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  1. I completely get that real life can delay or even completely derail a project. When or if Roy ever finishes is his business and I appreciate the fun he provided in ArmA II and III. So, in the absence of Patrol Ops 4, what are people playing for similar type missions?
  2. I resisted using FAST2 for some idiotic reason for far too long. Built a new server last night and decided to use FAST2 to take care of things. Excellent stuff!
  3. Thanks for the input, everyone. I settled on the below approach simply because it is the one I can get my head around. I don't know if this is the best approach but so far it works for all objects that I have a spawning script for. On an object as an addAction this addAction ["REQUISITION A CARGO NET (ACE ARSENAL)","scripts\huron_cargonet.sqf"]; The script _position = getMarkerPos "huron_pickup"; _spCheck = nearestObjects[_position,["B_Slingload_01_Ammo_F","B_Slingload_01_Cargo_F","B_Slingload_01_Fuel_F","B_Slingload_01_Medevac_F","B_Slingload_01_Repair_F","B_CargoNet_01_ammo_F"],500] select 0; if(!isNil "_spCheck") then {deleteVehicle _spCheck;}; sleep 1; _cargonet = "B_CargoNet_01_ammo_F" createvehicle (getmarkerpos "huron_pickup"); _cargonet setPosASL [position _cargonet select 0, position _cargonet select 1, 23.75]; clearMagazineCargoGlobal _cargonet; clearWeaponCargoGlobal _cargonet; clearItemCargoGlobal _cargonet; [_cargonet, true] call ace_arsenal_fnc_initBox; hint "CARGO NET (ACE ARSENAL) DELIVERED!";
  4. So I use the following script to spawn a vehicle on a marker... _slingammo = "B_Slingload_01_Ammo_F" createvehicle (getmarkerpos "huron_pickup"); ... and this works great over land. The problem is that I want to have that marker on a ship (carrier in this case) and this doesn't quite work. The crates are spawning under water so the marker must be attached to the sea floor. How do I make the object spawn at a specific height, specifically deck carrier deck height? I've gone over the alphabet soup on the BI wiki and its all Greek to me.
  5. lawndartleo

    Exploding boats

    For anybody who cares... Drop the boat racks in Disable simulation and damage on them Sink them into the deck a bit... I drop them until the wheels are hidden so they look right. Drop the boats on them as required (loaded object) No more BLAMMO! I think what is happening is that the electronics mast is hitting the overhead beam when the boat respawns, causing the explosion. I never saw this before. It is "fixable".
  6. lawndartleo

    Exploding boats

    I've not found anything in the forum or the web so I'll ask here... Using the boat racks and speed boats with the destroyer. If the speed boat is synched with a vehicle respawn, placed in a boat rack in the boat bay of the destroyer and the boat is subsequently respawned... it just chain explodes over and over and over and over. Known issue? is there a workaround?
  7. lawndartleo

    Arma Commander: SP/Coop/TvT Game Mode

    @BI_Will... I am not certain your implementation of a server key is correct. I have configured more dedicated servers than I care to remember, so it's not likely to be on my side. The Will.bikey is installed on the server in the keys folder but when I try to join, I am kicked because I have AC loaded and the server does not allow it, even though the key is there.
  8. You can work around the issue by doing a manual edit and selecting launch as is. Not a perfect solution but it allows TADST to do all the heavy lifting.
  9. lawndartleo

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    I’m a bit too lazy to look at the files... did he release it under any particular license? If so, the question may aleady be answered.
  10. lawndartleo

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    Looking for something in particular?... I have an archive... or just his sage advice?
  11. lawndartleo

    would you still buy any BI product ?

    Strange you would say that. There are a handful of dynamic missions out there that provide just the type of gameplay you are talking about... 1 hour or so, in and out. Some even persistent so that there is a long term goal associated with even short engagements. Anyhow, back on topic... I'll be there for Alpha. Heck I'll sign up for the alpha of the alpha. No other game has ever captured my long term interest in the way that ArmA has. I've been in since Operation Flashpoint and see no reason not to continue to enjoy the series.
  12. lawndartleo

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I took up dabbling in KSP. I figured out blender and can make a nice model. Then I tried texturing it, it looks like a 5 year old with crayons did it. Then I tried to get it into the game and my head exploded. Lets not even talk about making interiors. I'm thankful for the skill and dedication of the RHS team and many others who's mods I enjoy. I have a better appreciation for what these people go through after giving it a go, myself.
  13. @fn_Quiksilver.... If it happens it happens. I’m just glad there are people like you and Roy (just to name a few) who have the skill and creativity to make ArmA better.
  14. lawndartleo

    3den Enhanced

    Just an FYI... Changelog in updated mod says 2.6 but all updated features seem to all be there.
  15. lawndartleo

    would you still buy any BI product ?

    I fail to see how what BIS has done with ArmA III is really that much different than ArmA II..... ArmA II Operation Arrowhead British Armed Forces Army of the Checzk Republic .... and community’s mods drove the game then, too. Has the price of admission gone up. Yep. Just like everything else has,.