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  1. The C-5 galaxy is in the old mod before the 2019 version, if you have that i suggest enabling both mods to get a combo of it all, i have a feeling most modders are redirecting their effort towards reforger and Arma 4, so we'd see less activity on Arma 3 mods, it's sad but progress always moves forward
  2. beebah

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    I support this, they need encouragement not entitlement. Otherwise go make a mod yourself if it's so easy. That being said, i do look forward to Arma 4 and brand new HAFM mods if possible. Happy new year in advance people
  3. Seems this forum has been abandoned, quite sad. Hope the VME team is doing okay where ever they are.
  4. beebah

    PLA Forces

    That's cool, hoping someone somewhere can mod the incoming J31 fighter, and maybe a static carrier for the chinese, would greatly balance out NATO / CSAT forces
  5. beebah

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    Do you have other download links apart from steam? having issues on steam
  6. Hello, would anyone by chance happen to know of any j-31 mod? or is the VME team planning something?
  7. beebah

    PLA Forces

    There's a new system of uniforms for the PLA, the type 21 uniform. Will the mod author be interested in updating the uniforms so they match? Also could a few vehicles be made too? Eg J31, Type 15 light tank, CS/LS7 submachine gun, Qbz191 service rifle + variants and lastly which could be a long stretch a static version of the new fujian aircraft carrier, similar in function to the vanilla uss freedom. Thanks for the awesome mod so far
  8. it's ok, does anyone have any solution to my issue?
  9. Hello, I've noticed that the AAV and LAV in the USMC faction of the cup vehicles doesn't actually have amphibious capabilities when driven by ai. I tested driving them from the LHD welldeck to the shore and they barely left the ship.
  10. I'll keep it simple. I really hope the new enfusion engine is also applied to other BI games like Take on Mars, it still remains a game with potential, especially in this age where interest beyond our planet increases. Please BI don't abandon this game in the past.
  11. New Chinese aircraft carrier Fujian just launched!!
  12. beebah

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    Dunno, everyone's silent. Probably facing real life issues; i'm sure the mod's not abandoned
  13. hello, please if there are future updates planned, could you include the new usmc vehicles like the aav and the himars?