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  1. Since he said this is a retexture of vanilla items, I think the non-CUP version would be Arma3 w/o any mods.
  2. Cool! Those new sunglasses are DOPE!
  3. hcpookie

    POOK JF-17

    It was reported the radar isn't working in all scenarios - good news, I found the problem. A radar fix is imminent; I'll try to upload it later this evening Update - v1.1 published; fixed missing radar icons
  4. Door handles are a part of the door handles mod.
  5. hcpookie

    EA-6B Prowler

    You should retire this mod. https://www.janes.com/article/87114/usmc-retires-prowler-electronic-attack-jet 😄
  6. Another update - stomping out bugs! This update *might* address the cross-mod gunner turret issues... FIX: LD-2000 Turret config errors FIX: "Unknown animation source" errors for truck wheels FIX: "Unknown animation source" errors for CSV-P4 ATV wheels FIX: "Bad vehicle XXX" errors
  7. Small update published Fix: Some units missing from Zeus mode Fix: Missing texture reports for some EQ2050 models
  8. hcpookie

    co10 Escape

    Good evening! I'm porting some "vs" VME_PLA missions and appear to be making progress. Specifically, I'm taking a mission (I started with CUP USMC vs. CUP SLA) and attempting to replace CUP SLA with VME_PLA. Seems to be straight-forward enough that even I can understand it 🙂 ... I'm editing the UnitClasses.sqf file. A few questions: Are there any flag markers that need to be changed for the OPFOR/INDEP factions? I want to be sure they are using the VME PLA flags... As far as adding / porting a specific faction, is the UnitClasses.sqf the *only* file that needs to be edited? What's the best way to distribute? e.g. when I've reached a happy point where I think the mission is ready for prime time, do I need to upload it somewhere or send it to someone specific? Thanks for the great mission and the great comments within the config files! 😉
  9. I have always wanted a true "hull down" feature. I have experimented with setpos'ing a vehicle below the surface and quickly realized you cannot. The notion of a hull down feature would make it so that you could better engage incoming tanks w/o needlessly exposing the entire turret, which almost guarantees a damaged gun/turret issue before you can really begin the engagement. Perhaps there is a script solution that could force animate dampers?
  10. hcpookie

    Soviet AF Pack

    I don't know if a satellite could even be done correctly? How high can you place a vehicle in-game? Would one be able to shoot a missile all the way to the top of the "world atmosphere"? HRM...
  11. hcpookie

    Soviet AF Pack

    Um no. We have no satellites in the game so no need for an ASM 🙂
  12. hcpookie

    POOK JF-17

    just as it sounds. you can use the drop tanks for extra fuel, and if you drop them you lose a small amount of fuel. when the drop tanks hit the ground it causes a fuel explosion. All of my plane mods have this feature for those planes that support it
  13. I am currently unable to do any testing as my water cooling pump died this weekend 😞 The replacement should be here by next weekend. I will look into these errors and see what I can do. I have been working to remove inheritance dependencies in order to alleviate some of these conflict issues, and it seems I will have to dig into those truck classes a little deeper. The LD-2000 I believe inherits from one of the base truck turret classes, so an inheritance error may be the source of the issues. Once I get my water pump replacement I'll be able to look into it again 🙂
  14. Update now available on steam workshop!