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  1. In other news, the ECM pod is working as well. All jamming is based on the jamming scripts from my SAM pack. Triggered via incomingmissile EH, so it can be added to any plane. Some planes have internal jamming systems. Some require an external pod. The pod I chose to represent is the MSP-418, for all ECM pods. Be sure to select it for the jamming scripts to work! OR be sure you select a plane that has an internal jammer. ;) Which planes have internal jamming systems? Based on my research: MIG29SM, MIG25, MIG31, A50, IL76, IL78, AN124, AN225, TU95, TU142, TU16, TU22, TU160 Those that require (and can use) pods: MIG29, MIG35, SU24,SU25 Yes, the CUP Su25 can load this pod: Now, the SU27 and SU30 have a different pod arrangement, the L-005S Sorbtsiya pods. These are used in PAIRS on the wingtips. The Sorbtsiya pods are in the mod and work for the jamming functions. CUP Su-34 can use these pods too: There is another pod, the SAP-518, which looks like a much bigger Sorbtsiya pod, which is a digitally-based system. I don't have the SAP-518 yet.
  2. Speaking of the An-24... the para jump script is working. Note the DOOR IS OPEN - you must open the door, or ramp if the plane has it, to jump the troops :) All planes with loading ramps can para jump troops, including: An-22, An-24, An-26, An-28, An-124, An-225
  3. The AN-24 is the lightweight troop carrier. An-26 is the cargo version of that bird.
  4. Added support for CUP and FAP factions :) An26 now holds 2 UAZ's in cargo, with room for 10x passengers. OR 1x 'prowler' (the G.I. Joe looking 4x4) and 1 ATV. I suspect the An26 is going to be quite useful :) To-Do: --------- - Fix An-124 geo lod issue - An-26 cargo placement - editor preview pics - fix any other bugs that appear during testing
  5. Completed Jets DLC dynamic loadouts for all planes. Scaled the napalm to cover a larger area, and burns (and cuases damage!) for 15 seconds. ALSO - multi-seat fighters now support ejection of all crew members.
  6. Thanks for the tip! I made progress by doubling the size of the buoyancy LOD. Now, it floats but still takes damage and dies once it gets to about 29...
  7. Having problems getting physx Buoyancy lod to work w/ a PLANE. My amphib H-13 helicopters float fine... they of course aren't "planex". I know I can make it work with the old trick of adding a floating invisible surface object and constantly setpos'ing it under the plane, however I want to make it work with native physx. Wondering if there is a limitation on this or if the model may need something I have overlooked? Model contains both buoyancy and physx geo lods. I have added the requisite Properties "autocenter = 1" and "buoyancy = 1" to the geo lods. These properties are in the config... not sure if others are absolutely required to simply make it float: simulation = planex canfloat = 1; waterLeakiness = 0 The behavior is that the plane FLOATS, the engine immediately stalls and takes damage, and in about 2 seconds the plane is completely destroyed. This is the same exact behavior if you take a normal plane and taxi it into the water.
  8. Pook BOATS pack

    So the new "boat rack" works for PBR-sized ships. Now, how does one go about finding a composition with all the weapons placed on the destroyer? Isn't there a composition build script?
  9. EF-2000 Version 7x

    Version 7.1 update ----------------------------------- IMPROVED: Significantly improved flight model nose-down behavior IMPROVED: Armor and threat values more closely aligned with default planes IMPROVED: Anti-radiation missile actions use functions to reduce lag NEW: "Master Safe" as default weapon selection NEW: Added hardpoints for SDB bombs (GBU-39) NEW: Anti-radiation targeting system now recognizes BIS Encore SAMs NEW: Jamming functions now recognize BIS Encore SAM systems
  10. v2.3 ===== FIX: Added bug fix for weapons FIX: Magazine switch script bug
  11. v2.2 ====== FIX: M-171 door gunners missing ammo FIX: M-171 door gunners views FIX: QLU-11 magazines missing from arsenal FIX: Reduced PLL-05 recoil factor FIX: Some artillery units missing from Zeus FIX: CS-VP4 cargo names FIX: CS-VP4 buoyancy FIX: ZBL-08 and ZTL-11 driver seat location IMPROVED: CS-VP4 getin locations IMPROVED: Y9 family flight profile IMPROVED: Y9 ramp startup behavior IMPROVED: JH-7 steering behavior IMPROVED: Uniform randomization default behavior set to "FALSE"
  12. United States Air Force( 2015)

    Because I've been around long enough to know how Real World politics and money issue derail most everything in the defense world. Follow the money. If there's enough padding (bribing) on whatever decision makers' side to "sell" the item then it will become reality. Normally most decision makers look at things that may actually be needed in a few years and say "we don't need that right now". USA is in a very similar situation to pre-WW1 "isolationism", although it isn't 1:1 exactly the same. People more worried about who will win The Voice than actually concerned about increasing national security. Still using the M4 M16, US Army airborne using hand-me-down USMC APC's, USMC doesn't have a next-gen amphibious APC, and so on and so on. A real shame when you think about it. So anyway when those people have to justify to their chain of command why did they spend the $$$ on some "needless" shit like extra missiles, it will get delayed or cancelled. Its just the way the world works, unfortunately. I personally think the entire F35 program is a royal Cluster Fuck but then again no one asked me. :) Personally, I will be pleasantly surprised to see "extra" missiles on the F35.
  13. v2.1 ===== FIX: Error message No entry 'bin\config.bin\CfgVehicles.VME_PLA_soldier_UAV_DES'. when entering Zeus FIX: Can't find Y-20 Transport plane and Z9 helicopter (only Z9 CAS in Zeus) FIX: J7 and J20 Fighters will explode when they take off. FIX: All planes pilot could not board the plane.(can't find the entry options found . Like Y20 Y9 J20 J7 J10) FIX: Signature mismatch for vme_pla_weapons2 FIX: PHZ-81 geometry errors FIX: Missing Arsenal weapons: QBS-06, M-99, QLU-11 FIX: Y-20 cargo view IMPROVED: Y-20 taxi/takeoff behavior IMPROVED: Y-20 wheel placement IMPROVED: Y-20 and Y-9 cargo load limits IMPROVED: WZ-551 family cargo load points IMPROVED: Napalm fire effects
  14. The uniform has a subdued China flag. This was based on photos of RL uniforms. No idea on the chest rigs however. That pic looks like it is the chest rig itself. Something that we will investigate!