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  1. Well spotted, I will look into this.
  2. I do not anticipate any changes going forward.
  3. I will take a look at the view geo's. I believe so, the one where you mention only the VLS appears to have this issue and not the SAMS or MLRS? If so then yes and thank you for your patience and willingness to help us isolate this, I've taken note of this and will pass it along. There is a proxy fuse but please keep in mind that sensors + weaponry is WIP as Oukej stated. Not likely.
  4. Enjoyed very much, very well made and I appreciate the humor :) After some testing it appears there is something going on, this will be looked into.
  5. If you can yes, we'll need to run a process of elimination to determine what the true cause is, if you're willing of course. I cannot for the life of me recreate this and I need to know if this effects only the VLS.
  6. Fascinating... would you be willing to run a few tests? I would like to confirm as to whether or not it is this asset specifically, and if you would be willing to test this with the SAM's as well as a MLRS just to confirm that the referenced type works or not. Pending all of that would you also be willing to go to one branch only for a temporary test and see if it is perhaps the two conflicting?
  7. It's certainly possible it could lead to a conflict somewhere, especially since thus far you are the only one who has mentioned this sort of behavior.
  8. Any and every step being covered helps narrow out a potential cause so, yes please do.
  9. Are you by chance running any mods whatsoever? I deleted my destroyer files and validated the steam files to reinstall them, just to be absolutely sure everything is vanilla however I am still seeing a smoke trail upon launch and a hint of black plume beyond that.
  10. Thank you very much, I'll check this versus the version I have and then make sure I'm using dev branch. As for the other question I'll get back to you on that, I do not know for sure and do not wish to leave you with a speculative answer. As for the flares, please keep in mind what oukej said.
  11. Strange.... would you please describe the scenario and situation in which this occuring, or better yet if possible create a small video clip to demonstrate? For the screens hanging from the ceiling, that may not be true for the desk and briefing screen however. That would be neat yes. I'll ask but don't expect anything to come of it.
  12. We caught this one late and it should be updated later. Not really, I've not seen this behavior during engagement with either AI set targets or myself as a UAV operator, would it be possible to capture this in a video and what is the rate of reliance that you see this occuring? Likewise this if possible, also what video settings are you using? Even with particles set to "Low" I'm still seeing a trail from and to its target.
  13. At the time it was decided to not include these so that each aircraft type still retained some unique function. I do not think this will change. I cannot say for certain but I will relay your request. I'm honestly not sure in this case what behaviors will occur if this is done or not, I will ask but do not expect any changes. Also someone earlier asked if it would be possible to make the anti radiation missiles home in on the destroyer, placing a MK49 Spartan upon it will as a defense will cause it to be targeted by the KH58 ARM.
  14. Add it for appearance or function? The anti-air is designed as a static weapon
  15. Please check your images, they do not appear to be showing.