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  1. Well then I can't think of a reason why it doesnt work, the above solution didnt.
  2. Done but still not working, only problem i can see is the "selection="missile_2""" and "selection="missile_1""" part in cfgModels. My missiles are mounted as proxies, maybe that's why they dont work??
  3. Hello all, so I've got a ported Cobra with a hellfire missile on its rails, i fire the missile and it fires just fine. Problem is the proxy doesn t disappear, it stays on the rail, and i cant for the life of me figure out how to make it disappear. Any ideas? I'm pretty sure its a config issue... or a model.cfg one. Id be happy to post either once somebody gives me a solid idea. thanks
  4. Just went through blender... it's as imprecise as Object builder, still getting weight issues on the infinitesimal parts where there's overlap. But thanks for your help.
  5. Suggestions? Blender? Any quick tutorial on weighting in blender?
  6. And Bohemia hasn't found a workaround? I'lI just leave it as is then till they figure it out. Thanks.
  7. Alright, for example, theres a vest with 3 selection, spine1, spine2 and spine3. Each selection overlaps over a few vertices with selections above and/or below it, and no matter what I do with weights they are never exactly 100. The RPT log is littered with errors. So, the workaround is to get rid of the overlap, a tedious process, near impossible if the model is detailed. So, the question is, is there a way, a shortcut, in object builder where i can automatically get rid of overlapped vertices? If not, how do i fix the weight issue?
  8. As title suggests, bone overlap gives some serious weighting issues. Is there a shortcut in objecting builder to prevent bone overlap or does it HAVE to be done by hand?
  9. Okay, what I've discovered so far is this is a vanilla issue. All vanilla NVGs are missing their shadows in first person...
  10. I've run into a strange problem with a pair of custom night vision goggles: the Shadow LODs are there, properly closed and triangulated with zero degenerations. Shadows show up fine in 3rd person but if I change to first person view, the shadow of the NVG disappears. I do have a shadowvolume-view pilot set, as well as a view - pilot LOD. Its occurring with two separate pair of unrelated nvgs. Everything else I've modelled so far: backpacks, vest etc work fine in first person. Thoughts?
  11. So the Insignia hidden selection makes the flag appear where the green arrow is pointing in my image below. While the vanilla flag appears where the red arrow is pointing. If I use Camo hidden selection and add the flag there it appears below the flag selection with flag part of the model appearing above, shiny and transparent. Thoughts? http://imgur.com/a/AYJgV
  12. RPT log is throwing up a bunch of errors like this on a Chopper model: vertex: 1046, sum of weights is 200, should be 100. I've checked the weights and they all seem to add up to 100. Ordinarily I would ignore the error but the stutter on loading the model when the game writes to the log is very long. What am I missing??
  13. I'm sorry, I think I wasn't clear, the insignia selection is for the patch below the flag on the left arm. Im talking about the flag itself, which is on both arms, above the insignia on the left arm and above the unit insignia on the right arm. It is defaulted to the US flag in vanilla. Am I making sense?