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  1. Project RACS

    I have a few artillery fire mission scripts you might want to look at...
  2. How do you set waypoints for the Vanilla BIS diver vehicle? Surely it is the same
  3. Pook ARTY Pack: v3

    The "player bubble" is that area within your view distance. It is the same thing that keeps trailer hitch mods from working well... some things simply aren't rendered or activated outside of a player's "area" or "bubble". Setting viewdistance to the max 12,000 helps but not much. If another player is on the other end of that nuke they will be able to 'activate' all the scripting because it is in their bubble... so in MP sessions in theory it will work. Still some testing to do with that in the MP arena. This mod apparently exceeds the game's abilities. Since vanilla maps are all <12km in size I doubt it will ever be addressed. Some things can only be done in TitanIM I guess... I'm working on a new update to fix the remaining RPT issues... eta "soon"
  4. Hoping to get some major work done on this now that the SAM pack has been updated. I'm looking over it this weekend and hitting some of the easy fix items. Still working on a few things here and there so it will easily be several weeks before I would entertain the idea of being "ready". All things considered, it is more likely closer to the Thanksgiving time frame. I'm postponing the An-72 for now as I just don't have time to finish work on the 3D model. There are some other things I'm already planning for "version 2" after the initial release to include the An-72, An-148 (newer turbojet C-130 sized transport), and the IL-20 ELINT (the one that was recently shot down by a Syrian SAM). Just need more time to get it all done! :D Going supersonic!
  5. POOK SAM PACK v6.0 (Oct 2018)

    First v6 bug - "radarScan.sqf" not found... updated!
  6. POOK SAM PACK v6.0 (Oct 2018)

    Upload complete! RAR file with 9 volumes... also available on Steam for those who don't know how to install mods.
  7. EF-2000 Version 7x

    The plane doesn't support carrier landings
  8. POOK SAM PACK v6.0 (Oct 2018)

    I tell you what they have severely limited the Onedrive upload speeds - at 600mb of the 800mb rar files after letting them run all night - about 10 hours now - so maybe its time to find another free hosting website that doesn't suck so much lol
  9. Hey Ice just wanted to let you know I have created FAP versions of my EF2000, the Boats pack, and I'm working on a FAP version of my SAM pack and AFV packs as well. More goodies for your factions :)
  10. Panavia Tornado AWS

    To be clear, I built the EF2000 model. Pinaz made a variation of it with my permission. The Tornado model was ported from A2 where we were originally given permission to modify it to extend the mod's lifecycle. If only I had more time to port more mods into A3 lol
  11. EF-2000 Version 7x

    That's due to they way Arma manages light sources. There really isn't much that can be done about to be honest. There is no GPS guidance function in Arma and I haven't looked at any of the missilebox stuff to port yet. Just drop them as normal LGB's
  12. POOK SAM PACK v6.0 (Oct 2018)

    V6 Upload is underway! Onedrive is being VERY slow so please be patient. I've split it into 100mb RAR archives to ease download headaches. Steam update should be nearing completion as I type... AAA lag is the big one here along with most scripts optimized to minimize lag. Site placement is another biggie and should address many of the tipped over model issues. Updated new Guide detailing GCI intercept functions. Tutorial vid for GCI found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Diu6TTyhKDw
  13. Pook BOATS pack

    Believe me it isn't as impressive at it looks. I am using the control room console from the freighter for the pilot view, and added a proxy for the external views pointing to the BIS model. So the model doesn't do anything, such as a moving propeller. The smoke is added via script and the only other things left are the external lights and getin/getout mem points (all memory lod). So the propeller doesn't turn and nothing animates on the boat model but hey it is something else to put on the water lol
  14. POOK SAM PACK v6.0 (Oct 2018)

    Current progress list
  15. POOK SAM PACK v6.0 (Oct 2018)

    Everything seems to be working. EXCEPT for the mast-mounted radars, that are bouncing all over the place due to physx. I'm reverting to the Vertical placement method which worked before. Trying to get that sorted before uploading the update. We're that close! :) The mast towers are bouncing around at spawn so I'm going to see about adjusting placement settings so they don't bounce. I think they are bouncing due to geo placement under the terrain. Since the last update was exactly 1 year ago I'm going to make sure I get this completed over this 3-day weekend ;) Going to introduce FAP Units next week after the main update. This will be the last "big" update, then all updates after that will be minor/incremental from that point onward. In other news, the incoming SHORAD defense is working perfectly! This is an SA-22 lighting up incoming brimstones from the EF-2000: