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  1. The aircraft spawned fine. It's when they're low and fuel and RTB that's the part that didn't work. They just loiter over the last waypoint instead of landing and refueling. Anyway found a workaround for the issue using landAt command instead. It works now.
  2. Odd, I copied and paste the code directly from Notepad++, which was set to UTF. Anyway, cap1_spawn is a grasscutter object that I use as a spawn marker. I tried your rewrite, issue still persists. The aircraft just loiters around once they reached the TR UNLOAD waypoint in the script AirPatrolService.sqf. It works when they're already pre-spawned in editor. The issue comes up when the aircraft is spawned via trigger/script/debug window.
  3. Encountered an issue with the script. It works when the aircraft is pre-spawned in editor. But when I spawn the aircraft via trigger it refuses to land when low on fuel. It just fly around in circles at the base waypoint. This is the code I used in the trigger. cap1_1 = createVehicle ["rhs_mig29s_vvs", getpos cap1_spawn, [],0,"NONE"]; cap1_1 setDir (getDir cap1_spawn); createVehicleCrew cap1_1; _handle = [cap1_1, [["cap1_wp1", 2000], ["cap1_wp2", 2000], ["cap1_wp3", 2000], ["cap1_wp4", 2000]], 3500, 400, 30, [10, 30, 60], airbase1, 150] spawn DEVAS_AirPatrol; Any ideas @Devastator_cm?
  4. Possible bug/issue. When AI is given Task Hunt WP, they will react/consider Zeus as a valid target.
  5. Aside from a bug with flight path vector, I'm loving it so far. Great job making the MFD functional.
  6. This screenshot is missing a bandana. 😉
  7. Encountered similar issues with UAVs, any UAV I spawned and sent up ended up landing back at the airfield. Otherwise, love the way the AI move and react to player.
  8. It's a Steam-wide issue caused by the latest Steam Client update. ArmA III wasn't the only one affected. Basically workshop download shows as corrupted. Repairing it seems to be the short term fix as it will happen again when you restart Steam.
  9. Getting these in the RPT with the latest version. 0:57:40 Error in expression <& alive _x) then { _totalSuppression = (_totalSuppression + getSuppression _x); > 0:57:40 Error position: <_totalSuppression + getSuppression _x); > 0:57:40 Error Undefined variable in expression: _totalsuppression 0:57:40 File Vcom\Functions\VCM_Functions\suppression\fn_GroupGetSuppression.sqf [VCM_fnc_GroupGetSuppression], line 22
  10. I just put them on top of the dome then disabled "Show Model". It's not perfect but it works.
  11. May I know what are the classnames for the anti-ship and cruise missiles? I plan to get the mod to interact with the CIWS from ITC Land Systems for an upcoming mission.
  12. Will this be compatible with ITC Air Systems?
  13. Is there a way to spawn or place a helo on deck at mission start?
  14. Any plans for Legacy D-model? 😁
  15. Is there a way to attach the ACEX Limit Build Area module to an object ie vehicle or crate?