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  1. I have a bug to report. In the section where it says can snow, it snows even when I turn that off. It doesn't seem to make any difference as to the month, or time or ambient temp.
  2. with Western Sahara mod now out, dromedaries are available. Also, one of the best female mods in Arma 3, Pretty Girls: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2261045061&searchtext=
  3. I can reload a saved game with TPW just fine. There is a small lag for re-establishing Advance AI command, but that is not your problem/issue. I s'pect, it may be not of your doing. I get reloaded saved games with the flash cone from RHS BTR 14.5mm guns still showing.
  4. It's not like your character in the middle of a firefight is gonna stop and listen to a song, much as he might like to. Perhaps a solution: instead of playing a few bars of any given song, maybe hear the old fashioned radio tuner scanning radio stations, similar to what you hear during Reservoir Dogs film. Maybe scan between three randomly selected songs or so, less than a bar or two, then a click or static or silence. Fancy bit of programming to be sure, but it could increase sonic ambience/realism. Same with radio broadcasts of sporting events, news broadcasts and the like. It doesn't always have to be music all the time. I could stand to listen to someone switch between Russian rap, Russian country music and Russian rock, Russian military music for example.
  5. Got a copyright claim laid on me by youtube for the following song, I resume from your sound ambience: Was Ist Ist (Extended Version) Einstürzende Neubauten Took place in Werferlingen. Youtube had an option of muting the song, so I took it. I rather like the ambient music, and I think making a copyright claim on a two song that was displayed as ambience, and not as a concert, is petty on the copyright holder's and lawyer's part. Still I plan to mute ambient music. I've never had to deal with these issues before, so, please, forgive me if I sound too shrill about it.
  6. Russians are putting the AK-12 into production. The new rifle has Tritium Sights.
  7. I think that depends on how much your character is humping.
  8. I have all the other CDLCs since Livonia, but this is the first time I have experienced this. Tat said I still am a customer for their CDLC they are planning. I'm mot going to criticize it too much. It's a fine D:C, but I guess you gotta do things heir way
  9. Not your lists. The cfg_groups lists in the configuration lists which I use to spawn units for my own scenarios. It was evidence in my and was confirmed the DLC was never intended for single player.
  10. You should know that the new Viet Nam DLC is not intended for single player, and I suspect the code contained therein makes TPW more difficult. Because of their code I can't spawn units through the groups strings in the group lists.
  11. Chances are better than good, the errors are from some other mod. They are minor and do not effect the mods. Separately, on some spec ops/black ops scenarios I use a civilian vehicle for transport (CUP Land Rover). Can it be repaired under the repair mod?