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  1. Great to hear that, thanks for reporting, that is something that I have been getting feedback on. Spawning enemies in houses is something that I planned but haven't implemented it as it wouldn't be ideal to have enemies garrisoned in random houses and then go hunting for them house by house in missions where you are to clear a town from enemies. If you like enemies utilising houses, I suggest using an AI mod such as ASR AI, works great with this mission, I use it myself. Define "excessively complex", it takes some time to define all city areas and radiuses and few dozen other smaller terrain specific variables but yes, it is possible to custom port this to some other terrain, the file you are looking for is WorldLibrary.sqf, it holds these terrain related variables
  2. Thanks for the kind words and I happy to see you have the same taste for gameplay. I would like an official DLC mission with a similar gameplay style and more resources put into making it. However, I'm just a one man army making something I like to play myself and I've enjoyed expanding and refining the mission I made few years back for Arma 2, just a hobby of mine. I have no plans nor intentions trying to get this released as a DLC.
  3. A hotfix for an American arid camo option issue and made a possible fix for the weird problem with insertion heli leaving too early mentioned earlier. Mission updated: Version 1.04.01 - FIXED: Altis Terrain - American version had Arid camo version missing in SP and in MP it didn't work correctly - FIXED: Chernarus Terrain - Arid camo option for American version removed in MP - FIXED: Possible mod conflict issue where insertion helicopter lifted off before all units were inside
  4. I haven't had that kind of a problem with helos, must be a mod compatibility issue there I'm sure. The helos have 0 fuel at mission start to prevent the AI from taking off, so some mod is probably adding fuel to them. I could of course add a flyinheight 0 command as another way to force the AI to stay on the ground if that clears it out. I'm interested though in hearing what mods you're using that have this problem.
  5. Finally had the time and motivation to push through and release the new update! It features new assets, changes and fixes, plus the American versions for Altis and Chernarus. Altis map for both Russia and USA also comes with a new enemy faction: Middle Eastern Insurgents. Links in first page. Enjoy and let me know if you experience any problems! Mission updated: Version 1.04.00 - ADDED: American version of the mission in Altis and Chernarus Terrains (US/AL and US/CH) - ADDED: American set of voice overs for American version - ADDED: Marine Raiders faction for American version, in Arid and Woodland camoflage - ADDED: New enemy faction for Altis Terrain - Middle Eastern Insurgents - ADDED: Various DLC music tracks added to ambient music track pool - ADDED: New platoon member identities for American version - ADDED: Old Arma 2 platoon member portrait pictures replaced by fresh highres Arma 3 ones, both Russian and American versions - ADDED: Artillery units reporting firing mission, ETA and when finished firing mission for clarity - ADDED: Option for 50% campaign enemy strength - ADDED: More codename components for mission names - ADDED: Random faces for enemies suitable to faction - CHANGED: Air extraction helicopter lands when called via radio command instead of when you get to the LZ for better control - CHANGED: Western PMC - Mk318 rounds replaced by M855 for 5.56 caliber weapons - CHANGED: VDV faction - 5N7 rounds replaced by 7N10 for 5.45 caliber weapons - CHANGED: Global base enemy strength factor lowered to make the default difficulty a bit more merciful - CHANGED: Other minor tweaks - FIXED: Bravo squad sometimes reported the same thing multiple times in a row - FIXED: OnMapSingleClick replaced by stackable EH version for C2 Command & Control mod compatibility - FIXED: "Rough landing" flight model setting enabled caused friendly helicopters to spawn damaged - FIXED: Task description was blank after task update in dedicated server - FIXED: Platoon member attributes were not updated correctly for clients in MP when loading a save state - FIXED: An issue with distributing requested dispersion values for artillery pieces - FIXED: Missing animated NPC platoon members in Mission planning phase in multiplayer - FIXED: Error message if none has selected platoon commader slot in multiplayer - FIXED: Other minor fixes
  6. Make sure you're using 64-bit exe, if possible. You can help with the performance by reducing ambient civilians, animals and enemies, and preferring missions with lowered scale (less enemies & less friendly support)
  7. After a period of silence I'm happy to inform that the next major update is just around the corner. It includes the American version of the mission, a new Middle Easter Insurgents enemy faction for Altis terrain, few other additions and of course some bug fixes and minor polishing. I have even finished a trailer video featuring the new American player faction. Since the final testing of the mission may take a little longer, Christmas is coming and all that hassle, I'll link the trailer from Youtube here for you to enjoy while the update is brewing up. :) Stay tuned!
  8. Hi. No worries, just tested the eventhandler and it won't be a problem to switch to using that. It will be done for the next update.
  9. Mission updated: Version 1.03.00 - ADDED: Balkan faction - RHS SA-58 variants - ADDED: Eastern European faction - More AK variants - ADDED: Western PMC - RHS Shemags - ADDED: VDV faction - AK-74M with 1P87 primary option - ADDED: VDV faction - Grip variations for AK-74MR - ADDED: VDV faction - PB 6P9 Suppressed pistol speciality option - ADDED: VDV faction - AS-VAL with 1P87 primary option - ADDED: VDV faction - AS-VAL with Rakurs primary option - ADDED: GRU faction - AKMN + NIT-A optics primary option - CHANGED: Altis map replaced by Map of Chernarus for Chernarus Terrain, thanks to ataribaby - CHANGED: Balkan faction - AMKS GL replaced by M70 GL for Balkan faction - CHANGED: Balkan faction - SA-61 replaced by M84a - CHANGED: Balkan faction - CUP SA-58 replaced by RHS M-21a - CHANGED: Balkan faction - CUP FN Minimi replaced by RHS FN Minimi - CHANGED: Eastern European faction - More appropriate Arid camo version for Altis terrain without ushankas etc, Woodland version remains for Chernarus - CHANGED: Eastern European faction - CUP SA-61 replaced by RHS one - CHANGED: Eastern European faction - EKP-8-02 as kobra sight - CHANGED: Western PMC - CUP Elcan optics replaced by RHS ACOG optics - CHANGED: VDV faction - AK-74MR GL variation when using GL with AK-74MR - CHANGED: VDV faction - AK-74MR Eotech replaced by 1P87 - CHANGED: VDV faction - TGP-V2 as SVD suppressor - CHANGED: VDV faction - EKP-1S-03 replace by EKP-8-18 - CHANGED: VDV faction - Perst-1IK replaced by Perst-3 for AK variants - CHANGED: VDV faction - Loadout presets tweaked - CHANGED: VDV faction - Suprressed AK-74M and AK-103 replaced by AK-105 and AK-104 carbines - CHANGED: VDV and GRU faction - 75 round magazine switched to 45 round clip for RPK-74(M) - CHANGED: Other minor tweaks - FIXED: Civilian and Wildlife settings in SP did not have the correct effect - FIXED: UAZ transport had back left seat was locked from player units - FIXED: Other minor fixes
  10. Thanks, yeah I tried briefly playing and had no issues either. A bit of a relief. And I have to check the new dynamic loadout feature, good thinking. If anyone is experiencing problems after the RHS update, please let me know. I'm working on an update before moving on to something bigger. I have already added new RHS assets, replaced few CUP weapons with RHS ones and altered the enemy and player factions a bit. I think I will release it this week.
  11. Great to hear about the new RHS update! But not great to hear that it has broken the mission by changing and removing classnames, again. I've had a vacation from Arma editing but I think the vacation is over. I'll fix those and I guess I might continue my project anyway and finish the American version of the mission while I'm at it. I'll do my best.
  12. The extraction task should get ticked and the mission end with a debriefing. Could you paste your .rpt from this situation somewhere for me to look, like pastebin.
  13. Do you have your whole group with you? Of course excluding dead units.
  14. I know your pain, the AI path finding is terrible at times. The extraction vehicle is supposedly stuck somewhere ramming a building or something. At the moment the insertion vehicles can't be used for extraction. Another escort will be spawned for that. As stated in the extraction task description you are considered extracted when the Torch squad (you) is at least 1km from the mission target and in friendly territory. So just hijack some intact vehicle or move on foot to the West inside the green sector and voila. Extraction escorts are only means of transportation for this (sometimes bad ones).
  15. The confusion is mutual, I don't know what "single-player" you are referring to exactly. :D This mission works both in SP and MP. By SP I mean offline single-player, from the scenarions menu. If you've subscribed to the workshop missions, you can find it both from the SP scenarios list and in the multiplayer missions list.