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  1. Pook ARTY Pack

    The menagerie so far. I have about another afternoon's worth of tweaks to make before they are ready to play. Yes they are that close to release. Yes there are a few additional goodies in there.
  2. In the config I think it is this...? hideProxyInCombat However I'm not sure how to do that outside of the config
  3. Those that have followed my stuff know I'm working to add all the goodness from previous Soviet AF mods - my Bomber Pack and Flankers pack together with some A2 stuff, and bring them up to Jets DLC standards. So here's a little tease. All of the aircraft in this pic have working Physx and can take off, land, and no longer blow up when taxiing on the runway. Unless you taxi at 300kph :) I am working on the bombers' Physx at present and should have those done relatively soon. (PS: I fucking hate Physx!!!!) Another bit of good news - Eggbeast is letting me further develop the FRL missilebox (Originally FRL Myke's work imported into the A2 Rangemaster mod), so I have some better resolution textures to work with now. Getting all the pylons up to Jets DLC standards is going to be fun... that's a chore unto itself :) However it is in-progress and not stalled. The to-do list is still long... however I do have an action plan and hope the upcoming weeks/months will prove to be productive... - Proxy placement for some pilots is wrong and needs the oh-so-fun placement chore. - Some animations are broken (see the A50 ladder?) - Some textures are showing up as transparent for some reason. - Low-end envelope tweaks are required since most aircraft literally cannot land until you stall the engine - Su-27 family rolls backwards when the engine starts as if the dampers are bouncing the plane or something... still can't track that one down. - Loadouts as mentioned. - Cockpits are basic and don't have any of the new gizmos from Jets DLC. The Physx-ready inventory so far: Mig-29 Mig-35 Mig-25 Mig-31 An-24 IL-76 A-50 AN-225 Tu-95 family Tu-142 Tu-16 Tu-22 An-12 Su-24 Pending inventory: An-72 Tu-160 Su-27 Su-30 series I'm breaking these out into "vanilla" and "factions" offerings so there will be a CUP version, etc. I'm entertaining the idea of making some other versions like Icebreakr's FAP units :) When will it be done? Soon™ Until then... someone help me figure out how to have more time off so I can get this done faster lol :D A final tease of the Tu-160 and AN-72...
  4. Good to know. I played with different troops and couldn't repro the "codpiece" problem ;)
  5. This is news to me... what soldier in VME PLA mod do you see that? Please post your report in the VME PLA mod discussion topic please!
  6. Updates are moving along! 100% - FIX: Script errors in site cleanup script 100% - FIX: Typo in P12 radar spawn script instructions 75% - FIX: SHORAD counter-missile defense ordnance intercept function 100% - FIX: Radome spawners failing to take damage when host building was destroyed 100% - IMPROVED: AAA ammo changes for 20mm, 23mm guns to minimize lag issues 75% - IMPROVED: MAZ vehicle family camo textures 100% 75% - IMPROVED: Radome spawner behavior; input features 100% - NEW: Radome spawners with 5km range 100% - NEW: Ground Control Intercept (GCI) function
  7. Identified the reason the J20 gets damaged when it taxis on the runway and when landing. Tagged for update in v.Next!
  8. I have made more progress for the GCI script. I am adding some error checking to it so that if the GCI plane is killed, the scramble mission stops and everything resets. Sounds simple huh? :) Still hammering away at it. To be honest I thought it would be relatively simple and I'd have a working release ready by now... cest la vie! I'm realistically looking at another week or two before the update is ready. Taking extra time to stomp out all the known bugs! That "_shooter" error appears to be from a previous version. That was fixed in the latest version and I just spawned an SA10 site to confirm it is working. I recommend making sure you have the latest version installed. A new version will be out in the next few weeks...
  9. Could you post a large picture?
  10. You're the 2nd one that said there is a sig problem, so the sig may need to be updated. I am planning on releasing a maintenance fix soon so I recommend standing by... let me see if I can get that updated "sooner"... hate to say "this weekend" but I'll definitely take a look at it!
  11. Until Tanks DLC releases none of the armor sets mix well. The PLA mod is the same way, however PLA+CUP seems to be pretty evenly matched... go figure.
  12. Pook ARTY Pack

    Good news! The remote SCUD launch script is working now. Via action or script, you can order a SCUD fire mission. And the SCUD can reach out between 1km and 300km making SCUD hunts possible. And General Guba will be a threat once again! :D I'll have to make a video. I still have to ensure all factions have good paint jobs before they can roll out. Some minor physx problems on some of the vehicle but nothing serious. Also, fuck physx! lol Also... hinged fenders on the 2S19 along w/ the muzzle brake's anti-corrosion paint. Oh and also articulated barrel brace in travel mode.
  13. Isn't destroying CIVI assets considered ROE violation? :)
  14. Pook ARTY Pack

    New desert tan and showing off the hinged fenders on a slope... Well of course they have unique values as the default BIS values won't accommodate the distances... not sure exactly what you're asking