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  1. Bee8190

    What kind of speaker/headphone do you use?

    Every PC suffers from EMI, CPU throttling etc..The Question was whether internal sound card, like the Asus Xonar would bring additional benefits on top of having an external DAC and or beat it in terms of improvements / performance
  2. Bee8190

    What kind of speaker/headphone do you use?

    I'm using my PC for everything; games, movies, music..so: PC ---> Toslink ---> Nuforce DAC ---> Nad356bee ---> Focal 826v ---> BK gemini II Sub. Would anyone in the know recommend adding a dedicated sound card in the mix as I've read rather mixed responses on whether it's worth having one or not? Some say it's waste of money and others swear that eliminating the internal PC noise can/will see improvements?
  3. Bee8190

    Squad (PR:BF2 Devs)

    Reading the thread makes me wonder the same thing. I don't think anybody is even genuinely concerned whether Squad is going to "kill" arma or not, that is if it ever was a point. Its about choice, at least to me it is and I'd guess and say the majority of people don't have a single game installed on their computer anyway so its not like we either have to play one or the other. I have very limited number of games installed on my pc but I surely am looking forward to what Squad will have to offer but I can't think of single reason why would it make me forget or even uninstall arma and I'm sure I'll enjoy both for while to come. Reading youtube comments can be waste of time can be funny at times ;) As for throwing money at some "random" developers at a kickstarter,, well I think the PR devs have more than proven themselves over the years and it'd seem the community is well aware of it also, so I wouldn't say the PR devs will not deliver
  4. Bee8190

    [MANW] Who will win?

    I really liked Peral's A10-C but I can't seem to find it on MANW anymore? As for total conversion I think "Escalation'' looks really good.
  5. Yea because he pointed out the first logical thing to do to help you out :rolleyes:
  6. Bee8190

    [Poll] MANW Rewards

    You mean something like community forum badge or something?
  7. Bee8190

    Arma Memes...

  8. Yea I recognize BI is putting a lot of work into arma 3 ( this time around ) and are serious about making A3 the best release yet, so credit where its due and is IMO the right direction. However, arma 4 will need to really impress for me to consider it buying it. I appreciate good things take time to make but with arma, it takes lightning years for me to be able to enjoy the game and things like sounds, physx, medical treatment and MP performance should have been implemented at least half reasonably right from the beginning and be subject to minor tweaks at best and not downright broken or missing altogether. As it is I am not even getting the current DLC offer till after I see that it's well implemented and playable from the get go. If it is I will be more than happy to pay whatever full price it will be sold at
  9. Bee8190

    Are we at the brink of World War III?

    Maybe not poorer financially wise but it doesn't take too long of a look to see we're losing freedom, rights and intimacy. Our western consumerism is also nothing more than a bubble that will blow us away once it pops, that is when we find out that we have consumed our world around us. Financially - probably, militarily - maybe, but asian tiger would probably disagree. As for politicians, I think it's time we stop voting for representatives in yellow suits or representatives in green suits and start voting for high degree economists
  10. Bee8190

    Arma 3 Helicopters DLC Discussion (dev branch)

    I don't like it either and support the notion that it looks every bit like civilian air vehicle for the riches
  11. Bee8190

    was buying arma 3 worth it ?

    Voted not yet. The most important issues for my own enjoyment of the game are yet to be worked on and that includes sounds, physx, damage and AI. Having a very limited scripting knowledge, which I'm not too bothered about anyways, I'm able to enjoy only what has been already done to the game and/or explore mods. Purely gameplay wise though, there's still loads of work to be done but that seems to be on the right track so I'll just have to wait bit longer and I think once more solid foundations are done for PvP players and so on it will be well worth it. I'm unable to compare arma any longer to other games out there as I have a complete disinterest in what is available on the current market so yes, I imagine BI is doing something right
  12. Bee8190

    Are we at the brink of World War III?

    It is noble that people try or are buying ''made in our home country'' but I believe this is temporary solution at best, unless the state is entirely self sufficient starting from all natural resources to a tooth brush. I think if people refused to buy made in china they would probably suddenly realize just how poor most of us are and we wouldn't be able to afford even such a thing as an smartphone. It's funny though, one would imagine that in the age of automatization where robots are saving the big bucks to companies most goods should be ridiculously affordable but no, I guess in big bucks businesses it works like this; if we don't make enough profit off of our buyers somebody else will since they haven't spend ALL their money with us yet and they don't want to make that mistake. I actually even wonder whether big buck corporation still keep human employees for some sort of tax relieves or as an insurance of getting a bailout if market suddenly change course? Not a businessman yet, so unsure how this works in different countries. Maybe I should get into farming and become a wheat & flour dealer which may soon become a very premium product eh :rolleyes: :cool:
  13. Bee8190

    Weapon tests

    Good to see you back in business Spike :) and yea I just logged in to say only that :cool:
  14. Bee8190

    Israel General

    That individual is so full of shit and that I can only assume the peoples applause is for his performance as an actor