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  1. Looks like the recent ACE Overheating update broke this script.
  2. MK84

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Lately I've been getting "Error:No Vehicle" in the player name whenever someone died and respawned. Any idea what can cause this? We've been scratching our heads trying to find out the cause. Another thing we notice is that JIP players are invisible in the list.
  3. Is there a setting to blacklist some AI from transferring over like in ACEX?
  4. MK84

    Turret Enhanced

    Is there a way to disable this on specific vehicles via init?
  5. This is what happens on dedicated server. https://imgur.com/PuxZ0vC https://imgur.com/Pkggumv https://imgur.com/HI9mwV8
  6. Have you looked at the trees using Zeus? What I notice on dedicated server sometimes the platform spawns at 0,0,0 instead of on top of the tree.
  7. Very interesting. 1. Has is been tested with headless clients? 2. Does it option to exclude players/pilots in aircraft/helo/vehicles?
  8. MK84

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Ah, I found the action to raise and lower the plow. Didn't notice the fold ones. Looking forward to it's full functionality then. 👍
  9. MK84

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    How do you use the surface mine plow (SMP) on the M1132?
  10. The aircraft spawned fine. It's when they're low and fuel and RTB that's the part that didn't work. They just loiter over the last waypoint instead of landing and refueling. Anyway found a workaround for the issue using landAt command instead. It works now.
  11. Odd, I copied and paste the code directly from Notepad++, which was set to UTF. Anyway, cap1_spawn is a grasscutter object that I use as a spawn marker. I tried your rewrite, issue still persists. The aircraft just loiters around once they reached the TR UNLOAD waypoint in the script AirPatrolService.sqf. It works when they're already pre-spawned in editor. The issue comes up when the aircraft is spawned via trigger/script/debug window.
  12. Encountered an issue with the script. It works when the aircraft is pre-spawned in editor. But when I spawn the aircraft via trigger it refuses to land when low on fuel. It just fly around in circles at the base waypoint. This is the code I used in the trigger. cap1_1 = createVehicle ["rhs_mig29s_vvs", getpos cap1_spawn, [],0,"NONE"]; cap1_1 setDir (getDir cap1_spawn); createVehicleCrew cap1_1; _handle = [cap1_1, [["cap1_wp1", 2000], ["cap1_wp2", 2000], ["cap1_wp3", 2000], ["cap1_wp4", 2000]], 3500, 400, 30, [10, 30, 60], airbase1, 150] spawn DEVAS_AirPatrol; Any ideas @Devastator_cm?
  13. Possible bug/issue. When AI is given Task Hunt WP, they will react/consider Zeus as a valid target.
  14. Aside from a bug with flight path vector, I'm loving it so far. Great job making the MFD functional.