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  1. Maybe another suggestion: Make a small percentage of the wrecks (< 5 percent) burning, just like barrels and such. It would be visually stunning to roll into a town via foot or via wheel to see prior dynamic destruction. Could leave an ambiance.
  2. I use buildings for some of my (enemy) characters, so while it is nice they are furnished, it makes it complicated to deploy them. I like Gabreta myself, and I think the terrain alone is a worth the price of admission. I understand the objections to re-using older models for the Czech Army, but it is the Czech Army in 1985. Thanks for the update, btw
  3. Thank goodness. Got enough on my hands with bad guys with gunz!
  4. You can still access the forum here information only, no interaction
  5. SOG freezes up with me, too. Waiting for an update.
  6. I've never even heard of assisted spawn functions. My use of spawning code is BI's, and I get the class names from the config viewer. It's why said the DLC is a hot mess, because if I can't use the data presented in the config viewer, what good is it?
  7. Spawning in the new Vietnam DLC is a hot mess at the moment. When I submitted a bug report over the spawning problems, the developer suggested I change something in one of the pbos! My spawning routines are spread across about 15 to 20 scenarios, personally, one I use to play, myself. I'm not about to change anything to affect all 15 other scenarios. I'll wait for the bug fix.
  8. It already has plenty of hidden gotchas. Beware.
  9. Regardless of the outcome, thanks for taking a run at it
  10. I was wondering if you could extend your repair program to repair trucks. I have a track recovery mission ( about five percent of the missions) in which a repair truck is used. It takes only a few seconds to effect a repair. Could you extend your repair function to repair trucks?
  11. TPW_Muffler requires JSRS sound mod. I already have two other sound mods, neither of which are JSRS. It's a real framerate killer.
  12. The problem, in my view, is that the graphic which carries the various command, sometimes doesn't die when it should, especially when loading AI in vehicles.
  13. Your update fixed the parking problem in Werferlingen
  14. Love the oldies station in Werferlingen. 😎