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  1. Regarding the Mi17, I just wanted to share my input, nothing more - when I added the Mi17 family to the PLA VME mod, I decided to add an armed and unarmed transport version, and added the VIV section in the rear so that a quad bike and other small things could be added. My reasoning is that it won't carry anything bigger than that, only quad-bike sized VIV packages. So the seats are forward, and the VIV cargo area is in the rear (partially in the area where the doors close). For the armed version, I've seen pics of real Mi17 and Mi171 heli's with the rear doors missing, and so I decided to make the armed version have FFV seats in the back... you can hang your feet off the back and FFV. Also added the CUP rappelling mem point to that one too 🙂 Again, just my thoughts on the Mi17 and Mi171 heli's.
  2. Looking good! Have you considered adding them as pre-configured markers? I put something similar into my own signal marker pack (now part of my camonet pack) which contains the signal panels arranged into some of the pre-configured markers, based on marker codes from FM 21-60. You might want to consider some of these "packaged" codes. Of course that would mean people would have to have a reference or memorize the signals LOL! 🙂
  3. hcpookie

    Project RACS

    ZUBR MLOD was imported in A2 as part of my boats pack from the original MLOD pack a long time back... LCAC MLOD is made available from Burnes.
  4. hcpookie

    Project RACS

    The LCAC is available as is the ZUBR... I happen to know where the MLOD's are hiding. Just sayin'
  5. hcpookie

    subItems for Radio?

    Ah, I see what you mean. That is 'standalone' which means it can be added no problem to any helmet to be honest, so that should be a simple thing to add. Good find!
  6. hcpookie

    Pook ARTY Pack: v4

    Information about the new Uragan-M IRL upon which the new addition to the mod is based: https://www.janes.com/article/88694/milex-2019-belarus-upgrades-mid-range-mrl-inventory
  7. hcpookie

    subItems for Radio?

    Interesting ideas! Looks like someone beat me to the first question 🙂 The notion of using earplugs might work if you added a custom config item then checked the syntax in a script... however the BIKI and SITREP information about "subItems" indicates this currently (as of 2016!) only works for headgear, NVG + TI, and radios. In fact the only entry in the AIO config that is used is the integrated NVG accessory. Even the NVG+TI isn't used in the AIO config that I can find. Perhaps if we ask nicely BIS will add extra functionality (at least we can dream)! I think it makes perfect sense that these ear-covering helmets should reduce sound by at least some margin. As far as scripting goes, we can certainly have the script run a BIS_fnc_returnConfigEntry but that is no better than what we already have.
  8. hcpookie

    subItems for Radio?

    Success! It seems there is a documentation error. The AIO config shows this: class H_PilotHelmetFighter_B: H_HelmetB {... subItems[] = {"Integrated_NVG_F"}; }; whereas the BIKI shows this: class H_HelmetB: ItemCore {... class ItemInfo: HeadgearItem {... // subItems[] = { "Integrated_NVG_F" }; }; }; I got the BIS "Integrated_NVG_F" to appear after adding it directly under the helmet config as per the AIO config. After adding this, I can get the integrated helmet + radio to work correctly as per the SITREP description (helmet icon appears in both the radio slot and the helmet slot). This is my final config that works: class ItemRadio; class Integrated_ItemRadio: ItemRadio { scope = 1; simulation = "ItemRadio"; model = ""; }; class VME_PLA_Helmet_R: H_HelmetB {... subItems[] = {"Integrated_ItemRadio"}; class ItemInfo: HeadGearItem {...}; } One observation - the changing of the integrated helmet + radio makes you drop your radio on the ground. Curiously the 3D model of the radio doesn't appear on the ground as it does when you manually drop it on the ground. Possible this is a bug of the function or I'm just having a bad day.
  9. hcpookie

    subItems for Radio?

    I wondered that myself. Not sure how to subclass the radio but the NVG subclass looks like the config without a model... I guess I'll just have to play around with it to see what might work since there isn't an example yet: class Integrated_NVG_F: NVGoggles { scope = 1; visionMode[] = {"Normal", "NVG"}; modelOptics = ""; };
  10. I'm attempting to combine a radio into the helmet. Is there any example for subItems other than the NVG+TI solution? The BIKI indicates that "subItems" work for NVG, Thermal, and Radios: There's a sitrep that says the same thing, and further describes the radio gear section should be yellowed out. However, I am not seeing that, and the radio function appears to be missing. I am attempting to add this to the helmet config: subItems[] = {"ItemRadio"}; However I'm not sure this is the correct way...?
  11. Another update - I can break it at will now by editing this registry key: "\\Path for textures"="" When I populate that with "P:\" it breaks when I reopen Object Builder. That's under File - Options - Path for Textures When I remove it I can open Buldozer again
  12. For what its worth - I deleted the Object Builder registry keys, re-ran the Steam install, and now it is working.