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  1. How the hell do I contact support to get my mods removed from your service? Every bloody support link is dead. PLEASE remove my mods from your service! PLEASE! PLEASE! I can remove it myself! NOT IMPLEMENTED YET! You even copied my license expressly prohibiting you from hosting my mod! What the....
  2. petracephas

    ARMSCor Mod

    I have been experimenting with custom models. Not happy with it yet but I'm making progress. Slowly... Could you elaborate on this? Not sure I'm following you.
  3. petracephas

    ARMSCor Mod

    Some more progress on the R1. This one Rhodesian paint scheme. Slow progress, still needs more work.
  4. petracephas

    ARMSCor Mod 3.0.3 (Work in progress)

    Hey. Guys I'm going to close off this thread as I have started a new one after the ARMSCor reboot. To continue the chat jump on over to: Thanks
  5. petracephas

    ARMSCor Mod

    Embarrassing! Just updated the main post with a steam workshop link next to current version.
  6. petracephas

    ARMSCor Mod

    Working on the Samil-20 truck at the moment for the 3.2 release.
  7. petracephas

    ARMSCor Mod

    Current version: v3.1.0 (Steam Workshop) ARMSCor is a ARMA 3 (PC Game) mod that includes Southern African military equipment, both locally developed and license build from 1966 to 2035. I have been working on this mod for a long time and will be working on it for a long time to come, so remember to check back regularly for progress and continual quality improvements. Most textures are 4k ready and have been tested on 4K displays. Please follow me on FaceBook: ARMSCor Mod And support me on Patreon : ARMSCor Mod Please read the change notes for what has changed in the latest release. This mod includes: Air - A109, AH2 Rooivalk Mk1F, Alouette IIIDrones - Seeker II [Stand-In] - MUAV16-MPWeapons - R1 (FN FAL), R2, R4, R5, Z88, Star, UZI, QBZ-95Armour -Buffel [Stand-In] , Ratel-90 [WIP], RooikatStatic - 81mm MortarFactions - South Africa - Rhodesia - PMC (WarMongers) - Australia - China Changelog v3.1.0
  8. petracephas

    Custom loadout

    Thanks mate. That part I got. I want to add specific items to the uniform and other specific items to the vest. Using this code, it adds everything to the uniform and the rest to the vest.
  9. I'm trying to add specific equipment to my soldiers uniform, vest and backpack. This is for my mod. NOT SCRIPT. I can't seem to find any examples of this anywhere. Can anybody point me in the right direction please?
  10. Supporter edition. JETS DLC has now been released. Still saying that I have to purchase. What is going on?
  11. Hey @terminal_ for some reason I can't reply to your PM. Please join us on our public discord channel and we can have a chat. I'd love to work with you and get this into ARMA. (Public channel so anybody else welcome also) https://discord.gg/0rmnuH96bUhd8ann
  12. petracephas

    Public Beta

    Thank you BI for bringing my fav game to my fav platform (mac) I'm very interested in BI's thinking around this port? Lets port it to mac/linux and see the community uptake... Without multiplayer and the other "selling" features (DLC, Mods, etc) do you think you will get a true reflection of the viability of this port on other platforms?
  13. petracephas

    Issues with mouse use in Mac port ?

    I can confirm. On iMac 5K with secondary display connected I get the same issue. Once I disconnect the second display all works perfectly. Hope this helps the dev guys? I just want to say thank you to the team for bringing my fav game to my fav platform. You rock. Thank you!
  14. petracephas

    ARMSCor Mod 3.0.3 (Work in progress)

    Nice pictures. I'm looking for hight res pictures of the interior/dash. Don't suppose you have any? Yes. I love that video. One of my favourites. ARMSCor includes multiple factions. Blue, Green and Red.
  15. petracephas

    Getting paid to work on a free mod

    This is the stuff I'm stuck with at the moment Damage * Glass (Not sure where to start.) * actual damage (My light helicopter can take two 120mm tank rounds and it keeps flying, but one shot from a rifle brings it down? :| ) * rotor damage (Rotor takes damage from bullets but not from colliding with buildings, trees, etc...) Turrets * secondary turrets, can't seem to get this to work (commanders turret) * extra turrets (My Ratel has a main turret, commanders turret and then another manned turret on the back of the vehicle. Can't get this to work.) 3D Modelling of interiors. Not sure why but I have been able to get my 3D modelling skills to the point where exterior are almost easy, but i just can't get the interiors right. Texturing. Again, I seem to do OK with the exteriors, but interiors suck. Organic modelling. I still struggle with modelling organic shapes. people, animals, vest, equipment bags, etc... I have tried to do the weight painting for the soldier models, several times and just can't get it right in O2. I know what to do, but the knees just end up strange, etc... So the hope is to get team members that I can learn from, maybe they can learn a couple of things from me...