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  1. how i think it should work that the rocket still goes boom and kills me and not goes through the crate
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTiypjz9j9Q gonna post this here, Feedback Tracker is kinda confusing
  3. where would one post a bug with the mainbranch?
  4. just use new in the top Right and select the same map, boom all gone
  5. i think it is waiting until the side of the target is confirmed hostile
  6. they are Talking About the arm Missiles, they fire and find a target with an active Radar, ist on devbranch
  7. i think it wont work with the current arma 3 engine, they would have to add it as a hmmt vehicle
  8. that would be so amazing if they were attachable to eachother and then moveable @Demon2270 not just useable better in pvp, also pve
  9. i Need to try that one, how would i attach it? like using this; attachto or?
  10. @NikkoJT it think you can create your own textures for flags
  11. @Strike_NOR there is a proximity fuze, probably a bug
  12. @nodunit, have you seen my testing results from yesterday?
  13. i think the briefing room and table are just textures and the screens on the xdestroyer Arent supposed to work
  14. @nodunit , i could not replicate this issue with the sandstorm mlrs or the new sams, the vls is the only one with that issue, i am trying to convert normal branch to devbranch, but steam is screwing up edit: converted my usual arma to devbranch and the issue is still happening
  15. sure, i will try it later today, ist 6.16 in the morning in Germany so yeeeah with the one branch? so just transform the normal branch into devbranch?