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  1. Update! IMPROVED: Inheritance settings FIX: Version check set to 1.82 for Linux port FIX: Annoying foot clipping Also clarification on hosting policy - other mods can include this mod if they choose, although it is probably safer to add it as a "Collection" to avoid versioning issues.
  2. CBU-105 detail - watch at fullscreen 1080... CBU-105 / 97 uses the sensor-fused weapon submunition. Each munition deploys 10 parachute-delayed submunition dispensers that fall to a predetermined height, then rocket-boost to a set deployment height. The sensor-fused submuntions deploy and if a vehicle is detected it deployed an explosively-formed slug to destroy or disable the target. Each munition carries 10x dispensers, which carry 4x submunitions each for a total of up to 40x targets! Credit to Mando for allowing us to use some of the code from his original A2 missile mod!
  3. hcpookie

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    Pinaz just FYI, I am working on improvements to the base texture myself. I'm updating the NOHQ layer so that the seam lines are thinner, and that stretched area on the sides of the fuselage are fixed as well. Going slow due to Real Life... we should probably sync up our projects when I get that nailed down.
  4. Thanks, that's the link I found too. I don't see any CBA-specific references however this answers my question: I will repeat here that this is not necessary and won't be added. Also, if there are any magazines missing from a specific weapon, I'll definitely look into it.
  5. I don't understand what "CBA magwell functionality" even means. I can't find any definitive reference on the web as to its specific behavior. That being said, since the Chinese PLA weapons use a proprietary magazine and ammunition arrangement that is unique, there is no "cross compatibility" with any other mod, addon or other asset that must be added. And if I understand the CBA functionality to be along the same lines as the BIS cfgMagwell-thingy, then modification to the weapon models would be required, as is done for the flashlight and under-barrel attachment points. Seems like there is no need for anything but without more information it is impossible to make a complete assessment. Expect the weapons and magazines to remain as-is for the forseeable future.
  6. I do not know what the ACE arsenal is missing however since it does work with vanilla I must assume it is related to the ACE mod.
  7. hcpookie

    Soviet AF Pack

    More goodies in different stages of readiness... 'coming soon'...
  8. It is being worked on
  9. Too bad that it doesn't meet your vision of a correct FIA faction
  10. hcpookie

    Pook ARTY Pack: v4

    This would make the scud init with the missile prepped and ready to launch: [this,'PREP'] execVM "\pook_ARTY\scripts\SCUD.sqf"; [this,'HE'] execVM "\pook_ARTY\scripts\SCUD.sqf"; You must use the SCUDMISSION function to make it launch remotely.
  11. Please stop asking. Things take time. Especially for free mods that people do as a hobby
  12. (insert joke about Russian pilots here)
  13. You mean you didn't read the very first post of this topic?
  14. Small fix today... just cleaning up some remaining issues.