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    I am a recently graduated Commercial Helicopter Pilot.

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  1. Captain Mason-e0927844420c6c6e

    KP Fuel Consumption Script

    @Wyqer Hello! I am having troubles with your script. I’m not too sure on how to get it working. Do I simply put the script Into the scripts folder and then place the snippet into my init file and run it? Or do I need to have a line of code in each vehicle?
  2. Captain Mason-e0927844420c6c6e

    [WIP] Pilatus PC-12

    Hello everyone! I was looking around and found the lack of civilian fixed wing aircraft. One of my favourite airplanes is the Pilatus PC-12. I found this free model and I was thinking about making it a functional aircraft in Arma and I am just looking for feedback to see if this would be something people would like :)