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  1. Jets DLC Terrains

    Bad news Snake... My very recent testing of ARM and long-range SAM missiles shows that recent changes have made things de-spawn outside of the player bubble. I can't get long-range arty nuke missions to work, neither can I get ARM missiles to travel all the way to enemy target radars. By LONG-RANGE I mean > 16km. Worked before... now it seems my SAM pack and Arty packs are both severely limited on these maps :( Wondering if anyone is seeing the same kind of behavior or if there is some switch/flag/setting that makes things work > 16km again?
  2. If only there was a way to tabulate and categorize historic information in the forum...
  3. Jets DLC Terrains

    His choice. If people can't be bothered to do a simple web search and use their brains a wee tiny bit to figure how to install mods then they are likely not going to enjoy the mods anyway. This ain't playstation ;) I've said it before and I'll say it again, these click-to-play interfaces like steam are making us all stupider.
  4. I can repro it now. Thanks for that mission! My dev build does'nt have that PBO; neither does the repository so it may be deprecated or wrapped into another PBO now. The presense of the magazine PBO has no difference; it happens regardless. The fact you can move the soldiers 100m away and it stops happening implies this is a map location interaction issue. I can't make it happen "every time" so no idea really what is going on. It acts as if the "under water" visual effect is happening. Something we'll be on the lookout for...
  5. Failing to load mission due to missing move "VME_magazine_functions". I don't recall seeing that in the newest build. Looked in the repository to see if that is nested somewhere and can't find it. From where did you d/l the VME mod? Recommend testing w/o that mod as it does not appear to be part of the latest VME build.
  6. No worries, that's why I need a repro. Can't reproduce here implies a problem on that client. But we'll see... hard to narrow it down by trial and error lol
  7. Sorry I can't reproduce this. I'm literally standing in the path of the bullets and not seeing it. If you could be more specific as to what - exactly - you are placing on the map? Sample mission perhaps?
  8. It certainly is NOT part of the VME PLA mod. First I've ever heard of or seen that effect reported by anyone. Can provide details about how to reproduce it?
  9. No idea really. I'm sure it needs something but I haven't looked at carrier ops at all. Done :) Uploaded this update to both Onedrive and Steam
  10. It doesn't say what they changed :( However it appears from here that it needs "autofire = true"... will have to try that out
  11. Coming soon in the next update
  12. What change exactly?
  13. The tanks need a serious look now that Tanks is out. I am working on an update for the vehicles but you know how it goes. The biggest thing for me right now is dialing in the stupid physx settings so it behaves correctly and goes faster than 20kph. I do plan to add some more minor things to the tanks as well, however the change to the internal views means all the views are now fubar. That is one of the most important things to fix now for the vehicles. The origin of the T-99 model is from the Arma2 VME mod... I didn't actually model this one myself. So I did a little check and the proportions do appear mostly correct. I can't say that they are perfect however as I didn't do the original modeling of the tank. It is based on a T-72 after all so it should be quite close. If anything the rear ERA skirt on the turret could be extended farther back.
  14. Update is uploaded to OneDrive and Steam
  15. I just discovered that if I change the texture selections in the config to a non-null value, the skin is now selectable within the editor via the "Edit Vehicle Appearance" selection. Go figure. I changed this: class pook_EF2K_JUNGLE5 { author = "HCPOOKIE"; DisplayName = "Jungle Camo (5)"; textures[] = {"\pook_EF2000\skins\top_JUNGLE5.paa","",""}; factions[] = {}; }; to this: class pook_EF2K_JUNGLE5 { author = "HCPOOKIE"; DisplayName = "Jungle Camo (5)"; textures[] = {"\pook_EF2000\skins\top_JUNGLE5.paa","A3\data_f\clear_empty.paa","A3\data_f\clear_empty.paa"}; factions[] = {}; }; And now I can select it and it remains selected in the editor's Vehicle Customization. It would seem that the code/script/whatever that provides you that mini-virtual garage interface doesn't like null values in the texture array. I'm going to test this more but expect to see an update shortly for this.