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  1. Using GamerealisticMap, I have developed a terrain based in south Russia. Could you add it to your list of terrains? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3070878888&searchtext=
  2. I use automedic: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1344167676&searchtext=automedic
  3. Perhaps a better way to temper this behavior by Arma 3 would be a law that says vehicles can't spawn while the player is moving inside a vehicle. Dunno if that would even be possible, though.
  4. I've been running into some problems with Park for a while, enough so I had to stop using it. Your documentation in the pas says (it doesn't say that now) that I can cut off aspects of TPW by inserting a command such as tpw_park_active = 0; to disable an aspect. It doesn't appear to be working. I use external files which are read and which select enemy forces from a list. At the bottom on that file is this directive: tpw_park_active = 0; Do I need to place it on the player to make it work? So, I was wondering: If I disabled TPW Park and only enabled it for non mobile scenarios, would that work better than the way I described? I stopped using TPW Park on mobile scenarios because of several issues, one of them being the tendency to park vehicles in the middle of the road or an intersection. Another problem for me, at least, has been the spawning of vehicles directly in the path of vehicles, such as the players, which causes a traffic accident. I see you added the no closer than 50 meters, but a BTR traveling at 40 kph will travel that distance in about six seconds, 7.5 seconds at 30 kph. When the spawning takes place, with enough latency, the BTR will be on top of the newly spawned vehicle faster than that. Another thing: Would wild cards work in TPW park? Adding LOP_ includes every vehicle including military ones, which I don't want. I use eastern European terrains all the time. I can use LOP_CHR_Civ, so I was wondering if a wildcard would work: LOP*Civ *** As an addendum, I tried it again in Leskovets, and this time it worked, for a time, then stopped working. By the time it stopped working, I was on foot anyway.
  5. Better to look at it differently: The cell phone ringing? Maybe five percent of the time. Perfect. Car alarm. Same. Just right.
  6. Can confirm. Mod complains about the lack of a vest. Doesn't affect game AFAICT
  7. Two new terrains, both east European, have emerged: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2891973918 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2636365838
  8. As I understand it, Reforger will have a new scripting language called enforce. All well and good. Will any of the programming convention also work in Arma 3?
  9. It's already in cheats. Just highlight the errant bot, then execute the teleportation.
  10. badanov

    Code in triggers

    I have a trigger that has two conditions to be met at the time the trigger is read; missetXC1=="CON10" AND XC1 where missetXC1 is a mission, n this case an attack mission, and the selection "CON10"; The second part is the actual mission set identified XC1; If the condition is read at the time of trigger invocation, I should be moved to "CON10", which is the 10th mission out of a set of X number of missions under XC1 which is mission set 1. As I understand it, in this case both AND and && are correct in passing these kinds of condition, correct? Now, if I change the condition to: this; missetXC1=="CON10"; XC1; it works as well; I have two questions, which is better, more efficient in terms of CPU resources? Why would the game be displaying errors in the first instance about boolean code and strings, but still work, while continually displaying the errors? BTW, dunno if this is the right forum to ask these questions. If not sorry.
  11. badanov

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Because of the war in Ukraine, here is a ton of blocking of internet sites on/by both sides. That may be why.
  12. Aplion's HAFM naval mod, SAB's naval legends and HC Pookie all have commercial vessel offerings.
  13. I turned on Fog on Altis, so the temp report came back on. Then I went with one of my full scenarios on Chernarus 2020, a night time scenario, and the temp came on as well, but this time with snow. The ambient temp was 16C. Now on all my scenarios I start with random weather, so it sometimes rains, but instead I get snow, usually at night or reduced light conditions. If I turn off Fog, and restart I still get snow. These is my weather commands. I have been using it for about three years. In the last year I move it off, with my other random numbers onto a separate file: WV = (Random 1); 0 setOvercast (WV);10 setRain (WV*.75); 0 setWaves (WV) ; 0 setfog (WV*.333); forceWeatherChange;
  14. Yes. And I put them on. I have them set as simplified, but no temp data appears. When I said No Mods, I was using the download version, which has no HUD. Now that I switched to the Steam version, I have HUD but no temperature data. Am I s'posed to have data temperature data?