NA versions don't require any mods so I recommend those to avoid any unnecessary dl hassle. If you guys have Prairie Fire you could also try the VN versions by only loading that CDLC.
  5. I've never had that kind of problem myself. Are you using some mod that could be the culprit? Sometimes the starting point is a bit far away, that's true. Something like 1km closer would be more reasonable in your case. The starting point algorithm might have some room for adjustment. In general, the algorithm calculates a center of a sector far enough from the coast to keep distance to possible enemy patrol boats. By starting further away the time it takes to execute the insertion is also better in line with the other insertion methods.
  6. Small hotfix for few loadout issues. Version 1.07.01 - FIXED: Loadout speciality didn't update properly if it was reset after changing the primary weapon - FIXED: RU mission versions: Some friendly troops spawning without primary weapon
  7. Thanks for the reports, I'll check the loadout issues. About the artillery issue, like I've stated before, sometimes the AI is not firing for unknown reasons. Could be purely an AI issue or bad configuration or whatever but despite having ammo and within range and meeting all the conditions to fire, sometimes it just won't. There are artillery types that doesn't seem to be affected by this problem at all and for some types this seems to happen often.
  8. Thanks for the report. I'll take a look. Were you using only CUP mods, not RHS? And which player faction, VDV or GRU?
  9. New major update released. This update includes most of the remaining features and improvements I've kept on my to-do/ideas list and this may be my last bigger update for this mission. After months of adding stuff, testing and fine-tuning scripts I've finally decided to release this but bear in mind there can be something I missed. As usual, please let me know if you run into bugs or some other problems and I'll look into them. Key features include: - RHS dependencies removed and CUP remains the only common required mod sets in US and RU versions - Completely new revive system: AI can revive and be revived. - New main mission types: Infiltration and Patrol - New terrains: Livonia and Khe Sahn - Enemy helicopters and artillery. Availability depends on enemy faction. Enemy able to call in air and artillery support - Multiplayer improvements: Players able to join a mission that has already started if any AI available and able to choose their own equipement during mission plan phase if commander let's them - Faster mission generation due to script optimizations - Proper ACE3 and ACRE2 support. Mod related items and abilities if mod loaded Full log: Version 1.07.00 - REMOVED: US & RU mission versions: RHS mod dependency removed. CUP remains as required mods while RHS mods are only optional. - ADDED: US & RU mission versions: Alternate class libraries featuring only CUP assets if RHSAFRF+RHSUSAF+RHSGREF+RHSSAF are not loaded. These mission versions have the same assets as earlier by loading RHS mods on top of CUP mods. - ADDED: ACE3 compatibility: All vanilla medical items are replaced by ACE3 ones, ACE3 items are stored in vehicles, ACE3 medical abilities are applied to medics and default revive disabled etc. - ADDED: ACRE2 compatibility: Players speaking in spectator mode without distance effect during loading screens, mission selection and planning, team leaders have an extra radio, radio preset applied etc. - ADDED: Systemchat notifications of detected and activated optional mods at the start of the mission - ADDED: New enemy faction for US mission versions: Russian Armed Forces. Both CUP-only and CUP/RHS libraries. Woodland or desert camo variation depending on terrain. - ADDED: New enemy faction for RU mission versions: US Armed Forces. Both CUP-only and CUP/RHS libraries. Woodland or desert camo variation depending on terrain. - ADDED: Revive: New SP compatible Revive system replacing the player-only version. Both players and AI operators are able to revive and be revived - ADDED: Revive: Players able to command AI to revive via AI action tab. Player lead AI will also automatically heal comrades in very close proximity - ADDED: Revive: AI leaders automatically order AI operators to revive fallen comrades - ADDED: Revive: Revive rule options and an option to disable revive in Mission Settings Window - ADDED: Options for BLUFOR tracking and an option to disable BLURFOR tracking in Mission Settings Window - ADDED: Quick Mission option in Mission Settings window: Faster way of playing one random but balanced mission. No mission selection phase and less loading screens. - ADDED: Multiplayer: Ability for players to join a Mission in Progress as long as there are alive AI operators left, taking place of an AI and having it's gear. Spectator mode only if no alive AI left. - ADDED: Multiplayer: Players that disconnect during a mission will have an AI spawn and take his/her place. If the same player reconnects later he/she will automatically take the same role again if that AI is still alive. - ADDED: Multiplayer: Button for Platoon Commander to allow player subordinates pick their own loadout - ADDED: Multiplayer: Button for Platoon Commander to allow player Bravo squad leader pick loadouts for his/her squad - ADDED: New Mission version: Vietnam setting in Khe Sanh terrain VN/KHS (Prairie Fire CDLC dependency), with the same factions as in VN/CLN - ADDED: New Mission version: Livonia terrain with vanilla assets NT/LV - ADDED: New Mission version: Livonia terrain with CUP/RHS assets US/LV, with the same factions as in US/CH and US/VL - ADDED: New Mission version: Livonia terrain with CUP/RHS assets RU/LV, with the same factions as in RU/CH and RU/VL - ADDED: New Player faction: CTRG Group 14 with woodland camo, for NT/LV - ADDED: New Enemy faction: LDF Militants, for NT/LV - ADDED: New main mission type: Infiltration. Utilizing the new Sustained Operation feature, the main task is to reach a position deep behind enemy territory, to continue the next mission from that position. - ADDED: Infiltration mission variation: Reach a point behind enemy lines. - ADDED: Infiltration mission variation: Reach a point behind enemy lines without being detected by the enemy. - ADDED: New main mission type: Patrol. Main task is to patrol all listed WPs inside enemy territory. Optional sabotage supplies or collect intel tasks. - ADDED: Patrol mission variation: Optional additional task to sabotage enemy fuel supplies. - ADDED: Patrol mission variation: Optional additional task to sabotage enemy ammo supplies. - ADDED: Patrol mission variation: Optional additional task to collect enemy intel. - ADDED: Ambient enemy Helicopters. Spawns at enemy depots and bases. Chance of helicopter presence depends on enemy faction and territory coverage. Helicopters spawn and operate mostly deeper in enemy territory - ADDED: Ambient enemy Artillery positions - ADDED: Enemy units have the ability to request CAS support if armed helicopters are in the area - ADDED: Enemy units have the ability to request artillery support if some artillery is in range. Artillery is requested mostly when player units stay in one spot for a prolonged time - ADDED: Enemy units garrisoning buildings may get alerted and start moving and come out of the building when players are near - ADDED: Larger types of ammo cache compositions for all composition sets - ADDED: VN versions: Larger types of storage compositions - ADDED: Urban assault mission type: Cities behind other enemy held city/cities are now valid targets also. In these cases the city/cities closer to the border are already seized and garrisoned by friendly ground forces. - ADDED: Ability to cancel any active extraction via Platoon Commander Menu -> Extraction transportation, individually for Alpha or Bravo squads, and pick a new extraction method if needed - ADDED: Platoon commander window and quick orders that were earlier accessed via radio commands can now be accessed also via action menu - ADDED: Save states have the save date shown in the Load save state window - ADDED: Animation for created mission markers in mission selection screen - ADDED: MANPADS launcher speciality loadout options for NA, US and RU factions to counter new ambient enemy helicopters - ADDED: Intel entry on detected enemy air activity within the AO for each mission - ADDED: NA and US versions: Spare AT munitions for reloadable AT weapons stored in friendly vehicles - ADDED: Flashlight weapon attachments for few factions: LDF militants, CSAT Renegades (Pacific) and Western PCM - ADDED: Numerous other minor additions - CHANGED: Urban assault mission type: Cities behind other enemy held city/cities near the border are now valid targets also. In these cases the city/cities closer to the border have a change of being seized and garrisoned beforehand by friendly ground forces. - CHANGED: Defend mission type: Cities behind other friendly city/cities near the border are now valid targets also. In these cases the city/cities closer to the border have a change of being seized and garrisoned beforehand by enemy. - CHANGED: Some larger cities have a status of strategic significance defined in the terrain libraries - CHANGED: Cities of strategic significance are better manned and fortified by default. Applies to both mission enemy forces and ambient enemies - CHANGED: Bravo squad is always assigned if the mission target city is strategically significant - CHANGED: Saving campaign progress manually now saves any squad composition and loadouts changes made - CHANGED: Saving game in SP the vanilla way is enabled only during missions - CHANGED: All terrains use bulldozing for clearing areas for camps, bases, gun and artillery emplacements. Faster position finding and a lot more valid spawn positions - CHANGED: Urban Assault mission type: Mission forces are always scaled larger if the target city has a significance status - CHANGED: Urban Assault mission type: Avoid too small villages garrisoned by too large enemy armies leading to overly crammed situations - CHANGED: Building Raid mission type: Prefer a bit bigger buildings with more building positions - CHANGED: Defend mission type: Mission forces are always scaled larger if the target city has a significance status - CHANGED: Stamina system for player operatives are enabled, only AI has it disabled - CHANGED: Ambient enemy, civilian and animal percentages are re-scaled in the mission settings. Now 100% is the default value - CHANGED: Improved algorithm for checking and defining pocketed friendly territories - CHANGED: Mission targets chosen closer to accessible firendly terrain in most cases, avoiding pocketed friendly territories - CHANGED: Avoid choosing a positions at the very map edge for mission targets - CHANGED: Enemy medical vehicles have mainly medical items in cargo for loot - CHANGED: Operator squad leaders, both Alpha and Bravo have binoculars and UAV terminal (NATO versions) by default - CHANGED: Removed the option for binocular or UAV Terminal specialty selections for squad leaders as they have both by default - CHANGED: More ambient enemy percentage options. New options are 25, 50%, 75%, 100% (default), 125%, 150% and 200% - CHANGED: Ambient enemies won't engage inside the actual mission area to avoid strengthening the mission enemies beyond what is intended - CHANGED: Ambient enemy infantry position density toned down a bit on all terrains to compensate the added ambient enemy types - CHANGED: Ambient enemy infantry position density is affected more by user selected ambient enemy percentage value - CHANGED: Ambient enemy values tweaked in all terrains - CHANGED: Ambient enemy camps, depots and bases may have multiple intel suitcases for higher reward - CHANGED: Ambient enemy depot spawn chance increased in town areas - CHANGED: Improved depot spawn conditions around builded areas - CHANGED: Enemy base and camp object composition libraries faction specific instead of mission version specific - CHANGED: Enemy base and camp tent camo textures faction specific instead of mission version specific - CHANGED: Enemy checkpoints/road blocks have a small chance of holding enemy intel suitcase - CHANGED: Ground transport leading vehicle of the convoy will temporarily slow down for the second vehicle if getting too far ahead - CHANGED: Ground transport second vehicle of the convoy will continue to the destination if the frist vehicle is neutralized - CHANGED: Bravo Squad speaks over radio only if the leader is AI to reduce excess radio chatter in multiplayer environment - CHANGED: Mission generation loading bar progress is smoother to better indicate progress - CHANGED: Enemy weapons and ammo containers may included specialty items like explosives, traps etc - CHANGED: Enemy medics have a higher chance of wearing a backpack - CHANGED: AI Operator veterancy is gained a bit faster - CHANGED: All helicopter values lowered making them more available and less affecting enemy strength for compensation - CHANGED: Helicopter loss penalty increased from 10 to 15 - CHANGED: Refined the way enemy infantry transported by armed vehicles spawns and behaves - CHANGED: Chance of night mission lowered slightly - CHANGED: Enemy aiming accuracy improved slightly - CHANGED: Dynamic weather improvements - CHANGED: Roles and group naming in multiplayer lobby is clearer - CHANGED: Helicopter landing zone must be in actual map area - CHANGED: Malden uses the same ambient enemy rarity values as Altis, as intended - CHANGED: Refined insertion/extraction point found -animation - CHANGED: Numerous other minor tweaks, changes and improvements - FIXED: An issue with ambient enemy ability to call in reinforcements - FIXED: Player occupied Bravo squad starting in spectator mode in some multiplayer situations - FIXED: Optimized ambient enemy spawn position finding resulting in faster mission generation - FIXED: Optimized road finding function - FIXED: Issue with helicopter replacements - FIXED: Enemy base spawn position finding and validation sometimes taking unusually long - FIXED: Selected Enemy amount percentages have more accurate effects on spawning enemy amount in missions - FIXED: Mission difficulty level (Easy,Normal,Hard) has more accurate effects on spawning enemy amount in missions - FIXED: Ambush mission type: Enemy strength was unintentionally high - FIXED: Escort mission type: Script error with reporting VIP dying - FIXED: Camp Raid mission type, prisoner rescue: Mission was declared both failed and completed if part of the prisoners were killed - FIXED: Ground transport AI driver traversing difficult terrain made more reliable. Continuously monitor and issue alternative move points if not willing to move, or teleport to a nearby road if stuck in terrain obstacles - FIXED: Ground extraction transports didn't always spawn to a position indicated by the line marker - FIXED: Terrain objects were sometimes not bulldozed correctly around compositions - FIXED: Mission planning dialog: Update group insertion method if Bravo squad disabled/enabled by dragging operatives in or out of the squad - FIXED: Enemy reinforcement spawn positions were often incorrect and not within intended range - FIXED: Some AI behavioral issues related to exiting vehicles - FIXED: Infantry sometimes spawning inside big rocks - FIXED: Invalid classname for some politician type VIP leading to VIP sometimes not spawning at all - FIXED: Ambient composition ammo boxes didn't have customized contents - FIXED: AI pilot issue with helicopter not lifting off if called for extraction for a second time during the same mission - FIXED: In some cases AI Bravo squad fails to board extraction vehicle. Force move in any members of AI Bravo squad that have failed to board the vehicle within a time limit - FIXED: NATO versions: M5 Sandstorm didn't report failing to fire and getting it's shell count refunded if actually failed to fire - FIXED: Operator endurance didn't affect the damage received as intended - FIXED: Spawning Camps/depots/objects with parts colliding and tipping over or getting destroyed - FIXED: Camps/depots/objects not despawning properly after each mission - FIXED: AI Bravo squad didn't always carry over to the next sustained operation mission - FIXED: Ground support units teleport nearby if stuck and not following WP - FIXED: Elite enemy soldiers didn't use the correct facewear class selection - FIXED: Synchronization issues with JIP players joining mission plan phase - FIXED: Minor extraction related markers and marker line issues - FIXED: Some enemy vehicles having turret or commander slots not manned - FIXED: Helicopter map marker disappeared when CAS had ended but helicopter was still in the air - FIXED: Rare case of mission generation getting stuck in validating spawn position - FIXED: VN versions, player that JIP had default LZ markers left on map - FIXED: Some wrong colored spawnable military structures that didn't fit the terrain - FIXED: Alpha group couldn't get inside extraction helicopter after AI leade Bravo group was force moved in - FIXED: Enemy single guards not joining the same group to limit group number as intended - FIXED: Numerous other minor fixes and optimizations
  10. Can't really tell, only AI mods came to mind as the cuplrit. I don't think there's anything in the scripts that could cause this. I haven't experienced what your describing, other than the AI being what it is all the time. The next update has some minor changes and improvements regarding insertion and extaction, let's hope that helps at least a bit.
  11. Hello, no plans on porting on that map yet. The spawn radius depends on terrain but on average for infantry it's around 2000m, for vehicles it's higher as their patrol area is large. Lowering the ambient enemy saturation helps at least. Next update also improves the way the ambient enemy level affects the actual enemy amount on map, at the moment the effect is a bit inaccurate.
  12. It should work but hard to say what the problem is without seeing the rpt. Next bigger update is just around the corner and it has some changes/improvements for the generation processes.
  13. Thanks, and great to hear that you made your mod compatible with the mission! I haven't tried your mod yet but I will definitely do that at some point, looks very handy for better AI control. Good job!
  14. Thanks for the report, I'll have a look. Are you using any other mods that those required?
  15. I have no plans to do much about the gear selection and methods. Having primary and speciality gear selections is balanced by design and it's easy to quickly select gear for both squads, especially with the presets drop-down menu. Virtual arsenal is a completely different system and it doesn't let you choose gear for the AI as far as I know, only for yourself. You can try to find a mod for your needs or try to edit this mission to enable Virtual arsenal.