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  1. Requires my pook_Camonets mod! https://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29908 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2287643386 https://onedrive.live.com/?id=5B54FC51A7917265!159152&cid=5B54FC51A7917265 Soviet-heritage ATGM's: 9K11/9M14 'Malyutka' ('Little One') (NATO: AT-3 'Spandrel') 9K11P/9M14P 'Malyutka' ('Little One') (NATO: AT-3C 'Spandrel') 9K111 'Fagot' ('Bassoon') (NATO: AT-4 'Spigot') 9K113 'Konkurs'('Contest') (NATO: AT-5 'Spandrel') 9K135 'Kornet' (NATO: AT-14 'Spriggan') Per-faction Ammo Packs, AAT Soldiers, and deployable camo nets Customizable camo net textures (including snow camo)
  2. hcpookie

    Pook BOATS pack

    OK "version1" of the carrier is out - I've focused mainly on the catapults and the tailhook landing so other parts may be rough. Artillery ASM (The P-700 Granit ASM's) can be accessed via a UAV controller. Same for the point-defense systems... all accessible via UAV controller. I put a really quick and dirty video guide together showing off the assets I've been working on. I fixed the "floating aircraft" on the front catapults, so that warning can now be ignored: Finally, the deck is COMPLETELY walkable...
  3. hcpookie

    Pook BOATS pack

    11/14/2020: ---------------------- NEW: Ulyanovsk carrier static ship working catapults tailhook landings boat launch feature walkable deck and hangar working elevators recovery ladders: ladders found at each elevator! customizable numbers UAV-based point defenses Currently the geo LOD is funky and you can walk through walls... watch where you walk 🙂 IMPROVED: LCAC distance LOD's FIX: Missing LCAC faction flags FIX: Missing editor preview pics FIX: CIV Patrol Boat popup error Onboard SAM system has a magazine of 24 SAM's... this is the nautical version of the SA-15, aka the 3K95 (SA-15-N)
  4. hcpookie

    Pook BOATS pack

    Good news everyone! Something new on the horizon... STATIC Carrier Ulyanovsk - available to all sides Yes I know the Uly was abandoned after the fall of the Soviet Union. The model was available. No I do not have any plans to add another carrier, so please don't ask. Before asking "will it have XYZ" please read further: Working so far: - 100% walkable deck AND lower hangar (you read this correctly!) - Working elevators (in the pic you can see the front elevator bringing a plane to the deck) - Catapults: both 2x "standard" steam cats and forward 2x ramp-launch catapult functions - Ramp launch for non-catapult enabled planes (e.g. you can take off from the ramp w/o using the cat, for example a recon plane) - Working carrier landing function (uses tail hook) - Unmanned area defense missiles (as in pic) - Unmanned CIWS cannons - night lights on landing deck - Working faction flag To-do: - Add ladders - Add recovery option when falling off deck - spotlights and/or night lights for deck area - Boat deployment and recovery platform Not planned: - Making it move - Interior bridge - Anything else I forgot Working landing requires using an addaction and addEventHandler to any plane(s). Did I mention this is a STATIC ship?
  5. hcpookie

    Cold War Rearmed III

    That grass doesn't LOOK like it came from 1985... just sayin'... 😛
  6. Finally ported this from my A2 mod... all the "typical" models including cargo (with VIV transport cargo), refuel, repair, ammo, and GUN TRUCK! Available in vanilla WEST and INDEPENDENT, in both desert and woodland textures. Enjoy! https://onedrive.live.com/?id=5B54FC51A7917265!159133&cid=5B54FC51A7917265 and here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2249385767
  7. hcpookie

    Pook UGV Pack

    Another update! IMPROVED: Adjusted Adunok PK and AGS magazines to real-world values. IMPROVED: Set magazine reload time to normal ammounts; removed "extra" magazines since they aren't technically accurate. This change will make in-game reloads from ammo vehicles work like normal in-game reloads. I'm also working on a UGV transport model that's a RL example: the "SMSS Squad Mission Support System" UGV. Looks like a 6x6 Argo. I might look into making a Titan UGV as well... which is a REALLY big tracked UGV.
  8. hcpookie

    Pook UGV Pack

    Update: - Fixed the missing gunner camera view issues. The model for M249 version w/ the launchers was corrupted, so I will be working to rebuild it.
  9. hcpookie

    Pook UGV Pack

    Update! FIX: Impact damage effects IMPROVED: Slight reduction in mod size IMPROVED: Extra magazines (10 minute reload time to simulate manual reload actions)
  10. UGV Pack! At long last it is finally available. Includes: - MAARS (Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System) in AA-12 and M240 models for WEST and INDEPENDENT - MRK-27 UGV for EAST and INDEPENDENT - Adunok-M in PKT, AGS-30, and DSHK models for INDEPENDENT ... all based on Real Life versions. Download from my OneDrive: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=5B54FC51A7917265!159130&cid=5B54FC51A7917265 or if you cannot properly install mods, use my Steam account: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2241612110
  11. Thanks for proving my points! 😉
  12. This x1000.. If the younglings that make all the noise would understand the mod development process better, they would better appreciate mod makers' decisions and stop being such whiny bitches when mods are released - pay or free - for their enjoyment. At the end of the day this is new content for a video game and "those people" act like they had their car stolen or something. It gets tedious. It is self-defeating because most mod developers would rather work on the mods vs. spending time dealing with "those people". After spending literally 100's of hours on mods you just get a feeling of being gut-punched when people instantly complain about things that you deemed not important to the mod, or things that would require an incredible investment of time and effort for a very small return. After a bunch of "F. U. your mod sucks" posts by "those people" you just feel like it is no longer necessary, so the modding community gets ran off from "those people" and go on to do other things. Then "those people" complain that there is no more content for a game... I find it adorable that you think mods of > 200 GB in size are a problem here in good old 2020. As you say, this is indeed no longer 2005... 200GB HD consumption for a game and its mods is trivial. Time to reset those expectations! I also find it adorable that you are so in touch and keenly aware of mod makers' plans. You do realize we are arguing ON THE INTERNETS about something that hasn't even happened yet... I say we should all buy the content, provide POSITIVE feedback to devs (because you never get it right the first time around) and voice our appreciation for their hard work. I know I will...
  13. You do realize that this mindset is diametrically opposed to the CUP goals of bringing pre-A3 assets up to A3 standards, including A3 vehicle customization? I have a hard time imagining a scenario where addition of a vehicle color would break something... perhaps a mission "look for the blue car" or something like that, but that assumes of course the other colors would be there to begin with... /confused/
  14. First I've heard of a CSLA mod to be honest... I'll buy every mod that is a community-developed mod because the community deserves my support. Not everyone can be paid 150k to make their own mod so I'll be happy to support smaller dev groups.
  15. If you would have read back a few pages you'd see that is already a work in progress. SLOWLY... to be sure.