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  1. Hey, what's the FAB-250 bomb called in the ini? I'm asking because I can't find any documentation or mention of this.

  2. Thanks to those who have expressed support for this VIDEO GAME MOD. I am finding I have to regularly clean Steam comments of communist propaganda and name calling. For a video game mod. A truly strange world we live in!
  3. hcpookie

    Pook ARTY Pack

    Yeah I don't know; I only tested with the Artillery Computer so I cannot speak to the actual aiming capability. Some of the models have a camera set to the mainGun animation, for visual reasons to avoid clipping through the internals. But I do recall testing the direct-fire AT rounds and those were all spot-on. I want to say I did most of my testing early on w/ the 2S19 if I recall. I don't see any reason any of the missile launchers should even have a gunner view in honesty due to how the artillery computer works.
  4. hcpookie

    Pook UGV Pack

    Update! IMPROVED: BLUFOR now has access to MRK-27 and Adunok variants to reflect real-world scenarios. Standard BLUFOR (Nato faction) UAV controller can be used.
  5. Update! NEW: DCCU Uniforms (texture credit: TNTspider76 with special thanks to lemonium)
  6. hcpookie

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    No; those are artillery-based and don't work in the same principles as you would think as "normal" missiles.
  7. hcpookie

    POOK Mi28

    Not sure what is implied in that statement but it sounds derisive and not related to this discussion from 6 years ago. The Mi-28 is now part of my pook Sov AF pack. Mods, please lock this topic... thanks!
  8. Good morning. I am seeking guidance on how to add a custom blacklist into my mod's CONFIG. The wiki appears to be tailored toward mission making: http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Custom_Blacklists My mod has specific units that perform spawn-related functions (long story) and as a result, they don't play well when Alive spawns them into the mission. I need to know how to add a blacklist within my config so that they are never "seen" by Alive as units that can be automatically placed and used in missions. Help?!?!?
  9. hcpookie

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    Not trying to argue a point - you're missing the details. This was already discussed back in 2017, which lead to this disclosure: The point of that topic is that mission makers needed a listing of my "not to be used" classnames for their mission planning. Alive mod expects you, the mission maker, to create your own blacklist to suit your mission needs: http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Custom_Blacklists My statements are attempting to convey the fact that I do not know how to take a blacklist and put it into my mod's config so as to make it a "permanent" blacklist. Their Wiki doesn't appear to have that information as everything is tailored toward mission makers. Or I am simply not finding it. Either way, I lack the information to permanently place this blacklist info into my mod. I will reach out to the Alive team again to see if they can provide guidance.
  10. hcpookie

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    It sounds like this is an Alive problem. I am not sure how to add an exclusion or filter for Alive.
  11. hcpookie

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    Stop what, exactly? If you place them on the map they will spawn the radar code. Same as with the SAM site spawner units. You don't place them, they won't spawn the radars.
  12. hcpookie

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    Pook arty pack discussion topic:
  13. hcpookie

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    The radome spawners do what their name implies. When placed they will generate an AI for the map radomes within a 20km, 10km or 5km radius depending on the specific unit in question. This typically covers most maps. They are direct "child" objects from the placeholder "AA soldiers" in the mod. There are also CIV units for placement depending on mission maker needs. When the radome is destroyed, the AI (obviously) dies so that you can knock out a map radar and make a difference in missions (ideally for an MP scenario). The spawn function can be called directly via trigger etc. based on mission needs. From the function readme: /*************** Radome Activation Script ********************************** Finds world radar dome objects and populates radomes for in a 10km circle from the spawn point. Populates either/or/both large and small radomes for the side of the spawn unit/vehicle/logic. Mission makers may allow multiple sides to occupy radomes in different areas of a large map by adding smaller ranges to the input command of the spawn unit. Recommend smaller values due to potential script lag. Large area/side activations or frequent spawner placement should run only at startup to avoid in-mission lag spikes. The spawned 'pook_radome' static vehicle INIT scripts will precisely place the spawned radar vehicles on the map's radomes with an appropriate AI gunner. UAV units are not used since enemy AI will not target and attack the enemy UAV gunners. CIV side radomes are not targeted by anyone. Author: hcpookie Arguments: ========== 0: Spawn Unit (position used as center of population area) 1: OPTIONAL: Custom range around the spawn unit to search for map radome buildings (in km) USAGE: ====== DEFAULT: Placement is via "spawner" unit INIT EH. Simply place a Spawner unit on the map via the editor, or mission makers may spawn one as necessary. The mod provides different kinds of spawners each with different ranges, in 20km, 10km, and 5km versions. OPTIONAL PLACEMENT: Custom placement can be performed by adding the following command to any unit's Action or INIT. For example, to spawn radomes in a 5km radius: _r = [this, 5] call pook_SAM_fnc_radomes; _r = [this, 5] spawn pook_SAM_fnc_radomes; ... to spawn radomes in 1km (for a single map dome): _r = [this, 1] call pook_SAM_fnc_radomes; _r = [this, 1] spawn pook_SAM_fnc_radomes; Side selection for radomes is based on the spawner unit's Side. RETURN: ======= Sidechat indicating radome placement status. NOTES: ====== Logged errors in RPT will contain the "POOK_GCI_LOG" prefix. ****************************************************************************/
  14. hcpookie

    1S91 Fire Control Radar

    That's a rather random nonsequitor post for a decade-old (!!!) topic. The 64N6E was donated to me from the original author for use in A3. I don't support any A2 mods nor host any of that content. Admins, please lock this thread.