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  1. You all in CUP have done yeoman's work in porting Arma 2 model to Arma 3. I gotta mention there are tons of tiny things which makes CUP very special. One of them is infantry idle animations. Every one of my scenarios that I post for all to see include CUP critters and CUP vehicles. Don't ever think your users don't appreciate the work you have done and continue to do. Thank you.
  2. It appears the spawned vehicles do not let the player drive them.
  3. I know this is such a PITA to program. Graphical systems are a lot harder tio implement than text syste. I tried to program a database system using perl TK. It wasn't easy. But the way I play my Slavic BTR infantry is along Slavic doctrine: lead with tanks, BTR infantry mounted aboard their BTR following closely behind, until the commander sense he has gone as far as he can without being slaughtered through anitank means. Your system enables the grunts ( as well as the commander) to disembark quickly, form up, move forward to the objective. Once we do that I can command the driver to dismount and get in as driver, working beautifully until a few days ago. Whatever solutions you find for your mod, I really do appreciate your time and efforts.
  4. The driver in the same BTR squad I command, my vehicle crew. The driver has moved over so I can drive. When I reach the destination, the grunts ( including the commander, me,) have dismounted. So then, I command the driver to disembark, then re-embark as driver. The driver has acknowledged the command, but will not board the BTR. The same condition with the grunts. They will not board using your mod, but they will using the text system. I didn't see a switchseat command. I will look Also.I have put in a bug report to RHS about cosmetic problems with the BTR: drop down menuuinvokes at low speed or at a stop, driver in his seat, but you can see his feet on the ground. Dunno how this affect the bugs being discussed here.
  5. I hate to bug you about this problem, but it has just about made Arma 3 unplayable. I usually do the driving to area of operation, after which I dismount and I use your mod to tell the driver to exit the vehicle and to get in the BTR as driver. The driver acknowledges the order but refuses to move. At that point the driver will only board the BTR as a passenger using the text system, and as you know, there is no provision to move anyone as passenger inside the vehicle to the driver's or gunner's position, otherwise this all would be a minor issue. I understand some of this isn't your problem. I continue to have problems with the team identification stuff, where I select squad members by color (red for grunts, green for crews). Sometimes the colors just stop (and reset to default white color) and I must re-select them to the right color, sometimes more than once. Even when they have the right color they won't mount the vehicle using your system, so I must revert to the text system to get them to mount. I hope you fix at least some of these issues to restore playability.
  6. Wheat is a cold weather crop. In Oklahoma where I live, harvesting is just at the start of June. I would guess in Canada, which has a similar weather to most of Russia and the CIS countries, harvesting would be a good deal later.
  7. The layouts for five new towns in the north, plus a rail system which connects them to the south. What a time to be playing Arma 3!
  8. badanov

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    And you did a helluva job on this ships you do have.
  9. Not trying to upset anyone, but would it possible to add a checkbox for either respirators, or surgical masks for civilians? Right now I can use respirators from Contact, which I think is in the base game. But someone added a surgical mask mod as a standalone.
  10. Love my brand new, as issued from the armorer, AK-74N, all shiny; looks like its straight from the factory.
  11. Budyonnovsk here we come! 😎
  12. A bit of recognition for the CUP team for their incredible new voices in Russian militiamen. Incredibly immersive. Also, I love the new haircuts of the ChKDZ militias. Realistic. Thanks for the hard work and dedication to accurately portraying Russian militiamen.😎