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Found 15 results

  1. So I want to make Cuise Missile that can be shot down. So far I've made the following code: this addEventHandler ["Fired", { params ["_unit","_weapon","_muzzle","_mode","_ammo","_magazine","_projectile","_vehicle"]; _drone = "O_T_UAV_04_CAS_F" createVehicle (getPosATL _projectile); _drone attachTo [_projectile,[0,0,0]]; _drone setObjectTextureGlobal [_index, ""]; createVehicleCrew _drone; nul = [_drone, _projectile] spawn { params ["_drone","_projectile"]; waitUntil {!alive _drone}; _bomb = "SatchelCharge_Remote_Ammo_Scripted" createVehicle getPos _projectile; _bomb setDamage 1; deleteVehicle _projectile; deleteVehicle _drone; }; }]; I works great (beside that the drones pylons stay visible, which I haven't found a fix for) and you can manually destroy the cruise missile with an autocannon. But you cant lock it for some reason. Even if you turn the engine on the spawned drone on you just get the rectangel but not the sound/diamond with dot in the middle. Anyone know why? (Code is copied from the MK 41 Init Field)
  2. So, I used the following code to add cruise misssles to aircraft: this addWeaponTurret ["weapon_VLS_01",[-1]]; this addMagazineTurret ["magazine_Missiles_Cruise_01_x18",[-1]]; If the Code is added to like a rhino MGS or something it works fine, but if added to eg. the Gryphon when trying to lock on to the laser it just has the 4 corners around the laser but doesnt actually lock it.
  3. Hello there! I'm a new developer and I've been making a missile/armament mod for fixed wing crafts on ArmA 3. I've already got the model up and ready to go but we're now stumped on the config.cpp part. What do we exactly do to add our missile to planes of our choice (be it mods or stock Arma 3 jets) ingame? We literally cannot find any documentation/post related to doing this and we're now out of options and can't learn much. We specifically plan to add it to the Shikra ingame. Thank you!
  4. Hello, I recently made an Iron Dome mod: Steam workshop link I am also releasing a standalone script used for guiding the missile, currently, 3 modes are available: Augmented proportional navigation APN Proportional navigation PN Pure pursuit LOS Here is the code: You can call this function (script) by using: [missile, target, [parameters]] execVM... Parameter is an array containing: Missile max speed: The speed the missile will travel (good values between 200 and 1000) Guidance law: The law that will be used: 0 - APN (best), 1 - PN, 2 - LOS Guidance gain: A constant typically between 3 and 5 Time to max: Missile speed will increase linearly until it reaches the max //params ["_missile", "_target", "_speed",]; private _missile = param[0]; private _target = param[1]; private _parameters = param[2]; //Speed, guidance, N private _speed = _parameters select 0; private _guidance = _parameters select 1; private _N = _parameters select 2; private _timeToMax = _parameters select 3; if(isNull _target) exitWith {}; //Weird issue with APN when engaging missiles idk _targetIsMissile = (_target isKindOf "MissileBase"); //Variables for the missile and logic private _increment = 0.02; private _currSpeed = _speed / 100; private _k = 1; private _initialDist = (_missile distance _target); private _closeEncounter = false; private _medianLoops = 5; _lowestDist = _initialDist; _incrementSpeed = (_speed - _currSpeed) / _timeToMax; //Vectorial quantities _guidVel = [0,0,0]; _leadAcc = [0,0,0]; _lastB = [0,0,0]; _tgtAccNorm = [0,0,0]; private _time = time; _loop = 0; while {alive _target and alive _missile} do { //Elapsed time _deltaT = (time - _time); //Speed _currSpeed = _currSpeed + _incrementSpeed * _deltaT; _currSpeed = _currSpeed min _speed; //LOS _posA = getPosASL _missile; _posB = getPosASL _target; _LOS = _posB vectorDiff _posA; _steering = _posA vectorFromTo _posB; _dist = _missile distance _target; //Relative velocity _velA = velocity _missile; _velB = velocity _target; _relVelocity = _velB vectorDiff _velA; if(_dist < _lowestDist) then { _lowestDist = _dist; }; //Was close if(_dist < 1000) then { _closeEncounter = true; }; //Now is far if(_closeEncounter and (_dist > 1500)) then { _mine = createMine ["DemoCharge_F", getPosATL _missile, [], 0]; _mine setDamage 1; deletevehicle _missile; }; switch (_guidance) do { //APN case 0: { //Impact Time Control Cooperative Guidance Law Design Based on Modified Proportional Navigation //https://www.mdpi.com/2226-4310/8/8/231/pdf //formula [30] _tGo = (_dist/(speed _missile)*(1+ ((acos(_velA vectorCos _steering)/90)^2)/(2*(2 * _N - 1)))); if(isNil "_tgo") then {continue}; //Zero effort miss _ZEM = _LOS vectorAdd (_relVelocity vectorMultiply _tGo); _losZEM = _ZEM vectorDotProduct _steering; _nrmZEM = (_ZEM vectorDiff (_steering vectorMultiply _losZEM)); //Weird behaviour when attacking missiles if(!_targetIsMissile) then { if(_loop == _medianLoops) then { //Target accelleration _tgtAcc = _leadAcc vectorMultiply (1/_medianLoops); _tgtAccLos = _tgtAcc vectorDotProduct _steering; _tgtAccNorm = _tgtAcc vectorDiff (_steering vectorMultiply _tgtAccLos); _loop = 0; } else { _tgtAcc = (_velB vectorDiff _lastB) vectorMultiply (1/_increment); _lastB = _velB; _leadAcc = _leadAcc vectorAdd _tgtAcc; _loop = _loop + 1; }; }; //augmented prop nav with ZEM and lowered proportional gain _leadAcc = (_nrmZEM vectorMultiply _N) vectorMultiply (1/(_tGo ^ 2)) vectorAdd (_tgtAccNorm vectorMultiply (_N/4)); _guidVel = (_leadAcc vectorMultiply _increment) vectorAdd _velA; }; //PN case 1: { //Calculate omega _rotation = _LOS vectorCrossProduct _relVelocity; _distance = _LOS vectorDotProduct _LOS; _rotation = _rotation vectorMultiply (1/_distance); //Desired accelleration to intercept _leadAcc = (_relVelocity vectorMultiply _N) vectorCrossProduct _rotation; _guidVel = (_leadAcc vectorMultiply _increment) vectorAdd _velA; }; //Pure pursuit case 2: { _guidVel = _steering; } }; //Set new speed _guidVel = ((vectorNormalized _guidVel) vectorMultiply _currSpeed); _missile setVectorDir _guidVel; _missile setVelocity _guidVel; //drawLine3D [_posA, _posA vectorAdd _LOS, [1,1,1,1]]; sleep _increment; }; //If the target died or the missile timedout make it blow in mid air if(alive _missile) then { waitUntil {(getposATL _missile select 2) > 100}; if(alive _target) then { sleep random 1; }; deletevehicle _missile; _mine = createMine ["DemoCharge_F", getPosATL _missile, [], 0]; _mine setDamage 1; }; true; This is more aimed at developers who want to build missile-based systems and for one reason or the other can't use the missile locking capability.
  5. Here comes another platform feature for Tanks DLC to have fun with :) Our passionate programmers have added an option to switch the fire modes when using missile launchers, bombs, etc. And more importantly, added few different ways in which the missile can reach its target. In short - you can now switch the missile's flight from a simple direct trajectory to one that better utilizes the tank's weaker armour - e.g. the notorious Top attack. We'll try to add more info as the time flies and as the features get utilized more by the game's assets. As well as we'll update the documentation so you can try out what's under the black box. Titan AT PCML Documentation: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Missile_flight_profiles
  6. SSAAPS - Sarogahtyps Simple Arena Active Protection System Full Singleplayer and Multiplayer compatible. Arma 3 script which simulates the russian Arena system which is an Active Protection System (APS) for tanks. Basically the russian Arena system lifts an explosive charge upto some meters above the tank. There it explodes and directs a few hundred shrapnels in a cone to the ground. If the countermeasure is successfull then the incoming threat is hit by some shrapnels of the cone. The script spawns some bullets above the tank which create the shrapnel cone. Then the incoming threat gets (hopefully) directed to ground. GitHub - Branch GitHub - wiki GitHub - Issue Tracker GitHub - Download GitHub - Direct File Download Dropbox - Download (temporary disabled) Installation (short story) - copy "functions" folder in your missions root folder - integrate cfgFunctions from description.ext into your own description.ext - if you secured your missions remote execution then integrate CfgRemoteExec from description.ext into your own description.ext - if you don't have a description.ext then you can just copy the given one into your missions root folder - apply the script with this line to any vehicle: [tank_1] spawn saro_fnc_arena_start; to stop the script on that vehicle just do this on any part of your mission: tank_1 setVariable ["saro_arena_active", false, true]; to adjust the behavior of the sysem you should take a look into fn_arena_start.sqf I do not recommend to adjust more parameters than skill and reload time. Full installation documentation will follow within the next days/weeks/months 😉 The Download contains an Example mission as .pbo and as unpacked Folder. brand-new shiny trailer video: version 1.0 video: Please tell me all thoughts you have in this thread. Issues and wishes can also reported on GitHub - Issue Tracker Changelog v1.10 - added simulation of the charge container which lifts up, explodes and sends shrapnels to threat - added ability to get threats exploding mid-air instead of smashing to ground only - added parameter to adjust protection skill of the system v1.01 - hot fix - new vanilla example mission created. the old one was mod depended. v 1.0 - initial release
  7. Hey, The missile I have modelled isn't showing effects when in flight (i.e. burning rear, smoke trail). At the moment I'm using the effect from the Titan: effectsMissile = "missile2"; The effect works fine when the model is that of the titan, but when changed to my new model it does not appear. Hence I'm guessing the effect is generated from a memory point, which I do not have in my model. Trouble is...what's the memory point called? I can't find it in any references. Cheers, Law
  8. I've built a new missile type projectile, with beam-riding guidance, which comes out of the launcher in the correct direction. However, the munition doesn't follow it's beam, instead veering wildly off course. At first it seemed it was a guidance issue, like trying to track another target, but after upping the ability of the missile to maneuver I think it's more likely the missile is being thrown about by some rotating animation. I'd included an axis that I was going to animate in flight once I'd actually figured out how to do that, but I'm a bit confused about why it's animating when I haven't set this up at all. No model config or anything. I'm currently trying to suss out what I need to check to see if this theory is correct. Cheers, Law
  9. So I've recently discovered the missile flight profile system and I was wondering if there's any way to dynamically switch between flight profiles. Specifically, I want to make a missile go back into LOAL mode and try to reacquire a target lock after it lost its first lock. While I'm here, I figured I might ask a couple questions as well: Is there any way to force a missile to lock onto something, or force it to lose its lock? Is there any way to find a vehicle that is locking another one or vice versa? Ie, if player A in his Shikra locks player B in his Wipeout, can I get player A's target (the Wipeout) or get player B's attacker (the Shikra)? EDIT: It looks like missiles, when given the autoSeekTarget property, automatically go back into LOAL mode after losing a lock. Now I'm having an issue where after passing a target, an air-to-air missile turns completely around (presumably looking for the target it missed). Is there any way to disable looking for last-known positions? I'd like the missile to just fly straight after missing a target, but still lock onto anything beyond its target or that wanders into its sensor range.
  10. Incon Airpower Script package for Arma 3 mission makers that allows players to call in air support for target tracking and precision air strikes. Unlike other CAS scripts, Incon Airpower simulates high-altitude strikes where the aircraft is neither visible nor audible from the ground. As such, the aicraft itself is not spawned, only simulated, thereby avoiding all the hassle of Arma's pilot AI. Works best in single player and low-player-count COOP (lots of players using tracking may cause considerable server lag). Perfect for missions involving SF teams working behind enemy lines to call in coalition airpower onto enemy assets (as in the ongoing real-life operation Enduring Freedom in Iraq / Syria). SP / Co-op / Dedi compatible. Requires CBA. Features Call in guided airstrikes with the radio menu Mark targets with laser, smoke, chemlights or IR strobes (night only for chemlights and strobes, day only for smoke) Aircraft can lock on to and strike multiple targets simultaneaously (thanks to a slightly modified version of kylania's awesome guided missile script) Optional collateral damage assesment by pilot - checks for nearby friendlies, civilians and sensitive targets and will automatically disengage if collateral damage is too high Optional full NATO voice procedure simulation to guide pilot on to target No need for map with airstrip or adding in any aircraft Restrict JTAC capabilities to units with certain items in their inventory Optional unit tracking on map, with accuracy that degrades with overhead cover, weather etc. (only shows targets that would be visible from overhead): - (optional) restrict to units with UAV terminal only - differentiates between friendlies (blue), unarmed infantry (white), armed infantry (pink), civilian vehicles (white, large) and non-friendly vehicles (pink, large) If using a laser designator, the player can mark multiple targets at once and give clearance for a simultaneaous strike: - mark 2 tanks and an infantry patrol, and the aircraft will track and engage those targets simultaneously, even if they move - repeat your last mark if in doubt - if your final target is a laser mark, the aircraft will engage your laser mark while it is active, and revert to your original mark position if it looses your laser mark Realistic air speeds of ordnance: - the higher the altitude of the aircraft (recommended at least 3000m), the longer the ordnance will take to hit the target - missiles will travel faster than bombs - ordnance speeds based on real data Usage License GNU V3 Submit pull requests, fork your own version on Github, drink Bailey's from a shoe, do whatever. This is open source and entirely free to use. Changelog Download from GitHub
  11. when i playing in wasteland servers mostly playing in independ team. so they are free from others. so when we use something with radar other independ vehicles are green on radar. they sees them friendly targets but they are not. and R key dont select them i must use T key on them with real vision. i mean manuel targeting. is there a way select friendly targets on radar ? like selecting enemies.
  12. Hi to all! How can I assume, the Tanks DLC will have to add not only new tanks, but also new anti-tank weapons and I would like to talk about it. Today (v1.76) in Arma3, very few anti-tank weapons for the infantryman. Before, I was inspired by the topic by @SuicideKing in which he suggests expand the AT - infantry weapon. I fully support him on this issue, but he did not mention the new AT-weapons for FIA/Syndicate factions. The FIA and Syndicate has very little military potential before enemy armor. Yes they can use AT's infantry weapon from other factions, but I would very much like them to have a unique anti-tank weapon based on Offroad! They have for this purpose all the prerequisites. I would like to see Anti-Tank Offroads, for example which we can see in the trailer of the game Squad Before, I saw such weapons in the middle east and this is suitable for the FIA or Syndicare factions. As seems to me, It will be unique vehicles, which can diversify the gameplay of Arma3, because it will be very mobile and powerful to use, while remaining weak in the area of armor. Since this will not require much work (We already have Offroads for which it only remains to add AT weapons) with the least cost to the developers, these AT-vehicles could be an excellent addition to the Tanks DLC. Who likes this idea, please support me.
  13. Is there a way to equip the FIR F-16 with ACE’s Maveric missiles? I know it’s not possible in the “configure pylons” menu, but is there a script or something I can run? I have never scripted or anything before so guidance would be appreciated :) EDIT for clarity: can I add a weapon to an aircraft that I’m not supposed to, like a Sharur missile to a wipeout jet?
  14. Hello all, so I've got a ported Cobra with a hellfire missile on its rails, i fire the missile and it fires just fine. Problem is the proxy doesn t disappear, it stays on the rail, and i cant for the life of me figure out how to make it disappear. Any ideas? I'm pretty sure its a config issue... or a model.cfg one. Id be happy to post either once somebody gives me a solid idea. thanks
  15. Imported my SILO "house" for side missions, scripting, etc. Original thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/topic/177204-nuke-silo-side-house-for-side-missions This is what I consider a "pre-release" version. I would like to make the textures more military-like and less house-like. And a few more things. REQUIRES CUP TERRAINS! Need the trees and terrain features. The Silo is in fact a "House" object. It is intended to be teleported to for a "blow up the missile" kind of mission, like a side mission. It places well in the editor. Since it uses the original Chernarus or Desert terrain, it is best placed within those maps. HOWEVER you can change the "ground" texture to anything you wish via the hidden selection with the setObjectTextureGlobal command. Found in the 2D editor under "Objects". Found in the 3D editor under "Structures - Village". Download "version 0.9" here... this isn't quite ready for prime time but it does work within the game : https://onedrive.live.com/?id=5B54FC51A7917265%2151694&cid=5B54FC51A7917265 Ideally, those who make EVO type missions w/ the side missions (bomb the convoy, etc) can now create a "disable the missile" with this House object. I intend to build a custom map so mission makers who are challenged with teleport scripts can still use it. Mission makers can script a teleport trigger (like the "elevator" trigger scripts) to enter/exit the silo. The "entrance" is intended to be your team sneaking or otherwise forcefully entering, so there technically is no "front door" so to speak. To use, spawn or place it way out of the way of the normal AO so that it isn't accidentally stumbled upon. You could place it 100km away, no matter. Just need that teleport trigger to enter it. Place the "enter missile bunker" trigger somewhere like one of the bunker entrances on Stratis, or one of the "mine shaft" entrances on Takistan. It is intended to spawn on the upper-most room. Work your way down to the missile. You could plant a charge, etc. Path locations are present so AI should be able to wander the hallways. Ideally the mission maker will place roaming AI in and around the entrance so players "breaking in" will have a bit of a challenge. And remember... "check those corners" :)