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  1. TO-DO: - Fix a few outstanding issues on the new WZ-551 family 3D models.
  2. May consider this for a future update.
  3. IMPROVED: A-A Missile speeds all set to Real World published data TO-DO: - Check vehicles against list of standard settings. - Compile new update
  4. Yeah my dad has an 8x8 Argo and these are NOTHING like them ;) I'd say "inspired by" ... I can't find an actual PLA designation for them; the designation I'm using is the only one to be found online... technically the "export" designation is what is being used. Just fixed the scripting issues that were affecting the plane fuel tanks. Fuel siphon and drop actions are now fixed :) Also, fixed fighter pylon issues causing some weapons to never appear on the pylons. The list is getting VERY short on things to fix... barring any detected issues along the way, I am hoping to have all of the vehicle fixes completed this week :) Current fix list:
  5. FIX Published: COAX inheritance error
  6. http://www.military-today.com/trucks/chinese_8x8_atv.htm
  7. Another new vehicle coming soon...
  8. Pook ARTY Pack: v2.1

    Have you read the readme information? Have you added this to a trigger unit yet? _launch = [SCUD1, "HE"] spawn pook_ARTY_FNC_SCUDMISSION; You have to create a trigger for this to happen in a mission. How you activate that trigger is up to you. SCUD1 would be the name of the unit, of course.
  9. Thanks all for your understanding. Running QA vehicles etc. this weekend and will be uploading to the main repository for team write-off. Progress so far...
  10. To avoid any rumors, the mod is alive and well and the next update is even closer. Unauthorized "hotfixes" aren't supported and are being addressed. We apologize it has taken so long but Real Life happens... however please be patient.
  11. Added working ERA through the tanks DLC ERA settings. Update getting closer!
  12. AAA lag is noted and will be addressed in the upcoming update.
  13. No. Manual control was part of the configs but AI kind of made it go all screwy Not sure I understand the question? No
  14. Appreciate the kind words guys. The mod has a few problems right now to be sure, but all are completely gameplay related and nothing to do with system stability. Actually what am I saying, it must be completely my fault! I guess I forgot to disable that "sabotage the computer of anyone named Dallas" script hidden in the mod! OOPS I'll be sure to have the Gimp remove that in the upcoming update! It is a shame people are so quick to assign blame without even asking "can you help me". Sad the Interweb has become what it is. No wonder modders leave the community.