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  1. Does it work in multiplayer? Yes, MultiPlayer and SinglePlayer. What does this script/function do? This script requests a standard vehicle (unarmed) airdrop for moving purposes on player position. If there is enough space on the airdrop plane, it parachutes 2 vehicles. Supported factions and vehicles BLUFOR NATO (Blackfish NATO Apex Expansion, this place can only fit 1 Hunter or 2 Prowlers as unarmed vehicles) BLU_F BLU_T_F BLU_W_F → 1 Hunter or 2 Prowlers (random) BLUFOR RHS FACTIONS (cargo comes in a C-130 of RHS USAF mod) rhs_faction_usarmy_d rhs_faction_usmc_d rhs_faction_usarmy_wd rhs_faction_usmc_wd → 2 Unarmed Humvee INDEPENDENT (Blackfish NATO Apex Expansion) IND_F IND_E_F → 1 Strider OPFOR CSAT (Y-32 Xi'an Apex Expansion, this plane it only fits one vehicle) OPF_F OPF_T_F OPF_R_F → 1 Qilin (unarmed) OPFOR RHS FACTIONS (cargo comes in a Blackfish NATO Apex Expansion as there is no RHS AFRF plane for cargo (Y-32 Xi'an did not fit GAZ vehicle)) rhs_faction_msv rhs_faction_vdv → 1 GAZ (unarmed, green) How do I call the script? [player] execVM "vehicleDrop.sqf"; vehicleDrop.sqf //Uncomment following if used as function //_unit = param[0]; //Uncomment following if used as script _unit = _this select 0; _unitPos = position _unit; _randomTransportPos = [[_unitPos select 0, _unitPos select 1, 800], 3000, random 360] call BIS_fnc_relPos; _sideUnit = side _unit; _factionUnit = faction _unit; _vehicleType = 0; _transportType = "B_T_VTOL_01_vehicle_F"; switch(_factionUnit) do { //Vanilla units case "BLU_F": { _vehicleType = ["B_MRAP_01_F","B_LSV_01_unarmed_F"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; }; case "BLU_T_F"; case "BLU_W_F": { _vehicleType = ["B_T_MRAP_01_F","B_T_LSV_01_unarmed_F"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; }; case "OPF_F": { _vehicleType = "O_LSV_02_unarmed_F"; _transportType = "O_T_VTOL_02_vehicle_dynamicLoadout_F"; }; case "OPF_T_F"; case "OPF_R_F": { _vehicleType = "O_T_LSV_02_unarmed_F"; _transportType = "O_T_VTOL_02_vehicle_dynamicLoadout_F"; }; case "IND_F ": { _vehicleType = "I_MRAP_03_F"; }; case "IND_E_F": { _vehicleType = "I_E_Van_02_vehicle_F"; }; //RHS units case "rhs_faction_usarmy_d"; case "rhs_faction_usmc_d": { _vehicleType = "rhsusf_m1043_d"; _transportType = "RHS_C130J_Cargo"; }; case "rhs_faction_usarmy_wd"; case "rhs_faction_usmc_wd": { _vehicleType = "rhsusf_m1043_w"; _transportType = "RHS_C130J_Cargo"; }; case "rhs_faction_msv"; case "rhs_faction_vdv": { _vehicleType = "rhs_tigr_msv"; }; }; //Creating transport for cargo drop _transportArray = [_randomTransportPos, random 360, _transportType, _sideUnit] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; _transportVeh = _transportArray select 0; _transportGrp = _transportArray select 2; //Support call _unit sideChat format["Crossroad this is %1 requesting vehicle drop at grid %2. Over.", name _unit, mapGridPosition _unitPos]; sleep 5; [_sideUnit, "HQ"] sideChat format["Solid copy %1, Buzzard it's 1 click out. ETA 1 minute.", name _unit]; //Spawning cargo and loading _cargoVehicle = _vehicleType createVehicle [0,0,1000]; _transportVeh setVehicleCargo _cargoVehicle; _cargoVehicle2 = _vehicleType createVehicle [20,20,1000]; if ((_transportVeh canVehicleCargo _cargoVehicle2) select 1) then { _transportVeh setVehicleCargo _cargoVehicle2; } else { deleteVehicle _cargoVehicle2; }; //Setting waypoints _waypoint = _transportGrp addWaypoint [_unitPos, 0]; _waypoint setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; _waypoint setWaypointCombatMode "NOCHANGE"; _waypoint setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; _waypoint setWaypointType "MOVE"; _waypoint setWaypointStatements ["_transportVeh flyInHeight 200",""]; //Go to drop zone _transportGrp setCurrentWaypoint [_transportGrp, 0]; waitUntil { (_transportVeh distance _unitPos) < 200 }; //Drop cargo _transportVeh sideChat "Buzzard is making the drop. Code is purple, Good luck guys."; _transportVeh setVehicleCargo objNull; _transportVeh setVehicleCargo objNull; //Go away _waypoint2 = _transportGrp addWaypoint [[0,0,1000], 1]; _waypoint2 setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; _waypoint2 setWaypointCombatMode "NOCHANGE"; _waypoint2 setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; _waypoint2 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _waypoint2 setWaypointStatements ["true",""]; _transportGrp setCurrentWaypoint [_transportGrp, 1]; waitUntil { (getPosATL _cargoVehicle) select 2 < 10 }; Signal = "SmokeShellPurple" createVehicle position _cargoVehicle; Signal = "SmokeShellPurple" createVehicle position _cargoVehicle2; sleep 30; //Cleanup {deleteVehicle _x} forEach (crew _transportVeh) + [_transportVeh];
  2. VPHUD stands for Virtual Pilot Head-Up Display What is VPHUD? Have you ever felt the need to look at the aircraft fixed gauges, because it had no HUD? Have you ever crashed your aircraft because you were distracted looking at such gauges? Have you ever wished the Advanced Flight Model GUI existed in the Standard Flight Model? If that's your case then I'm glad to tell you that VPHUD seeks to solve all those problems and wishes you ever had before. VPHUD is a seamless addon that adds two virtual gauges to all aircraft that do not have native HUD support. An Artificial Horizon to help you understand when your airplane is upside down, or if you're landing your helicopter perfectly leveled. A Vertical Speed Indicator to give you crucial information if the landing you're attempting to make it too harsh for your aircraft to handle. Some other misc information is also available such as altitude, throttle, and speed. How does it work? As mentioned before, the addon works seamlessly without the need for any configuration. All you have to do is get in an aircraft as a pilot, and the VPHUD will pop up immediately. At the left will show up the Vertical Speed Indicator and at the right the Artificial Horizon. But that's not all, you can change VPHUD's settings in addons options. What settings can I change? Change VPHUD scale and positioning. Change the System of Units between Imperial System and Metric System. Change the way altitude is measured between Sea Level and Ground Level. Enable a virtual crosshair and change its color and shape. You can even use the crosshair only if you don't care about the gauges. Enable a throttle indicator for airplanes or collective indicator for helicopters in the advanced flight model. How to aim the crosshair? You can change crosshair to whatever shape you want, however, I find V shape the most versatile. When NOT zoomed in the player aims with the V's top (default view), when zooming in the player aims with the bottom end of the V (right click zoom). Issues Altitude bar sometimes getting behind the Vertical Speed Indicator is expected behavior. Pitch is not perfectly accurate. Aside from that, none that I'm aware of. Let me know if you find any. Planned Improvements Gauges size scaling algorithm needs improvement. Virtual Flight Path Vector. Some way to reset settings as a last resort. Another VPHUD styling that replicates real aircraft HUDs. Meanwhile, this may interest you. Licensing No Redistribution - You may not publicly redistribute VPHUD without my consent. As such public modpacks/mod compilations are not authorized. The ONLY EXCEPTIONS are communities/clans that may PRIVATELY share VPHUD on their own PRIVATE repositories for PRIVATE IN-HOUSE use without noticing me. (I'll personally take care of distributing and keeping updated VPHUD on the most popular Arma public repositories. If you wish for VPHUD to be available on a public repository that is not yet available please contact me.) Attribution - You may create your own derivative works as long as you credit me for the original work on which your derivative work is based, but not in any way that suggests that I endorse you or your derivative work. Noncommercial - You may not use VPHUD for any commercial purposes whatsoever. Share Alike - Your derivative work must also be open for derivative works and not be used for commercial purposes as well (both Arma derivatives and non-Arma derivatives). You may opt to openly allow your derivative work to be publicly distributed. Download Repositories Steam Workshop Direct Download Feedback and suggestions are always welcome! Thank you. Contribute to the mod at GitHub.
  3. This addon will add Cold War era aircraft reskins to your A3 for several NATO and Warsaw pact armies. It is intended for use together with the GM DLC to give the some air mobility. It also adds pilot gear for both sides. RELEASE DATE: 28-Apr-19 UPDATE V 1.03: 16-December-19 AUTHOR: Lennard (Steam name: Thunderstreak) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLASSNAMES: BW UH-1D - "len_uh1d_bw" CSLA Mig-29A - "len_mig29a_01_cs" LWP Mi-8 - "len_mi8amt_lwp" LWP Mi-24D (AT) - "len_mi24d_AT_lwp" LWP Mi-24P (AT) - "len_mi24p_AT_lwp" LWP Mig-29A - "len_mig29a_01_lwp" NVA Aero L-39 - "len_l39_nva" NVA Mi-8 - "len_mi8amt_nva" NVA Mi-24D (AT) - "len_mi24d_AT_nva" NVA Mi-24P (AT) - "len_mi24p_AT_nva" NVA Mig-29A - "len_mig29a_01_nva" SCREENSHOTS: REQUIREMENTS: Arma 3 RHSAFRF RHSUSAF RHSGREF KNOWN BUGS/ISSUES: None known at the moment. CREDITS: BIS - Arma 3 game RHS - A2 Ports da12thMonkey - Config help EULA: By downloading this content you agree with the following: - The addon shall in no way be modified or repackaged, unless permission is given by the original author. - No responsibility can be claimed on the original author for (im)possible damage to your system/game that may be caused by installation of this addon. - You may not use this addon for any commercial or military training purposes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATES: V 1.01 - Added ZEUS compatibility - Added pilots for BW and NVA V1.02 - Added NVA Mi-24D and Mi-24P variants - Added NVA L-39 - Added NVA pilot gear - Updated NVA pilot uniform V1.03 - Added LWP Mi-24D and Mi-24P variants - Added LWP Mi-8 variant - Added CSLA, LWP, NVA Mig-29A - Added LWP pilot uniform Download direct Steam workshop Mirrors are welcome! Have fun!
  4. Hello Everyone! I am bothered the last weeks with an idea but missing the skills and capacities to form it into reality. I know you heard that a lot of times here and I am indeed searching for people who are willing to bring this project to reality because they would love it to be in the game! As you could read already in the title I would love to have DCS in Arma 3. What does that mean? Well, ArmA delivers a good balance between Sim and casual concerning flight mechanics and since the jet dlc there is quite some potential. Unfortunately most ArmA maps, although already large, lack the seize of an air to air combat map. My idea involves the following: 1. Build a map which is big enough with at least two airports at opposite ends. (This is possible also with way beyond reasonable fps looking at maps like "south east Asia"; the importance, I guess, is to keep the prop count low, textures minimal, amongst other stuff) 2. Build a simple MP ready mission where people can fight each other on this map in planes, nothing else than this map as a mod needed, but of course welcomed to build upon this with mods and stuff! 3. Integrate a mission system so there is always something to do and out of these missions dog fights and so evolve. 4. Bring scripts in as view distance, Driving planes backwards, and rearming pylons to your likings. I know that I might not be the first one having the idea and I also know that most people would just say "learn it and do it". Nevertheless I thought asking doesn't cost anything and perhaps there are some of you out there who already have the skills and like the idea and we could make it come to life together. I mean, we could build a solid alternative for DCS with lesser focus on the simulation but the action without getting to casual, because I think Arma delivers it! And it would be free for all those who already own Arma! No new flight game needed, we basically have it within the game, no one woke it really up, yet! Also it would close the gap to Arm4 coming out 2044 a bit, delivering a new way to enjoy and experience the game. I am open for any suggestions, help, information or critics. Perhaps something like this is already in development and I haven't found it (South East Asia doe lacks the two airports at the end of the map and I tried to build them in the editor afterwards, which was not really working...). At least I wanted his idea to be out there in this amazing community, even if no-one is at first answering or interested. Thank you all and have a nice day!
  5. Captain Mason-e0927844420c6c6e

    [WIP] Pilatus PC-12

    Hello everyone! I was looking around and found the lack of civilian fixed wing aircraft. One of my favourite airplanes is the Pilatus PC-12. I found this free model and I was thinking about making it a functional aircraft in Arma and I am just looking for feedback to see if this would be something people would like :)
  6. Hi Guys, my second project and this time for AI aircrafts. Helicopter Patrol Fixed Wing Patrol Features Developed for AI Aircraft (helicopters and fixed wings) Aircraft patrols between markers and adjusts the height based on setup Possiblity to limit speed In case enemy is noticed during patrol, aircraft engages Intel share from ground units in search distance. Which means if there is ongoing battle air unit will be aware of enemy positions if they are in search distance (adjustable) Adjustable communication delay for intel share Restarting the patrol after aircraft finds no more enemy after an engagement Possibility to have multiple aircraft patrols in a scenario Script can be called from triggers or init.sqf Detecting all enemies inside kill zone. From now on aircrafts will not ignore infantry which do not fire on them. Advanced optics will detect all inside kill zone (adjustable) Return to base (RTB) if fuel is low (20% considered as bingo fuel) RTB based on damage situation (less tolerance to damage during normal flight compared to being in combat) RTB based on ammo. The decision is made based on cannon ammo count. RTB if gunner dies. Refuel, repair and reload ammo at base Target priority rules. Enemy aircrafts are highest value targets. After that comes tanks, armored vehicles, static weapons and infantry. Dense enemy formations have value multiplier which means 10 infantry in close formation is more valuable target than a single Humwee Laser guidence is used if aircraft has any missiles/bombs which can benefit from laser lock. Future Plans Possibility to have multiple bases Known Issue(s) I didn't code anything to improve the aiming of AI pilots. So still vanilla skils and attack methods are in play which means helicopters are also doing fly by to attack and they cannot hit that accurate. Download Dropbox (version 2.1) Armaholic (version 2.1) Sample Mission Dropbox Usage Details are in readMe.txt inside the zip. Examples about how to add custom code or adjust patrol behaviour are inside AirPatrolEnd.sqf. Sample mission can be found above. Version History v.2.1 Fixed: Independent aircrafts were not using laser guidence. Fixed: Logic Objects on map can cause aircraft to stuck in combat mode over an area as such objects might be categorized as enemy. Added: After attack while waiting the restart countdown, aircrafts will do loiter over the area. Tweaked: Some code optimizations. v.2.0 Fixed: Workaround applied due to bug in BIS_fnc_EnemyTargets function which does not consider static weapons as enemy Added: Fixed wing support Added: RTB based on ammunition Added: RTB if gunner is dead Added: Aircraft uses laser for guided bombs Added: Target priority rules v.1.5 Fixed: Possiblity that aircraft stucks at a marker and starts turning around it Added: RTB based on damage Tweaked: Adjustable ServiceTime option removed from script call. Service time is now depending on how much fuel is missing or how much damage is taken Tweaked: AltitudeArray removed from script call. Multi-dimensional array will be used to hold markers and altitude together v.1.0 Initial version Enjoy!
  7. My old project never finished :) it was my learning modding project for ARMA. Now i have some drive to finish it but need feedback from community if it's worth the time. Dunno if ARMA need such a plane back in time i loved playing ARMA life servers. Please let me know if someone need this mod and i finish it. here are some videos: "love flying it it, it is so much fun" https://youtu.be/2HG9e2afRXE https://youtu.be/2i_3k0A9Xhw here you can view the model: https://skfb.ly/6JKHI !!!model is mine i modeled it in 3Ds max have proof all stages of modeling and texturing... :D armaholic guy was accusing me to stole it cant give him proof he banned me :)
  8. Hello everyone! I'm Texturer and Mapper of a German RPG-Community and wanted to ask you here, if someone could help me with my problems. First of all, we started with a new Airport and wanted to create it's own airline for the fictive Island of Great Lakeside. So I started a while ago to make GreatLakesideRegio-textures for some planes. Sadly the planes got a few problems as Arma 3 was updated to a new version. I Think it was the last one.. The Problem is: The Boeing 737-800 retracts its wheels normally in singleplayer. So far so good. But in Multiplayer it retracts them, then by doing nothing they show up again, and that rhytm doesn't stop until I press G again, to normally let the wheels down again. We tried different ways to locate the problem but I really don't know why this is happening. And also just in Multiplayer... In Singleplayer it works all fine. The second problem is the typical issue that came with the Planes DLC. The well known CRJ-200 from Ivory is the problem. As many other models after the DLC-Update it bounces if you're rolling to the runway or want to start it. Ivory has stopped working on it long time ago, so I was wondering if someone of you guys could try to fix it. Download Links Removed by Moderating Team Thank you for reeding and accepting my bad English, Cheers!
  9. Pinkie1997


    I cannot seem to lock onto Targets with Laserguided Bombs anymore, can anyone help me with this? I am using the internal Laser of the Airplane, when i then try to lockonto my laser it does not work. Also at the top it says LOAL? Can anyone help me? Im probably just dumb.
  10. Hi all, i started learning ARMA modding. My goal is to make flyable plane. The model was created in 3DSMax and textured in Substance Painter. So far got it inside Object Builder have a hard time i got glitches all over my model. But when i exported it as 3ds format not obj or fbx all gone. Now i have texture on my model and basic rvmat need make more and somehow learn the settings. I have problem with external glass i was unable to see inside but i created one more layer of glass and inverted normals and it looks to work. Dunno if is a good way t do. Now i need to learn rvmat, lods and i think i need to create very low models for shadow and collision. Here is th plane model on sketchfab Ver 1 and Ver 2 Here is printscreen from OB rvmat need to be tveaked
  11. Good evening, I have been trying to implement physX into my custom airplane, but something is clearly wrong. Not sure if it is a common mistake, so for the time being I'll show you a video of my problem. Whenever I start a game with the airplane, either Editor or Virtual Arsenal, the plane starts moving forwards on it's own accord, with the engine Off. The thing is, the door and cabin close, and the wheels do rotate, so it's not like the model is just "slipping". Here's the vid: https://youtu.be/NcIdnuizh_Q Not sure if it's some basic command I've missed or what but it's driving me crazy. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time!
  12. Hi there, I'm currently making a WW2 airborne style mission for me and a couple of friends, but I've run into a problem. After struggling with the respawning inside of a vehicle for a while I've finally managed to do it with the help of a trigger, but now I've run into a new problem: the vehicle they're spawning in is a C-47, but because the AI can't keep them in the air for long I've had to disable the simulation so that they don't spawn inside a crashed airplane. The problem with that is that when simulation is disabled, they are unable to move around inside it, and can't jump out. So I'm stuck with a respawn that is either a crashed plane, or a static plane they can't jump out of. Does anyone know of a way of making the plane stay static in the air but still being able to get out/getting kicked out as soon as they spawn inside it? Or is there a way to make the AI fly around the AO for a undetermined amount of time without it crashing? Any help would be appreciated!
  13. I've been working on a custom airplane but I've been having problems with the gear. So far I have: -Geo + PhysX LOD both have the three wheels defined as "wheel_1", "wheel_2" and "wheel_3" and each as "Component XX" -All components in both LODs are closed and convex. -These names (wheel_1, wheel_2 and wheel_3) are the named selections on the visual LODs, and properly named in the model.cfg -Config file has driveOnComponent[] = {"wheel_1","wheel_2","wheel_3"}; -LandContact LOD has three points, one beneath each wheel If I start the plane in mid air in the mission Editor, the gear system works fine. Wheels retract perfectly. But once the plane hits the ground, they stop working (meaning If I land and take off again, gear won't retract anymore). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18zKmc8nR68 When I start the plane on the ground (virtual arsenal or mission Editor) the plane seems to be rolling on square wheels.. (?) and bobs from one side to another, moves o the sides.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxBBacUhs1o If I manage to take off (it is very difficult because the plane barely gains speed and is moving all over the place) the gear doesn't retract (the option to do so doesn't show up, nor toggling "G") Sometimes the plane bumps so much that it explodes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyEmD_DJWSU I have lost too much hair already and am very nearly on the verge of ending with martinezfg11 's patience, who has kindly been trying to help me out. So any hints you can spare, will be greatly appreciated!
  14. For some reason, the HUD is suddenly broken inside a fighter I'm working on. Full CfgVehicles code: class CfgVehicles { class Air; class Plane: Air { class HitPoints; }; class Plane_Base_F: Plane { class AnimationSources; class HitPoints: HitPoints { class HitHull; }; }; class PlaneWreck; class Plane_Fighter_01_base_F: Plane_Base_F { features = "Randomization: No <br />Camo selections: 1 - Body, wings, and gear <br />Script door sources: None <br />Script animations: None <br />Executed scripts: None <br />Firing from vehicles: No <br />Slingload: No <br />Cargo proxy indexes: None"; author = $STR_A3_Night515; DLC = AegisMod; mapSize = 15.5; class SimpleObject { animate[] = {}; hide[] = {}; verticalOffset = 0; }; _generalMacro = "Plane_Fighter_01_base_F"; scope = private; model = "\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Plane_Fighter_01_F.p3d"; editorSubcategory = "EdSubcat_Planes"; icon = "\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Data\UI\Map_Plane_Fighter_01_CA.paa"; picture = "\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Data\UI\Plane_Fighter_01_CA.paa"; destrType = DestructWreck; slingLoadCargoMemoryPoints[] = { "SlingLoadCargo1", "SlingLoadCargo2", "SlingLoadCargo3", "SlingLoadCargo4" }; memoryPointTaskMarker = "TaskMarker_1_pos"; armor = 80; armorStructural = 1; armorLights = 1; epeImpulseDamageCoef = 200; damageResistance = 0.01096; accuracy = 0.4; class Library { libTextDesc = $STR_A3_CfgVehicles_B_Plane_Fighter_01_F_Library0; }; driverAction = pilot_plane_fighter_01; getinAction = pilot_plane_fighter_01_Enter; getoutaction = pilot_plane_fighter_01_Exit; precisegetinout = true; viewDriverShadow = true; viewCargoShadow = true; viewDriverShadowDiff = 0.5; viewDriverShadowAmb = 0.5; LockDetectionSystem = CM_Lock_Radar; incomingMissileDetectionSystem = CM_Missile; class Turrets{}; class TransportItems{}; #include "sounds.hpp" vtol = true; altNoForce = 35000; altFullForce = 13636; maxSpeed = 1900; aileronSensitivity = 1.1; elevatorSensitivity = 0.8; rudderInfluence = 0.4; aileronControlsSensitivityCoef = 3; elevatorControlsSensitivityCoef = 4; rudderControlsSensitivityCoef = 4; elevatorCoef[] = {0.5,0.9,1.1,1.3,1.4,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5}; aileronCoef[] = {1,1.75,2.5,2.5,3.5,3.5,3.5,3.5,3.5,3.5,3.5,3.5,3.5,2,1,1}; rudderCoef[] = {0.6,1.0,1.0,0.9,0.8,0.7,0.6}; flapsFrictionCoef = 0.5; angleOfIndicence = 0.05235987; draconicForceXCoef = 8.0; draconicForceYCoef = 2.3; draconicForceZCoef = 1.0; draconicTorqueXCoef = 1.2; draconicTorqueYCoef = 1.0; envelope[] = {0.1,0.5,3,8,9,9,9,6.85,6.5,5.8,4.6,2.8,0}; thrustCoef[] = {1.2,1.6,2,1.9,1.8,1.7,1.6,1.5,1.4, 1.2,1.1,0.9,0.5,0.3,0,0}; acceleration = 300; landingSpeed = 250; landingAoa = "rad 10"; threat[] = {1,1,1}; irScanRangeMin = 3000; irScanRangeMax = 10000; irScanToEyeFactor = 4; laserScanner = 1; showAllTargets = 4; minFireTime = 30; headAimDown = 0.0; cabinOpening = true; brakeDistance = 150; fov = 1.5; dustEffect = HeliDust; waterEffect = HeliWater; driverLeftHandAnimName = "throttle_stick"; driverRightHandAnimName = "flight_stick"; memoryPointsGetInDriver = "GetIn_driver_pos"; memoryPointsGetInDriverDir = "GetIn_driver_dir"; memoryPointLRocket = "Rocket_1"; memoryPointRRocket = "Rocket_2"; memoryPointCM[] = { "FlareLauncher_1_pos", "FlareLauncher_2_pos" }; memoryPointCMDir[] = { "FlareLauncher_1_dir", "FlareLauncher_2_dir" }; memoryPointLDust = "WheelDust_left_pos"; memoryPointRDust = "WheelDust_right_pos"; memoryPointGun = "Usti hlavne"; gunAimDown = 0.0; selectionFireAnim = "zasleh"; gearUpTime = 3; gearDownTime = 3; driveOnComponent[] = { "wheel_1", "wheel_2", "wheel_3" }; numberPhysicalWheels = 3; wheelSteeringSensitivity = 2.5; class Exhausts { class Exhaust_1 { position = "Exhaust_1_pos"; direction = "Exhaust_1_dir"; effect = ExhaustsEffectJet; }; }; class WingVortices { class BodyLeft { effectName = BodyVortices; position = "body_vapour_L_S"; }; class BodyRight { effectName = BodyVortices; position = "body_vapour_R_S"; }; class WingTipLeft { effectName = WingVortices; position = "body_vapour_L_E"; }; class WingTipRight { effectName = WingVortices; position = "body_vapour_R_E"; }; }; class Reflectors { class Gear_1_light { color[] = {0.9,1.0,0.8}; ambient[] = {0.009,0.01,0.008}; intensity = 25000; size = 1; innerAngle = 0; outerAngle = 90; coneFadeCoef = 12; position = "Light_L"; direction = "Light_L_end"; hitpoint = ""; selection = ""; useFlare = true; flareSize = 0.5; flareMaxDistance = 30; class Attenuation { start = false; constant = false; linear = 15; quadratic = 7; hardLimitStart = 75; hardLimitEnd = 100; }; }; }; class AnimationSources: AnimationSources { class AddFalchion { source = user; animPeriod = 0.000001; initPhase = 0; weapon = Missile_AA_04_Plane_CAS_01_F; }; class AddGbu12 { source = user; animPeriod = 0.000001; initPhase = 0; weapon = GBU12BombLauncher; }; class AddZephyr { source = user; animPeriod = 0.000001; initPhase = 0; weapon = missiles_Zephyr; }; class Hatch_1_Bay { source = maxHoldsterValue; animPeriod = 0.6; initPhase = 0; }; class Hatch_2_Bay { source = maxHoldsterValue; animPeriod = 0.6; initPhase = 0; }; class Hatch_3_Bay { source = maxHoldsterValue; animPeriod = 0.6; initPhase = 0; }; class Hatch_4_Bay { source = maxHoldsterValue; animPeriod = 0.6; initPhase = 0; }; class Muzzle_flash { source = ammorandom; weapon = gatling_25mm; }; }; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Data\Plane_Fighter_01_ext_CO.paa"}; class HitPoints: HitPoints { class HitHull: HitHull { armor = 999; explosionShielding = 10; name = "hull_hit"; passThrough = 0.5; visual = "hull_hit"; radius = 0.01; minimalHit = 0.02; depends = "Total"; material = -1; }; class HitEngine: HitHull { armor = 1.5; explosionShielding = 2; name = "engine_hit"; passThrough = 1; visual = "engine_hit"; radius = 0.48; minimalHit = 0.1; }; class HitAvionics: HitHull { armor = 3; explosionShielding = 1; name = "avionics_hit"; passThrough = 0.2; visual = "avionics_hit"; radius = 0.3; }; class HitFuel: HitHull { armor = 3; explosionShielding = 4; name = "fuel_hit"; passThrough = 0.5; visual = "fuel_hit"; radius = 2.3; minimalHit = 0.1; }; class HitGlass1: HitHull { armor = 1.5; explosionShielding = 3; name = "glass_1"; passThrough = 0; visual = "glass_1"; radius = 0.2; minimalHit = 0.1; }; class HitGlass2: HitHull { armor = 3; explosionShielding = 4; name = "glass_2"; passThrough = 0; visual = "glass_2"; radius = 0.1; minimalHit = 0.1; }; }; class Damage { tex[] = {}; mat[] = { "\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Data\Cannon.rvmat", "\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Data\Cannon_damage.rvmat", "\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Data\Cannon_destruct.rvmat", "\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Data\Plane_Fighter_01_ext.rvmat", "\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Data\Plane_Fighter_01_ext_damage.rvmat", "\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Data\Plane_Fighter_01_ext_destruct.rvmat", "\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Data\Plane_Fighter_01_glass.rvmat", "\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Data\Plane_Fighter_01_glass_damage.rvmat", "\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Data\Plane_Fighter_01_glass_damage.rvmat", "\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Data\Plane_Fighter_01_int_glass.rvmat", "\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Data\Plane_Fighter_01_int_glass_damage.rvmat", "\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Data\Plane_Fighter_01_int_glass_damage.rvmat" }; }; memoryPointDriverOptics = "PilotCamera_pos"; unitInfoType = RscOptics_CAS_01_TGP; class pilotCamera { class OpticsIn { class Wide { opticsDisplayName = "W"; initAngleX = 0; minAngleX = 0; maxAngleX = 0; initAngleY = 0; minAngleY = 0; maxAngleY = 0; initFov = "(30 / 120)"; minFov = "(30 / 120)"; maxFov = "(30 / 120)"; directionStabilized = true; visionMode[] = { Normal, Ti }; thermalMode[] = {0,1}; gunnerOpticsModel = "\A3\Drones_F\Weapons_F_Gamma\Reticle\UAV_Optics_Gunner_wide_F.p3d"; opticsPPEffects[] = { OpticsCHAbera2, OpticsBlur2 }; }; class Medium: Wide { opticsDisplayName = "M"; initFov = "(15 / 120)"; minFov = "(15 / 120)"; maxFov = "(15 / 120)"; gunnerOpticsModel = "\A3\Drones_F\Weapons_F_Gamma\Reticle\UAV_Optics_Gunner_medium_F.p3d"; }; class Narrow: Wide { opticsDisplayName = "N"; initFov = "(7.5 / 120)"; minFov = "(7.5 / 120)"; maxFov = "(7.5 / 120)"; gunnerOpticsModel = "\A3\Drones_F\Weapons_F_Gamma\Reticle\UAV_Optics_Gunner_narrow_F.p3d"; }; showMiniMapInOptics = true; showUAVViewInOptics = false; showSlingLoadManagerInOptics = false; }; minTurn = -130; maxTurn = 130; initTurn = 0; minElev = -10; maxElev = 90; initElev = 0; maxXRotSpeed = 0.3; maxYRotSpeed = 0.3; pilotOpticsShowCursor = true; controllable = true; }; class MFD { class AirplaneHUD { topLeft = "HUD_top_left"; topRight = "HUD_top_right"; bottomLeft = "HUD_bottom_left"; borderLeft = 0; borderRight = 0; borderTop = 0; borderBottom = 0; color[] = {1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0}; helmetMountedDisplay = true; helmetPosition[] = {-0.04,0.03,0.1}; helmetRight[] = {0.08,0,0}; helmetDown[] = {-0,-0.06,0}; #include "cfgHUD.hpp" }; }; class MarkerLights { class PositionRed { color[] = {0.8,0.0,0.0}; ambient[] = {0.08,0.0,0.0}; intensity = 75; name = "PositionLight_red_1_pos"; drawLight = 1; drawLightSize = 0.15; drawLightCenterSize = 0.04; activeLight = 0; blinking = 0; dayLight = 0; useFlare = 0; class Attenuation { start = 0; constant = 0; linear = 25; quadratic = 50; hardLimitStart = 0.75; hardLimitEnd = 1; }; }; class PositionGreen: PositionRed { color[] = {0.0,0.8,0.0}; ambient[] = {0.0,0.08,0.0}; name = "PositionLight_green_1_pos"; }; class CollisionWhite: PositionRed { color[] = {1.0,1.0,1.0}; ambient[] = {0.1,0.1,0.1}; name = "CollisionLight_white_1_pos"; blinking = 1; blinkingPattern[] = {0.1,0.9}; blinkingPatternGuarantee = 0; drawLightSize = 0.2; drawLightCenterSize = 0.04; }; class CollisionWhite2: CollisionWhite { name = "CollisionLight_white_2_pos"; }; }; class RenderTargets { class FLIR { renderTarget = "rendertarget0"; class CameraView1 { pointPosition = "flir_pos"; pointDirection = "flir_dir"; renderQuality = 1; renderVisionMode = 2; fov = 0.3; }; }; }; class TextureSources { class blufor { displayName = $STR_A3_TextureSources_blu0; author = $STR_A3_Night515; textures[] = {"\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Data\Plane_Fighter_01_ext_CO.paa"}; }; class dazzle { displayName = $STR_A3_TextureSources_dazzle0; author = $STR_A3_Night515; textures[] = {"\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Data\Plane_Fighter_01_ext_BLUFOR_CO.paa"}; }; }; }; class B_Plane_Fighter_01_CAS_F: Plane_Fighter_01_base_F { author = $STR_A3_Night515; _generalMacro = "B_Plane_Fighter_01_CAS_F"; scope = public; scopeCurator = public; displayName = "F-38 Stalker (CAS)"; side = 1; faction = BLU_F; crew = B_pilot_F; typicalCargo[] = {B_pilot_F}; weapons[] = { gatling_25mm, Missile_AA_04_Plane_CAS_01_F, GBU12BombLauncher, CMFlareLauncher }; magazines[] = { 300Rnd_25mm_shells, 2Rnd_Missile_AA_04_plane_fighter_01_F, 2Rnd_GBU12_LGB, 240Rnd_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine }; class AnimationSources: AnimationSources { class AddFalchion: AddFalchion { initPhase = 1; }; class AddGbu12: AddGbu12 { initPhase = 1; }; }; availableForSupportTypes[] = {CAS_Bombing}; cost = 3000000; }; class B_CTRG_Plane_Fighter_01_CAS_F: Plane_Fighter_01_base_F { author = $STR_A3_Night515; _generalMacro = "B_CTRG_Plane_Fighter_01_CAS_F"; scope = public; scopeCurator = public; displayName = "F-38 Stalker (CAS)"; side = 1; faction = BLU_CTRG_F; crew = B_CTRG_pilot_F; typicalCargo[] = {B_CTRG_pilot_F}; weapons[] = { gatling_25mm, Missile_AA_04_Plane_CAS_01_F, GBU12BombLauncher, CMFlareLauncher }; magazines[] = { 300Rnd_25mm_shells, 2Rnd_Missile_AA_04_plane_fighter_01_F, 2Rnd_GBU12_LGB, 240Rnd_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine }; class AnimationSources: AnimationSources { class AddFalchion: AddFalchion { initPhase = 1; }; class AddGbu12: AddGbu12 { initPhase = 1; }; }; availableForSupportTypes[] = {CAS_Bombing}; cost = 3000000; hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Data\Plane_Fighter_01_ext_BLUFOR_CO.paa"}; }; class B_Plane_Fighter_01_AA_F: B_Plane_Fighter_01_CAS_F { author = $STR_A3_Night515; forceInGarage = true; _generalMacro = "B_Plane_Fighter_01_AA_F"; displayName = "F-38 Stalker (AA)"; weapons[] = { gatling_25mm, missiles_Zephyr, Missile_AA_04_Plane_CAS_01_F, CMFlareLauncher }; magazines[] = { 300Rnd_25mm_shells, 2Rnd_GAA_missiles, 2Rnd_Missile_AA_04_plane_fighter_01_F, 240Rnd_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine }; class AnimationSources: AnimationSources { class AddGbu12: AddGbu12 { initPhase = 0; }; class AddZephyr: AddZephyr { initPhase = 1; }; }; availableForSupportTypes[] = {}; }; class B_CTRG_Plane_Fighter_01_AA_F: B_CTRG_Plane_Fighter_01_CAS_F { author = $STR_A3_Night515; _generalMacro = "B_CTRG_Plane_Fighter_01_AA_F"; displayName = "F-38 Stalker (AA)"; weapons[] = { gatling_25mm, missiles_Zephyr, Missile_AA_04_Plane_CAS_01_F, CMFlareLauncher }; magazines[] = { 300Rnd_25mm_shells, 2Rnd_GAA_missiles, 2Rnd_Missile_AA_04_plane_fighter_01_F, 240Rnd_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine }; class AnimationSources: AnimationSources { class AddGbu12: AddGbu12 { initPhase = 0; }; class AddZephyr: AddZephyr { initPhase = 1; }; }; availableForSupportTypes[] = {}; }; class Plane_Fighter_01_wreck_F: PlaneWreck { author = $STR_A3_Night515; _generalMacro = "Plane_Fighter_01_wreck_F"; scope = protected; scopeCurator = private; class Armory { disabled = true; }; model = "Air_F_Aegis\Plane_Fighter_01\Plane_Fighter_01_wreck_F.p3d"; typicalCargo[] = {}; irTarget = false; transportAmmo = false; transportRepair = false; transportFuel = false; transportSoldier = true; class Eventhandlers{}; }; };
  15. This version is discontinued, find the new one included here ******************************************************** Robin DR 400 ******************************************************** This is a port of Helijah's FlightGear Robin DR 400 Credits/Thanks to: Helijah for the model and textures http://helijah.free.fr Christian Thiriot, Brett Harrison, Laurent Hayvel for textures Alwarren for the Blender Toolbox Arma 3 port by [Dust]Sabre https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/188022-robin-dr-400/ ******************************************************** Required addons Sabre's Aircraft Library ******************************************************** This addon for Arma 3 is released under CC-BY-SA The authors of this addon give no warranty Downloads: This version is discontinued, find the new one included here