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  1. Implemented: Mig29 Family; Mig25,31; Su-27, 30x family: - refuel capability for appropriate versions Support: - IL76/78/A-50 Jets component damage models Pending: - Jets DLC dynamic loadouts - Jets DLC damage models
  2. Pook ARTY Pack: v2.1

    Thanks for the feedback! I have company in town this weekend so it will be fixed no sooner than next weekend.
  3. Need help with .paa files!

    As has already been recommended:
  4. Yeah I think postimage took a dump and some files got deleted.
  5. Need help with .paa files!

    So you want someone else's files from their mod? I don't understand
  6. PAK-FA (T-50) AddOn: Work in Progress

    One thing about the action is to make sure the Priority is < others. In testing other actions I can't tell you how often the other action appears due to conditions then disappears, only to have me accidentally select the Eject action :( Yeah the carrier. I have that same model and had difficulty w/ that model and carrier placement scripts. They worked then Jets DLC came out then they didn't work. Frustrating. Clever idea to swap the tower lol
  7. Pook ARTY Pack: v2.1

    Could you please let me know which arty vehicle you used to make this error happen?
  8. PAK-FA (T-50) AddOn: Work in Progress

    Ah the wheels problem :) I just copy what is in the shadow lod, make sure it is concave, etc. and paste it in the geo and geo physx lod's. And make sure you have the edge/rim mem point as well as an axis in mem. All of the Jets DLC planes used the exact same config "class wheels" even though they were all different weights. I think it just has to be present. I've seen some people trying to add "bouncy" dampers/shocks but I don't know how well those work. Seems to work fine enough without dampers on the gear. Don't forget to change "simulation = airplanex" in the config as well. If you place it and it starts to roll on its own make sure the wheels are relatively level to each other on the horizon. If they are more than about 0.25 vertical offset from each other then physx will make them roll all on their own like they are on a slope. Eject seat is rather simple, just copy the canopy and ejection seat into their own P3D's, and recenter them. Then add 2 mem points for the eject motion. The eject seat p3d should have a pilot proxy. You can also add a jet flame animation if you want to make it fancy. Add the action as per the BIKI article and that's about it. Even though the eject seat is a vehicle, you unfortunately cannot add cargo to it like a first aid kit, etc. as that vehicle type seems unable to load cargo no matter what I've tried.
  9. Going through final testing of the physx settings and plane-specific animations. Ejection seats pending. Weapons still need pylon placement. Progress!
  10. Great shout-out by TDG showing off some PLA assets in-game:
  11. Good news and bad news... Good news... Mig25/31 texture selections are getting expanded. Also a new RVMAT to enhance the detail. Bad news... damage model settings still need some work.
  12. Pook ARTY Pack: v2.1

    v2 released! See first post.
  13. Yes but due to physx being unable to use Roadway LOD's you cannot walk into the back of the plane.